Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 381

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Take a Couple Leisurely Steps

The person that had been smiling immediately stopped. Xuan Tian Ming saw that her complexion was a little pale, causing him to think that something was wrong. This girl always had accurate premonitions. Could it be that she has noticed that something had gone wrong?

He thought a little longer. That was not right, if something had happened, the first to find out should have been him. There was no reason for his intuition to fall behind her.

Xuan Tian Ming reached out and pulled the small girl in front of him. Feng Yu Heng was startled for a moment, causing him to become confused, “Why are you suddenly unable to walk? Have your feet gone numb?”

“No, they aren’t numb.”

“If they aren’t numb, keep going!”

“Legs, legs are numb.” Feng Yu Heng could feel the cold sweat pouring out. She felt that it was not her legs or feet that had gone numb. Right now, it was her mouth that was a little numb, as she was unable to speak clearly. “That uh, can you go in on your own? I suddenly remembered something that I must remind the blacksmiths. I need to go back.” Saying this, she began to leave.

“Come back here!” A certain person exploded, grabbing her arm and pulling her back, “Everything that needs explaining, I have already explained. I am certain that the matter of creating slag and removing it has already been explained sufficiently clearly. There was nothing that was forgotten. No matter what matters you have, you must sleep first before we can talk about anything else.” He moved his wheelchair with one arm while pulling on Feng Yu Heng with the other, “Come, sleep with this prince.”

She became frantic and desperately tugged at her sleeves, “I will not! I don’t want to sleep with you. Even if I am to sleep, I will sleep on my own!”

Xuan Tian Ming was especially confused over why this girl was causing a fuss. The soldiers standing on guard to the side were unable to restrain their smiles, and he felt that he had to show some manliness otherwise what face would he have left?

Thus a certain person acted forcefully and simply used some strength and pulled the struggling girl into his lap.

Feng Yu Heng sat straight on his legs and even accidentally sat on Xuan Tian Ming’s hand. Her mind exploded with a “boom,” as she thought to herself that this was bad. But before she could react, she heard Xuan Tian Ming let out an “eh” sound then pull out his hand. Taking a look, he could not help but be extremely surprised, “You were hurt?”

He looked blankly at the blood on his hand and finally lost all interest in fooling around. Grabbing the girl in his lap, he anxiously asked: “What happened? When did you get hurt? Why did you not tell me?”

Feng Yu Heng had the heart to die. Her small face turned bright, bright red, and she was unable to raise her head.

Xuan Tian Ming became frantic, “Look at me!”

“I will not.” She lowered her head even more.

“Someone!” He loudly shouted, “Go call a medical officer!”

“Ah!” Feng Yu Heng immediately collapsed and covered Xuan Tian Ming’s mouth. “No need to call one, no need to call one! What the fuck are you calling a medical officer for, I am a doctor, so why call a medical officer! No need, no need.”

He angrily pulled her small hand away, “Then tell me, how exactly did you get hurt?”

“I…” She looked at Xuan Tian Ming then looked at the panicking soldiers that were nearby. She wanted to cry, but there were no tears. “Let’s go into the room first. Let’s talk after entering.” This time, she was the one to talk about going in because she felt that she would no longer have the face to see people if these soldiers continued to watch.

“Fine.” Xuan Tian Ming quickly moved his wheelchair and entered the room while holding her. He then closed the stone door and asked once more: “Tell me, what exactly is going on?”

Feng Yu Heng negotiated with him: “Can you let me down first? Although you are wearing purple robes, bloodstains are still visible.”

“No.” He shook his head, “Right now, I want to know how exactly you got hurt.”

Seeing the serious expression of the person in front of her, Feng Yu Heng felt that she had truly been defeated. Did this person’s mind not know how to turn at all? He was only thinking that she had been hurt and never thought in any other direction?

Feng Yu Heng was speechless and facepalmed: “I did not get hurt. I just… my great aunt came.”

“Who came?”

“Hah! My period came!” She angrily shouted. Any embarrassment was cast to the side, as she struggled to escape from Xuan Tian Ming’s lap. She then angrily glared, “My period has come, do you understand? I am already 13 years old this year. It can come at any time and any place. Do you not have any basic knowledge!”

This shout caused Xuan Tian Ming to become dazed. Pe-period! Looking at his own hand, un, it seemed to be different from the blood that came from an injury.

Feng Yu Heng pouted and glared at him, “You’re still looking? Is there anyone like this?”

He did not feel embarrassed in the slightest. Instead, he said a rather villainous line: “With your period, that means you are now a proper woman. Do you understand?”

Was this not nonsense? “I am a doctor. Of course, I know that.”

“Un.” A certain person nodded, “Our Heng Heng finally grew up.”

Thus Feng Yu Heng began a powerful counterattack, “Now that I am grown up, we cannot sleep in the same bed. Otherwise, would you not appear quite shameless!”

“Shame?” He laughed and laughed, “Ever since I was with you, I have never cared for shame.”

What else could she say? It was not that this person was shameless. He did not know what shame meant, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Feng Yu Heng broke down!

Fortunately, a certain person was quite sympathetic, “But since your period has come, it would be too cruel for this prince to invite my beloved consort to sleep in the same bed.” He said this then pointed to a second bed that had been added later on and said: “How about my beloved but suffering consort rest on that bed for the next few days.”

Feng Yu Heng was immediately revived, “I am not suffering. I am not suffering. I am quite well.” She wanted to curse Xuan Tian Ming, “That uh, you can sleep first. I will go wash my hands… Uh, I will be going to the latrine.”

After she finished speaking, she tried to run out; however, she was pulled back by Xuan Tian Ming.

She cried: “What exactly do you want?”

Who knew that he actually did not have any bad intentions, only reminding her: “The back of your robes is stained with blood. Running out like this is probably improper.”

That’s right! She nearly forgot about this matter. It had truly been too long since her great aunt had last visited. She had forgotten about the most basic principles.

Xuan Tian Ming saw her annoyed expression and felt that it was extremely entertaining, but he could not bear to continue teasing her. For girls, a period was often very uncomfortable. This girl’s face had turned pale white. How could he continue to bully her.

He removed his cloak and wrapped it around the girl. He then pulled the string tight before saying: “Go. Like this, nobody will be able to see. I will have people send new clothes for you.”

She felt grateful and nodded before quickly leaving the room. This meant that she could not see Xuan Tian Ming’s lips curl up into a smile that could not be restrained.

His Heng Heng had finally grown up. The little white rabbit that he had been raising had finally grown up. Although this little white rabbit would eat people, as a whole, she was quite obedient when she was with him. He had to raise her well for a little longer. After another two years, he would fatten her up a little to eat her. Un, only like that would she be delicious!

In regards to something like the arrival of the great aunt, Feng Yu Heng had originally made mental preparations. With this body having reached 13 years of age, it was just a matter of time. She had prepared sanitary napkins long ago along with special underwear for this time. She had placed them in the most conspicuous part of her space for emergency use. But in the short period of time that she had spent working on producing steel, she had actually forgotten about this matter. Calculating it now, in her previous life, her periods came at the start of each month, and it was the same in this life. These two bodies were actually the same in this aspect. Who knew if more similarities would appear in the future.

In the room next to the bedroom, there was a washroom for the two. After Feng Yu Heng entered, she immediately entered her space. Snatching the sanitary napkins placed on the counter, she entered the washroom.

When she came out, she finally let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had a space that she could enter at any time. If she only had her body from this transmigration, perhaps, at times like these, she could only copy the women of the ancient era use a cotton cloth and wrap herself with it.

She wore a set of coral fleece pajamas and came out of her space. The clothes that had been soaked with blood had been tossed into a washing machine. Xuan Tian Ming’s cloak was held in her hand, as she was watched while returning to the bedroom. She quietly criticized them in her mind, have you never seen pajamas before!

Because of her great aunt coming to visit, Feng Yu Heng was completely unable to fall asleep due to the pain!

Xuan Tian Ming watched the damn girl roll around in the nearby bed. For a while, she would face one way, then she would face the other. Her body would arc, then it would arc the other way. After a while, she simply sat up. He was helpless, “In the end, will you be sleeping or not?”

Feng Yu Heng glared at him: “Did you know that a girl’s belly will hurt when they get their periods?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “I didn’t know.”

“Then I will tell you now. My belly hurts. It hurts a lot. It hurts so much that I cannot sleep. Also, you try bleeding out of your butt. See if you can lie down and sleep peacefully.”

Xuan Tian Ming sighed once more, “Dear wife really is mighty and does not conform to the norms of a young miss. But, dear wife, these sorts of things should only be said at home. You must not say these things in front of outsiders!”

She was not stupid!

“I don’t want to sleep with you.” She put on her shoes and got out of bed, “Isn’t there another bedroom nearby? I will go there to sleep.”

“How could that be fine?” Xuan Tian Ming became unhappy, “We only slept for a while, and now you’re leaving. How do you want the soldiers outside to look at me?”

Feng Yu Heng really was on the verge of exploding with anger, “We still have not consummated our marriage. We just spend every day sleeping in the same room. How do you want the soldiers outside to look at me?”

He felt that he was a little in the wrong, but he was still unwilling to let her leave, “Either way, we have already slept for so long. Anything that they might think, they already began to think a long time ago. It’s much too late for you to try and change that now.”

“How is it too late?” She glared at him, “Either way, for the seven days that my period is here, I absolutely do not want to sleep in the same room as you.”

“Huh?” In his darkest moment, he seemed to have found a glimmer of hope, “You mean that you will only sleep alone for the seven days that your period is here? After the seven days, you will return?”

“Un.” Feng Yu Heng nodded.

“Then go!” He did not stop her any longer and very forcefully waved his hand, “Go, go! This prince is also sleepy and must rest.”

She gritted her teeth. Even ten years was not too long to wait for a gentleman to get revenge. When she was better, she would definitely tidy up this guy that did not know shame!

Feng Yu Heng resentfully exited the bedroom and made two turns then arrived outside the other bedroom. The soldier that sent her said with a bitter expression: “County princess, are you sure that you will be moving? Will the general be angry when he wakes up?”

“Your general was already awake. Don’t worry, he permitted it. He will not trouble you.”

Only then did the soldier let out a sigh of relief. He then helped her open the stone door and said: “Then county princess, please rest well.”

Of course, she would need to get some good rest, but it definitely would not be in this place. Feng Yu Heng entered her space with a smile. When she dove onto the bed in her nap room, a satisfied look finally appeared on her face.

Only by sleeping in a modern room with a washroom would allow her to feel at ease!

She closed her eyes and began to think about a plan for after she got married to Xuan Tian Ming. She would definitely need to think of a way to create a washroom with a flush toilet in the Yu Palace. Also, if she removed the toilet in her pharmacy space and brought it out, would it automatically be replaced?

In the end, she was excessively fatigued. As she was thinking about it, she fell asleep. However, just as she fell asleep, someone quietly snuck into the bedroom outside of her space…

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