Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 371

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Would County Princess Please Review the Divine Intent Army!

She was extremely shocked and subconsciously took a step forward, wanting to stand in front of Xuan Tian Ming.

But her movements were not as fast as someone with crippled legs. She took one step, but before her foot touched down, a hand grabbed her waist. Without putting in much strength, this hand pulled her back.

She sat down on Xuan Tian Ming’s legs, causing that person to let out a groan. Leaning close to her ear, he whispered: “You really know where to sit.”

Feng Yu Heng’s face immediately turned red, but that red only lasted an instant, as her face quickly recovered. Reaching a hand back, she did not hesitate to pinch his waist forcefully, fiercely saying: “If you die from being sat on, it’s your own fault!”

Her mood, however, lightened because she found that even though Xuan Tian Ming had pulled her back, she had ended up sitting on him. With her sitting like this, she was shielded from behind. If there was any danger at this moment, Xuan Tian Ming definitely would not use her to block the arrows. That was why this scenario meant that the people shooting the arrows were their own people.

Thinking like this, when she looked at the arrows that had been shot once more, she was no longer as wary as before. Instead, she looked at them inquisitively and with admiration.

There were at least 20 arrows that Feng Yu Heng had seen in an instant with her own eyes. In the blink of an eye, they were flying towards them, but upon closer inspection, she did not think that they were. Instead, it seemed that the arrow tips were pointing upward. The closer the arrow got, the further up they pointed.

But this change was not something that a normal person could see. If the hidden guards that were with them had not been with them for a long time, they would not be able to endure this pressure. Watching the arrows approach without dodging, this required a great deal of trust to support.

Everyone kept a close eye on the 20 arrows, as they got closer and closer. Just as they were about to reach them, Feng Yu Heng suddenly reached out a hand and pointed at the arrows, saying: “Go up!”

The arrows looked as though they had been controlled by her, as they turned up without any hesititation, changing direction and heading toward the large bamboo pole in front of them!

The 20 arrows surrounded the bamboo pole and flew at the top of the pole. Gradually, there seemed to be another change in the arrows, as the 20 arrows that had been packed closely together suddenly spread out. With the distance increasing between the arrows, something appeared from the tip of the arrow, and it looked to be some sort of cloth.

These things may look complicated, but they happened as quickly as a spark from flint. Many people were unable to understand what was happening. A dark red cloth spread out from the arrows, as they stuck this cloth to the top of the bamboo pole. They then turned around and flew back in the direction that they had come from. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared in the dust that had been kicked up.

Xuan Tian Ming pointed at the flag that had been stuck to the pole and loudly said: “Heng Heng, look at what’s been written up there.”

Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes and saw that there was a large character written in white. It was her name, Heng.

Even if it was her, she could not avoid becoming emotional. Grabbing Xuan Tian Ming’s arm, she put a little too much energy into her fingers because of her excitement, as she said: “It’s the Divine Intent Army! It’s our Divine archery team! They managed to learn how to do the tracking shot!”

After saying this, she suddenly turned around and looked in the direction that the arrows had vanished. She saw that there was even more dust than before because she could hear the sound of horses hooves; however, she could not see anyone.

The sounds of the horses drew nearer and nearer. The pebbles that had been scattered on the ground began to fly into the air in what appeared to be a disorderly mess. After a few changes, it formed a complicated array.

In just the blink of an eye, the dust had become a windstorm. A roar came from an unknown place and resonated with the pebbles. The humming sound shook them, and caused them to subconsciously cover their ears; however, they were unable to stop this sound from entering their ears and shaking them.

Feng Yu Heng happily leaped up from Xuan Tian Ming’s lap and pointed to the indistinct figures of countless soldiers in the dust and loudly said: “This is the new scattered star array that I improved. All 181 points were accurate! Xuan Tian Ming, our Divine Intent Army is the best squad in the world. Just wait and see! With them, the entire world is within reach!”

Just as she said this, the soldiers within the dust storm came out completely. 2000 divine archers and 2000 support followed behind them. Even further behind them was over 20 thousand soldiers of the Northwest Army.

The empty field was immediately filled. Even Bai Ze said in surprise: “It’s like they fell from the sky. They came without any trace. The scattered star array is too fearsome!”

The deputy general of the Northwest Army, Qian Li, came forward from the back half of the troops. When passing by the support group, the deputy general, Xi Fang, followed behind him. When they passed by the front, the deputy general of the divine archery squad, He Gan, also followed them. The three stood in front of Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng then kneeled on one knee, loudly saying: “This humble general greets the general! And greets county princess Ji An!”

After this, the 30 thousand soldiers behind them kneeled in unison and loudly said: “This servant greets the general! And greets county princess Ji An!”

This was not the end, as the Divine Intent Army’s 4000 soldiers followed this by saying: “Divine archery and support teams request county princess to perform a review!”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed and used his internal energy to loudly shout: “Everyone may rise!”

These words were heard clearly by even the soldier furthest in the back, thus they all stood up, joyful smiles lingering on their faces.

Qian Li took a step forward and said: “This humble general received word of the general and county princess’ return to the military camp and quickly discussed how we would welcome you. Originally, it should have been even grander because deputy general Xi and the support team learned a new battle array, but we were truly too lacking in time and did not have time to prepare it.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at He Gan and Xi Fang in satisfaction. She had personally selected these two as deputy generals. To be able to teach the soldiers tracking shot and become so proficient with the scattered star array in such a short period of time, she was truly satisfied to the extreme.

She said to the two: “You have been able to completely make use of the scattered star array, and you were able to make good use of the tracking shot. At the time that I left the military camp, I did say that I would perform a review of the Divine Intent Army upon returning. Now, it seems that you have thoroughly passed the assessment!”

She had raised her voice to say “thoroughly passed the assessment.” Those four words could be heard by all. The soldiers, who usually spent every day training bitterly, had been a little bit tentative at first. They did not know if they had done well enough. Now that they had heard Feng Yu Heng personally say that they had passed, the soldiers immediately began to cheer!

They were all grown men, with some in their 30s and some in their early 20s. There were also some young fellows in their teens. Everyone was happily bouncing around, the smiles on their faces were sincere. This sight caused Feng Yu Heng to feel a little awkward. It was as though she had returned to her former life. After the completion of numerous special missions, the soldiers would also reveal this sort of smiling expression.

She turned her head to look at Xuan Tian Ming and found that he was also looking back at her. Their eyes met. Aside from love, there was also admiration and worship.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly blinked. Smiling, she blocked Xuan Tian Ming’s face and used her right hand to reach into her left sleeve.

Xuan Tian Ming was shocked, but intuition told him that the girl was definitely about to pull something out.

Sure enough, he saw her strangely pull out a half-length dagger from her sleeve.

The corners of Xuan Tian Ming’s lips twitched. Although he was a little immune to seeing Feng Yu Heng pull weird things out of her sleeve, he still found the occasional shock to be hard to defend against. Especially now, as he recognized this dagger. On the first day of the new year, she had used a dagger like this to break the iron essence weapons from Zong Sui. Also, she brought about word of something called “steel” to the people of Da Shun. At the same time, she had revealed what the iron essence from Zong Sui really was.

To take out the steel dagger at this time, could it be…

Sure enough, after he saw Feng Yu Heng, she immediately turned to the 30 thousand soldiers and raised the steel dagger, saying to Qian Li: “On the day that I entered the military camp and completed the tests, none of you were willing to fight with me. It was his Highness Prince Yu who fought me. But today, I am using a steel dagger to invite you to come and try out the weapon!”

Qian Li froze. His eyes stared straight at the dagger in her hand. The soldiers behind him also heard this and gradually began to fall silent. They also turned their gazes on Feng Yu Heng’s hand.

Steel, they had only heard about it; however, they had not seen it. Thinking of how Zong Sui’s iron essence had shocked the world for 100 years, apparently, steel had cut through iron essence as though it was mud. Everyone had wanted to see a demonstration. Now that they heard Feng Yu Heng say that they could test the weapon, everyone was eager to try.

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly smiled: “You group of playful idiots, you get excited at the mention of a fight. Why is it that you all have such bitter expressions when you are told to wash clothes?”

A soldier that was a little braver replied: “General! As long as we are allowed to try that steel weapon, we will take care of washing county princess’ clothes in the future!”

“Scram!” Xuan Tian Ming randomly picked up a pebble and threw it, and it happened to land on that person’s forehead. The throw was neither weak nor too strong, as the man grimaced from the pain but laughed while holding his head. “There is no need for you lot to wash the clothes of this great one’s wife! Everyone go stand to the side!” After saying this, he looked at Qian Li, He Gan and Xi Fang then said: “We’ll have you three test it! Bring out the best weapons that the soldiers use!”

Qian Li was a little hesitant, “General, if our best weapons are brought out and happen to get broken by county princess, what should we use in the future?”

Bai Ze, who was listening from the side, let out a “pft” then began to laugh, “Old Qian, it’s not a matter of if. It will definitely be broken. But since it will be broken, it means that those things will not be able to protect your lives, so it’s fine to not have them! County princess came to the military camp this time with the main goal of producing steel. When the new steels weapons have been produced, what use will you guys have for those iron weapons?”

Qian Li thought about this. That’s right! With steel, who still wanted iron? Thus he waved his hand, and a large saber was immediately brought forward, “County princess! This long saber has accompanied this humble general into battle for many years. It has saved this general countless times. Today, this general will use it to allow county princess to test her weapon!”

He Gan and Xi Fang also brought forth weapons that saved their lives. Among the three, one was a saber, and two were swords. A cold light emanated from their weapons; however, it could not compare to the sparks that appeared when Feng Yu Heng unsheathed the dagger in her hand and the clear light that reflected from the blade of the dagger.

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    1. No washing machines in that era, they had to wash the clothes by hand..
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