Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 380

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Dear Lord, You Sure Have A Lot of Problems

After the two exited Yao shi’s tent, they headed directly to where Feng Yu Heng was living. She urgently asked Wang Chuan: “Where in the academy was the fire?”

Wang Chuan said: “In the kitchen. After investigating, it was a cook that had been lazy and did not notice that a pot had run out of water, which ended up starting the fire. But at that time, there were some children that had wanted to learn how to work the fire, so that they could make some soups for themselves. Young master was among them.”

Feng Yu Heng was already on edge. Upon hearing that Zi Rui was also part of this group, her hope that it was just a coincidence was immediately eradicated. A fire had started at Yun Lu Academy, and Zi Rui happened to be at the scene. How could this be a coincidence?

“Was he hurt?” She asked Wang Chuan, “When did the news arrive?”

Wang Chuan said: “Word just arrived by carrier pigeon. Young master is fine. The academy has no shortage of guardians on site. As soon as the fire broke out, those guardians immediately picked up the children and rushed out.”

She calmed down a little. It seemed that this should have just been a warning for her. But this was just the first time. It was inevitable that the second time would quickly happen. After experiencing what had happened with Yao shi, Feng Yu Heng never stopped considering whether or not she should send someone to Xiao Zhou to protect Zi Rui. But she also felt that it would be disrespectful to the academy, as Zi Rui was living at the academy. Now it seemed like respect was just a small matter. Zi Rui’s life and safety were already under threat.

She raised her head and gently shouted into the air: “Ban Zou.”

A shadow flashed before her, and Ban Zou appeared. Before she could speak, he immediately said: “You want me to go to Xiao Zhou?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Only you can go. If we cannot do it overtly, we can only do it covertly. Ban Zou, I would not be at ease if it was anyone else. Either way, I am now at the military camp. There is absolutely no need for protection.”

“Can you remain at the military camp for an eternity?” Ban Zou looked at her coldly.

She helplessly said: “You cannot possibly remain in Xiao Zhou for an eternity. When you go this time, bring along one hidden guard, but remember that you cannot use his Highness Prince Yu’s people. We are at a critical juncture for producing steel right now. We absolutely cannot become distracted right now.”

Ban Zou pondered a little, “Then I will bring along someone sent by his Highness the seventh prince. How long do you want for me to stay?”

Feng Yu Heng said: “One month. After arriving at Yun Lu Academy, stay for a full month. After settling things on that side, come back. From today onward, that hidden guard will be given to Zi Rui. You absolutely must be sure to explain this to him.”

Ban Zou nodded, “Don’t worry. His Highness the seventh prince’s hidden guard was sent here, there is no intention of taking them back. They are all your people. They will protect whomever you wish to protect.” Speaking of this, he paused then added: “In truth, I am the same. If you really chased me away to Xiao Zhou and told me not to return, I would also do it.” After he finished speaking, he did not wait for Feng Yu Heng to speak. In a flash, he disappeared into the air, leaving behind a message: “Take care of yourself. I will leave tonight.”

Wang Chuan looked in a certain direction and stared for a while then suddenly said: “Young miss should consider getting a new hidden guard.”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng had been thinking only of the matters in Xiao Zhou and did not pay attention to what Wang Chuan had just said, asking: “What did you say?”

Wang Chuan, however, shook her head and said: “It’s nothing. I was just saying that Ban Zou is becoming more and more unreasonable. When has there ever been a servant that dared to bargain when receiving orders.”

Feng Yu Heng did not mind this and simply said: “I never viewed you as servants. When following me, you are my comrades and my people. Speaking more casually is more comfortable.” She had no intention of correcting anything then reminded Wang Chuan once more: “Remember, you absolutely must not tell his Highness about what has happened in Xiao Zhou. If he knew, he would become distracted. In the worst-case scenario, he would press me to go and visit. Right now, producing steel is most important. Not a single moment can be wasted. Do you understand?”

Wang Chuan nodded, “This servant understands.” Thinking a little more, she added: “This servant was thinking… of going with Ban Zou.”

“You also want to go?” Feng Yu Heng was a little surprised. Thinking about it, Wang Chuan was also the one to go to Xiao Zhou last time. If she could go this time, it would definitely be best. Moreover, Wang Chuan had spent a great deal with Zi Rui. She was most likely worried upon hearing the news. Without thinking too much about it, she agreed, “Sure, go ahead. Be careful along the way.”

“I know, don’t worry.” While speaking, the two reached the tent. The bath water had been prepared. Upon pushing open the curtain, they were met with a faceful of steam.

But how could she be in the mood to take a bath? Although she sat in the tub, her mind was continuously thinking about the fire at Yun Lu Academy. Who could have done it? Xuan Tian Ye? Or was it Qian Zhou?


She had her eyes closed and was leaning back against the tub but suddenly opened her eyes. Counting the days on her fingers, perhaps the people from Qian Zhou had already arrived in Da Shun. From the Northern border to the capital, a trip to Xiao Zhou was not a path that avoided the capital, and it was not too far. If they had changed course and gone to Xiao Zhou first, it was not impossible.

Presently, there were no other options, and she could not bring Zi Rui to the military camp. In the end, that child still needed to attend school. She could only hope that nothing would happen before Ban Zou’s group arrived in Xiao Zhou.

She was supposed to return and rest, but she had suddenly received this piece of news. No matter what, Feng Yu Heng was unable to sleep soundly. Rolling back and forth, she kept on have dreams. Some involved Zi Rui, some involved Yao shi, and some caused her to feel extreme guilt.

Finally, she was unable to continue sleeping. She simply sat up; however, upon thinking further, if she treated the enemy with more leniency, would Yao shi and Zi Rui be in less danger?

This idea was rejected as soon as it was conceived. That was impossible. There was never a person that would leave her alone if she left them alone, and which of the times was it not the enemy that had taken the initiative to cause trouble? When she had just returned to the manor, and before she could do anything, Chen shi still sent Jin Zhen to give Zi Rui that damnable medicine to try and harm him. That was why there was no such thing as taking a step back because the world was large. In order to protect those dear to her, she could only arm herself and advance forward. She could not avoid her enemies and could only flatten them one at a time. This was the path that she had to take.

Feng Yu Heng could not continue to sleep, so she just got out of bed and got changed. After washing up, she walked toward the forge.

When she arrived, the soldier that had been promoted by Xuan Tian Ming to group leader was explaining how to work the bellows and how much force to apply. The surrounding 100 soldiers were all listening attentively.

Feng Yu Heng secretly listened for a while and felt that the soldier was explaining it very well. There were no mistakes in the instructions. While explaining, he would call people forward to practice. He also loudly said: “In a while, you will all come forward to practice three times in groups of four. Remember who you will be grouped with. In the future, those will be your set groups. I will go ask the general later to have some more tents set up around the furnace. We will all be working over here, can you handle the work?”

Everyone replied in unison: “Yes!”

Feng Yu heng smiled and did not linger, turning to head in the direction of Xu Tian Cave.

Xuan Tian Ming was not inside the bedroom, so he was definitely with the blacksmiths producing slag. Although Xu Tian Cave was very cold, because there were furnaces in the small caves, it was extremely stuffy. Feng Yu Heng thought about it. When she had some spare time, she definitely had to go into her space and make some more popsicles and throw them into the freezer; otherwise, those old blacksmiths, who were advanced in their years, would not be able to endure.

Outside the small caves, there were guards keeping watch. Seeing her arrive, they quickly opened up the stone door. Feng Yu Heng wiped sweat from her head and walked in. There, she saw Xuan Tian Ming sitting on the ground and carefully explaining how to produce slag.

Presently, the most basic matters had already been talked about. She heard that they were already talking about the composition of the slag that had been poured out, thus she also went over to listen.

Xuan Tian Ming saw that she had only rested for a short while before returning, causing him to furrow his brows. He wanted to say a few words, but this was a critical moment in the forge, so he could only endure and continue speaking about the topic.

Finally, it was the moment that they had been waiting for. He used this short moment to explain to the people how to use Feng Yu Heng’s clock.

The clock was already hanging on the wall, and everyone half raised their heads to look. Xuan Tian Ming patiently explained how to read it. He then told them that they had to keep a close eye on the time. Starting from two minutes out, they had to prepare to take things out at any moment.

Everyone held their breath in concentration, staring at the clock. Only then did find some time. Pushing off the ground with his hands, he lifted off and landed in his wheelchair. He then moved the wheelchair to a corner of the cave and waved to Feng Yu Heng: “Come here.”

She succumbed and went over. Before he could ask, she took the initiative to say: “I really could not fall asleep. I took a bath and drank some congee. My body has already recovered.”

“If you are like this, how can I be at ease?” Xuan Tian Ming looked at the girl. She was not chubby to begin with. Over the past few days, it seemed that she had become even skinnier, and this caused him distress.

“You also do not allow me to feel at ease.” Feng Yu Heng felt that he was quite worrying, “Look, in any case, I went to rest a bit. What about you? Over such a span of time, can you not sleep a little?”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at her, and a sly look flashed through his eyes. Then without another word, he moved his wheelchair and returned to the group of people.

Feng Yu Heng did not understand. What was the meaning of this? The discussion was concluded like this?

After waiting a long time, Xuan Tian Ming did not say a single word. Only after the time was up and a batch of slag was pulled out did he say to the blacksmiths: “This is the process. You have seen the entire process. Following this, you will try it yourself. Don’t keep squeezing in front of the same furnace. Go practice on your own. Don’t fear failure. If there is not enough material, just call for us to get more. Either way, after you get a good handle on the techniques and become used to it, you will be able to make as much as you want.”

The blacksmiths and the apprentices were extremely happy. Giving an agreement, they went to find their own furnaces.

Xuan Tian Ming spread his hands, “Here, there really is no feeling of superiority from being a prince or general. These people are completely interested in producing steel. They do not have much of a concept of power. Let’s go.” He tugged at Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, “Dear wife, push me, we’re going.”

Feng Yu Heng let out an “oh” sound and pushed the wheelchair out of the cave. At the same time, she began to discuss with him, “Can you not keep calling me wife? I still have not married you!”

“Sooner or later, you will get married.” He spoke as if he took it for granted.

“Sooner or later is still sooner or later.” Feng Yu Heng pouted and asked him, “Know to be tired! Even the blacksmiths cannot handle this sort of workload!”

“I was tired long ago.” He spoke truthfully, “But these past few days, my beloved consort has accompanied this prince to sleep. With you going back, this prince could not sleep alone!”

“Oh, my dear lord, you have become quite spoiled and problematic.” She deliberately teased him; however, she did not stop moving, as she continued toward the bedroom.

Xuan Tian Ming happily sat in the wheelchair. He was extremely happy. Feng Yu Heng could only see the back of his head, but she could still tell.

“Oy!” She became unhappy, “I say, shouldn’t your legs have healed by now? They were healed by me. If you just keep slacking off in this wheelchair, is that not a slap to my face?”

Xuan Tian Ming consoled her: “Beloved consort, don’t worry. You don’t know this, but when I stand up things will not be entertaining, or perhaps they like the appearance of this prince in a wheelchair. How about you allow them to enjoy themselves.”

As they spoke, the two arrived in front of the stone door of the bedroom. Feng Yu Heng suddenly stopped.

He was puzzled, “Why are we stopped?” Turning around, he found that Feng Yu Heng’s expression was extremely unpleasant. He could not help but be shocked and say: “What happened?”

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  1. I ship Ban Zou and Wang Chuan!!!

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