Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 39

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Quickly Deliver the Medicine to Father

This doctor was indeed very serious and responsible in asking granny Sun about Zi Rui’s condition while ill. Then the doctor faced Zi Rui and checked his pulse and eyes. Finally, he concluded: “The young master’s stomach was upset. I will prescribe some medicine. After eating them for a few days, everything will be fine.”

Yao shi saw that the doctor had said the same thing has Feng Yu Heng. She could not help but feel even more confident in Feng Yu Heng’s medical knowledge.

Wang Chuan and Feng Yu Heng shared a glance and said nothing. She recalled that after the young miss had fed him some medicine, the young master was clearly better. Even if it would take a few days to fully recover, there did not seem to be any need for more bitter medicine, right? Clearly, the young miss had better medicine.

But with a knowing gaze from Feng Yu Heng, Wang Chuan understood and remained silent.

Hearing that it was an upset stomach, Chen shi sneered from the outer room: “And here I was thinking it was something serious, yet it turned out to be from over eating.”

Han shi had been hiding a smile, but seeing Feng Yu Heng casually walk over, the smile quickly vanished from her face.

“Mother is right, of course Zi Rui hasn’t fallen seriously ill. The young master of Feng manor is healthy.”

She reminded Chen shi, Zi Rui was also a young master of Feng family. There was no need to be excessively proud.

Chen shi snorted again and stood up to say: “Since there’s no problem, I will be leaving first.” As she turned, she once again saw the yard full of gifts, and her temper flared up once more, “You’ve received gifts, yet you do not pay tribute to your elders. Who knows who taught you the rules!”

Feng Yu Heng lightly smiled towards her back and said: “Thank you mother for your reminder. In a while, A-Heng will choose a nice item and offer it to grandmother.”

Chen shi nearly fell over herself, as she wanted to proclaim that she was also an elder, but she also firmly believed that regardless of what she said, she would be sneered at. So she may as well vent her anger at granny Li- “You three! Sending you three over here really was a waste! Since you’ve managed to pamper the second young master to such a degree, I want you to beat it back to Jin Yu courtyard!”

Granny Li and company really understood Chen shi’s temper and did not say too much. They lowered their heads and followed her.

Who knew what evil ideas Chen shi came up with when she reached the moon gate, as she directed Jin Zhen who had come with her: “Go with the doctor to look at the prescription. Remember that the medicine needs to be good. The second young master of Feng family can not be treated inadequately.”

Jin Zhen bowed and stayed behind.

Feng Yu Heng looked at Jin Zhen and did not know whether it was psychological, but she felt that this girl who had sexual experience seemed far more mature than than the servants around her. She even seemed more mentally calm. But the movements Jin Zhen’s hands made inside her sleeves was still seen by her. She could vaguely see some scars on her wrist and knew that they were certainly the result of a punishment from Chen shi.

Jin Zhen saw Feng Yu Heng staring at her and felt a little uncomfortable. Bowing towards her, she said: “This servant will go inquire about the prescription.” She quickly entered the room.

The doctor’s prescription was fine. Feng Yu Heng had already looked it over and handed it to Jin Zhen, “Since mother has told you to inquire about the prescription, then I will trouble Jin Zhen girl to personally fetch the medicine.”

Jin Zhen took a step back, as she frowned and said: “Madam has said that what the second young miss says counts, here in Willow courtyard. This servant is only going to take a look at the prescription to inform the madam, so she can rest easy. The other matters, I hope the second young miss can handle on her own.”

Feng Yu Heng did not insist, as she handed the prescription to Huang Quan, “Go fetch the medicine.”

Huang Quan received the order and left. Jin Zhen salted Feng Yu Heng and also left Willow courtyard.

The doctor was the last to come out. He cupped his fist toward Feng Yu Heng and said: “This old servant is surnamed Xu. I am the Feng’s court doctor. After your servant has fetched the medicine, have it sent to the guest courtyard. This old servant will personally take care in reducing the young master’s suffering.”

Feng Yu Heng bit lightly on her lip, could it be he was waiting for something? Her face did not have any particular reactions, as she said: “Then I will trouble the doctor.”

“The second young miss is too polite. This old servant will retire for now.”

The doctor left, and Wang Chuan asked: “Is there something wrong with the doctor?”

She shook her head, “I still don’t know, but let’s wait for now. Let’s see after he has made the medicine.”

Two hours later, a servant brought the prepared medicine over to Willow courtyard. Seeing Feng Yu Heng, she proactively said: “This servant takes care of doctor Xu. This is the medicine doctor Xu has personally made for the second young master and ordered this servant to bring over. Doctor Xu said that carrying it from the guest courtyard to Willow courtyard will let the medicine drop to the perfect temperature. The second young master should take it immediately for the best effect.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and indicated for Wang Chuan to receive the medicine. She then spoke to the girl: “Go back and tell your doctor Xu that the second young master will immediately drink the medicine.”

The girl saluted and quickly left.

Wang Chuan carried the cup of medicine and did not move from the middle of the yard. Feng Yu Heng walked over to the tray and removed the lid from the cup. Smelling the medicine, her brows immediately came together.

“Young miss, is something wrong?”

She snorted, “Something is very wrong.”

Feng Yu Heng considered that Chen shi would make plans to deal with the people of Willow courtyard. She had also considered the other side might take this opportunity when Zi Rui was sick to play some tricks. But she had never expected that woman could sink to such an evil low.

Recalling her previous life of practicing medicine. She had been proficient in both Western and Chinese medicine. Add on the knowledge she received from her family, she became able to differentiate the different smells of medicines at the age of eight. From five steps away, she could smell the medicine and knew what herbs were used. Even more, this was medicine that she had carefully inspected, so an error was even more unlikely.

This was a cup of aphrodisiac!

Giving a six-year-old child a strong aphrodisiac!

Chen shi, oh Chen shi! Feng Yu Heng lamented in her heart. When the heavens send calamities, there is hope for weathering them. When man brings them upon himself, then there is no hope at all.

“Don’t bring the medicine in.” She told Wang Chuan, then she waved over Qing Ling, who had been busying herself with work around the yard. “Come.”

The little girl quickly ran over.

From the moment Qing Ling had been granted her name, she had been following Huang Quan around in taking care of Feng Zi Rui. Currently, Feng Zi Rui was ill and the girl blamed herself.

“Go fetch an empty bowl and pour some warm water, then go fetch a spoon.” Feng Yu Heng directed, and Qing Ling trotted about to complete this task.

Upon returning, Feng Yu Heng had already pulled out a small paper pouch from her sleeve. She poured the contents of the paper pouch in to the cup of water and swirled it around with the spoon, “Bring this to the young master and let him drink it.”

After Zi Rui fell asleep last night, Feng Yu Heng took the opportunity to enter her pharmacy. She opened multiple packs of medicine that Zi Rui could use and wrapped them in paper. Then she took three paper pouches and put them in to her sleeve, so that she could take them out at any time without standing out too much.

Wang Chuan could smell that this was the same sweet medicine that was used last night and could not help but ask: “Since the young miss has her own medicine, why let the manor’s doctor prescribe his own medicine?” Then she looked at the medicine in her hands, “Is this poisoned?” She asked these words, as a habitual ferocious look appeared in her eyes.

Feng Yu Heng snorted, “Poisoned? If it were a poison, then it can be treated. This is much worse than poison.”

As she said these words, she saw an unknown girl trembling with fear by the entrance to Willow courtyard. Wang Chuan was the first to notice her and quietly said to Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, someone as at the door.”

When she looked toward the girl, she saw her face was anxious and a bit timid, but it did not have the aura of a criminal. She walked forward a few steps and waved towards the girl. “Come here.”

The girl timidly approached and cautiously glanced behind her, as though she were afraid of being followed.

Feng Yu Heng saw that she was carrying a bowl of noodle soup. There were a few stalks of vegetables and had a fragrant smell. It was quite apparent that it was freshly made.

“What courtyard’s servant are you?” She deliberately changed her tone and even suppressed the anger caused by that aphrodisiac.

The girl finally let out a sigh and responded with her head lowered: “This servant is a servant of concubine Han’s courtyard. Concubine mother Han said that the second young master fell ill and had an upset stomach. He should eat some non-oily noodles, so she instructed her small kitchen to make a bowl of noodles and sent this servant to deliver it.”

The girl spoke and presented the tray carrying the bowl of noodles to Feng Yu Heng. Even when Qing Yu had come over to receive it, she still persisted in wanted Feng Yu Heng to personally receive it.

Feng Yu Heng did not refuse. She raised her hands and received it, while purposefully brushing her hand against the servant girl’s. Sure enough, when their hands touched, a small paper slip was stuffed in to her hands.

“This servant will be retiring.” With her mission completed, the girl quickly ran away.

Qing Yu was curious: “This manor’s servants really don’t understand the rules. Where do they teach having the master receive things.” Then quickly received the tray from Feng Yu Heng and pondered it. She carefully asked: “Young miss, can this bowl of noodles be eaten?”

Although she had only entered the manor yesterday, granny Sun, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan had clearly explained to them the matters within Feng manor. The three new girls were already very clear who were their people and who were their opponents.

Feng Yu Heng had long found that there were no problems with the bowl of noodles. Seeing that Qing Yu asked, she nodded: “It can be eaten. Noodles are easy to digest. Feed the young master a bit more.”

“This servant will immediately go.” Qing Yu bowed and left.

Feng Yu Heng opened the paper slip in her hand. It only contained a few lines: “Doctor is Jin Zhen’s distant relative. There is definitely something wrong with the medicine. Do not drink.”

Feng Yu Heng closed her eyes. So it was Jin Zhen? Very well.

But she did not understand. Why did Han shi want to pass on this message. When she came with Chen shi to Willow courtyard, they clearly stood together.

“Granny Sun.” She loudly called over granny Sun, who had just come out of Zi Rui’s room. “Make a trip over to Jin Yu courtyard and look for Jin Zhen. Say Zi Rui’s medicine has already arrived. Since the head wife is so concerned, having Jin Zhen girl watch would be best.”

Granny Sun nodded and glanced at the cup of medicine. She did not say anything and left the yard.

Feng Yu Heng called Wang Chuan and return to her room. The two whispered back and forth for a while, as Feng Yu Heng stuffed something in to Wang Chuan’s hand.

Granny Sun was successful in bringing back Jin Zhen. Chen shi had originally wanted Jin Zhen to ensure the people at Willow courtyard would make extra use of the medicine, but now that granny Sun had come calling, she felt that the people of Willow courtyard understood some semblance of rules. They had treated the doctor with respect.

Jin Zhen arrogantly held her head high and followed granny Sun out of Jin Yu courtyard. As she walked, she said: “Madam is worried about the second young master. Hearing that the second young master fell ill, she did not even eat breakfast and rushed over to take a look. Now that you’ve come to call me, I can report to madam later. This way, madam will be able to calmly enjoy lunch.”

Granny Sun chuckled, but did not refute her. In regards to the people of Chen shi’s courtyard, granny Sun did not have a shred of goodwill towards them.

“Was the medicine made according to the doctor’s prescription?” Jin Zhen asked while walking, her steps light and body twisting slightly. Her heart at ease, she had a devilish look.

Granny Sun jokingly nodded, “Not only was it made according to the prescription, the medicine was prepared by doctor Xu himself! A servant from the guest courtyard just brought it over. Second young miss sent me to look for you, so you can come take a look and help keep madam from worrying.”

“That is natural. Let us hurry up a bit. Otherwise the medicine will become cold.” Jin Zhen sped up her pace, making granny Sun grin. On their way to Willow courtyard, the medicine had long become cold.

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  1. I read from chapter one.. and i regret i didnt wait longer… due to not enough chapter.. how can an author wrote a book with every chapter is like scaling a cliffhanger and how can you translator pick such a novel to translate? It is exciting, beautiful and torturing at the same time. Thank you for the translation


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