Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 389

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Sis Really Does Not Have a Kind Heart

What four-year-old child, this was clearly just a special kind of dwarf, whose face also happened to stop growing along with his body.

An extremely penetrating look came from Feng Yu Heng, as she examined the dwarf’s face. The dwarf was smart and immediately pulled their arm back, hugging Yao shi’s neck. He even copied what a child would say and shouted: “Elder sister is very scary. I want mommy.” Saying this, tears began to flow.

Yao shi quickly embraced him and gently scolded Feng Yu Heng: “Don’t scare him. This child’s father and mother were both killed by criminals. We cannot leave him alone and ignore him.”

Feng Yu Heng was worried about this and helplessly said to Yao shi: “Saving him was already just enough. Could it be that mother wishes to take him in and raise him?”

“That’s not impossible!” Yao shi’s eyes carried a bit of expectation, “To have been found by us is also a kind of fate. A-Heng, you cannot always be so hard-hearted.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned and looked at Yao shi. Speaking truthfully, at the very moment, she felt very sorrowful. Ever since returning to the Feng manor, she did her best to struggle against the Feng family to protect her mother and younger brother. Even Yao shi’s divorce was the result of her asking for the Emperor’s grace. As a result, her mother viewed her as having a ferocious heart.

She was unwilling to accept it and said: “If my heart is not ferocious, we would have been eaten by the Feng manor long ago!”

Yao shi realized that she had been too harsh and felt regretful. But Feng Yu Heng had already directed Wang Chuan to take away the child in her embrace. The child’s screams entered her ears. They were absolutely heartbreaking, as they broke her heart.

She did not care for Feng Yu Heng’s feeling and simply stood up, roughly saying: “I absolutely must bring this child back. If you felt that this child living in the county princess’ manor is improper, I can bring him to live in an inn. When you have finished your business, I will bring him along to Xiao Zhou.”

“Madam!” Wang Chuan could not bear to continue listening, “The county princess’ manor is also your home.”

“But I do not even have the right to bring a child in.” Yao shi finally became spirited in her argument with Feng Yu Heng, refusing to back down.

Looking at the mother in front of her, Feng Yu Heng suddenly began to laugh. Although she looked very similar, Yao shi truly was not the mother that had passed away many years ago. She had taken over for the body’s original owner, and the changes could not escape the eyes of her mother. Yao shi noticed long ago that something was not right; however, she endured the entire time and did not speak. Thinking about it, she had been quite tolerant of her.

“Mother.” She spoke, “If you could have been this strong when facing the Feng family back then, there would have been no need for us three to have been sent to the Northwest and suffered for all these years. Now that you have some ability, you protect a child with unknown origins. Back then, why did you not act like you are now and protect me and Zi Rui?” Her words were ice-cold and did not carry a trace of emotion. “Forget it, if you want to keep him, just keep him. He can also stay with you in the county princess’ manor. That is not just my manor, it is also your home.” Saying this, she turned and walked to the imperial carriage. While walking, she said: “Wang Chuan, madam’s body is weak. Have that child sit with us.”

Yao shi saw that she finally agreed and let out a sigh of relief. She then repeatedly advised the dwarf to go with Wang Chuan. Although the dwarf did not want to, he knew that being able to remain was not easy, so he obediently followed Wang Chuan and walked over to the imperial carriage.

Yao shi watched them enter the carriage and finally had Qing Lan help her return to her own carriage. Only after the carriages began advancing once more did she blankly ask Qing Lan: “Say, could it be that she is angry with me?”

“Is madam talking about young miss?” Qing Lan quickly consoled her: “How could that be? Young miss treats madam the best. She does not want to bring along that child because it is dangerous. Madam, do not think too much about it.”

“Have I thought too much?” Yao shi spoke to herself, “Zi Rui and I are burdens to her. Who knows, maybe there comes a day where she is irritated and does not want to shoulder these responsibilities and will cast us away.”

Qing Lan was quite scared by what she had said, as she repeatedly consoled her, fearing that Yao shi would say something too severe. If it was heard by the second young miss, what would happen if she became infuriated?

How could she know that even if Feng Yu Heng could not hear it, she could roughly guess what Yao shi was thinking. After the situation with spirit-altering drug, Yao shi’s personality had changed from before. That sort of weak-willed person now understood how to take a stand; however, this stand was against none other than her own daughter.

Feng Yu Heng was unhappy and sat next to Xuan Tian Ming in the imperial carriage. The dwarf was held by Huang Quan and Wang Chuan and seemed to be quite obedient, but he continued to look all over the carriage, even stopping to look at Xuan Tian Ming’s knees for a long time.

Although Huang Quan did not get out of the carriage, she had seen the entire spectacle from the carriage. Right now, she did not have a single good impression of that dwarf. Seeing his eyes wander, she fiercely scolded him: “What are you looking around for? If your eyes continue to wander, don’t blame me for gauging your eyes out!”

The dwarf pretended to tremble and was about to cry; however, he heard Xuan Tian Ming say: “This prince hates seeing people cry in front of me.” While saying this, he began fiddling with his whip. He then stared at the dwarf and said: “If you don’t believe me, just try it. See if this prince can cut you in half with a flick of the whip.”

Wang Chuan felt that it was a bit too violent. Although this child had offended the young miss, he was still young and did not understand. She did not dare say anything to Xuan Tian Ming, thus she pulled on the dwarf’s hand and calmly said: “Come, sit at my side.”

The dwarf’s mouth that had stopped pouting from fear of Xuan Tian Ming once again pouted, but a tear did not dare come out. Feng Yu Heng turned to face Xuan Tian Ming and mouthed silently: “He’s not a child. It’s a dwarf with a body and appearance that does not age.”

Xuan Tian Ming did not react with much surprise and simply nodded. He then looked at the dwarf and felt a little puzzled, asking: “Are you feeling very hot?”

With this being asked, everyone finally noticed that this child’s forehead was covered in sweat. Although he was controlling it, he was unable to stop it from appearing on his skin.

Wang Chuan frowned, “Although it is summer, the mountain breeze is a little cool. It should not feel that hot.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, suddenly thought of something. She looked at Xuan Tian Ming and saw him give her an unnoticeable nod. Only then did she say: “We feel that it is cool, but for someone that is accustomed to even colder temperatures, it is truly an unbearable heat.”

Once this was said, the dwarf was visibly startled. He then turned his head away and did not look at Feng Yu Heng.

She leaned back lazily in the carriage and sat with one leg crossed over the other. Her gaze, however, never left the dwarf.

Wang Chuan could understand what was happening and cast her an inquisitive gaze. There was nothing that Feng Yu Heng could do to immediately explain the matter of this dwarf, thus she mouthed two words to her: Qian Zhou.

Wang Chuan was shocked. Huang Quan also saw what Feng Yu Heng had mouthed and subconsciously moved to grab the dwarf; however, she was stopped by Wang Chuan. “Your temper is easily moved. You can do as you like when we get off the carriage, but do not touch the child for now.” Saying this, she gave Huang Quan a look, and Huang Quan took the hint. Smiling, she sat down on the other side of the dwarf, placing the dwarf between them.

The carriages continued to advance. After another four hours, they left the mountains and began to be able to hear the sound of the river.

Feng YU Heng said: “The river that we are about to see is one that I am very familiar with. The first trouble that I ran into after returning to the capital was when I was forced to jump into the river. Isn’t that right, Wang Chuan?”

Wang Chuan nodded, “That’s right. It’s thanks to his Highness the seventh prince passing by that saved us. Does young miss wish to rest for a while at the riverside?” She could see what Feng Yu Heng was thinking.

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “Good! We have traveled for a long time. We should rest for a while.”

While they spoke, the sound of the river became clearer. Wang Chuan walked out of the carriage and went to inform the driver. The driver then shouted to the carriage ahead, and the two carriages then went straight to the river. Not long later, they stopped.

Huang Quan took the initiative to carry the dwarf off the carriage. Feng Yu Heng then pushed Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair. On the other end, QingLan helped Yao shi out of her carriage.

Upon seeing Yao shi, the dwarf wanted to go over; however, Huang Quan did not let go. He struggled a few times fruitlessly then simply began shouting: “Mommy! Mommy!”

Xuan TianMing reminded him: “You can eat whatever you want, but you cannot speak however you want, and you cannot call whomever you want family. Who exactly is your mother?”

Yao shi also heard these words. She dared to refute Feng Yu Heng, but she did not dare to argue with Xuan Tian Ming, thus she pretended to not hear. Walking over, she moved to pick up the child from Huang Quan’s hands.

Huang Quan looked at Feng Yu Heng. Seeing that she slightly shook her head, she quickly took a few steps back and said: “Madam, this child is dirty. Leave him to this servant to carry! We can have him accompany madam when he has been cleaned up.”

Yao shi was a little unhappy, feeling that Feng Yu Heng was a little too controlling. But she did not realize that before she was afflicted by spirit-altering drug, Feng Yu Heng controlled quite a bit. She just felt that it was a matter of course, and she was quite happy to listen to her daughter’s arrangements. Ever since she had been afflicted by spirit-altering drug, although she was now fine, her temper had changed quite a bit. This change was something that even Qing Lan could notice. She, however, never noticed any difference.

Feng Yu Heng pushed Xuan Tian Ming forward a little further, only stopping when they reached the side of the river. She picked a rock that was a little higher up and sat down, loudly saying: “It really is quite cool.” Saying this, she glanced at the dwarf, his head was still covered in sweat. She smiled and asked, “You have never experienced Summer, right? You truly have had it difficult. It’s such a hot day, yet you must perform this play filled with holes. Just thinking about it makes me exhausted.”

The dwarf glanced at Feng Yu Heng vigilantly then lowered his head to feign sorrow.

Huang Quan coldly snorted and threw him to the ground. The dwarf was caught unprepared and fell to the ground. This fall was quite hefty, and he even lost his two front teeth.

Yao shi shrieked and rushed forward without any regard, picking up the child that had fallen to the ground. She then loudly scolded Huang Quan: “What sort of thing is a servant like you doing? You are completely careless!” She then looked down and saw that the child’s front teeth were missing. Her heart ached terribly: “You have been with your young miss for too long. You’ve learned to become completely cold. This child is still so young. How could you act so cruel?”

Feng Yu heng suddenly stood up, causing Yao shi to tremble in fear, as she walked over toward her. Reaching out, she used some force and pulled the dwarf to her side.

The dwarf had been crying because of the pain from his teeth. Having suddenly been pulled by Feng Yu Heng, the fear caused him to swallow his cries.

Feng Yu Heng said: “Mother, don’t be so anxious. I saw that this child had a forehead soaked with sweat and brought him to the river to wash him.” After saying this, she did not wait for Yao shi to react. Dragging the dwarf, she left. Arriving at the side of the river, she held him down in the river. When she brought him up again, not only was he not clean, his face had become covered in some mud.

The dwarf was finally unable to endure and suddenly turned to face Feng Yu Heng. His eyes were filled with fury, and blue veins could be seen popping from his head.

Feng Yu Heng immediately laughed, “What is it? Do you feel that you aren’t able to clean up at the side of the river? Then this county princess will bring you to the middle of the river to wash up.”

After saying this, she suddenly grabbed the dwarf’s collar and leaped up. Using the qinggong that she had only learned for a short while, she flew directly toward the middle of the river.

Yao shi was shocked and hoped that she would quickly return; however, she found that it seemed as though Feng Yu Heng looked quite unstable. She twirled around twice in the air, and the person in her hand also twirled twice. A “plunk” sound the came, as Feng Yu Heng threw the dwarf into the river.

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    1. I was going to pity Yao Shi and be like “dammm the drug really messed her up” but since it’s saying she’s thinking clearly, idk how to feel LOL. Can I blame the drugs after-effects leading to this change?

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  1. I mean, ffs, is there a need for this? What would happen if they just tell YS that it’s not a child from the beginning. Instead, you do this little play?
    I sort of get it, she wants YS to know how easily she can be duped and to better prep her for when she’s with the FZR, but it just feels a little excessive. All she’s cultivating is a ‘why couldn’t she tell me this from the beginning?’ thoughts in YS.

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    1. I think the lesson needs to be shocking and severe for YS to understand the reality of her and her family’s situation. What if the dwarf was brought back, and he took the opportunity to assassinate her son? In my eyes she has already failed as a mother. Her daughter is dead. Because of her weakness and because she failed to protect her children.

      The one being burdened with fighting on the front lines is a stranger taking on the wishes of her daughter. Our MC and the brother have had to face assassination attempts, malicious schemes, and all kinds of things when they aren’t even adults yet.

      But YS? She’s just lazing in her room. Even after being abandoned. Even after the spirit drug. Not trying to grow and improve. Not learning or reflecting from the past. She hasn’t changed. Or at least, she hasn’t changed for the better.

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    2. If it had been the Yao shi from before the drugging, they probably would have told her. Unfortunately, Yao shi’s brain has been fried by the drugs so she’s gullible and naive to every shady and obvious plot made against them but yet easily opposes the one person who wants to protect her. I gotta give it to the third prince. This is probably his only plan that was truly successful.

      “Zi Rui and I are burdens to her. Who knows, maybe there comes a day where she is irritated and does not want to shoulder these responsibilities and will cast us away.”
      – Nah, i dont think she’ll ever cast away Zi Rui. Little Bro actually seems to have inherited the Yao family intelligence from their grandfather, something that seemed to have skipped Yao shi. Zi Rui’s also lovable so he’s a good brother.

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      1. I thought about the drug making her do that too, but if you remember back to Feng Tong County, Yao Shi could speak up & be confident. She was just submissive to the societal rules. The drugs are just making everything worse like you said, fried her brain. LOL The doubts she had about A-heng are becoming more profound bc of this drug, hence the paranoia. rip.

        Even after the divorce, A-heng said Yao Shi needed to do work ever harder so her maternal family could come back to the capital with some sort of support. But like Yao Shi didn’t do jack shit about it. If A-heng never existed, I’m sure Zi Rui would’ve been dead chapters ago.

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    3. Well it is said drug changed her, but which one? Was her motherly feel surge up and feel distance towards heng heng because she “tortured” her. And accidentally that “boy” could be remainding her of Rui. Perhaps this was planned from the beginning, knowing that it will be Madam’s weakness

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  2. Wow, i’m starting to have mix feelings about Yao Shi (well mostly I begin to hate her).

    What FYH said about Yao Shi should be acting this fierce to the Feng family when they were banished, I have to agree. Then she wouldn’t be suffering for three years.

    Now she’s acting how she’s suposed to to the wrong person! Oh please Yao Shi stop being an idiot and act smart for once! You’re gonna regret it soon…..

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  3. Drown the little bastard!

    It’s frustrating that the first person that Yao-shi uses her paranoia on is her own daughter. Still blind to see that the dwarf is an adult and not a real child. Wondering how the enemy knew to use a dwarf to try to pull Yao-shi and Feng Yu Heng apart. Seems like the dwarf is a Qian Zhou person, since he’s so used to cold weather. That slut princess staying at Feng Manor really has lived too long. So ready for our power couple to wipe Qian Zhou off the map. See how you’ll scheme when you have no country to return to.

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  4. Yao shi, it’s great that you’ve grown a spine but do not test it out on the one person who has defended you all this time. Please, try to remember that she always has reasons when she acts.

    But haha to the little bastard, can’t trick FYH.

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  5. I really hate this stupid motyher that see other better more than her own daughter who tried so hard to help and heal her from death. I cannot see her more.💢

    Thank you for the chapter.

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  6. Altough i see this comming i feel irritated. FIRST A USELESS PIECE OF MEAT FATHER AND THEN THEY CHANGE A NORMAL MOTHER INTO AN IDIOTIC ONE! Come on i know none has perfect parents but this is awful! 😡
    Thanks for the chapter 😘

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  7. Yao Shi, you never stood up for your own children, or your father when he was looked down on by the Feng family. You were useless then, and are useless now, but the difference is that you are biting the hand that feeds you, now.

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  8. Surprised to see so much hate for Yao Shi in the comments. Her life has been miserable and her daughter is dead-but-body-snatched which is only marginally better than just regular dead if you really think about it. It’s cool that Feng Yu Heng is generally pretty nice to her and all but that doesn’t really make up for the fact that her actual daughter is dead.
    I’ve got nothing but pity for the character.


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