Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 393

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This Prince is Lazy, Is That No Good?

This fight left everyone dazed by this sudden outcome. The ninth prince had… stood up?

The Emperor smiled happily, “Old ninth is still quite valiant when he stands.” He was the typical person that enjoyed watching exciting things and did not fear them getting out of hand, as he shouted: “Continue fighting! There are so many people watching!”

Xuan Tian Ming curled his lips into a sly smile, “What’s the rush? Wait until he is seated properly.”

Looking again at Xing Hai Sheng, who had been pushed onto the wheelchair, who knew if he had suffered internal injuries or was truly unaccustomed to sitting in a wheelchair. Upon being seated, he began fidgeting. He felt that the ground definitely was not flat. Otherwise, why would the wheelchair keep spinning without stopping?

The imperial relative angrily shouted: “Why do you not quickly get out of that wheelchair!”

These words were a reminder for Xing Hai Sheng, as his mind cleared up. He then exerted some strength from his dantian to try and soar straight into the air.

Unfortunately, before his butt completely left the wheelchair, Xuan Tian Ming used the butt of his knife to hit his shoulder, slapping him back down.

One wanted to leave the wheelchair, and one wanted to stop him from leaving the wheelchair. Like this, 30 exchanges very quickly passed. Xuan Tian Ming no longer beat around the bush, using the butt of his knife to unsheath the sword that Xing Hai Sheng had never unsheathed. Once the sword was knocked loose, he slashed with his knife at the sword and cut it in two.

“Boring.” A certain person cleanly took care of matters then shook his head and said: “Cutting a sword that was borrowed is not very fun. At a later date, you should bring your own weapon to come and fight with this prince once more. Now,” He looked at the person sitting in the wheelchair and smiled wickedly, “Now, get up for this prince!”

Once this was said, a figure flashed, and nobody was able to see when exactly the ninth prince had acted nor how he had acted, but they suddenly felt something blur before their eyes. Something ended up being thrown a long distance. That thing was none other than the general from Qian Zhou, Xing Hai Sheng. Xuan Tian Ming threw him out of his own wheelchair then sat down on the wheelchair once more. He then waved in a certain direction: “Heng Heng, come and push this prince.”

Feng Yu Heng walked forward with a smile to push the wheelchair. Her small hands, however, took an opportunity to forcefully pinch the back of his neck.

Teach you to fake it!

Feng Yu Heng was unhappy, but there were two people that were even more unhappy. They were the imperial relative and the government official that had come along. The imperial relative then said: “It was clear that your Highness’ leg injury has already been healed. Why do you continue to sit in your wheelchair?”

Xuan Tian Ming glanced at him then answered very seriously: “Because I am lazy.”

“Hmph!” The imperial relative flicked his sleeve, and his expression became even uglier.

Xuan Tian Ming became puzzled, “How is there any relation between me sitting in this wheelchair and you? Was it you that needed to push it?”

General Ping Nan already found the people from Qian Zhou to be an annoyance, so he also joined in: “That’s right. Have we eaten your Qian Zhou’s food and slept with your people? You can worry about the heavens and the earth, but why are you worrying about what chair someone else’s child sits in?”

These words caused Qian Zhou’s imperial relative to become speechless and red in the face, unable to say a single word. Someone had already gone to fetch Xing Hai Sheng. That person did not have the face to continue speaking, so he did not dare say a single word.

Xuan Tian Ming turned to look at the officials on the other side and very unhappily said: “This prince’s legs were successfully treated by county princess Ji An. What is it, why do you not say anything?”

The officials then quickly kneeled and said: “These officials congratulate your Highness Prince Yu on the successful recovery of your legs!”

Only then did he nod with satisfaction, “Alright, you may rise.” He then looked at the Emperor and said loudly: “Son has caused father Emperor to worry.”

“Not worried, not worried!” The Emperor repeatedly waved his hand. They were clearly just words of courtesy, but why did he feel like old ninth’s face seemed a little off?

Zhang Yuan poked him and quietly said: “His legs were already injured to that degree, how could not be worried.”

Oh! He nodded and quickly changed his tune: “I was worried before, but isn’t your wife a divine doctor! Last time, she already ensured Us that your legs would definitely be healed. We even made a bet with this damn eunuch Zhang Yuan. We said that you would be fine by this year. He insisted that it would be next year. He has lost 100 taels of silver to Us. Take a look, it was father Emperor that has the most faith, right?”

Zhang Yuan nearly bit his own tongue off. Your Majesty, in order to appear good in front of your son, you will sell me out like this?

His face sank, as he quietly said to the Emperor: “This servant does not have the money.”

“We will award you with a bit later on.” Zhang Yuan felt that being able to receive something was quite good, so he nodded with satisfaction. Who knew that the Emperor would add: “After awarding it to you, you can pay Us.”

This meant that he would need to die first!

Feng Yu Heng truly could not stand to watch this father-son combo act so shamelessly, so she quickly interjected: “Father Emperor, now that the steel has begun production, I trust that all of the soldiers in Da Shun will be able to hold steel weapons like the one used earlier. At this time in this world, I invite father Emperor to come and visit the military camp.”

Xuan Tian Ming also said: “You should visit personally. With 30 thousand steel weapons in hand, that scene would be spectacular and could not be described.”

The Emperor was extremely interested from what the two said, nodding repeatedly, “Good! Good! When the steel has been produced, We will personally go over to take a look.”

The officials of Da Shun began to discuss things about the steel knife. Feng Jin Yuan wanted to go over a few times to speak with Feng Yu Heng, but seeing her cold expression and how she did not even look at him, he did not have the courage.

At this time, a eunuch quickly ran over and kneeled on the ground, saying: “Reporting to your Majesty, the young grandson of Qian Zhou has been found.”

“Oh?” The Emperor asked: “Where was he found? Has he been brought back?”

The eunuch replied: “He was found inside the capital. He has been brought back to the palace.”

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative heard that his grandson had been found and immediately became emotional, urgently asking: “Where is he? Where is he?”

At this time, on the other side of the square, a sound came from far away: “Grandfather! Kun’er is here!”

Feng Yu Heng trembled, Kun’er? It really was amazing that he could say it.

Following the dwarf’s shout, he was brought to the middle of the square. The Emperor looked at the blanket that he had been wrapped up in, and he felt a little strange, “On this hot day, what are you wrapped up in a blanket for?”

The dwarf then dropped to his knees and kowtowed three times to the Emperor. He then said with a complaining voice: “I beg your Majesty to support Kun’er!”

The Emperor was puzzled: “Support you for what?” Thinking a little more, “Oh, I heard that you were kidnapped by someone?”

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative went forward and saluted, saying: “The criminal went rampant, and I hope your Majesty will investigate.”

The Emperor asked the soldier that brought him forward, “Say, what happened?”

The soldier had noticed the shout from the dwarf, Feng Kun, in front of county princess’ manor, so he told everyone about everything that had happened. He then looked at Feng Kun with a very perplexed expression: “I really don’t understand why the grandson of Qian Zhou ran off to that desolate corner of the capital. If it was not for running into Lady Yao, perhaps you would have been eaten by a beast, right?”

The imperial relative of Qian Zhou lost it: “What a bunch of nonsense. Did you not hear Kun’er say that he had been kidnapped?”

The soldier rolled his eyes and wondered to himself what an imperial relative of Qian Zhou was doing here in Da Shun and trying to use his prestige. He then threw out a truth: “Lady Yao had come back from the military camp. How could she have time to come to the capital and take away your grandson and return go back. Just looking at the timing, it doesn’t make sense!”

Feng Kun quickly took over and said: “It was me that went out on my own to play around. Along the way, I ran into that group of criminals. not only did they hang me from a tree, they also threw me into a river.”

“Oh!” The soldier laughed, “This humble subordinate wanted to say along the way to the palace, the imperial grandson is quite fast! Did you go out in the middle of the night to play?”

The Emperor understood what was being said and glared at Feng Kun, asking: “When did you run into Yao shi?”

Feng Kun knew that this lie would not hold up to scrutiny. Under questioning, all kinds of holes would be exposed, thus he quickly pretended to be like a child and played it off, “I forgot.”

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative had an angry expression, “Your Majesty, Kun’er is still young. Going out to play is considered normal, but that woman, Yao shi, how could she be such a venomous woman. She…”


Unexpectedly, before he could finish speaking, the imperial relative of Qian Zhou felt his vision blur. It was as though something had slapped him. His face then suddenly felt hot, and something seemed to flow down. He subconsciously raised his hand to feel it and actually ended up with a hand covered in blood.

The officials of Da Shun saw this and laughed, saying to themselves that it served him right. Before coming to Da Shun, he did not do his homework. He could insult anyone, yet he chose to insult county princess Ji An’s mother? Slapping you is considered a light punishment. There wasn’t a steel knife that hit you. Even if you did die, it would be considered just.

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative was dazed. Enduring the extreme pain, he searched for the source and immediately saw the whip in Xuan Tian Ming’s hand. Angrily opening his mouth, he was about to begin cursing. Before he could even say anything, he heard the Emperor say: “What is it? Are you about to curse at Our ninth child?”

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative was stunned and immediately recovered mentally. The reports about Da Shun’s ninth prince that never paid attention to what was right or wrong surged into his head. This included the ninth prince how he would favor county princess Ji An. He began to feel afraid. He was from Qian Zhou, yet he had come to Da Shun on his own. This was the equivalent of entering the wolf’s den. If he said a single word too much, he would lose his head!

But if he did not speak, he would feel miserable, thus he could only say to the Emperor: “Your Majesty, my Qian Zhou has presented a tribute year after year, and it has always been acting as a vassal state. Why do you…”

“Has it?” Xuan Tian Ming spoke up, “Qian Zhou has the vile heart of a wolf. To say that Lady Yao tied this shorty up and hung him from a tree, how should anyone believe it? This prince will tell you, that’s right, that is how it was done. This is all clear, if it was not for madam’s kindness, based on what this prince intended, he would have been cut up into pieces and thrown into a pot then boiled up.”

“You” Qian Zhou’s imperial relative was extremely shocked. Xuan Tian Ming suddenly said such vulgar things, and this left him with a bad premonition. If it was not for the other side having some sort of clue, even the ninth prince would not tear down the face of Qian Zhou so clearly. It had to be known that Kun’er had come to Da Shun as the grandson of Qian Zhou. That was the imperial bloodline!

He realized that things were not good, but he did not have time to understand the reasoning. He quickly went forward and helped Feng Kun up and pulled him into his embrace. Only then did he say: “Forget it, Qian Zhou is a vassal country. Naturally, it cannot compete with Da Shun. Since Kun’er has already been found, this prince will not investigate.”

However, whether or not it would be investigated was not something that he could decide, as Xuan Tian Ming added: “This prince does not care if you investigate or not, but there is something that Qian Zhou must explain clearly. Why has Qian Zhou disguised a dwarf as a child and brought him to Da Shun?”

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    Xuan Tian Ming glanced at him then answered very seriously: โ€œBecause I am lazy.โ€

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