Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 395

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The God of War From Hell

Immediately after Feng Kun said “fight to the death,” The person with the body of a four-year-old child suddenly curled up like a ball and shot forward at the Emperor.

Xuan Tian Ming loudly shouted: “Protect the Emperor!” He then flicked the whip in his hand, as he flew from his wheelchair, chasing after the round ball.

At the same time, Feng Yu Heng was already holding the steel knife in her hand and standing in front of Qian Zhou’s imperial relative. With angry eyes, she said: “You want to take action? You must first get through this county princess before you can!”

All three people pulled out swords that had been hidden, including the government official. Looking now, it was another general that had been disguised.

Feng Yu Heng slightly curled her lips into a cold smile. Slashing with her steel knife, she rushed toward the three.

For a while, the square was a huge mess. Shouts of “protect the Emperor” came one after another. Xuan Tian Ming had chased Feng Kun all the way over to directly in front of the Emperor. Although there was a row of hidden guards protecting him, the scene was still very dangerous.

Feng Kun was an expert when it came to manipulating his body. With his ability to dislocate his joints, a perfectly human shape became a round ball. This round ball, in Feng Yu Heng’s eyes, made use of the shape of the body to reduce air resistance, allowing him to rush forward at a higher speed.

This sort of speed was something that only Xuan Tian Ming could keep up with. Otherwise, even if Ban Zou was present, perhaps he could not catch up. As for the hidden guards protecting the Emperor, they would be hit by that round back. Even if they could block him, it was inevitable that they would be sent back multiple steps. In the end, this would be quite unlucky for the Emperor.

That was why in the instant that Xuan Tian Ming rushed out, Feng Yu Heng used a very quiet voice to say: “You must go as fast as possible!”

Xuan Tian Ming had prepared himself mentally and immediately exploded forward at his body’s upper limit. It was practically like an arrow, chasing after Feng Kun. But Feng Kun was still the first to move. Even if he arrived by the end, he was still a body length behind.

But this sort of distance was perfect for someone that used a whip, like Xuan Tian Ming. He waved his long whip, and it was as though the whip had grown eyes, rushed straight for Feng Kun.

At the front, Feng Kun felt something sharp rushing at him from behind. He thought to himself that it was not good but completely misunderstood. Da Shun actually had someone that could keep up with his speed? Could it be that coming to this central region had not just caused him to age more rapidly, but it had also caused him to slow down?

Not giving him more time to think, Xuan Tian Ming’s whip had already reached his body. Feng Kun felt a burning sensation come from his butt, and he released his joints. The body that had been curled up into a perfect ball could no longer maintain its form and returned to its original form.

Only then did he clearly see that Xuan Tian Ming had used his whip. At the same time, hidden guards had rushed forward, bring their swords and sabers forward, cutting straight at him.

Feng Kun was an expert at hiding and surprise attacks. When it came to a straight-forward fight, he was not very good, but his body was small and agile. That in combination with his extreme flexibility caused the slashes that had come down to miss.

The murderous intent in the hidden guards’ eyes erupted. At this time, however, they heard the Emperor suddenly say from behind them: “Don’t kill him. Catch him alive!”

Zhang Yuan was tugging at his arm, repeatedly advising: “Your Majesty, can you stand up first? Let’s go hide in the hall for now. It’s too dangerous here.” Hearing him say that he wanted them caught alive, Zhang Yuan became frantic: “Just cut them down! Why catch them alive? That brat is like a loach. If we are to catch him alive, how long will we be here?”

The Emperor fumed with anger. It was as though his butt had sprouted roots. He absolutely refused to get out of his seat. “You absolutely must catch him alive! Even if he is a loach, you must catch him alive for Us! Fucking shit, Qian Zhou’s skin has been pulled too tight. Ming’er! Whip them fiercely for Us! Just leave them within an inch of their lives!”

Zhang Yuan anxiously stomped his feet: “Why have you become so excited from just speaking a little? Alright, his Highness the ninth prince has agreed. Let’s go inside the hall!”

The Emperor had become excited from watching. How could he listen to that advice. He pulled his arm free but did not control the amount of force properly. He used a bit too much and tossed Zhang Yuan a long distance.

The group of people fighting created a chaotic scene. How could swords and sabers grow eyes! Who knew whose short sword happened to soar through the air and fly straight at Zhang Yuan.

To the side, another eunuch screamed: “Eunuch Zhang, watch out!”

The Emperor was also given a fright. Turning his head, he saw Zhang Yuan still sitting there, stupidly looking at the sword that was flying at his head. Angered, he shouted: “Dodge!” Saying this, he actually stood up to save him on his own.

How could the hidden guards allow him to go, as someone immediately used qinggong and went to save Zhang Yuan. After grabbing hold of him, in the instant that Zhang Yuan was pulled away, the sword landed, nearly scaring the soul out of Zhang Yuan.

The Emperor was completely infuriated, cursing at Zhang Yuan: “Are you an idiot?”

A hidden guard reminded him: “This subordinate will escort your Majesty into the hall.”

The Emperor nodded and did not object, only advising that hidden guard: “Don’t leave little Yuan behind.”

He had already left. Outside, the officials also returned to the hall with protection from the imperial guards, leaving behind only a handful of hidden guards to stay with Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming. There was also General Ping Nan and another two generals.

In truth, the insignificant four people from Qian Zhou were all experts, but it would not be difficult for just Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming to deal with them. Moreover, there were so many people there to help.

But now, they were working hard because the Emperor had said to catch them alive. To catch them alive made things much harder. The other three were easy to handle. With a steel knife in hand, Feng Yu Heng had rendered their swords worthless. Without wasting a moment, she used that knife and slapped them.

The three from Qian Zhou were completely unable to think that this would happen. The 13-year-old county princess Ji An was actually so proficient in martial arts. For the three of them with such prowess in martial arts, they actually were not even able to get close to her. Before they could even move, their swords had been broken. How should they fight after that?

The three had already been soundly defeated by Feng Yu Heng. In this chaotic fight, they would only end up getting beaten up even further. With General Ping Nan also helping out, they would cut at the places where holes had opened up in their defense. Feng Yu Heng’s knife then suddenly slapped them. Smack, smack, smack, as the three people, including the imperial relative of Qian Zhou, immediately fainted.

She was worried and looked in the direction of Feng Kun. She had no desire to continue fighting the three. After slapping them silly, she immediately said to General Ping Nan: “Would General please tie up those three!” Without waiting for General Ping Nan to agree, she rushed over in the direction of Feng Kun with her knife.

General Ping Nan watched the figure of the girl departing with her knife and suddenly felt as though he was looking at a god of war. This god of war had come from hell and had personally come to collect lives. This was his first time seeing Feng Yu Heng truly fighting with people. Previously, although he knew that she was very skilled in martial arts, and he had heard about her using just a whip to completely disable the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye. But hearing could not compare with seeing. Seeing it today, he could not help but sigh, and he could not help but praise. He sighed over Feng Yu Heng’s skills and praised the Emperor’s ability to accurately appraise people. With this sort of son and daughter-in-law, the county of Da Shun would continue to thrive!

While thinking, Feng Yu Heng had advanced into the fight. Because Xuan Tian Ming felt that the hidden guards would get in his way when fighting, he simply chased everyone to the side, leaving him to wave his whip and have Feng Kun spin around on the ground.

Feng Yu Heng was completely speechless. If you are fighting, just fight. Why are you still bullying him? Even if he is little, he was still grown up. To just treat him like a ball was not too good?

She spoke up and reminded him: “You may as well just kill him!”

Xuan Tian Ming sighed: “Our father said to catch him alive.”

“Oh.” She rubbed her nose. To catch him alive really was not too easy. Feng Kun was too slippery, and the target was small. Xuan Tian Ming fighting him was like an elephant trying to catch a mouse. Feng Kun’s body being truly too lithe. Although he was unable to gain the upper hand, he was quite happy just dodging.

Xuan Tian Ming very helplessly said to Feng Yu Heng: “How about you play with this prince like this? Play until he gets tired?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “He is an expert in endurance. His stamina is not low. I fear that he will not tire until tomorrow morning.”

“Then how should we handle it?” Xuan Tian Ming pondered this. How about hitting his pressure points? It was not impossible, but the target was too small. This Feng Kun was at times a human, at times a ball, at times square, and it was twisted at times. His body was like a snake’s. How could he possibly accurately hit his pressure points.

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little then said: “I will handle it.” She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a tranquilizer shot. She then shouted: “Everyone, stand aside! Everyone, stand aside!”

Xuan Tian Ming immediately left the area, along with the hidden guards.

At this time, Feng Kun had twisted himself into the shape of a donut, and he was a little confused. Why had they retreated while fighting? What exactly was county princess Ji An about to do?

He used his peripheral vision to look in Feng Yu Heng’s direction and saw that she had an odd thing in her hand. That thing was something that he had never seen before. Not to mention recognize, he could not even describe it. But he also knew that she would be using that thing to deal with him. He was astonished. Most terrifying was that he was completely unable to figure out how she would attack.

It would be thrown, right?

Or would it be like a whip, with one end being controlled by the user?

Or could it transform into a sword?

Feng Kun made countless guesses about that thing; however, he was still unable to figure it out. Feng Yu Heng only needed to move a bit and did not need to expend any energy, as she shot out needle after needle.

Feng Kun immediately reacted to this hidden weapon, and he began to dodge desperately, but there were still some needles that had scraped his skin, leaving some bloody marks.

In the beginning, he did not feel like this was a hidden weapon. It simply scraped by his skin; however, he never thought that in the blink of an eye, a sore numbness came from his wounds. Following this came waves of drowsiness. In fact, he did not even have a chance to look at his wounds. The person that had been in midair suddenly fell to the ground with a “thump.”Lying on the ground, he was fast asleep.

The hidden guards were dazed, as they all stared at the thing in Feng Yu Heng’s hands while salivating. It was no loss that this was a hidden weapon brought out by county princess Ji An. It really was poisoned, and this poison caused people to fall asleep. This was truly too amazing. This was a must-have weapon for killing people. If she could give them some, they would be even better at protecting the Emperor, right?

Xuan Tian Ming could see what they were thinking and rolled his eyes: “You want it?”

The hidden guards nodded in unison.

He said: “Pay up. It will be sold for money!”

Feng Yu Heng gritted her teeth! Clenched her fists! “When I get back, I will properly set a price!”

A set of black lines appeared on all of the hidden guards’ foreheads.

At this time, Zhang Yuan loudly shouted from within Heavenly Hall: “Your Majesty! Your Majesty, what happened?”

Everyone was shocked!

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  1. Wow such an early release. And i really like this chapter. Well I always love fighting scene as well as loving scene of A-Heng and Xuan Tian Ming.
    And while reading I imagine Feng Kun to be some type of pokemon, was it ditto? The one that can mimic shape 😂

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  2. Oh dear, another way to make money for A-Heng, haha 😂

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    1. For FYH & XTM, there’s never a bad time for making money! I love that FYH is the savior of the day, go girl!

      I don’t know if ZY would really want the love of the emperor – it would be too troublesome to bear the hate of all the harem 😅 the poor guy has a hard enough job trying to appease the emperor’s unreasonable moods 🤪


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