Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 388

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The Red Boy or Bai Gu Jing?

At noon the next day, a certain hungover person woke up to the sound of “Little Apple”. She just heard a person pacing back and forth, muttering the words: Small red face that warms my heart…

Feng Yu Heng suddenly sobered up and sat straight up.

She should not have transmigrated back, right?

She was a little scared. She had managed to accept that era with great difficulty and finally managed to blend in very well. She even found her partner for life. To send her back at this sort of time, the heavens must have been playing with her!

“Young miss, you woke up!” It was Wang Chuan’s voice.

She turned her head and immediately saw Huang Quan holding a cup of water while singing. Memories of the feast from the previous night rushed into her head.

The sleep-filled eyes that she had finally managed to open were immediately closed! What exactly had she done last night? Singing military songs was fine, but she had also led the entire army in a dance! Oh heavens, she truly did not have the face to get up and see people.

“Young miss.” Wang Chuan sat at the side of her bed, “It’s been an entire morning. Young miss should get up. This servant sent someone to prepare some congee. Young miss, drink some to clear up your stomach.”

She pointed at Huang Quan: “Can you have her stop singing? The singing causes… my stomach to hurt.”

Huang Quan was puzzled, “Young miss, it sounds pretty good. Although the words are a bit plain, and this servant is too embarrassed to sing the words, just humming the melody is quite nice.”

The corner of her lips twitched a bit. At this time, a soldier called from outside the tent: “Has county princess gotten up?”

Huang Quan quickly went out to receive him. When she returned, she carried a basket full of apples, “Young miss, look. These were picked by the soldiers from the mountains. They are very fresh.”

Feng Yu Heng put on an extremely embarrassed face. This basket of apples was too great of a shock for her.

She swore that she absolutely had to stop drinking!

Following the completion of the first piece of steel, the Northwest Army once again dove into the production of steel. All of the blacksmiths and apprentices were split into twelve small groups and separated into different forges to work on producing steel. Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng split up to provide guidance in order to ensure that every group at least had one person that knew how to thoroughly complete the required steps.

At the same time, the production of the first steel knife was in full swing. This was the first time that the old blacksmith had worked with a new material. He was a little uncertain about how to get started, fearing that he would make a mistake and waste this piece of steel. After seeing everyone in the military camp start up production of steel once more, Xuan Tian Ming told him that a large amount of steel would be produced soon. Only then did he dare to begin work.

Ten days later, the first steel knife made in Da Shun was completed.

The old blacksmith did not sleep, causing his eyes to become bright red. When it was finally completed, he immediately kneeled on the ground. His young grandson went to his side and supported him, saying: “Grandfather, you must not cry. Your eyes cannot handle any more tears.”

In regards to the completion of the first knife, all of the soldiers in the camp were excited. Xuan Tian Ming handed the steel knife to Qian Li then personally chose five soldiers to come forth and test it.

The soldiers were moved and went up with their weapons. Qian Li still remembered the shock of his own saber being cut by Feng Yu Heng. He let out a laugh, “Today, I will have you know the feeling of your weapon breaking.”

Although their weapons would break, the soldiers did not feel as though it was a shame. They all strived to go first and feared being last. With a few exchanges, sabers broke and swords cracked, and even a giant axe became twisted.

Qian Li had never felt such a sense of accomplishment. Even when he had cut down ten people with a single swing in the battle of the Northwest, he had not felt as joyful as he did now.

The weapons of the five soldiers were completely destroyed, and another five immediately came forward. With just another few exchanges, they too were sent off, but the steel knife in his hand still looked completely new, with not a single mark being seen.

Qian Li was on the verge of leaping with joy. Holding the steel knife, he went over to Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng. Holding the knife horizontally in front of the two: “General, county princess, take a look!”

Feng Yu Heng naturally had an understanding, but Xuan Tian Ming still looked with a bit of worry. He saw that there was not a single scratch on the steel knife and finally nodded before saying to Feng Yu Heng: “Get ready. We will be returning to the capital tomorrow.”

With the completion of the steel knife, they naturally had to go into the palace to report to the Emperor. But this military camp was in the middle of producing steel, which was the top priority. With the two leaving the camp, the soldiers were really left feeling a little uncertain.

Xuan Tian Ming re-deployed some of the soldiers from the three garrisons to Xu Tian Cave, adding another three layers of defense. Feng Yu Heng also had the support team set up a defensive array. She then had the divine archery team arrange themselves on the outermost periphery.

When the array was completed and personnel put in place, the sky had already begun to light up. For this trip back to the capital, Yao shi would also be going back. Feng Yu Heng planned to personally send Yao shi to Xiao Zhou after visiting the Emperor.

The procession of carriages rushed straight toward the capital. She lay in Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage and slept with a very poor posture. Wang Chuan wanted to cover her with a thin blanket to cover up her young miss’ improper sleeping position. But after covering her once, it was immediately kicked off. This repeated itself until Xuan Tian Ming was unable to continue watching, “Just give up! This girl’s posture is already pretty good today.”

While joking, a sound suddenly came from ahead, “Save me! Save me!” The voice was clear, and it sounded like a child’s voice.

Immediately following this, Yao shi’s voice was heard, “Stop the carriage! Quickly stop the carriage!”

The carriage stopped, and Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage also stopped. The carriage no longer swayed, causing Feng Yu Heng to immediately wake up. Frowning, she asked: “What is it?”

Huang Quan had pushed aside the curtain and looked outside. While watching, she said: “A young child hanging from a tree on the side of a cliff shouted for help. Madam heard this and called for the carriage to stop. Right now, she has been helped out of the carriage by Qing Lan.”

Hearing that Yao shi had gotten out of the carriage, Wang Chuan was unable to sit still and quickly got out too.

Xuan TianMing reminded her: “Observe carefully. Watch out for ambushes.” He then turned around and said to Feng Yu Heng: “This is a bit interesting. This prince has gone back and forth along this path countless times, yet this is the first time running into this sort of situation.”

Feng Yu Heng also got up and sat to the side of the carriage to look. While looking, she said: “This is an official road. Although it does pass by a cliff, that is just a short stretch. Someone tied up a child and hung them from a tree along this official road. This is quite strange.”

While they spoke, Yao shi had already begun walking toward the cliff with Qing Lan’s support. Wang Chuan rushed forward and stopped them. After saying a few words, Yao shi no longer continued forward; however, she loudly advised Wang Chuan: “You must save him!”

Feng Yu Heng was helpless. Yao shi was acting sympathetic once more.

Wang Chuan carefully moved forward and saw that the child was hanging upside down. The blood had rushed to his face, causing it to turn bright red. She could not help but feel a little distressed; however, she still remembered Xuan Tian Ming’s advice, thus she carefully asked: “What family’s child are you? Why are you hanging here?”

The child’s eyes were bloodshot from crying, “A group of bad guys pushed my mother and father off the cliff and stole a gold necklace from my neck. They then hung me here saying that I would be used to feed the hawks. Sister, save me.”

This child looked to be four or five-years-old. He looked exhausted, and his clothes were tattered. Wang Chuan then looked around and could see the very clear traces of a battle. She calmed down a little but still asked: “Where is your home?”

The child cried and said: “My home is very far. I don’t know. Daddy said that he would be moving to the capital for business, but they were pushed down the cliff by them.”

Yao shi shouted from the back: “Wang Chuan, just save him.”

Wang Chuan nodded and quickly walked over to jump down onto the tree and untie the rope. But who knew that once leaped into the air and landed on that tree, that was able to hold up a dangling child, would suddenly become uprooted and fall toward the bottom of the cliff!

Yao shi and the child both let out a shriek, and Feng Yu Heng began to move; however, Huang Quan said: “IT’s fine. Wang Chuan is most suited to using qinggong. This sort of height is something that she can easily scale.”

Just after she said this, Wang Chuan’s figure returned into view from the cliff. It was not just her that returned, as she carried the child.

Once the two touched down on the ground, the child began to cry. He ignored Wang Chuan and did not even bother getting up. He just crawled along the ground toward Yao shi.

Yao shi was naturally soft-hearted. Now that she saw a poor child, her mother’s heart was immediately captivated. Rushed forward, she hugged the child and repeatedly comforted him, saying: “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Good child, you’re safe now.”

Wang Chuan was in the back and gave Feng Yu Heng a helpless look while asking her: What should we do now?

Feng Yu Heng’s focus remained on that child’s body. Watching him act spoiled in Yao shi’s arms, she continued to feel that something was off.

She tugged Xuan Tian Ming’s sleeve and quietly said: “Is it very common for children to be patted on the head? I always pat Fei Yu’s head, and he never makes an unhappy appearance. But look at him.” She used her chin to point at the child, “Everytime mother goes to pat his head, he deliberately dodges.”

Xuan Tian Ming sneered, “It’s not just being patted, this child was not very proficient in acting spoiled.”

“I will go over and take a look.” She got up and hopped out of the imperial carriage, quickly walking towards Yao shi.

She did not know if her senses were too sensitive, but she felt that when the child saw her come over, his eyes carried a bit of hope and a bit of nervousness. Grabbing Yao shi tightly with his small hands, he was unwilling to let go.

Qing Lan smiled and said: “This child quite likes madam.”

Yao shi loved hearing this sort of thing and said with a smile: “This could be fate. These days, aside from Zi Rui, this is the first time a child has been so intimate.

“Mother has been thinking of younger brother.” Feng Yu Heng had already arrived near them and smiled to Yao shi, saying: “After returning to the capital for a few days, I will send mother to Xiao Zhou.” Saying this, she looked at the child. When she looked, she was startled then said: “Oh! This child is really ugly.”

The child’s face immediately sank, and Yao shi pulled him tighter in her embrace then said to Feng Yu Heng: “This child is quite pitiful. Don’t scare him.” She then said to the child: “Don’t be scared. Elder sister is joking with you.”

Feng Yu Heng also said: “That’s right, I am teasing you. It does not matter if a child is ugly or not. As long as they are cute, it’s fine. That’s why there is no need for you to keep frowning. That will cause you to lose your youthfulness and cause you to look old.” She said this while reaching toward the child, “Come, you have been hanging from the cliff for so long, let me see if there is anything wrong with your body.”

The child wanted to dodge, but he was held tightly by Yao shi, who advised him: “Be obedient, elder sister is a doctor. Let her take a look, so we can be at ease.”

He could not avoid her and could only hand over his wrist with great reluctance.

Feng Yu Heng was not modest in the slightest, pulling him over to her. Putting some strength in her hand, she forcefully felt his pulse and thought to herself: Sure enough.

TN: Red Boy and Bai Gu Jing are both from “Journey to the West”.

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  1. Heng-Heng did say there are no coincidences, so how would a young boy just be left stranded in the middle of nowhere and nobody else in sight? Hmmm…

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