Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 392

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This Prince Will Give You My Wheelchair

The group of soldiers felt so much regret that their insides turned green. They all turned their hateful eyes toward the dwarf, but the dwarf did not understand, as he continued to point at Yao shi and say: “It’s her! I went to play in the city. Who knew that along the way, I would be kidnapped by them. They even threw me into a river. Quickly arrest her and send her into the palace receive judgment from the Emperor!”

“Shut your mouth!” Send her into the palace? This group of people hated that they could not give him a kick.

But the imperial guard added: “You should send him to the palace. After all, it is a child of Qian Zhou. I heard that the people from Qian Zhou are waiting in the imperial palace for news. You should go quickly.”

The soldiers nodded and left with the dwarf.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan helped Yao shi, who had not yet recovered from the mental shock, back into the county princess’ manor. At the same time, they informed the gatekeeper: “Nobody is to be allowed in. Madam is not receiving guests.”

As for the imperial guards outside, they felt that there was something off about this situation. Rushing over to the imperial palace on a fast horse, they wanted to say something to Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng. Unfortunately, they were a little late. When they arrived at the palace, the guard told him: “The ninth prince and county princess Ji An have probably already reached Chang Yang Road.” Chang Yang Road was the road that led to Heavenly Hall. Aside from the officials and relatives of the imperial family, normal people were not allowed on it.

The imperial guard stomped his feet and simply sat in front of the palace’s gates in wait.

At this very moment, Feng Yu Heng was pushing Xuan Tian Ming along Chang Yang Road, arriving in the square before Heavenly Hall. Looking from far away, there were quite a few people standing in Heavenly Hall. There were some familiar people and some unfamiliar. Feng Yu Heng even saw her father, Feng Jin Yuan.

Xuan Tian Ming shrugged his shoulders: “That old man’s desire to show off has soared once more. He must have received word of us returning to the capital, so he hurriedly gathered the officials to test the weapon.”

Feng Yu Heng stared at the unfamiliar people inside the hall and pointed: “They’re from Qian Zhou, right?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “They should be.”

While they spoke, the two arrived in front of the hall. Zhang Yuan had been standing in the entrance for a long time. Seeing the two arrive, he quickly went forward to receive them, saluting and saying: “Your Highness, county princess, you have finally returned. His Majesty has already waited for a long time. Quickly follow this servant into the hall.”

He deliberately did not lower his voice, allowing the people inside to hear what he had said. At this time, everyone in the hall turned to look at the entrance. Even the Emperor, who had been seated on the throne, stared wide-eyed.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the thing held in Xuan Tian Ming’s hand. The thing was covered by a red cloth, and it was not clear what it was. But everyone knew what their goal was with this trip back to the capital, thus it was not hard to guess what was hidden by that cloth. It should be the first steel weapon created by Da Shun.

General Ping Nan was the most impatient, as he was the first to rush forward, his voice slightly trembling: “It succeeded? It really succeeded?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and smiled to him, “Old general, it has succeeded.”

These words nearly caused tears to fall down his old face. He tried his best to restrain his emotions and quickly gave way to them. Feng Yu Heng pushed Xuan Tian Ming forward, one step at a time, finally arriving at the front of the hall, in front of the Emperor.

She let go of the wheelchair and took a few steps forward, kneeling and saluting: “Daughter-in-law greets father Emperor. Long live father Emperor!”

The more the Emperor looked at this daughter-in-law, the more satisfied he felt. He even had a desire to go up and personally help her up. As a result, his son coughed and managed to stop him.

“A-Heng! Quickly, stand up.” The Emperor wondered, why did his voice seem to carry a bit of a fawning tone?

Zhang Yuan returned to his side and quietly said: “Your Majesty, endure a little.”

The Emperor gritted his teeth and quietly replied: “Endure my ass!” He then anxiously said: “That uh, has the steel been produced?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Not only has steel been produced, it has been used to create the very first steel weapon for Da Shun.” Saying this, she turned to look at Xuan Tian Ming.

Xuan Tian Ming then raised the thing in his hand high above his head, attracting the gazes of everyone present. Only then did Feng Yu Heng reach out and remove the red cloth.

With the red cloth being removed, everyone inhaled sharply. Even the Emperor stood up from his throne.

They saw a long knife in Xuan Tian Ming’s hands that exuded a murderous cold aura. The blade was shining brightly, and the clarity was practically able to reflect people perfectly.

They had seen this type of weapon before. It was the one that Feng Yu Heng had used to break iron essence weapons during the new year’s celebration. But that one belonged to Feng Yu Heng. Even if she promised to produce steel for Da Shun, actually being able to produce it was another matter.

Over the past half year, all levels of society were on edge. Especially after learning that Feng Yu Heng had already gone to the military camp, everyone became even more worried with each passing day. On one hand, they were anxious to hear news pertaining to the production of steel. On the other hand, they were worried to hear about news pertaining to the production of steel.

Everyone was worried about failure. They feared that they would have waited for so long only to hear that Da Shun was completely unable to produce steel. Today, the Emperor called all of the officials to discuss a matter, but they remained from noon until early evening, and there did not appear to be any matters left; however, he still did not allow them to leave. He just kept them to chat about idle matters. Some of the smarter people guessed that something was definitely the matter; however, they never thought that it would be the ninth prince and county princess Ji An that had returned.

The steel had been successfully produced. With a steel weapon in hand, General Ping Nan was the only one permitted to carry a weapon in Heavenly Hall. He could no longer wait and pulled out his own sword. Rushing at Xuan Tian Ming, he slashed at the knife in his hand.

Feng Yu Heng could see that the sword was a treasure, and it had been conferred by the Emperor himself. Ever since General Ping Nan went onto the battlefield for the first time, he wore it. All the way until today, it had been kept in great condition.

She was worried that he would feel saddened over his sword breaking and wanted to stop him; however, Xuan Tian Ming slightly shook his head to her. Thus she turned to say: “If the general’s sword breaks, A-Heng will use steel to help make you a new one.”

Once this was said, General Ping Nan’s sword slammed into the knife. With a clang, the sword broke in two pieces.

He still held the handle of the sword, but the gem that came out of the tiger’s mouth had begun to lose its luster. It was as though it had lost its life with the breaking of the blade. General Ping Nan looked at the treasured sword that had accompanied him for many years and suddenly began laughing. He then looked at Feng Yu Heng and said emotionally: “Girl, do your earlier words still count?”

Before she replied, the Emperor, who had been standing in front of the throne became anxious, “Any sword that is made will be given to Us first! Old man Ping Nan, don’t fight with me for it, okay?”

General Ping Nan turned around and very immodestly said: “The girl promised me first!”

“I don’t care!” The Emperor’s unreasonable attitude surged forth once more, “Either way, it must be given to Us.”

Xuan Tian Ming was helpless. An emperor was arguing with an official for something, yet the old man was not embarrassed to do it. He waved his hand, “Each of you will get one. They will be given together.”

Like this, the two old guys were satisfied and nodded, saying in unison: “That’s more like it.”

This group talked and laughed, ensuring their own welfare. The officials that had been watching in a daze with their mouths agape finally recovered. Everyone knew just how much General Ping Nan treasured his sword. Moreover, it had been given to him by the Emperor. To say that it was a treasure was not too much of an exaggeration. But now, it had been broken in two, yet General Ping Nan did not seem to be too distressed.

Everyone knew that this was the beauty of steel. This was the power of steel.

The officials of Da Shun all kneeled and shouted: “Congratulations, your Majesty on the successful production of steel!”

The remaining three people that did not kneel were a little too embarrassed to continue standing, thus they also kneeled, loudly saying: “Congratulations to Da Shun on unifying the world.”

The Emperor laughed for a while. After laughing enough, he said: “What unifying the world? Now is still not the time.”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. What sort of thing was he saying. Was this not just clearly telling people, I will unify the world someday, just wait and see.

Sure enough, the faces of the three people became a little ugly. One of them stood up, anger enveloping their entire being. Looking at Xuan Tian Ming, they said: “I wonder if this lowly one would be permitted to test the weapon?”

Xuan Tian Ming put down the knife and looked at this person then asked: “General of Qian Zhou?”

That person nodded, “This lowly one is Xing Hai Sheng. Would your Highness please teach me!”

Once this was said, however, the relative of the imperial family of Qian Zhou that had also come along angrily scolded: “Shut your mouth! Da Shun’s new national treasure has only just been created. How could it possibly something that our small nation could test! Also, his Highness the ninth prince’s legs are severely injured. How could he teach you?”

“Hah!” The Emperor waved his hand, “My Da Shun has always viewed the vassal states as comrades and never looked down on you. Now that Da Shun has steel, this general wishing to try it out is something that should be done. As for Ming’er’s legs… you are mistaken. Even if he fights from his wheelchair, you could not beat him.”

Feng Yu Heng smirked. These two were both the same with how extremely shameless they could be. She did not say much and only pushed Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair toward the outside of the hall. While walking, she said: “If you wish to fight, fight outside. There is more room outside.”

Once this invitation was extended, the general from Qian Zhou immediately followed them out.

The Emperor was supported by Zhang Yuan and went out last. He quietly asked the eunuch that had accompanied him for many years: “The bragging that I just did, old ninth should be able to handle it, right?”

Zhang Yuan nodded, “Your Majesty, do not worry. When has his Highness the ninth prince ever allowed you to lose face?”

“That is indeed true.” The Emperor regained a bit of confidence, “Who knows if that child from Qian Zhou has been found or not. Say, how does a group of people so stupid that they can’t even keep an eye on a child manage to transport so much gold? This matter really is strange!”

He muttered while arriving at the scene. Another eunuch had already prepared a seat for him. Zhang Yuan supported the Emperor and helped him be seated. At this time, Feng Yu Heng also let go of the wheelchair and retreated to the side. In the middle of the square, only Xuan Tian Ming and that general from Qian Zhou remained.

Xing Hai Sheng snorted. Receiving a weapon from the imperial guard, he glanced at it and sneered. He was clearly dissatisfied with this weapon.

Xuan Tian Ming, however, said: “If we go straight to competing with weapons, I fear that it will end with just one exchange. Since you said that you wish for me to teach you, just one exchange will not be worth much. How about this, for the first 30 exchanges, this prince will not use this steel weapon to block your weapon. How is that?”

Xing Hai Sheng did not boast. This was not his original weapon, so he could not guarantee the quality of the weapon. Thus he nodded, “If that is the case, many thanks to your Highness.”

Just after he said this, he suddenly rushed forward, stabbing the sword in his hand straight at Xuan Tian Ming.

The generals of Da Shun all frowned, while General Ping Nan was not polite at all, snorting: “Shameless!” This gave voice to what every official of Da Shun was thinking.

But everyone immediately found that Xing Hai Sheng really was shameless to the extreme. When fighting, just fight, but he did not aim for the body. Instead, he aimed straight at Xuan Tian Ming’s wheelchair. As this fight continued, it even caused Xuan Tian Ming to laugh, “It seems that you really like this prince’s wheelchair. Since that is the case, this prince will gift it to you!”

One this was said, a certain person that had been sitting in the wheelchair suddenly flew up. Moving his legs smoothly, he landed behind Xing Hai Sheng and kicked his back. With a “thunk”, he kicked him forward.

After staggering a few steps, he fell into the wheelchair that Xuan Tian Ming had been sitting in.

As for the person that had left the wheelchair, landed naturally and completely stable. Where was there any sign of him being crippled!

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