Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 394

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Brat, You’re Not Far From Death

Speaking of this, Feng Kun was not just a dwarf. It was not just that he appeared short. Most serious of all, his voice and face actually stopped developing too.

In truth, this situation was something that could be noticed by any doctor that had experience in examining checking pulses and feeling bones. Both would allow for them to find out the hidden trick; however, from an appearance perspective, Feng Kun indeed looked like a child. Also, who could have expected Qian Zhou to actually have such courage to actually dare to try and cheat the ruler of Da Shun.

Feng Yu Heng had once encountered such a case in her previous life. Their body stopped growing, and their body stopped producing growth hormone. This sort of person, for the most part, would not live past 18 years of age. Of course, there were exceptions. In country M, there was a case with the patient living until the age of 30, but this was only a single case.

If this Feng Kun was truly the son of Qian Zhou’s imperial relative, that would mean that he was of the same generation as Kang Yi. Based on what Xuan Tian Ming said, this imperial relative had one son, and he was Kang Yi’s cousin. Thinking like this, he should be around 35 years old. With such severe symptoms, to be able to have survived for this long was truly a medical miracle.

Feng Yu Heng believed that the reason Feng Kun lived for so long should be related to his living conditions. Qian Zhou was extremely cold and was perpetually covered in ice and snow. Even the surface of the ground could not be seen, while the foundation of the imperial palace was built on ice. It was living and growing up in this sort of frigid environment that inhibited his condition from deteriorating. This person also practicing martial arts was another factor in his lifespan.

Xuan Tian Ming had exposed Qian Zhou’s greatest secret. This caused everyone present to feel stunned. The Emperor’s face became gloomy, as he glared at Qian Zhou’s imperial relative. Although he did not speak, his gaze carried a clear killing intent. Qian Zhou’s imperial relative felt a clump of cold air envelope him. It was hot day, yet he was chilled from head to toe.

Had it been exposed? How was that possible! Right before coming, he had especially asked Qian Zhou’s national physician. That physician said that even someone skilled in feeling bones would not be able to see through Feng Kun’s condition. That he had this sort of son, aside from Qian Zhou’s imperial family and that physician, there were no more than ten who knew about him. In fact, even the officials that had come with him were left in the dark. This was a secret that the imperial family of Qian Zhou had protected for many years. He could be sure that he had exposed his identity, but why was it so easy for the ninth prince to see through it?

For this trip to Da Shun, they had schemed and plotted. With Feng Kun hidden from everyone’s eyes, it was impossible to assassinate the Emperor, but inquiring about the secrets of steel or launching surprise attacks against county princess Ji An’s mother were things that could still be done. Kang Yi and Ru Jia had suffered such hardship. Qian Zhou definitely could not just ignore it. Moreover, there was still the ten million taels of gold.

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative’s forehead was covered in sweat. Looking at Xuan Tian Ming with a bewildered expression for a long time, he finally said: “Your Highness, what is the meaning of this? This… this is clearly just a four-year-old child!”

Xuan Tian Ming rolled his eyes in a very exaggerated manner then immediately reached out and pointed, “Person of Qian Zhou, this prince will give you one last chance. If you continue to spout lies with a straight face, I might just have this child or grandchild cut up into eight pieces and have the imperial physicians check to see just how old he is.”

These words were cold and piercing. Under the gold mask, the purple lotus gradually bloomed. It was clearly a beautiful purple color, and it was very beautiful in Feng Yu Heng’s eyes, but the imperial relative of Qian Zhou thought it was a man-eating flower. Just one look caused him to look away.

“Your Majesty.” He helplessly went to beg the Emperor that was slightly less scary than Xuan Tian Ming, putting Feng Kun forward once more, “Take a look at Kun’er. short people are indeed very short, but look at Kun’er’s face. He is indeed no different from a young child!”

Once this was said, the officials of Da Shun carefully looked at Feng Kun’s face. Feng Kun put on a very afraid and sorrowful expression while desperately trying to hide in the imperial relative’s waist. Qian Zhou’s imperial relative coaxed him: “Kun’er be good. Raise your head and let them take a look. We cannot be accused arbitrarily by them!”

Feng Yu Heng shrugged and felt that the two were really quite similar, but so what if they were the same? Fake was fake.

At this time, one of the government officials let out a surprised shout: “That’s not right!” Everyone looked over at him. It was a standard third ranked official, and Feng Yu Heng did not recognize him. She just saw that official reach out and point at Feng Kun’s face, loudly saying: “Everyone, look! Look at his face! A few days ago, when he just arrived in Da Shun, he did not look like this. But now… why does he look much older?”

Once this was said, all of the officials turned to look at Feng Kun. Who knew if it was a psychological effect, but in the end, after hearing what he had said, they indeed found that it was not quite right.

“Why does the grandson of Qian Zhou have wrinkles on his forehead?”

“His skin also darkened.”

“Everyone, look carefully. Have his cheeks become a little saggy?”

“Not just that, some crows feet have also appeared at the corners of his eyes.”

Even Feng Jin Yuan was shocked, staring fixedly at Feng Kun. His mind was racing back and forth.

There was a problem with Feng Kun. He was not blind, and he could see what was happening. If things really were as Xuan Tian Ming had said, this person was not the grandson. It would be the dwarf of a son that was pretending to be a child. Qian Zhou’s people had a different goal for this trip. His manor’s head wife was Qian Zhou’s eldest princess. Once something happened with Qian Zhou, whether or not he could keep his position as the prime minister was a small matter. If he lost his head because he had been implicated, that would be too embarrassing.

Thinking of this, Feng Jin Yuan quickly stepped forward and carefully looked at Feng Kun.

Looking over, he became even more shocked. When Feng Kun just arrived in Da Shun, he indeed looked just like a child. But after just this short amount of time, why did his appearance suddenly change?

Of course, this change was not very conspicuous. If nobody looked too carefully, it would not be seen. But now that Xuan Tian Ming had pointed it out, it caused people to begin to believe it. This combined with looking carefully, it was indeed possible to see that something was off with Feng Kun. This caused Feng Jin Yuan to tremble with fear.

“You… what sort of person are you exactly?” He took the initiative to loudly reprimand Feng Kun. At the same time, he looked at the Emperor and kneeled, saying: “Your Majesty! This official asks your Majesty to investigate this matter. If Qian Zhou has insubordinate thoughts, your Majesty absolutely must not let the tigers roam free!”

He believed that by saying this, it would express his personal feeling at the very least. This would help him avoid being implicated because his head wife was from Qian Zhou. Who knew that Feng Yu Heng, however, would coldly snort and correct him: “Father, do not give the enemy any praise. What do you mean let the tigers roam free? How can the insignificant Qian Zhou be considered tigers?”

“Right!” One of the officials agreed: “They are just wolves with evil ambitions.”

There was another person that frankly said: “They cannot even be considered wolves. They’re just lowly cold people!”

These officials were in agreement with this sentiment. Based on the current situation, choosing to stand on county princess Ji An’s side was the most correct. Not to mention the ninth prince regaining the Emperor’s favor after the eldest prince had gained some power for a while, Feng Yu Heng was currently producing steel for Da Shun. This was the greatest merit in the world. Even the Emperor had to give her credit. Could they choose to not curry favor with her?

Thus someone kindly reminded Feng Jin Yuan: “Prime minister Feng, you should listen to what county princess has to say!”

Feng Jin Yuan turned around and looked at Feng Yu Heng with a begging gaze. He especially hoped that Feng Yu Heng could understand that if things got out of hand, the entire Feng family would be executed. As a daughter of the Feng family, she would not be able to avoid being implicated.

But what sort of person was Feng Yu Heng! Given her personality, how could she fear that. Without even looking at Feng Jin Yuan, she smirked and looked at Qian Zhou’s imperial relative with a mocking expression then said: “If you cannot freeze him, I fear he will not live for long.”

Qian Zhou’s imperial relative was given a shock. He understood what Feng Yu Heng had said, but he did not understand what exactly she meant. His heart simply went cold, as a feeling of inescapable doom welled up inside him.

He could not help but look at Feng Kun. If it was not for Feng Kun insisting on going out and causing them trouble, how could he have ended up in such a condition?

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had already begun to explain Feng Kun’s condition from a medical perspective to the Emperor. She said: “Normally speaking, dwarfism usually only affects their height, but their body’s organs and functions are normal according to the body. But for Feng Kun, aside from dwarfism, he also suffers from something else. He suffers from another illness. This illness has stopped his appearance and his other organs from developing. That is how he was able to maintain the appearance and voice of a four-year-old. In theory, people with this illness do not live to be older than 18, but Qian Zhou’s geographical position is unique. It is frigid through the entire year, and this caused the progression of the illness in his body to slow down. He no longer grew, and at the same time, this extended his life. Unfortunately, if he had never left Qian Zhou in his life, it would be better. Once he left that ice-cold place, the aging will intensify. Right now, Da Shun is in the middle of Summer. I fear that if he remains here, this imperial son masquerading as an imperial grandson will pass away within three months.”

In truth, she had wanted to say, you will go see King Yama within three months, but there were a lot of people watching. In any case, this place was a formal one, and she had to use some more elegant words.

Feng Yu Heng was a divine doctor. This was something that everyone knew. Hearing her give this explanation, everyone understood. So everything was true. Qian Zhou’s people actually enter Da Shun with an imperial son masquerading as the imperial grandson, and they had even sneaked into the imperial palace. What exactly was this group of people from Qian Zhou wanting to do?

For a while, Da Shun’s officials directed their anger at the four people from Qian Zhou. The imperial relative from Qian Zhou seemed to have been dazed or something, but he suddenly embraced Feng Kun and said to himself: “Three months? There are still three months?” He then looked down at Feng Kun and suddenly shouted: “Kun’er, we’re going back! We will return immediately to Qian Zhou. We can definitely get back there within three months. As long as we can return to Qian Zhou, you will not need to die!”

General Ping Nan nearly laughed from the anger, “Go back? In your fucking dreams! You are a vile wolf with bad intentions. This old one absolutely must cut you up today!” Saying this, he went to grab the sword at his hip; however, he came up empty. Only then did he remember that his sword had already been broken by a steel knife.

At this time, Feng Kun, who had been kneeling on the ground, suddenly stood up and cast aside the thin blanket, revealing an upper body covered in sturdy and miniature muscles.

Xuan Tian Ming realized that something was off and immediately raised his hand up. With a snap of his fingers, countless people suddenly appeared in the imperial palace, protecting the Emperor and the officials.

At the same time, they heard Feng Kun say: “Father, now that things are like this, do you think that we can still go back? As I see it, rather than being caught alive by them, it would be better to fight to the death with them!”

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    1. Yeah, looks like his mind also stopped at 4 years. How can he sprout such nonsense as fighting with this odds. He couldn’t do anything at the carriage, why should the guards of the emperor be worse?

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