Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 372

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Follow Until Death

The three were all experts that had experienced the killing fields, and they had long lost count of the number of lives that they had taken. Between the three of them, there was a thick air of ferocity. Although this ferocity was not aimed at Feng Yu Heng, it would naturally disperse and still manage to cause her to feel a chill.

Feng Yu Heng had a completely different aura compared to the three. She did not exude any murderous intent; however, this did not mean that she would not kill anyone. It also did not represent that she had never watched someone die. In her previous life, she had been a surgeon. She had managed to save countless people, but the number of people that had died on the operating table was even higher. She had seen all kinds of tragic battles and disgusting wounds. In fact, when she was still in school, she had personally taken a corpse out of formalin for dissection.

That was why the murderous intent on the battlefield did not scare her. No matter how many lives the saber and two swords had taken, she was not afraid.

Lowering herself slightly, she looked forward. Raising her steel dagger, she rushed toward the three people.

Bai Ze smirked while watching from behind, “Three grown men and one little girl. This really is… too shameful.”

Huang Quan heard this and smiled, “Wait until you see those three grown men unable to beat that little girl. It will feel even more shameful.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “One part of Heng Heng’s martial arts was something that she had already learned. The other part is what this prince personally taught her. Do you believe that she will be at a disadvantage?”

Bai Ze naturally understood this reasoning. He also did not think that Feng Yu Heng would lose. He just felt that this situation was a little hard to watch.

But the three men did not think this way. They all stared straight at the dagger in Feng Yu Heng’s hands. Their eyes were filled with joy, as though they were hawks that had found a chick. With a loud shout, they charged at the steel dagger.

Feng Yu Heng fought in a one versus three; however, she did not seem to be in a disadvantage. When their weapons arrived, she straightened out her body then slightly leaned back, conserving her strength. Only then did she bring her dagger forward to block the saber and two swords.

In the instant that their three weapons struck the steel dagger, a clean and crisp “ding” sound accompanied a shower of sparks. Feng Yu Heng held the dagger with both hands and used her strength to block the attacks from the three people. Suddenly exerting her strength, she returned the cold aura back to the three.

A buzzing sound came from the steel dagger once more. They looked carefully and saw that there was not the slightest change to the steel dagger. It was still as shiny as ever. Not a single trace had been left on the dagger. But when they looked at the weapons in their hands, there was a small gap that had appeared.

The three were extremely shocked, especially Qian Li. This saber was specially made. He had once competed with a soldier from Zong Sui. Although it was a friendly match and the adversary did not fight at full force, it could be considered as having fought against a weapon made of iron essence yet escaped unscathed. He once believed that with this saber was his lifesaving strength on the battlefield. It was Qian Li’s symbol and his pride.

This pride now had a bit missing. Qian Li was a little distressed; however, at the same time, he was extremely shocked. The hardness of this new steel weapon was something that he had never seen before. He was a little curious. If that steel dagger took the initiative to cut at them, how could he possibly block it?

While he was thinking, Feng Yu Heng continued to move, as she suddenly flew forward. Although she did not leap too high, it did make up for the difference in height with the three grown men. The dagger in the girl’s hands whistled as it cut through the air. It was the exact same movement that the three men before had used. The three were extremely shocked and also copied her earlier actions, bringing their swords forward to block; however, they saw the little girl suddenly shake her head, her lips curling into a strange smile. Performing a flip, she pulled back the dagger and reached out with her other hand.

Doing this, she reached for the area on their weapons near their wrists. Starting with the leftmost Xi Fang, she suddenly pushed him right. Xi Fang’s entire body was shifted right, causing him to subconsciously reach for He Gan. She then went to the other side and pulled Qian Li from right to left, bringing their weapons together. With their positions staggered, the thickness of the three weapons combined was one that definitely something that should not be trifled with.

The three immediately understood what Feng Yu Heng intended. This was intended for their three weapons to be placed together, so she could break all three at once!

Qian Li was shocked and thought that this was impossible! Just as he opened his mouth, Feng Yu Heng’s steel dagger came over. In a flash, the three did not have a chance to react and could firmly hold their weapons to await the strike.

This second strike had come from Feng Yu Heng’s dagger and struck the three weapons at the same time. This time, there was no clean and crisp sound that came from the impact. It was as though the steel dagger had cut into some mud. It only lasted an instant, and it looked like there was no friction, as the broken blades fell to the ground.

A single steel dagger had cut through a saber and two swords put together. It was so clean and sharp, and it did not leave any room to spare. There was not even any damage to her own dagger.

At this time, the three no longer worried about feeling distressed for their broken weapons, as they stared at the dagger in Feng Yu Heng’s hands with red eyes and drool practically dripping out of their mouths.

They then watched the person holding the dagger put on a smile and waved around the dagger a bit before turning around to ask Xuan Tian Ming: “Was that cool or what?”

How could Xuan Tian Ming know what cool meant; however, he would occasionally hear these sorts of things from this girl, and every time, she would be searching for praise. His ability to understand things was quite strong. He believed that cool should have the same meaning as fierce, thus he nodded: “Cool! Too cool!”

Feng Yu Heng happily began to smile then ran back to Xuan Tian Ming’s side, placing the steel dagger in his hands, “Look, it suffered no damage at all!”

Xuan Tian Ming picked up the dagger and looked carefully. Sure enough, there was not a single mark on it.

He raised the dagger up high and shouted to the 30 thousand soldiers: “Using this sort of weapon, we will conquer all kinds of lands. Do you guys want to?”

The 30 thousand soldiers all kneeled in unison and loudly shouted: “We will follow the general until death! We will follow county princess until death!”

Feng Yu Heng’s smile became even more profound, and Xuan Tian Ming also began to smile. This was a big change from his stern expression, as he said with a large smile: “You group of brats! You are dismissed!”

How could the soldiers be willing to leave? They all remained in place and began to discuss the earlier scene. Qian Li and the other two walked forward. He Gan and Xi Fang were the deputy generals of the Divine Intent Army, and they were handpicked by Feng Yu Heng. The feelings that the two felt for Feng Yu Heng were very abnormal. In fact, they felt more strongly about Feng Yu Heng than they did about Xuan Tian Ming. He Gan was the first to speak: “County princess, the divine archery team is at 80 percent on the tracking shot. The remaining 20 percent is the most difficult and most critical, and it requires county princess to personally provide advice.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “You have already done very well. To become so proficient in such a short period of time, I am proud of you. Now that you have this technique, all that remains is skill and strength. There is also bitter practice. Now that I am at the military camp, there will be plenty of time to clearly explain the remaining 20 percent. There is no need to worry.”

He Gan gratefully cupped his hands, “Many thanks, county princess.”

Xi Fang immediately followed up and said: “On the support team’s side, the activation of all aspects of the scattered star array has become natural. Also, the other two arrays that county princess left behind are also being studied. One of them, the camouflage array is already at 70 percent proficiency. The remaining 30 percent requires county princess’ advice.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed and said with sincerity: “You guys have done quite well. You are the best soldiers that I have ever seen! The divine archery and support teams have not wasted my time, nor did they waste his Highness’ high hopes.”

The two were a little embarrassed from what she had said. They lowered their reddened faces; however, their hearts were moved. The more they practiced and studied the techniques and arrays that Feng Yu Heng had left behind, the more subtleties the found. Often, they would be happier the more they practiced. They would be so happy that they were unable to stop. The other soldiers had gone to sleep, but the Divine Intent Army’s people continued to think things over. With a bit of curiosity, as soon as they learned one step, they would hurry to learn the next. Enjoying every step of the process, each step allowed them to marvel at their progress.

Like this, the Divine Intent Army’s training speed was like that of a rocket. It truly was truly amazing. From just before the end of the year to not even two months later, they had already become so proficient. How could Feng Yu Heng not be proud of them?

It was not just Feng Yu Heng who was proud. Xuan Tian Ming was also happy. This team was truly the special forces of the army. With them, although they could not say that they would be invincible, there definitely would not be a battle that they could not win.

For a while, everyone’s faces were filled with excitement and hope.

Huang Quan leaned forward and said to Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, you absolutely must punish Bai Ze. He said that he would take the long way around with the madam. As a result, for the sake of seeing this entertaining sight, he actually carried the madam and leaped over the mountain directly behind us. He arrived not too long after we did.”

Feng Yu Heng knew that Bai Ze had to have carried Yao shi and soared over the mountain when she had heard him speak. Although this was a little risky, it did not warrant punishing Bai Ze. She said: “Bai Ze is proficient in qinggong. Since he has the courage to bring mother along and soar over the mountain, he must be able to guarantee her safety. Otherwise, he would not dare take this risk.”

Bai Ze heard what she had said and awkwardly scratched his head, “Princes…”

“Forget it.” She smiled, “At first, I was thinking about what would happen if mother went the long way around. Would she wake up along the way? If she woke up, she would be likely to succumb to her addiction, and I was worried that you would be unable to handle her.”

Bai Ze glared at Huang Quan: “Did you hear that? It’s a good thing I brought madam and soared over the mountain!”

Huang Quan also glared back but did not say anything further.

Feng Yu Heng had no intention of pouting with them and only asked: “Has mother been settled in?”

Bai Ze frankly said: “Princess, don’t worry. She has already been sent to the camp. The servant named Qing Lan is watching over her!”

She nodded then turned to Xuan Tian Ming, discussing with him: “I am still worried about the production of steel. Has the area been prepared?”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at Qian Li, “How are the preparations of Xu Tian Cave?”

Qian Li quickly replied: “General, county princess, Xu Tian Cave has already been completely prepared. It is just waiting for county princess’ arrival. Also, this humble general found some expert blacksmiths from the capital and the surrounding provinces and sent them to Xu Tian Cave. They are waiting for county princess’ selection.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Do you want to rest first or go over there now?” Before waiting for her to speak, he said to himself: “Right now, you must be filled with excitement, so you will naturally be unable to hold yourself back. Let’s go! I will bring you to see Xu Tian Cave.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed and went to push his wheelchair, “That is precisely what I wanted. Xuan Tian Ming, sure enough, you understand me the best.”

With Qian Li leading the way, everyone walked in the direction of Xu Tian Cave. Feng Yu Heng did not know what exactly was meant by Xu Tian Cave, but she followed everyone through the large military camp and walked into the valley. Passing by a small stream and a 20-pace-long stretch, they finally arrived at the foot of an extremely tall mountain.

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  1. Now it’s gonna be a time of tales and legends.

    ” Somewhere in the NorthWest, inside a little cave. You can hear a constant *clong* sound, nothing comes out of the came for days. But if you stand in the entrance of it you can feel the presence of something and you can smell the heat; but most important you can taste the joy inside every so often.”

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  2. I know we are all very happy with army camp and divine archery team and steel production, but reading this chapter this thought suddenly came to mind: will Bai Ze and Ban Zou end up with Huang Quan and Wang Chuan? dunno the interaction BZ-HQ made me think of this possibility…

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    1. bahahahah Bai Ze is the commenter in this story that we need to see more often. He’s too hilarious. For entertainment purposes, he fulfilled his duty fairly quick to come back and see A-heng perform. AHAH too cute.

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  3. now that’s just ridiculous, setting aside the fact that she overpowered 3 grown military men, cutting 3 thick iron swords with a steel dagger is not possible using only one swing! the fact that she’s a 13 year old girl with little to no strength doesnt help the case either(no matter what martial arts you train), even if she’s lets say a 7ft tall giant with a powerlifter build its still nearly impossible. i turned a blind eye when she effortlessly stab and torture the prince but now this, for a novel that was consistently realistic from the start(somewhat), there’s no suspension of disbelief that can save this chapter

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    1. AHAHAH yeah I agree. I know it’s kinda of hard to imagine, but since this story is non-fiction, I overlook it LOL. The reason she had the advantage here was bc everyone was mesmerized by the steel, hence the lack of focus, leading to her victory. But it’s interesting to see how realistic this story is, aside from the few “wtf” moments.

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