Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 391

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Too Courageous or Too Kind?

Bai Ze did not care about those things. At first, he only listened to Xuan Tian Ming’s orders. After Feng Yu Heng came along, he began to listen to both of them. Not to mention beating up some soldiers standing guard, even if he was told to kill the Emperor, he would do it without even frowning.

Once Feng Yu Heng spoke, Bai Ze flew out in the blink of an eye. He did not even pull out his sword and just used his fists to punch the guards.

What martial abilities could simple guards have? Before they could even move their spears, Bai Ze’s ghostly figure had already arrived in front of them. These people were completely unable to see how Bai Ze was punching them and could not protect themselves at all. The nose, the eyes, the forehead, the cheeks, and the chest were all hit. This beating caused gold stars to dance in their eyes, as they all fell to the ground.

The civilians waiting to enter and exit the city watched this scene and all cheered because they had not just been angered from being searched. Just now, someone had said that they were lowly citizens that could not compare to the people of Qian Zhou. This caused the civilians to become infuriated. One of the angrier people shouted: “Good job! To actually dare to use Qian Zhou’s prestige to insult the people of Da Shun, you damn traitorous piece of trash!”

“You dare to hit us!” In the end, someone finally found the ability to speak up, but he was completely unable to believe it. What exactly was the background of the person in front of him? This place was the capital, and they actually dared to hit a guard?

Not all of the guards had gone forward to confront Bai Ze. There was another group that remained at the gates. They were not at all the same as this group of people. Those that remained at the gate were considered veteran guards. Although they were not older than their mid-30s, they had already guarded the gates for many years. These people spent every day rotating between the city’s four entrances. They had a better understanding of every type of person in the capital than anyone else. In fact, they had a rough memory of every person that entered and exited the capital frequently.

Long before Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage arrived near the gate, they already recognized it. That was the ninth prince’s carriage, and the driver was not a normal person. It was his personal attendant, and the girl inside the carriage was even less simple. That was the incredibly famous county princess Ji An. Hmph, those damn brats that had been currying favor with Qian Zhou had caused a massive problem this time.

Seeing the person that had been knocked down was still pointing at and cursing Bai Ze, Feng Yu Heng snorted coldly and loudly said: “The ones being beaten was this group of worthless things! In order to help Qian Zhou find their grandson, you actually cause this much trouble for the citizens of Da Shun? Even if you were beaten to death today, it would be your own fault! You said that my Da Shun’s citizens are lowly people, right?” She suddenly pointed into the crowd of citizens and randomly selected a young person: “Go into the capital and tell the governor to bring these people’s family registers out! My Da Shun does not have this sort of scum! Didn’t you say that Qian Zhou was great? If you have the ability to get to Qian Zhou, this county princess wants to see if Qian Zhou will accept you or not!”

Once the three words “this county princess” were said, those that found Feng Yu Heng to look a little familiar immediately reacted and immediately kneeled on the ground, shouting in unison: “Greeting county princess Ji An!”

The guard that had fallen to the ground from the beating was dazed. What? County princess Ji An? This girl was county princess Ji An? Oh no, he had heard that county princess Ji An abhorred evil. The crime that they had committed this time, would they end up losing their heads?

There was another person that let out a sigh of relief and thought to themselves, not bad, at least it’s only county princess. If the ninth prince was also here, they really would not be able to continue living.

Just as they were thinking this, the curtain of the imperial carriage was lifted once more, and a man in purple robes came out in his wheelchair. On his face was a golden mask that blinded everyone thanks to the setting sun.

Three words immediately appeared in the minds of the soldiers standing guard.

Yes, it’s over.

The ninth prince was also here. County princess Ji An was already on bad terms with Qian Zhou, and the ninth prince was extremely protective of his wife. To fall into their hands, how could they possibly escape alive?

Sure enough, upon coming out of the imperial carriage, Xuan Tian Ming’s first words were to the young person that Feng Yu Heng had selected: “County princess told you to go find the governor. Why have you still not gone?”

The young person leaped up high then loudly said: “Just now, I was only concentrated on kowtowing to county princess. This humble citizen will go now!” Once this person finished speaking, they ran off.

Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng revealed their identities, so the soldiers that had been standing guard at the gate also ran over. After saluting, one of them took the lead and said: “Reporting to your Highness and county princess.” He pointed at the people on the ground and said: “These people were not originally gate guards. They are in charge of guarding the posthouse. With the special envoy from Qian Zhou arriving in the capital, they have been responsible for the protection of the special envoy. Like this, who knows what sorts of benefits Qian Zhou has promised them to cause them to do such a thing. From early this morning until now, the citizens entering and exiting the city have suffered quite a bit!”

So that was what had happened. Xuan Tian Ming’s expression darkened once more.

Bai Ze said: “Your Highness, this sort of person really does not deserve to stay in Da Shun. As I see it, Da Shun should throw them over the Northern border into Qian Zhou!”

Xuan Tian Ming coldly snorted, “The trip is long, and my Da Shun’s drivers do not need to carry this sort of scum. When the governor finishes handling their family registers, just have the special envoy from Qian Zhou take them away.” He pulled Feng Yu Heng’s hand, “Don’t keep standing here. Let’s go back and enter the palace before it gets dark.” The two turned around, and Xuan Tian Ming casually spoke while returning to the imperial carriage: “The people that came from Qian Zhou are all adults. If they cannot even keep an eye on a child, even if the child is found once more, they would not be able to do a good job of raising it. Da Shun does not have any reason to help such brainless people search our own citizens. Everyone is dismissed. None may cause trouble over this matter.”

These words caused the citizens to cheer. The gate’s original guards also let out a sigh of relief. Taking care of the gate, they allowed Xuan Tian Ming’s group through first before taking care of the citizens.

The dwarf in Yao shi’s carriage had his acupuncture points secretly hit by Ban Zou, causing him to fall asleep at Yao shi’s side. Yao shi helplessly said: “Qian Zhou’s imperial grandson went missing. This world really is becoming more and more chaotic.”

After entering the city’s gates, the two carriages split up. Feng Yu Heng personally got out of the carriage and went to tell Yao shi: “His Highness and I will be going into the imperial palace. Mother should return to the manor first. You absolutely must remember that you must not pay any attention to the Feng family’s people. The small entrance in Liu Courtyard has already been closed up. Now, the Feng family’s people must enter through the front entrance. Wang Chuan, make sure that they know that nobody is allowed to enter.”

Wang Chuan nodded, “Young miss, do not worry.”

Yao shi, however, pointed at the dwarf and was a little troubled: “A-Heng, can he go in?”

Feng Yu Heng glanced at the dwarf and shrugged, “If he wants to go with mother, then he can go in.”

Yao shi did not understand what her words meant and only took it as agreement, thus she very happily said: “Then you should quickly get to the palace. There is no need to worry about home.”

Feng Yu Heng still left Wang Chuan and Huang Quan to accompany Yao shi. As for Ban Zou, either way, he could not enter the imperial palace, thus he remained in a hidden place to protect them. The imperial carriage and carriage went their different ways. When heading toward the imperial palace, Xuan Tian Ming said: “You know that the dwarf won’t enter the manor?”

Feng Yu Heng said: “If he is not stupid, he will not cast himself in there. Right now, he is already shackled and cannot run even if he wants to. If he takes the risk and enters the county princess’ manor, say, when I get back, will he be able to continue living?”

He laughed out loud, “Dear wife, don’t be so violent.”

“How so.” She rolled her eyes and said with a smile: “To be tolerant of the enemy is to be cruel to yourself. If I were violent, I could use all of my wealth to wholeheartedly handle it. If it is an enemy, I have at least ten thousand methods to kill them. There are also another ten thousand methods to make them feel that living is worse than death.”

Reality proved that Feng Yu Heng was correct. The dwarf was only physically disabled but not mentally disabled. He had failed to kill Feng Yu Heng and Yao shi along the way, which was already a miscalculation. Now, a powerful group consisting of a hidden guard and two servants surrounded him. Having fallen asleep from having his acupuncture points hit, he slept from the riverside until they entered the capital. Right now, he was not even able to get at Yao shi’s body, yet he was about to enter the county princess’ manor. Was that not just seeking death?

Ever since he woke up after entering the capital, he had been thinking of how to escape. This dwarf understood that he was no longer in the position to harm others. Right now, it was the equivalent of being kidnapped by his target. He truly had lost all of his face. How could he possibly escape from their grasp?

While he was thinking, they had already arrived at the county princess’ manor. After coming to the capital, he had also come here a few times. He knew that the county princess’ manor was very tightly watched, and the guards outside were not normal guards. They were the imperial family’s imperial guards. Previously, he had thought about how he should sneak in to look around, but now, it was the exact opposite. Now, he was thinking about how he should avoid going into the manor.

Yao shi saw that his complexion was not quite right and asked out of curiosity: “What’s wrong?”

Huang Quan coldly said, “What is it, do you think that our manor is small and is not worthy of your grand stature?”

The dwarf did not speak, and his eyes wandered wildly. Finally, he saw a line of patrolling soldiers on the street. His eyes lit up, and he suddenly shouted: “Save me! I am the grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family. This group of people kidnapped me!” While shouting, he desperately rushed over toward the group of soldiers.

Yao shi was given a fright, as she watched the dwarf with her mouth agape. No matter how she thought, she was unable to understand. She had clearly saved this child. Why did he now say that he had been kidnapped?

Nobody stopped the dwarf’s actions, as Wang Chuan sighed, saying to Yao shi: “Young miss knew long ago that he was one of Qian Zhou’s people but did not dare expose it, fearing that he would hurt you. But madam still misunderstood young miss and said that sort of thing. Does madam know how hurt young miss felt?”

Yao shi was still dazed and confused. The two words Qian Zhou spun around in her mind many times before she finally realized how dangerous this trip had been.

But how could she be given so much time to think? The group of soldiers naturally knew about the grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family being kidnapped and already seen an image of the grandson. Now that they saw this child, they quickly went forward and surrounded Yao shi.

But the imperial guards in front of the county princess’ manor became unhappy, as one of them walked forward and questioned one of the soldiers: “What are you doing?”

The soldier’s attitude was quite good and immediately replied: “The grandson of Qian Zhou’s imperial family had been kidnapped. Now, he personally gave an accusation. At the very least, we need to go through the motions.”

The imperial guard snorted, “Go through the motions? Even when you go through the motions, you need to know to differentiate time and place. Do you know who you have surrounded?”

The soldiers naturally knew that this was county princess Ji An’s manor. Hearing these words, the immediately realized that this was most likely some important person, so they quickly backed up.

They then heard the imperial guard say: “This is county princess Ji An’s mother, and his Majesty personally conferred her the title of first rank noble lady. I must say, are you guys too courageous or too kind?”

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  1. I almost forgot the fact that A-Heng’s mom had that sort of title. Moreover Yao Shi really annoys me as of late, and I know I’m not the only one feeling that way. *sighs* If only she used her brain a little bit, it would be better. Anyway that stupid dwarf is really shameless, still judgement will surely befall him! Can’t wait for it or for KY’s face when she hears that they have succeeded in producing steel. Qian Zhou the day will come when you’ll regret ever messing with A-Heng and Ming’er!!!! XD

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    1. At least the dwarf outed himself in front of Yao-shi. Hopefully she realized that she wronged A Heng and that she dodged a bad end. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the dwarf is up to no good, pretending to be pitiful, but is in fact, “Qian Zhou’s Imperial Grandson”.

      Now the question is… what the hell is he doing here in the middle of Da Shun, eh? A Heng won’t let him off too easily!

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  2. Now please just contemplate and rearrange your mind, Yao Shi. You still need to recover more from the drig’s effect. Just try not to make any more trouble for your ‘daughter’. You must realized she truly care for you even though she is not your real daughter.

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    1. You’re right – even though she may have had doubts about FYH, but FYH’s actions have spoken loudly that she fiercely protects YS and FZR – where did she ever get the idea that FYH would turn on them???

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  3. Good. Now she has known how mean she is to her own daughter. This makes the phrase that ” Blood thicker than water” to be false, et? This mother had chosen other than her own daughter and then she knew she was badly wrong. I really hate this kind of mothers. Wang Chuan did well to remind this to that stupid mother. 😏

    Thank you for the chapter.

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