Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 387

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The Things This County Princess Did With You Are High-End

A person appeared in a flash, as Ban Zou, who had not been seen for over three months appeared and sat directly across from her. Picking up the can of beer, he skillfully opened up the can of beer and downed a large mouthful.

He had watched from the shadows for a long time and finally found out that this thing had this sort of taste. He wondered to himself, how was this delicious? Taking another sip, he tasted it for a bit, followed by another sip. Like this, he downed an entire can. Ban Zou finally understood that the enjoyment of certain things could not be determined in an instant, but once he began drinking, he could not stop.

He reached out to Feng Yu Heng: “Do you have more?”

Feng Yu Heng pulled out another can for him, “Drink a little slower. I still have things to ask you.”

Ban Zou threw his head back and downed another large mouthful. Without waiting for her to ask, he took the initiative to say: “Everything is fine on Xiao Zhou’s side. Young master is quite well and did not come into any further danger. The academy is doing everything that it can to protect him, and head teacher Ye has arranged for Zi Rui to live in his courtyard, so his own guards could protect him. I secretly investigated the fire, but I was unable to figure out who exactly did anything.”

Feng Yu Heng shrugged and smiled, “For it to be so clean, there is definitely something wrong.”

Ban Zou asked her: “Why do you believe that it’s not just a simple coincidence?”

She rolled her eyes, “How could there be so many coincidences? You have been with me for so long, but when have you seen any coincidences actually occur? It’s not because my mind is dark and filled with conspiracy theories. It’s that the enemy is always appearing when I am least prepared. Whenever I am too optimistic, it is too easy for others to take advantage of me.”

What else could Ban Zou say? Indeed, how could there be so many coincidences in this world? In all of its years, Yun Lu Academy had never caught fire before. How could the kitchen have suddenly caught fire once Zi Rui went there? He helplessly shook his head, “There really wasn’t any chance to prepare. To be able to do something like this, it seems like Yun Lu Academy is not actually safe. Once the criminals have mostly mixed in with the academy, I will immediately send a message to the hidden guards over there to be extra vigilant.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and did not continue to speak about Xiao Zhou’s matters, only saying: “You’ve worked hard.”

Ban Zou was startled and subconsciously waved his hand before standing up, “I am your hidden guard. As long as you don’t chase me away, it’s fine.” After he finished speaking, he disappeared with a flash.

Feng Yu Heng felt as though she had drank a little too much. Otherwise, she would not have seen a trace of nostalgia on the face of a hidden guard that should be emotionless.

In the blink of an eye, Xuan Tian Ming moved his wheelchair back to her side. She did not want to think about trivial matters, as she returned her mind to the feast. Borrowing some strength from the alcohol, she said to Xuan Tian Ming: “I’ll sing a song for you!”

A look of surprised appeared in Xuan Tian Ming’s eyes. This girl was taking the initiative to sing for him? Haha! He believed that this damn girl had no knowledge of any feminine acts. Who knew that she knew how to sing!

He deliberately troubled her: “Singing a song requires music as an accompaniment. Beloved consort, you should play a tune while singing. That is most suited for the occasion.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at him with a bright smile. Pulling Wang Chuan’s wide sleeve over to cover her wrist, she pulled out a guitar.

Wang Chuan felt that she must not have gone blind and quickly pulled Huang Quan over, pointing at the guitar and saying: “Young miss pulled off another magic trick.”

The three stared blankly at the thing in Feng Yu Heng’s hand. Nobody knew what this thing was. Xuan Tian Ming saw that this thing had strings and guessed that it might be similar to a zither. Reaching out, he plucked one. Sure enough, sound came out.

The sound was not loud, but it still alerted a group of soldiers that was not far away. Everyone gathered around and looked at the guitar with confusion.

Perhaps Feng Yu Heng had truly drank too much. She was clearly much more spirited than before, as she used her finger to point at the guitar and loudly said: “This thing is called a guitar. It is a type of instrument. In my master’s hometown, this sort of instrument is very popular.” While saying this, she began plucking at the strings, causing the guitar’s unique sound to reverberate. It was different from a guqin, and it carried a charm that nobody had heard before.

A soldier shouted: “County princess, play a song for us!”

Once this was said, everyone immediately echoed this, “County princess, play a song” was the shout that repeated itself. In fact, even Xuan Tian Ming followed suit.

She smiled and said to everyone: “Very well! I will play a song then. I will not just play, I will also sing.” Saying this, she walked up a hill then sat down on the dirt. Holding the guitar in her lap, she placed the megaphone, that she had used once before, in front of it. Only then did she say to Xuan Tian Ming: “I will sing you a song. I improved on it myself, and nobody else has sung this song. Have a listen.”

Once she finished speaking, the modern instrument came to life with a modern song. This led everyone down a trip through time and space. Even Feng Yu Heng had a hard time telling if this was the military camp of Da Shun or the military of the 21st century.

While in this trance, she opened her mouth, and a familiar melody came forth.

The country is so spoiled

Thanks to countless heroes that have toiled

Graceful women have such beauty

That heroes care not for their country

Every glance and word so seductively tender

No matter how beautiful the country, it cannot compare to a beautiful woman’s smile

“Nian Nu Jiao” was originally a fast-paced song. She liked it in her previous life. When she was bored, she would make changes to it based on her own preferences. Playing the guitar while slowly singing “Nian Nu Jiao” gave it an artistic feeling that could not be achieved with electronic sound, especially when added to where they came from. How could something with a trace of an ancient sound compare to it?

The waves of the Yangtze River surge East carrying ancient gallant souls

The ancient fort to the West is said to be where Zhou of the Three Kingdoms fought the Battle of Red Cliffs

Stones cast wildly burst through clouds, as waves crashed and piled up foam like snow.

With feather fan and silk kerchief, in a time of laughter, the fearsome foe disappeared in smoke and ash

The song that was originally sung by Yi Neng Jing’s soft voice became a bit harsher and a bit more metallic when sung by Feng Yu Heng. It was no longer a soft song. It had instead become an inky painting of mountains and rivers. Without losing an momentum, it suited the atmosphere perfectly.

When the sound stopped coming from the guitar, there was no sound of any applause for a long time. Feng Yu Heng became unhappy, “Hey! Say something!”

Who knew who took the lead by shouting “Good!” but the sound of a deafening applause followed coming from three garrisons of soldiers.

In truth, how could just the word good express the beauty of this song. But these sturdy soldiers were not too literate. They did not know what sorts of words should be used to express their feelings. They could only continue to applaud, causing Feng Yu Heng to become startled.

Xuan Tian Ming also began to laugh then pointed at Feng Yu Heng, loudly saying: “Girl! Are you telling this prince that this entire country cannot compare to just one smile from you?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow and looked at him with a bit of a provocative feeling: “What do you think?”

Xuan Tian Ming gave her a great deal of face and nodded, “This prince also believes this, but there is something incorrect with your song. It should not be Three Kingdoms, it should be all countries under the heavens. How could three kingdoms be enough? When marrying our Heng Heng, this prince must provide you with the best patch of land under the heavens and the best country!”

“Good!” She stood up from the hill, “So many comrades heard it! Xuan Tian Ming, this is something you said yourself. You must give me the best things!”

“That’s right!” He raised his voice a bit and happily said: “I must give you the best things! The very, very best things in the world!”

“Yeah!” She happily leaped up and immediately returned to being a 13-year-old child in the blink of an eye. She then looked at the soldiers, “You’ve already heard it, right? Remember this for me! If he does not stick to his word, you must help me get a fair judgment!”

The soldiers laughed and said: “County princess, don’t worry. We heard it!”

Like this, the event washed over the how the blacksmiths and their apprentices viewed the prince. What they never expected was that county princess Ji An continuously called him Xuan Tian Ming, directly calling him by his name. This… this was truly too out of order!

But they immediately realized that for this future couple of the ninth prince and her, what order was there to follow. He doted on this girl to the heavens, and this girl’s abilities surpassed the heavens. This pair of people, anything that they did was right.

The soldiers began another round of drinking, and many people gathered around Feng Yu Heng, taking turns toasting her. Although Xuan Tian Ming reminded them: “You absolutely must not cause this prince’s wife to become drunk.” How could those that were already drunk listen to him, as they toasted her with cup after cup! Feng Yu Heng also received cup after cup to drink!

As she continued to drink, she really did end up drinking too much. She tugged Xuan Tian Ming’s sleeve and said with a smile: “That song I just sang is called “Nian Nu Jiao”, and it reveals my young girl complex. It proves that I also know how to play the zither and sing. But that is only suitable for me to sing. It does not suit men.”

Xuan Tian Ming smirked and had a bit of a bad feeling, “What is it? You want for men to sing as well?”

“Why not? Could it be that you did not know that there are people that sing when fighting? Or they are called military songs. They are a type of song that lifts morale!”

Her words caused Xuan Tian Ming to feel a little moved. The soldiers that heard were also a bit moved. Xuan Tian Ming asked her: “Then you know those sorts of songs?”

“I must!” Feng Yu Heng leaped up from the ground, “But there is no need for me to teach. I will sing it for everyone to hear, and everyone can learn together!”

She turned around and fumbled around in her sleeve before pulling out a walkman. She then pulled out an audio system and plugged it in. Xuan Tian Ming did not understand what sort of mechanism she pressed, but he suddenly heard a very loud song come from the weird things called stereos. That song was very odd, and he was completely unable to figure out what sort of instruments were used. He only felt that this song caused him to become spirited. The hot blood in his chest was on the verge of bursting forth, and he hated that he could not immediately charge onto the battlefield.

With this sort of excitement, there was also a very hard to describe feeling inside. The song also had lyrics. Govern the family, the country and ensure peace in the world, the three armies, and the entire world is home, which one of these was not something that they thought about? Which one of these did not cause their blood to boil?

This song was left to play again and again. Who knew how many times it repeated, but they were unable to get enough. The more they listened, the better it sounded. As they listened, they began to sing. One sang, then two sang, and in the end, 30 thousand people were singing.

One, two, three four, one, two, three, four, it was like a song.

Green barracks, green barracks, teach me

How to sing to make the valleys move

How to sing to make the flowers bloom and water flow

The three garrisons began to sing.

The entire world was their home

The more they sang, the louder it became. The more they sang, the more excited the atmosphere was. Like this, even Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng began to sing along. The blacksmiths and their apprentices also sang. Everyone was singing. The sounds of this song echoed in this valley for a long time, becoming the most beautiful song in this world.

Just as everyone felt that the military songs at the feast had reached their climax, a certain drunk girl’s mind suddenly came up with an idea. She once again tugged on Xuan Tian Ming’s sleeve and shouted through the singing of the soldiers: “Just singing is no fun. Let’s also dance!”

Although dancing was something that men did not do, having experienced singing, Xuan Tian Ming felt that the dance that Feng Yu Heng mentioned should be some sort of high-end amazing dance, thus he nodded, “Good! Teach them to dance!”

Feng Yu Heng then used her pinky to poke the walkman a bit. The perfectly good military song immediately changed its tune. A song that was definitely “high-end” came from the two stereos.

“You are my little apple! No matter how I love you, there is never enough…”

TN: The “Nian Nu Jiao” is a poem that described some parts of the Three Kingdoms era. This poem was then turned into a song.

Small apple song:

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