Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 379

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It Really Is Comfortable to Rely on Men!

The word “success” represented them finally succeeding in replacing electricity with wind power.

“Begin melting!” Feng Yu Heng loudly said: “Wind power is feasible. Begin melting!”

The soldiers working the bellows did not understand what she meant, but the joy of success had already raised their morale to the upper limit. Even if their arms were tired and sore, they did not feel as though this was hard, saying with confidence: “We have plenty of energy. We will continue to work the bellows for general and county princess. However much wind county princess desires, we will provide it!”

“Good!” Feng Yu Heng nodded then said to Xuan Tian Ming: “The main focuses during the melting phase should be the open-hearth furnace and the electric furnace. What we have right now, however, is not an open-hearth furnace or an electric furnace. It’s a wind-powered furnace, but the theory is the same. Everything from the pouring in of molten iron to the melting down of the furnace charge is all considered part of the melting phase. The goal of the melting phase is to melt down the furnace charge at a high temperature while producing coke slag for the melting phase.” After saying this, she personally went to pour the molten iron. At the same time, she said: “Saying it like this may not be too clear, but it’s fine. I will try it first. You should understand after watching once.”

This time, Feng Yu Heng personally took care of the work, but she did not think that it was very standard. She tried another two times, and on the third time, she finally nodded, “It’s fine. The matter of melting is not hard. Come and try.”

Xuan Tian Ming took over the job. In the end, he had experience with blacksmithing, so he was much more adept at the work than Feng Yu Heng. He managed to succeed on the first attempt.

The two melted all of the previous materials. Like this, they spent one day and one night handling the melting.

Four groups of soldiers were used to work the bellows, but none of the soldiers that had been replaced were willing to return to the camp and rest. They simply stood to the side under one of the temporary tents that had been set up. They took shifts sleeping and would immediately get to work after waking up.

Feng Yu Heng felt that the efficiency was quite high and began to discuss with Xuan Tian Ming: “How about having some soldiers come to work the bellows? This is a physical job. Those that do not have the strength will not be able to work the bellows. Moreover, when mass production begins, just one bellows will not be enough. At the very least, we will need to ensure that there is one for each furnace. We also need to have some spares in case one becomes damaged.”

Xuan Tian Ming naturally understood this logic, thus he asked her: “Roughly how many people will be enough?”

She thought a little, “At least 100 people.”

“That’s fine.” He turned around and said to a soldier: “Did you hear what county princess said? Go and pick 100 soldiers and tell them to be ready at any time.”

The soldier was just a normal soldiers. Normally, he would at most take a look at Xuan Tian Ming from the distance and would never get a chance to speak. Over the past few days, he had helped work the bellows and would occasionally get a chance to say a few words. This was already enough to give him a feeling of having received a great glory. He was even thinking that when he went out to brag, later on, he would have a basis to do it. No matter what was said, he had spoken with the general and county princess.

Now, Xuan Tian Ming actually had him go pick soldiers? The soldier was immediately frozen. Thinking a little, it was possible that the general wanted him to inform deputy general Qian, right? After all, when it came to choosing soldiers, that was deputy general Qian who usually decided on such things, but… “General, deputy general Qian has gone to search for blacksmiths and will not be back for a few more days.”

Xuan Tian Ming furrowed his brow: “What’s the relation between him going to look for blacksmiths and me telling you to pick some soldiers?” Thinking a little, he understood a bit. He removed a token from his body, “Hand down the order that 100 soldiers will be brought to help county princess produce steel. Those 100 soldiers will be left under your command. Show a little spirit.”

Feng Yu Heng saw that the soldier was stunned and could not help but smile, “Your general has given you a promotion. Shouldn’t you go and quickly get to work?”

The person finally managed to react and dropped to his knees: “This servant thanks the general and thanks county princess! This servant will go do it immediately.” Saying this, he received the token from Xuan Tian Ming and ran off.

Feng Yu Heng then said: “Once I become immersed in work, I tend to forget the things that are happening around me. You really are better at observing your surroundings.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Un, although it’s just the simple job of working the bellows, there is a certain skill involved. At the same time, it tests a person’s endurance. Although we do not lack people to work the bellows, only these ten people have any experience. We cannot possibly teach all 100 people one more time. We can only rely on these ten to teach them. That’s why this temporarily made bellows team also requires a leader. It’s not just to teach them the technique, he will also be in charge of choosing people. We cannot allow for things to become chaotic. Just now, that kid looked very sharp. Over the past few days, he was also the most diligent one. Handing over control of the bellows team to him will give me the most peace of mind.”

Feng Yu Heng leaned against him. Once she began to rest, she became a little lazy, and her arms and legs began to feel sore. “If you think it’s good, then that’s good. When it comes to managing people, I am far worse than you.”

The two spoke and did not really avoid others, and they did not bother lowering their voices. The soldiers that remained all around could all hear what they had said, and they all became extremely moved. One was unable to hold back and frankly went to ask: “General’s meaning is that we can remain here to continue to help with the production of steel?”

Others also began to ask: “Can we really participate in the production of steel?”

Xuan Tian Ming began to laugh, “Of course, you were the first to learn how to work the bellows. The 100 soldiers that will be brought over, I hope that you will be able to teach them!”

Everyone rejoiced and began to cheer.

Feng Yu Heng looked at this scene and felt the corners of her lips curl up. She then said to Xuan Tian Ming: “The military camp really is the best. The soldiers have pure hearts. Laughter is laughter, and anger is anger. When angry, they will fight. After fighting, things are fine. It’s not like a large manor’s inner courtyard. There are no clear battles, and everything is done in secret. They all have evil thoughts. Fathers are not fathers, daughters are not daughters, the elderly are not kind, and the young are not filial. I am really tired of that sort of life. Xuan Tian Ming, it’s really great that you were able to bring me out.”

He smirked, “I knew long ago that you did not like the people of the inner courtyard. If it was not for me protecting and supporting you, do you really believe that you could act so freely and arrogantly in that unscrupulous Feng manor? Do you really believe that the court’s prime minister would be so soft and easy to handle? Your temper has never known how to bend. Those women have schemes within schemes. With you being so straight-forward, if I did not protect you, I truly would not be at ease!”

Feng Yu Heng let out a “pft” then began to laugh, “Xuan Tian Ming, can you not be so shameless?” But she only said this before shutting her mouth.

In truth, thinking about it, what he had said was right. On what basis could she stand up straight so quickly in the Feng manor? What caused the people of the Feng manor to hate her and become jealous of her? What was the basis for her receiving the title of county princess Ji An? Was it just because of her medical skills? In the end, it was because of her relationship with Prince Yu. It was not because of her own skills.

“This is also fine.” She turned around and said with great satisfaction: “In the past, I relied on myself for everything, and I looked down on the women who relied on men for everything. Thinking about it now, relying on a man really is comfortable! There is no need to think about anything. As long as I do what I want, my man will help me clean up all of my messes. This feeling is truly not something that can be compared to!”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “To be able to have a man strong enough to support all of your dreams be dead set on you is your own ability. That’s why, in the end, you still relied on yourself.” He patted Feng Yu Heng’s shoulder, “We stayed up for two days and one night once again. Go back to the camp to take a look at madam then take a hot bath and get some good sleep.”

“Then what about you?” Feng Yu Heng could hear what he meant, “You aren’t going to rest, so are you going to continue working?”

Xuan Tian Ming said: “In the end, I am a man. No matter what is said, I have a bit more strength than you. I will get ready to go see the blacksmiths. I will choose some of them to come and learn the first steps. We will have them produce slag in Xu Tian Cave. When Qian Li returns with more people, we can continue with the next steps.”

Thinking a little, she felt that this was also fine, but she advised him: “If we choose some blacksmiths with more experience first and have them just produce slag, it would be too much of a waste. It would be better to teach it to their apprentices and have the young people do the first steps. Leave the people with experience to continue with the later steps.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “That makes sense. Quickly go back. I will go handle it immediately.”

When Feng Yu Heng returned to the camp, the soldiers were being led through exercises by the officers. She went to find He Gan and Xi Fang to ask about the Divine Intent Army’s situation. Hearing that there were no problems, she felt at ease and went to visit Yao shi.

Yao shi had endured for a few days, and the addiction had more or less come under control. Wang Chuan told her: “Madam has not had any attacks in the past three days. It seems like she has become much more spirited in the past few days.”

The two pushed aside the curtain and entered the tent while talking. Yao shi was drinking congee with some help from Huang Quan. Seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, she quickly asked: “A-Heng, have you eaten anything?” She then pressed Huang Quan: “Quickly go and get some congee for A-Heng to drink.”

She was not modest. Sitting down at Yao shi’s side, she also began to drink. While drinking, she observed and found that Yao shi had indeed improved a great deal. Her complexion had become a little red, and her eyes were not as slack as before. Although it still could not compare to when she was healthy, it was still quite good in the grand scheme of things.

Feng Yu Heng let out a long sigh, as a rock that had been pressing down on her heart was lifted, “Seeing mother get better day after day, daughter is much more at ease.” She spoke truthfully, “I really worried that I would not be able to treat mother and would not be able to give maternal grandfather an explanation.”

After Yao shi finished her last bite, she put down the bowl and sighed, saying: “A-Heng, there is no need to worry too much. The Yao family is a medical family. Although I did not receive any teachings in the craft, I did grow in that sort of environment. I know that even if your maternal grandfather personally came, he would feel quite helpless over something like spirit-altering drug. Now that you were able to help me recover to this degree, it really is considered a miracle.”

Whether or not it was a miracle, Feng Yu Heng did not know, but she still remembered that Yao shi was able to endure entirely because of the thought of Zi Rui and the support that provided. Thus she took the initiative to say: “Mother, right now, your body still needs to recover a little more. Although it has been some time since your last attack, we have not completely escaped the dangerous times. I fear that in roughly ten days, you will have another small attack. It will not be as trying as before; however, it will cause you to fall ill. I have calculated, and it will be a little under half a year before you have completely recovered. At that time, A-Heng will personally send mother to Xiao Zhou. How does that sound?”

A look of hope that could not be hidden appeared in Yao shi’s eyes, as she repeatedly nodded, “Good, good.”

As she spoke, Wang Chuan came in from the outside and whispered into her ear. Feng Yu Heng’s expression immediately changed before quickly returning to normal. She then said to Yao shi: “His Highness sent someone to find me. Recently, the camp has been busy, and I cannot spend too much time with mother. Mother, do not blame A-Heng.”

Yao shi quickly said: “Quickly go. I am fine. Don’t let this delay the production of steel.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and nodded. Standing up, she brought Wang Chuan and left the tent, revealing a bit of panic…

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  1. When I see how HengHeng treat Yao shi so well, I feel more averse to Yao shi. She still act as she get worried about HengHeng but in the end she drives her out fast without mournfulness or care. In this case, Chen shi and Han shi were better than her. (However, I still don’t like those whores.😑)

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