Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 376

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My Wife Must Go Where She Pleases

Xuan Tian Ming’s eyebrows were immediately furrowed together. He simply raised his hand and stopped Feng Yu Heng: “Don’t say anymore.”

She became obstinant and looked at him wide-eyed: “Why do you not let me speak? Is this something that bothers you a great deal? Since the second daughter of the Feng family was set to become engaged to you, I do not believe that you would not have investigated me.”

She said a bunch of things in a single breath; however, Xuan Tian Ming only said: “You’re just speaking in anger.”

“I’m not speaking in anger!” Feng Yu Heng decided to stand up, but for some reason, she became irritated, “Xuan Tian Ming, what exactly did you find out?”

Seeing that he could not avoid speaking on this subject, he could only spread his arms: “What I found out was that you are indeed the Feng family’s second daughter, Feng Yu Heng.”

“I don’t believe you!” She became angry, her small face pouting angrily, “My mother even built up a barrier against me, and she only recognizes Zi Rui as her own child. How could it be that you have found out nothing?”

Xuan Tian Ming was also speechless, “Then what did you hope that I would find out? That you are a fake? That you are impersonating her? Then tell me, did you use makeup or were you just born looking exactly like Feng Yu Heng?”

“I…” She stumbled over her words. This was a subject that she could not continue to discuss. From a physiological point of view, no matter how he investigated or checked, she was definitely the second daughter of the Feng family, but… “But did you not think that I changed too much after returning to the capital?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “No. We will not speak of our occasional meetings when we were young. Just based on the time that we met in the mountains of the Northwest, this is how you are. You dared to climb out of a pile of corpses and throw pebbles at people. You dared to argue with me, and you dared to drop me on the ground because you were tired.”

Very well, he should have begun tracking the changes in her from before she climbed out of that pile of corpses, but at that time, Xuan Tian Ming did not recognize her. Naturally, he did not know how the former Feng Yu Heng should have been.

With a bit of frustration, she sat back down on the bag of sand. Feng Yu Heng casually picked up a branch and began to doodle on the ground, “Xuan Tian Ming, you also saw that just now. In truth, mother loves Zi Rui. She only loves Zi Rui. Of course, she also thinks about me, but in her heart, she only acknowledges Zi Rui as her child. Because I have changed too much, she does not feel close to me.”

He turned his own wheelchair to face her. Reaching out, he grabbed the girl’s small hand. Feng Yu Heng looked up at him and asked seriously: “If there comes a day when you find out that I am not me, what will you do?”

This question was full of mystery; however, Xuan Tian Ming only asked: “Are the you of right now and the you that treated my leg in the mountains of the Northwest the same person?”

She nodded, “Yes, this I can guarantee. I definitely am.”

“Then that’s fine.” He suddenly began to laugh then wave around her hand, saying: “Silly girl, there have never been any feelings between me and the Feng family. In fact, that Feng Jin Yuan was an opponent. For me, whether or not you are the Feng family’s second daughter does not matter to me. Or perhaps, this is even better. All I want is the girl I met in the mountains, who argued with me while earnestly treating my injuries. I don’t care what the previous Feng Yu Heng was like. That is not what I want. I only want you.”

This girl finally revealed a smiling face. It was as though she had won a great prize, as she was like a small white rabbit, leaping up with a smile and circling around him.

“Xuan Tian Ming, your eyes really are great! Un, they really are great!”

Ban Zou had gone away to purchase things and would be away for at least five days. Over these days, Feng Yu Heng dove straight into the Divine Intent Army. Once again, she took care of teaching archery to the divine archery team during the day and teaching tactics to the support team at night. She also freed up some time every day to take care of Yao shi.

Yao shi could be considered an eye-opener for her. At first, she thought that she would not be able to endure the withdrawal symptoms; however, she did not think that just by mentioning Zi Rui, she would be able to grit her teeth and endure for her son. Wang Chuan was worried that she would end up biting her own tongue, so she gave her a wooden stick each time to bite down on. Even if it was a thick stick, three would be chewed through in a single day. It was clear how difficult it was.

These days, Feng Yu Heng had it quite rough. She would frequently fall asleep while sitting in the camp after she finished teaching the support team. The soldiers would secretly start a bonfire near her to provide her with warmth while covering her in a thick coat. Xuan Tian Ming would then stay at her side to keep her company. When she woke up the next day, she found that she was being held in his embrace, and she could feel the warmth of his body. She could even hear the sounds of the soldiers quietly snickering.

On the morning of the sixth day, Xuan Tian ming told her that Ban Zou had returned.

The two went together to look at the equipment that had been purchased. Only then did they find that when Ban Zou left, he had brought along the old man that had wanted to protect his own grandson. The old man was full of energy. Seeing them arrive, he smiled and loudly said: “General, county princess, quickly come and take a look. These were all chosen by this old one, and I can guarantee that they are all the highest quality tools and materials.”

Feng Yu Heng went forward to inspect things. Sure enough, everything was of the highest quality. “Sure enough, a blacksmith who has worked with metal for a lifetime has good eyes.” She sincerely praised him then said to Ban Zou: “Call people over to send these things into Xu Tian Cave.” She then turned to ask Xuan Tian Ming: “How many days until deputy general Qian comes with more people?”

Xuan Tian Ming said: “Ten days, and I fear it may be longer.”

She thought a little then frankly said: “Let’s give it a try first? How about it?”

Xuan Tian Ming’s eyes lit up: “Right now?”

She nodded, “It’s not better to do it on a set day than just any old day. I am one to strike while the iron is hot. I have always liked doing things when I say I will. Can you handle this?”

He raised an eyebrow: “What can I not do!” He then said to Bai Ze: “Go tell the soldiers in the camp that their group of brats should do whatever they should do. This prince and county princess will be going to produce steel. Unless the sky falls, none may disrupt us.” Thinking a little more, he turned to ask Feng Yu Heng: “Are there any problems on madam’s side?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: “None. After the first five times, it will get better with each passing day. The symptoms will lessen, and the time between these attacks will increase. I left some medicine with Wang Chuan and Huang Quan. You should also tell the military camp’s doctors to help take care of her.”

“Okay.” Xuan Tian Ming ordered his attendant, “Have you heard that? Do as county princess said!”

The attendant immediately said: “This servant will immediately go tell the doctor.” While speaking, they were a little moved. After all, hearing that they were about to produce steel, who did not understand what it meant to produce steel?

Feng yu Heng returned to the tent and left some medicine for Yao shi. She then advised Wang Chuan and Huang Quan on how to deal with unexpected situations.

After everything was settled, she pushed Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair and entered Xu Tian Cave.

Inside Xu Tian Cave, many smaller caves had already been prepared as Feng Yu Heng had requested. The blacksmiths had not arrived, as they were gathered in a small room. Soldiers sent the things that had just been purchased to this small cave, and Xuan Tian Ming ordered a guard: “Tidy up my rest area then add a bed and blankets. Also, aside from the three meals each day, do not come and disturb us for anything else.”

The guard solemnly said: “This servant will obey.” He then turned and left the cave, the door closing with a clang. The only light in the room came from the torches on the four walls.

Feng Yu Heng felt that this lack of light was not suited to prolonged periods of work. Moreover, she had to give Xuan Tian Ming a number of things related to the theory. Thinking a little, she simply decided to pull out an emergency lamp that had been fully charged from her space. It had two lights, and both were 40-watt lights, which immediately lit up the cave.

Xuan Tian Ming was shocked. He had never seen such a pure light, as it made him scared to open his eyes. He subconsciously used his sleeve to cover the light and could not help but shout, “What is this thing?”

“This is called a lamp.” She patiently explained, “It is different from candlelight. A lamp is lit using a special resource. That resource is called electricity. I must tell you that this thing called electricity… does not exist in this world.”

Xuan Tian Ming wanted to say that if it did not exist in this world, how did you bring this out? But he could not ask this because he knew that once he followed up, Feng Yu Heng would need to explain too many things. The two had been together for a long time, was it possible for him to have not seen enough things that did not exist in this world? Xuan Tian Ming consoled himself. Missing out on one thing would be fine. It would not be odd to see more. In the future, he would slowly get used to this. He had a wife that could pull weird things out at any time. This was something that was worth being proud of.

Thus he matched her pace and nodded, “Un, electricity, I have remembered it.” He then pointed up, “This prince feel that hanging it above would be best.”

“You could be taught, young man!” Feng Yu Heng looked at him with a smile, “Lamps should be used in this way. But the ceiling of this cave is very high, so I will leave the hanging of this to you.”

Xuan Tian Ming did not say another word. Receiving the lamp from her hands, he immediately soared up from his wheelchair and flew toward the ceiling of the cave.

Feng Yu Heng did not understand how he did it. Either way, in just the blink of an eye, he returned to his wheelchair, and the emergency lamp hung firmly in place. The entire cave was lit up as though it was daytime. This immediately gave her a feeling of returning to her previous life.

Xuan Tian Ming, however, was a little worried: “Candles can burn out. Will electricity also run out?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Of course, but there is no need to worry. After the electricity runs out, I still have another. When the time comes, just switch them. The one without electricity can just be charged.”

In truth, Xuan Tian Ming really wanted to know what “charge” meant, but he endured. His ability to endure had increased by one level! “Let’s begin!”

Feng Yu Heng, however, smiled once more and pulled out two pieces of paper from her sleeve, “Don’t rush. Although you know how to handle iron, you have no knowledge of steel. These are the materials that I have prepared. Take a look first. Regardless of whether or not you understand, just read through it first. I will explain it to you later.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and received the paper. After receiving it, he immediately became dazed, “Dear wife, your writing habits are really bad.”

“Huh?” She could not react at first, “What’s bad?”

Xuan Tian Ming handed the paper over for her to see, “Not to mention the number of incorrect characters, this prince has lived for so long, yet I have never seen anyone write horizontally. If it was not for having spent a long time with you and knowing your habits, I really don’t know what sort of outcome would arise from reading these pieces of paper vertically.”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed, “That, uh… Listen, can you just try to get used to it? I also want to write vertically, but it will become crooked. It is truly awkward.”

“It’s fine.” A certain person shook the pages in an exaggerated manner, “If it’s horizontal, it’s horizontal. Dear wife, remember. In the future, don’t just write as you want, you must also walk around as you want. My, Xuan Tian Ming’s, wife must walk around as she pleases. I want to see who will say no!”1

1: The original text here would be “write horizontally and walk horizontally,” but the meaning is, write as you want, and move around as you want.

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    1. He can walk. In chap 365 it mentions that when he went to scare FYH during the bath he left his wheelchair. He could probably already walk even before then, when FYH stayed over after burning 3rd prince’s palace.

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    1. Be patient. We still have almost one thousand chapters ahead 😁
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  2. One day, maybe on the day of the long awaited marriage she will tell him everything.

    I guess I’ll have to wait for the jaw dropping moments when his close people enter the space :3 and visit her secret home.

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  3. “”It’s fine.” A certain person shook the pages in an exaggerated manner, “If it’s horizontal, it’s horizontal. Dear wife, remember. In the future, don’t just write as you want, you must also walk around as you want. My, Xuan Tian Ming’s, wife must walk around as she pleases. I want to see who will say no!””

    Ok…..kill me now. How much sugar was used in this novel. It’s too sweet! I can die with this sweetness, you know? Please pity me that my heart can’t endure this sweet conversation anymore. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡ this’s too cute! They’re too cute! *roll myself on the floor and use my hands cover my reddened face*

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  4. To be fair, it is a very iffy writing to build a forge inside a cave. Even in a natural cave system, air circulation is never good. It is even worse in a man made one.
    And metal works consume a lot of oxygen, and is dangerous to be done inside a cave.

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  5. “He had a wife that could pull weird things out at any time. This was something that was worth being proud of.”

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  6. HAHAHA sleeve vs. XTM’s patience and curiosity.

    “These days, Feng Yu Heng had it quite rough. She would frequently fall asleep while sitting in the camp after she finished teaching the support team. The soldiers would secretly start a bonfire near her to provide her with warmth while covering her in a thick coat. Xuan Tian Ming would then stay at her side to keep her company.” I could not help but awwww. Like XTM probably sleeps uncomfortably but being with her is even better 😭💕


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