Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 382

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Dear Wife, You Are Too Heroic

A certain person, for the sake of doing something bad, was also quite risky. Sitting in a wheelchair, they waited in the corner for a long time. They carefully calculated the time from when that person had gone in to lie down and figured that it was roughly about time. Only then did this person very shamelessly sneak into the room past two guards.

When closing the door, he even heard one of the guards mutter: “The general really- if you want to go in, just boldly enter. What are you doing acting like a criminal?”

The other guard told him: “Clearly, county princess Ji An does not want him to enter. Otherwise, how nice would it be to have rested on the other side?”

“Then will county princess get mad that we let the general in?”

“If we did not let him in, the general would get mad right now. Alright, alright, either way, it’s a matter between those two. Let’s not worry about it.”

Xuan Tian Ming smirked. Those two brats were quite understanding.

When Feng Yu Heng entered her space, she put out the candles in the bedroom. Xuan Tian Ming gently moved his wheelchair towards the side of the bed, but he could not clearly see what position she slept in. He just moved his hand to feel but came up empty. He thought about it. She was definitely sleeping further in. This was perfect. It would save him some time.

Moving his body, he moved from the wheelchair to the bed. Removing his shoes and socks, he then took off his outer robe. After some thought, he also removed his shirt.

Sleeping with the wife really was most comforting! With these sorts of thoughts in mind, he lay his head down on the pillow and reached out with his hand in preparation to pull that damn girl into his embrace. Who knew that he would come up empty.


Xuan Tian Ming became confused. Moving his hand a little more, he found that there was still nobody there.

He was extremely surprised and immediately sat up. From the outer robe, he pulled out a piece of flint. After taking it out, he lit up the candles on the walls, lighting up the room.

Turning back around to look at the bed, where was there any trace of Feng Yu Heng?

“The people outside, come in!” Suddenly shouting, he put on his clothes while sitting back in his wheelchair. When the guards outside pushed open the door, he immediately asked: “Where is the county princess?”

The two guards looked inside the room and were also stunned, “That’s not right. This subordinate clearly saw county princess enter, and after entering, she did not come out.”

Xuan Tian Ming pointed at the bed then pointed all around, “Then where is she?”

The two were scared. Feng Yu Heng was indeed not in the bedroom. Could it be that she had gone missing? That was impossible! There was only one stone door for this bedroom. There was also an air vent, but that vent was too small. Not even a three-year-old child could crawl through it, much less a grown person.

Thus the two firmly insisted: “County princess is definitely still in the bedroom. She definitely could not have gone out!”

One of them also said: “How about general searches a little more carefully? Perhaps county princess is messing around with you!” While saying this, he pointed to the boxes and extremely large cabinets in the room. His meaning was very clear. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. You could wait outside and keep watch, so why could she not hide to tear you down?

Xuan Tian Ming did not think this way, but this person’s words did give him a reminder. Aside from the stone door, it was impossible for someone to get out of the room. This was guaranteed. Moreover, he had also been waiting outside without seeing that girl come out. Since it was like this… that damn girl had a sleeve that contained a large space. She shouldn’t have shoved herself in there, right?

“Alright, alright. You can go out now.” He waved his hand and chased them out. He did not forget to remind them, “Do not spread word of this matter.”

The two guards quickly nodded then retreated from the bedroom.

Xuan Tian Ming did not completely disregard the guard’s words. Seeing that the stone door was closed once more, he quickly flipped through all of the boxes and cabinets of the room. Every time that he opened up a cabinet door, he would say to himself- I know that you are in here!

However, after opening all of the boxes and cabinets, he still did not find any trace of her.

At this time, he could practically conclude that the girl had entered the space in her wrist. At this time, he had no clue where that person had gone. Xuan Tian Ming once again sat down on the bed and took off some of his clothes. This bed had been very carefully made, and it was very soft. If that damn girl would not sleep in it, he would.

But when he closed his eyes, he began to wonder about what sort of space was in that girl’s wrist. Not only could it store things, it could even store a living person? Xuan Tian Ming was puzzled. Could a person shove themselves into their own sleeve?

With this question in mind, he fell asleep. Outside the bedroom, the two guards that had been pressed against the wall also straightened themselves out and returned to their post, “There’s no more movements. It seems that things have been settled.”

“As I said, she clearly entered and did not come out. How could she possibly not be there. The general really did call out in alarm.”

And at this time, a certain person was sprawled out in bed. Her posture was very poor, and she did not know that the bed outside of her space had already been taken up.

In truth, she had always liked sleeping in these odd positions, but after coming to Da Shun, in order to act more like a virtuous maiden, she could correct her habits and sleep more peacefully. Otherwise, if a servant happened to walk in and see her sleeping posture, would she not be mocked to death.

Unfortunately, elegance and such things were cast to the back of her mind upon falling asleep on this familiar bed. Moreover, her great aunt had come.

Feng Yu Heng slept for a day and a night. When she woke up, she was a bit more spirited.

She got out of bed and washed up. She even drank a cup of milk. After drinking it, she did not think much and sat down on a chair inside her space. Activating her conscious mind, she left her space. Who knew how she had calculated the distance, but upon coming out, she actually sat on the bed.

Feng Yu Heng rubbed her nose. Such a coincidence, hehe, it really was quite a coincidence, but…

She moved a bit. What was under her butt? It was soft and it seemed that it could move. Huh, no, how had it suddenly become hard?

The girl immediately regained clarity, as her medical knowledge returned to her brain. She immediately realized that under her butt, the thing that could wiggle about and go from being soft to hard seemed to be a certain part of the male body.

She angrily and fiercely shouted: “Xuan Tian Ming, you damn beast! You climbed in my bed again!”

This shout was extremely loud, causing the guards outside to flinch. The two had already changed shifts and come back. They were even betting over when the two would get out of bed, but they suddenly heard this shout and immediately trembled in fear.

It was no loss that she was county princess Ji An! The only people that dared to insult the ninth prince like this were perhaps only the Emperor and her.

Inside the bedroom, the person that had been sat on snorted, as a certain part began moving even more.

“If you still do not get up, this prince will not be polite.

Feng Yu Heng immediately leaped up. Her face bright red, she glared at him and said through gritted teeth: “You criminal!”

Xuan Tian Ming was quite uncomfortable from being sat on! At first, he had been enjoying a dream where he was hugging his beloved wife, yet he was given this sudden shock. He was a young man full of vigor. How could he handle such a thing.

He sat up and looked down the little brother that had been successfully woken up by Feng Yu Heng then helplessly said: “Between the two of us, I really don’t know who is actually the criminal. I have never heard of any girl directly going to ride on a man’s body.”

“That is because you climbed into my bed!” Feng Yu Heng angrily placed her hands on her hips, “Who knew that you would be here? What is wrong with me sitting in my own bed? Is there anything wrong?”

Xuan Tian Ming also had something to say to her: “There is indeed nothing wrong, but my beloved consort, can you tell this prince how you came to be sitting there? Or to change how that was said, where did you come out from and suddenly end up sitting on this prince’s body?”


This hit her in her weak spot.

Feng Yu Heng shriveled up. Standing at the side of the bed, she poked her fingers together, “He was already in the room, already on the bed, already…” Damn, she could not invent any stories, “Why do you care where I came from? Right now, I am asking why you climbed into my bed!”

Xuan Tian Ming had come up with an excuse long ago: “This prince woke up long ago and wanted to come and wake you up to eat together. After eating, we could continue producing steel. Who knew that you would not be in the room, and the people outside said that you never went out. There was nothing that this prince could do and could only stay here to wait for you. Who knew that as I waited, I would actually fall asleep. This prince admits that I should not have fallen asleep, but, my beloved consort, the way you woke me up is a little peculiar. This is having a bit of trouble holding back!” His face was a little red. Of course, there was no way that this was due to embarrassment. Instead, it was caused by some physiological reasons.

“Oh, you fell asleep while waiting for me.” She nodded and looked at his body without any good intentions, “In all my years, this is the first time that I have heard of anyone accidentally falling asleep in someone else’s room, and you were even able to fall asleep in bed and even managed to take off your clothes so well. Xuan Tian Ming, this is not my first time witnessing your ability to spout lies with a straight face. What are you pretending for!”

He also became unhappy, “Damn girl, your ability to spout lies is no worse than mine! I waited here for you for one day and one night. You then suddenly appeared out of thin air. Do you take me for a fool?”

Feng Yu Heng was stumped. Fuck, had she been found out?

“That… what exactly did you see?” She carefully asked, her mind endlessly thinking. If Xuan Tian Ming insisted on pursuing this matter, how should she respond?

“I saw you sitting on my body, facing me and wiggling about. You even used your small hands to touch me a bit.” Xuan Tian Ming angrily gritted his teeth. Damn it, this was his first time patching up a lie for someone else. His curiosity was already killing him, alright? But when he saw the troubled and nervous expression on the girl’s face, he knew that if that girl wanted to tell him about certain things, she would naturally tell him. But if he interrogated her, things would change. He would rather suffer a bit from his curiosity than trouble this girl. He sighed bitterly and added: “Either way when I opened my eyes, you were already sitting on me.”

Feng Yu Heng carefully followed up: “Didn’t you just say that I suddenly appeared out of thin air?”

He clenched his fist, “An exaggeration! It’s an exaggeration. Do you understand? You are not a god, so how could you appear out of thin air? Are you dreaming?”

She let out a sigh of relief, her face visibly becoming more relaxed. Smiling, she sat down on the side of the bed and explained to him: “There is no day-night cycle inside the cave. It’s always dark, so how could I know that you were here. Alright, it was my mistake. Quickly get up. I’m hungry.”

Deliberately shifting the matter to a matter of day and night, Feng Yu Heng lit the candles and forcefully pulled him out of bed. She then attentively helped him put on his clothes, socks and shoes. She then walked over to the corner of the room and brought a washtub over to him, “Dear husband, I will help you wash up.”

At the side of the tub, Xuan Tian Ming saw that Feng Yu Heng had placed soap, toothpaste and a soft towel. He smirked. He had endured a few times, but in the end, he could not help but say: “This prince recalls that the tub in this room did not have water.”

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  1. I’m just dying for FYH to blow his mind and bring him into her space… can you imagine what kind of mischief they could get up to using the special cheat of her space?!! Thanks for the bonus chapter! 😘

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    “Moving his body, he moved from the wheelchair to the bed. Removing his shoes and socks, he then took off his outer robe. After some thought, he also removed his shirt.

    Sleeping with the wife really was most comforting!”

    But he’s so sweet for helping her cover her lie uwu




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