Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 390

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Why Must This Prince’s Wife Pay With her Life for Someone Else?

Just after he fell into the water, Xuan Tian Ming immediately moved his wheelchair and flew toward the middle of the river. Grabbing hold of the unsteady and falling Feng Yu Heng, he placed her on his lap.

The little girl blinked at him a few times, and Xuan Tian Ming held her even tighter. Hugging her, they landed back on the ground.

The river was flowing fast, and the dwarf immediately fell silent upon landing in the water. In fact, there wasn’t even much of a splash, as he was swallowed up by the waves.

Yao shi was completely dazed. Was… was this a murder?

Qing Lan could see that there was something off about Yao shi’s expression and quickly said to her in a quiet voice: “Madam, young miss almost fell into the water too.”

But Yao shi did not have time to worry about such things. She only focused on Feng Yu heng committing murder. Her mind was filled with images of Feng Yu Heng throwing that child into the water. She began to feel afraid. In the end, a child that she had just met could not compare to her own daughter. Although she suspected something about this daughter, they were still just suspicions. Now that something had happened, her maternal instincts were awoken once again. She rushed forward to kneel before Xuan Tian Ming; however, Wang Chuan was quick to react and stopped her, “Madam, what are you doing?”

Yao shi begged Xuan Tian Ming: “Just treat that child as though I killed it, is that okay? Do not arrest A-Heng. I know that one must pay with their life for committing murder, so just let me pay my life for this! A-Heng is still young. She cannot die because of a child!”

These words caused Feng Yu Heng to feel a bit shocked, and she felt a little bit moved. Previously, Yao shi had expressed that there was a divide between the two. In the face of danger, it was completely erased.

She suddenly understood that Yao shi indeed had considerations because she was unlike her original daughter, and these considerations were not formed in just a day or two. A mother knew her daughter best. She believed that Yao shi already began to have doubts on the road back to the capital from Xi Ping Village. She just chose to go with the flow.

Although she went with the flow, there was still a knot in her heart. After the incident with spirit-altering drug, with something that could amplify her inner thoughts countless times, even if she did get over her addiction, those inner thoughts would not go away as they had in the past.

That was why Yao shi argued with her and also why she wanted to accompany Zi Rui in Xiao Zhou.

Fortunately, Yao shi was still kind. When she realized that Feng Yu Heng was in danger, she was immediately able to put her life on the line for the sake of her daughter’s life. Of course, it was this kindness that caused Feng Yu Heng to view her as more motherly.

Xuan Tian Ming let go of Feng Yu Heng and said to Yao shi with a serious expression: “Madam has been overanxious. If this prince had the intention of having her pay with her life, I would not have saved her. Moreover, why must this prince’s wife pay with her life for someone else?”

Yao shi rejoiced, “Your Highness means that A-Heng will not need to be punished for murdering someone? Thank you, your Highness. Thank you, your Highness.” Saying this, she kneeled once more.

Feng Yu Heng went forward to hold her up and very helplessly said: “Mother, there are some things that I do not tell you because knowing is too dangerous, and I am worried of scaring you. It’s a barren mountain in the wilderness. Where would a child come from? That path is an official road. Although there is a small stretch with a cliff, criminals would not act so blatantly and hang someone from the cliff. There is a trick involved.”

Hearing her say this, Yao shi began to think, but she was unable to develop a deeper understanding. While thinking, she shook her head.

At this time, Huang Quan, who had been standing at the side of the river, suddenly shouted: “Quickly, come look!”

Everyone was attracted by this shout. Following Huang Quan’s direction, they found that in the middle of the river, the dwarf was firmly holding a rock and desperately trying to protect his own life.

Upon seeing this scene, Yao shi was unable to endure. She repeatedly begged Feng Yu Heng: “Even if he is a bad person, it would be fine to bring him back and send him to the government office. We cannot leave someone to die without saving them! A-Heng, when we were sent to the Northwest, your younger brother was about his age. Just treat him as though he was Zi Rui, is that fine?”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow and was thinking of how to refute Yao shi, or she could stall for a little longer until the dwarf could no longer hold on and ended up getting swept away by the river. At this time, Xuan Tian Ming suddenly said: “Madam is right, we cannot leave someone to die without saving them.”

“Hm?” She was puzzled and turned to look at him; however, she found that he had a cunning look in his eyes. Feng Yu Heng immediately understood that this person definitely had a plan, thus she quickly said to Wang Chuan: “Go save that person.”

Wang Chuan said: “Yes.” Then flew up and easily brought the dwarf back.

The dwarf’s face had turned white from fear and could not think to act spoiled with Yao shi. He only sat on the ground and trembled. However, this sight caused Yao shi to feel even more heartbroken, as she quickly informed Qing Lan: “Quickly, go to the carriage and fetch a blanket. How could it be good for such a young person to freeze like this.” She then said to A-Heng: “His body is soaked, so it would be inconvenient for him to sit in your imperial carriage. He should remain with me.”

Feng Yu Heng no longer rebutted Yao shi. Instead, she said to Wang Chuan and Huang Quan: “You two stay with madam. Madam has only just recovered from her illness and absolutely must not do something tiring like carrying a child.

The two servants complied, and everyone got back into their carriages, not wanting to continue staying there.

Once the carriages started moving, Feng Yu Heng immediately asked Xuan Tian Ming: “What is your plan?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “I still haven’t finished thinking of my plan. I just suddenly remembered something.”

“What is it?”

“I heard that Qian Zhou brought Kang Yi’s dowry and sent the gold to the county princess’ manor. The special envoy sent was a relative of the imperial family and some officials. There was also the relative’s grandson?”

Feng Yu Heng said: “The news was like this.” Thinking a little harder, she seemed to have understood what Xuan Tian Ming meant, “You are thinking that this person is the grandson from Qian Zhou? That’s not right, he’s clearly a dwa…” She spoke to this point then suddenly stopped. She immediately thought of something and quickly said: “You mean to say that Qian Zhou presented this person as the grandson, but this is actually the eldest son of the imperial family? That dwarf is not the relative’s grandson, it is his son?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “It’s possible that this is the case. Also, just from looking at the dwarf, it is clear that he came straight at us. Or rather… rushed straight at you.”

Feng Yu Heng sniffled a bit, “Is it to get revenge for Kang Yi and Ru Jia?”

“Revenge is just one of the goals.” Xuan Tian Ming coldly said: “I fear that they came because of your steel. In other words, even if they cannot acquire the ability to produce steel, they must kill you, who knows how to produce steel.”

Feng Yu Heng trembled, “How scary!”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “That’s right! This prince is also very scared!”

On this side, they were laughing and messing around. As for the dwarf that was riding in a carriage with Yao shi, he was held from both sides by Wang Chuan and Huang Quan. His heart was on the verge of collapse.

That county princess Ji An was slippery like a ghost. That ninth prince was dark and evil and was even more like a ghost. At first, he thought of taking action against Yao shi. As a result, two servants that were even harder to deal with than ghosts came along. Damn it, he definitely did not revisit old debts before he took action this time, otherwise, how could he have fallen on such poor luck.

Yao shi saw that his complexion was not quite right and asked out of curiosity: “Could it be that you are not feeling well?”

The dwarf did not speak. He no longer had the patience to continue pretending to be a young child acting spoiled. He had been thinking that if he kidnapped Yao shi, would Feng Yu Heng hand over the methods for producing steel? If that was not enough, he would simply just kill Yao shi. Even if he could not receive the methods for producing steel, he would need to disgust her. Qian Zhou’s princess had been bullied so thoroughly by her. Using this woman’s life in exchange for the injuries on Ru Jia’s body was not a bad deal.

A cold light erupted from the dwarf’s eyes. Clenching his fists tight, he began to move slowly but with purpose. Perhaps he was not Huang Quan and Wang Chuan’s opponent when it came to a normal fight, and he definitely could not handle Xuan Tian Ming or Feng Yu Heng, but when it came to sneak attacks and escaping, none were his opponent. He finished scheming. Although there were servants on both sides of him, he could still attack Yao shi when catching them unaware. If nothing went wrong, Yao shi should meet with a violent end. After succeeding, he could immediately escape. Even if the two servants died of exhaustion, they could not catch him.

Previously, Yao shi had been worried that he was cold, so she covered him in a blanket. This perfectly managed to hide him secretly dislocating his bones. The dwarf was very happy. In fact, he could already imagine Feng Yu Heng going insane from seeing her mother dying such a tragic death. His lips curled subconsciously into a smile.

Unfortunately, he had only just dislocated his joints when someone suddenly flashed before his eyes. Reaching out, they reached out and touched his arms a bit. This happened to hit the funny bone in his elbow. The joints that he had dislocated were immediately returned to their original positions.

He was very shocked, as he looked up at the person that had suddenly appeared. He could determine that this person was not originally part of Feng Yu Heng’s group; however, he had now appeared. That could only mean one thing. This person was a hidden guard.

The dwarf no longer dared to act rashly. He knew that if this hidden guard did anything, it was very possible that he would not even know how he had died.

Sitting in the carriage, Yao shi was confused as to why Ban Zou had suddenly appeared. Before she could ask, she heard Ban Zou said: “Master said that a very ugly child appeared, so I came to take a look.”

The dwarf heard someone say that he was ugly, causing his face to turn green with anger, but what could he do? Aside from Yao shi, this group of people was all too fierce. Each one was stronger than the next. It seemed that this attempt had truly been too rash.

The dwarf began to feel regretful. He should have listened to his father and not done something this rash. Now, he was in for it. He did not succeed. When he returned, he would definitely be reprimanded and laughed at.

The two carriages quickly advanced, finally arriving at the capital’s gates in the evening.

Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage was in front, and Yao shi’s carriage was in the back. They heard a buzz coming from outside the city’s gates, as there was a confused noise coming from the civilians. Bai Ze, who was driving the carriage, gently lifted the curtain and said to the people inside: “I don’t know what they’re looking for, but they are carefully searching the carriages that are entering and exiting the capital.”

Feng Yu heng walked over to the side of the carriage and looked out. There just happened to be a soldier outside the gates walking over. At a glance, it was clear that this soldier was a rash individual, as he pointed his spear at Bai Ze and loudly said: “Stop the carriage! Everyone inside must come out!”

Bai Ze immediately laughed, “Where did this little brat come from?”

That person heard this and angrily stomped his feet, loudly saying: “Guards! There is a group of criminals here. Quickly surround them!”

The other guards heard that there were criminals and quickly gathered around, each of them pointing their spears at the imperial carriage with alert looks on their faces.

Feng Yu Heng patted Bai Ze’s shoulder, telling him to stop talking for now. She then took the initiative to ask: “What exactly are you looking for by blocking the entrance of the city?”

“Hmph!” A soldier coldly said: “The grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family was kidnapped, and orders have come from above that every carriage entering or leaving the city must be searched. Not a single one can be let through! You lot, quickly get out of the carriage!”

“Grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family?” Feng Yu Heng raised her voice to ask him: “You are saying that you are blocking the gate to the city for the citizens, causing them to not be able to live peacefully because of the grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family?”

“That’s right!” The soldier raised his head and did not feel as though he had said anything wrong. He even loudly said: “The grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family is of noble status. How could these lowly commoners compare to the small matters that may have happened to him!” Moreover, the relative of the Qian Zhou’s imperial family had said that anyone who could bring back the grandson would receive 100 taels of gold. That was gold!

As a result, after he said this, he saw the girl standing on the carriage suddenly change her expression. A faint haze covered her handsome face, as she patted the driver and loudly said: “Bai Ze, beat him!”

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    Thanks for the bonus chapter, Springrain and sponsors! 🙂

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