Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 386

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Barbecue and Beer, Always Friends

Xuan Tian Ming had countless guesses about what was in Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, but he was still unable to think of things that were not from this era. There were things that he had never heard of or seen before.

For example, “dum dum dum!” Feng Yu Heng pulled out two cans of beer from her sleeve!

He was very curious, “What is this?” While asking, he received it. It was ice-cold, and it was very nice to hold on this midsummer night. He was not surprised that Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve had a cooling ability. In that unbearably hot forge, she could still manage to bring out ice water. Even if this girl brought out a piece of ice right now, he would not feel that it was odd. But this object was extremely special. It was soft and thin; however, it was very sturdy. Gently shaking it, it seemed as though there was water inside.

Feng Yu Heng did not take it, instead, opening the can in her hand. She then received some roasted meat from a passing soldier. Alternating between taking bites of meat and drinking, she looked as though she was eating the best food in the world. This sight caused everyone to begin drooling.

She was not stingy, as she turned around and pulled out a large number of beers. She then got some cups and poured out 30 cups of beer, giving it to the soldiers, loudly saying: “This thing is called beer. My Persian master said that roasted meat accompanied by beer is the most pleasant thing.”

Upon hearing this, the soldiers all tasted it and were immediately shocked.

The taste of beer was not something that they were very accustomed to, but this cool feeling was truly too interesting. Someone threw their head back and downed it. He then looked at Feng Yu Heng with pleading eyes, but she spread her arms: “There’s none left.” She could not bring out too much at once. It would be too eye-catching.

The soldiers looked regretful, but their excitement had been aroused. The people that had drank beer gathered around and began to discuss the texture, temperature and taste of the beer, along with the feel of drinking it while eating roasted meat.

Xuan Tian Ming was unable to resist and copied Feng Yu Heng, opening his own can of beer. But when he opened it up, the opening was facing him, and he had been shaking it endlessly out of curiosity. Feng Yu Heng, that damn girl, deliberately watching him as a joke and did not speak up to warn him. As a result, Xuan Tian Ming opened up the can that he had been shaking. The pressure that had been built up was released all at once with a “psh” sound, as it sprayed him in the face.

“Hahaha!” A certain person completely collapsed with laughter. Pointing at his sorry figure, her belly began to hurt from laughing.

Feng Yu Heng laughed, and the soldiers laughed with her. None viewed Xuan Tian Ming as the current general, and none viewed him as the prince of the country. With no feeling of large or small, superiority or inferiority, they laughed. Like that, it was quite a joyous atmosphere.

Xuan Tian Ming angrily sprayed them with the rest of the beer, not even Feng Yu Heng was spared, as her face became covered in beer; however, the laughter became even rowdier.

This sort of atmosphere was able to infect the blacksmiths and their apprentices that had come to work on steel. In Da Shun, everyone knew about the ninth prince that was willful and did not differentiate between right and wrong, and everyone knew that the ninth prince was the Emperor’s most favored child. Even the throne was something that he could ascend if he wanted. The ninth prince had fought in the Northwest. Everyone knew that he was a god of war, but everyone also knew that his legs had suffered a severe injury while in the Northwest. After returning to the capital, his temper became even more explosive, causing people to stay even further away. The rumors about the ninth prince were countless, and they all spoke of how he was moody and unreasonable. When the blacksmiths first entered the military camp, they were afraid that they would offend the ninth prince by accident, resulting in them losing their heads. In fact, many people believed this and refused deputy general Qian’s invitation, saying that they did not dare enter the camp no matter what was said.

But today, everyone went out together. The night’s feast had just begun, yet everyone was able to see a different side of the ninth prince!

Where was the explosive anger? Where was the willful recklessness? It was clear that those close were like family, and he had clearly viewed this entire army of soldiers as his own brothers. Not only did he treat the soldiers well, he gave the blacksmiths a reliable promise. Was this really the rumored ninth prince?

The blacksmiths were all stupefied. One of the more understanding blacksmiths was able to guess what they were thinking, thus he dispelled their doubts, saying: “It’s very unexpected, right? In truth, what you heard is not wrong at all. When the general lives as his Highness, that is how he is. However, once he enters the military camp, he is our general. Our general treats the soldiers very well. He said that we are his comrades, not his subordinates. Nobody’s name is worth anything here. That’s why, when fighting battles, he will rush to the frontline. He once even block a blade for a very common soldier.

Another person added: “In truth, when he is his Highness, it’s not like he will treat nobody well. At the very least, he will treat county princess well! I heard that they would frequently go out together to harm others.”

The blacksmiths wiped away some sweat. Partnering up to go out and harm others… this sounded like something that the ninth prince could do!

Looking again at Xuan Tian Ming, he was still play boxing with Feng Yu Heng. To the side, there were soldiers to the side acting as supervisors. Whoever lost would drink.

Thus everyone found that inside the military camp, nothing could be considered using common sense. The ninth prince was not the ninth prince, and county princess was not what they had imagined. This girl was not weak, and she was filled with valor. With this sort of special person at the ninth prince’s side, it was truly too perfect of a match.

Suddenly, some people began to imagine. If Da Shun ended up in the ninth prince’s control, county princess Ji An would become the Empress. Perhaps the entire world would have a different appearance, or perhaps, the entire world would end up looking like this military camp. The world would be united as family. How great would that be.

At this very moment, Xuan Tian Ming did not know what other people were thinking. He just knew that this thing called beer, that Feng Yu Heng had pulled out, was very delicious. Also, this damn girl pulled out a sort of sauce from her sleeve. She said that it was called barbecue sauce. It was very delicious when spread on roast meat! He drank beer then took a bite of the meat. That was quite an enjoyable moment.

The two exchanged punches for a while before Xuan Tian Ming was pushed by the soldiers to another side to drink. Feng Yu Heng smiled sat on the ground and nibbled on a piece of lamb. A young soldier that did not look older than 20 moved over to her side and awkwardly gave her some lamb ribs.

Feng Yu Heng received them and said: “Thank you.” She then gave him a half-full can of beer.

The soldier was flattered by this. Seeing that she did not dismiss him, he sat down at her side then asked out of curiosity: “County princess, how do you know so much? You have medical knowledge, are skilled with a bow, have knowledge of military tactics, and you even know how to produce steel! It’s too mystical.” While saying this, he looked at the beer in his hand and added: “You also have as many nice things as abilities.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed and said to him: “Because I once met a great master! He was an eccentric person of many abilities. Not only did he have many nice things, he also knew many things that people of this world did not know. I learned from him for three years. In truth, I only learned a small amount from him.”

The soldier was extremely surprised, “This much is just considered a small amount? Heavens! Could it be that county princess’ master is a deity?”

Feng Yu Heng deliberately teased him: “It’s possible!”

The soldier asked once more: “Then will county princess be able to see your master again?”

She thought a bit then shook her head, “Probably not. Master is an eccentric person and wanders the world. Right now, I don’t know where he wandered off to. Perhaps he is on the other side of the ocean or the other side of a mountain. It’s also possible that he is on the other side of the desert or the other side of the plains. Either way, he is definitely very far from me, and I will never be able to see him again.”

“That really is a pity.” The soldier was a bit disappointed, “Everyone says that a day as a teacher means a lifetime as a father. If I had that sort of master, I would definitely follow him. Wherever he went, I would follow.”

They continued on this topic for quite a long time. Feng Yu Heng could see that this soldier had something on his mind but did not dare say it, nor was he willing to leave. Thus she took the initiative to ask him: “Could it be that there is something you wish to tell me?”

The soldier was startled then suddenly downed a mouthful of beer before saying: “Since county princess has noticed, I will say it. I just wanted to ask, since county princess is a divine doctor, do you know how to treat eye disease?”

“Eye disease?” She asked, “Who contracted eye disease?”

The soldier said: “It’s my mother. My mother has not yet turned 50, but her vision began to blur ten years ago. My father died early, and my elder brother died on the battlefield. At home, there is only my younger sister taking care of my mother. This year, my younger sister will be 17 and has already passed the best years for discussing marriage because she is worried that nobody will take care of mother after she gets married. That’s why she has remained at home. I was thinking… thinking of asking county princess to take a look. Can this sort of eye disease be treated? I cannot cause my younger sister to wait any longer.”

Feng Yu Heng put down the beer in her hand and asked him seriously: “Tell me, what sort of symptoms does your mother’s eye disease have?”

The soldier quickly said: “It’s not that she is completely unable to see clearly. She can see light, but she said that it’s like there is a layer of white stuff covering her sight. Looking at anything is awkward. In the beginning, it was just a thin layer, but over the years, it has become thicker and thicker. In the beginning, she could still see people’s figures, but now, she cannot even see these figures clearly.”

“Is there any pain?”

“I have never heard her say anything about pain. She just said that it’s like something is covering her sight.”

She now had an understanding. If there was nothing unexpected, this was just a standard cataract.

“Where is your home? In the capital?”

The soldier nodded, “It’s in the capital. There is a small courtyard in the Northwest side of the capital by Lin Yuan Lane. In truth, our family’s situation is pretty good. The pay provided by the General is quite good, and I can live and eat at the military camp. My clothes are also provided by the military, so there are not many expenses. Any salary that I receive, I send home. In addition to the consolation pay for my deceased elder brother, my family does not worry about food or clothing, and they can afford to eat meat every day. If it was not for my mother’s eye disease, my younger sister would definitely have been able to marry into a decent family, but…”

“It’s easy to handle if it’s in the capital.” She reached out and patted the soldier’s shoulder to comfort him. She then turned around and said to Wang Chuan: “Note down where exactly his family lives later. When the steel knife is completed, his Highness and I will be returning to the capital. At the same time, I will go over and take a look.”

Hearing that Feng Yu Heng would personally be going, the soldier was so happy that he did not know what would be the best way to express himself, thus he kneeled in order to kowtow, but he was stopped by Feng Yu Heng.

“The General treats you like comrades, so I am also your comrade. A comrade’s family is my family. What’s the need to give thanks when treating your own family!” She spoke magnanimously: “If you really must give thanks, when your mother’s eye disease has been treated, invite me to your home for food and drink!”

Tears flowed endlessly down the soldier’s face, as he did not know what words should be said to give thanks. He could only nod his head. To the side, one of the soldiers had heard their conversation and patted his back with a smile: “Little brat, you really have good luck. With county princess acting, your mother’s eye disease will definitely be treated. That burden on your heart from all these years will finally be lifted.”

The soldier was dragged off to another side to drink more wine. Feng Yu Heng pulled out more beer from her sleeve while nobody was paying attention. This time, she pulled out two cans. She placed one in front of her and one on the ground in front of her. She then raised her head and quietly called out: “Brat, come on out!”

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    1. Actually cataracts are caused by I think eye residue or membrane from behind the eye coming to the front, often called floaters, and blocking vision. Different from vision loss, she just has to do surgery to get the eye junk removed.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    The surgery they are talking about is for cataracts, which is the same process now as it was in ancient Roman times. 😊

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    1. Of course she can! Don’t you know? Her eccentric master was MacGyver (look it up) and she can even perform the surgery with a hunting knife and duct tape! πŸ˜†

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  3. This sleeve and medical knowledge is out of hand. Beer and BBQ?? And even with modern knowledge, she wasn’t that old even in her previous life. It is not possible for her to be able to competently operate in so many different specialties. Even allowing some fudge room since this is fantasy genre, FYH is getting too OP for me to enjoy this.


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