Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 396

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Daughter-in-Law is Very Understanding

Inside Heavenly Hall, the Emperor was holding his chest and leaning back against the throne. Zhang Yuan raised his voice and shouted: “Call for an imperial physician! Quickly call for an imperial physician!”

After Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming entered Heavenly Hall, she immediately went forward to help examine the Emperor. She found that the Emperor’s pulse was indeed a bit weak; however, there was nothing too serious. It was normal for an older person to have a weaker pulse, especially someone that had experienced such a shocking thing. Because of the shock, his blood pressure soared. Temporary tightness in the chest and shortness of breath were normal.

She put down his wrist and gently said: “Father Emperor, no need to worry. There is nothing too serious. When the imperial physicians come in a bit, father Emperor can be at ease.”

Not only did the Emperor not seem happy after hearing that he was fine, he became angry. Grabbing Zhang Yuan, he said: “It feels off. We feel as though the sky and ground are spinning, and my head hurts. It’s uncomfortable!” Saying this, he slid down, giving Zhang Yuan a scare, as he quickly had someone help him support the Emperor.

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly reminded the Emperor: “That’s enough, there are still four people waiting to be tried.”

The Emperor held his chest and said: “Just lock them away first. We are truly feeling unwell. Just now, someone must have injured Us. My chest is hurting a great deal, and I am unable to breathe.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, was it really that serious?

At this time, a group of imperial physicians rushed forward to examine the Emperor. The result of their examination was no different than what Feng Yu Heng had said, but the Emperor continued to complain about discomfort, leaving them with nothing that they could do, so one imperial physician said: “It’s most likely to be heat stroke, right?”

Zhang Yuan had been holding the Emperor up and felt his body seem to tremble slightly. Glancing sideways, he saw him slightly look at the imperial physicians then grimace a little. It was clear that he was not too satisfied with the diagnosis of heat stroke.

Zhang Yuan seemed to have understood something, smirking slightly. Glaring at the Emperor, he very helplessly said to the imperial physicians: “How could it be heat stroke? It’s clear that he suffered too great of a shock in addition to having been having been hit during the fight, I fear that his Majesty has suffered internal injuries.”

The list of severe symptoms left the imperial physicians dazed. One of the more frank physicians rushed to say: “Impossible!”

Feng Yu Heng, however, interjected at this time: “It’s possible! How could it be impossible! Everyone saw the situation with their own eyes. His Majesty is advanced in his years. He must have suffered a great shock. Eunuch Zhang, quickly help his Majesty to the inner hall to rest. This county princess will personally treat him.”

Zhang Yuan rejoiced and thought to himself that county princess Ji An really was the most sensible. It was no wonder the Emperor liked her so much. Thus he quickly called for people to help move the Emperor to the inner hall.

Feng Yu Heng said to the imperial physicians: “There is no need to panic. If anyone asks, just say that his Majesty was given a fright by the people of Qian Zhou, and this county princess has personally gone to handle the treatment.”

The surrounding imperial physicians saluted county princess Ji An and thanked her for her grace. They then wiped away the sweat on their foreheads and left.

The officials inside the hall were left afraid. Qian Zhou’s people had suddenly rebelled, and they actually dared to try and assassinate the Emperor. If it was not for his Highness the ninth prince and county princess Ji An being present, perhaps the Emperor’s safety would have been hard to ensure. Even if this was the case, the Emperor had been given a shock. It was clear how shocking the day’s events were.

All of the officials began to discuss the things that had just happened. General Ping Nan personally watched over the four people from Qian Zhou that had been captured. Aside from the fainted Feng Kun, the other three were tied up with their hands behind their backs, sitting back to back. Their mouths were stuffed with cloth, and their bodies were covered in countless wounds. This caused the floor to become soaked with blood.

Xuan Tian Ming looked for a while then said: “Throw them into the prison in the mountains. Lock them up separately. Also, spread this prince’s order. Search the entire city for anyone from Qian Zhou, including Princess Ru Jia and…” As he spoke, he looked at Feng Jin Yuan, who had a face filled with terror; however, he still said the words that froze Feng Jin Yuan’s heart completely: “And the Feng family’s head wife, Feng Zhao Jun.”

Feng Jin Yuan dropped to the ground, both of his arms supporting his body. He was unable to say a single word. The hall immediately fell silent, and the sweat dripped from Feng Jin Yuan’s forehead onto the floor of Heavenly Hall. That sound entered the hearts of the people around, as a single thought filled their minds: Perhaps the Feng family is done for.

But General Ping Nan did not feel this way. Regardless of what county princess Ji An’s relationship was with the Feng family, to the outside world, she was the Feng family’s second daughter. All of her glory was still completely related to the Feng family, especially in the hearts of the citizens of Da Shun. She saved people, and she produced steel for Da Shun. County princess Ji An was the Feng family’s daughter. This daughter of the Feng family was currently hard at work with producing steel. If something happened to the Feng family at this sort of time, that would freeze the hearts of the citizens!

Sure enough, as General Ping Nan expected, Xuan Tian Ming said: “At the time Prime minister Feng married Qian Zhou’s eldest princess, this prince also asked around. At that time, it was because Gu Shu’s prince had come to ask for her hand in marriage that prime minister rose up and married her. You are a meritorious official of Da Shun. This rebellion by Qian Zhou is unrelated to Prime minister Feng, you may rise!”

These words had cleared Feng Jin Yuan of guilt. But everyone understood that whether or not he was guilty, it was all a result of giving face to county princess Ji An. Of course, without county princess Ji An, it would not be unexpected if the entire Feng manor was executed along with Kang Yi.

Feng Jin Yuan naturally understood this reasoning. Unfortunately, he was not someone that understood how to give thanks. If it was said that he felt jealous of Feng Yu Heng before, ever since Feng Yu Heng had severely injured the third prince, Feng Jin Yuan had felt only hatred for this daughter.

Just like in this moment, it was clear that the Feng family had escaped this crisis thanks to Feng Yu Heng’s merits, but after he got up, he still glared at Feng Yu Heng in the inner hall. He did not speak the resentment that filled his eyes.

After he finished glaring and felt that he had finished venting, he prepared to return to the group of officials to watch the next development.

Who knew that his glare would be noticed by Feng Yu Heng, “Why is father glaring at me? Do you have any objections with his Highness’ arrangements?”

When she said this, the imperial guards in the palace were still going about their business. Even General Ping Nan had gone to capture the people from Qian Zhou.

Feng Yu Heng’s words had caused some indignation among the officials. Of course, this indignation was directed at Feng Jin Yuan. They felt that Feng Jin Yuan was too shameless. The ninth prince had found an excuse to allow the Feng family to live in order to give county princess Ji An face. It was fine if he did not give thanks, but why would he still glare at her? Was he ill?

A person that was frank and outspoken loudly said: “Does Prime minister Feng feel that the Feng family should not be excluded? As the family of Qian Zhou’s eldest princess, you should also be locked up in the prison in the mountains!”

Feng Jin Yuan became frantic and angrily said: “What a bunch of nonsense!” He then said to Feng Yu Heng: “Father does not have any objections, nor did I glare at you. It’s just my eyesight. I cannot see clearly and wanted to see a bit better.”

“Oh.” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Eye diseases are small matters. Daughter will examine you at a later time, and you will be able to get better.” After saying this, she turned to say to Xuan Tian Ming: “There is nothing I can do about the earlier matters. I will go to the inner hall to check up on father Emperor.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Go.” After thinking a little, he added: “As I see it, the old man is most likely given a slight prick. Just stick him with a few needles, and he will be fine.”

Feng Yu Heng thought to herself, how could I dare. Father and son were father and son, but a daughter-in-law was still an outsider. I need to do things as he says and not take any shortcuts.

In the inner hall of Heavenly Hall, there was a warm pavilion. It was where the Emperor rested. When Feng Yu Heng arrived, the old Emperor was saying something to Zhang Yuan. When she was still quite far away, she gently cleared her throat a couple times. Zhang Yuan heard this and quickly stood up from the Emperor’s side. He then sighed and said: “Your Majesty, you must listen. This servant has not had enough of taking care of you. That group of bastards from Qian Zhou is still waiting to be personally taken care of by you. You absolutely must hold on!”

The Emperor lay on the bed with a very weak expression, his mouth partially opened. Following what Zhang Yuan said, his mouth opened and closed, and he looked very weak. Seeing Feng Yu Heng walk up, he finally squeezed out some words, saying to Zhang Yuan: “Little Yuan, how many years have you been with Us?”

Zhang Yuan counted quickly: “Almost 20 years. This servant was born in the palace. Thanks to your Majesty’s grace, my life was saved. Ever since the beginning, I have been helping take care of your Majesty along with my master.”

“Hah!” The Emperor sighed, “It’s already been so long. If We died, you would definitely be very sad.”

Zhang Yuan was so angry that he was nearly unable to continue speaking, but he still forced himself to continue, “Your Majesty will live a long life. You will definitely find peace.”

“Nonsense!” The Emperor suddenly became angry, loudly shouting: “What peace is there to find? We are already like this. What peace is there?” Following this, he felt that he seemed too lively, thus he quickly began pretending once more, “Little Yuan! Why can We not breathe?”

Zhang Yuan quickly went forward to pat his back. While doing this, he said: “Your Majesty, calm your anger. Perhaps the anger came too suddenly, and your shouting caused this.”

Feng Yu Heng listened to the master and servant converse and repeatedly rolled her eyes. She only thought to herself that Zhang Yuan just did not have any 21st-century knowledge; otherwise, he would definitely be saying: Can’t breathe? You ran out of oxygen from shouting.

She could no longer stand to watch this scene, as she took the initiative to feel the Emperor’s pulse. Zhang Yuan carefully looked at her and asked: “The shock that his Majesty suffered this time, could it be… quite serious?”

Feng Yu Heng was quite helpless and simply asked him: “Guess.”

Zhang Yuan was quite immodest, “Then this servant will guess… serious!”

“Good!” She nodded, “Since eunuch Zhang said it’s serious, it’s serious.”

“Oh, my dear county princess!” Zhang Yuan was on the verge of tears, “What this servant says does not count. You must say it yourself.”

Feng Yu Heng put the Emperor’s hand back under the blanket and happened to see a sly look from the Emperor. How could she still not understand what was going on?

Thus she gently patted the back of his hand and consoled him: “Father Emperor, do not worry. Daughter-in-law understands your thoughts.”

The Emperor was startled then immediately felt a little embarrassed, not wanting to admit it, “What thoughts do We have? Don’t speak nonsense.”

“No thoughts?”

She was startled then immediately said: “Then A-Heng was wrong. I hope father Emperor will forgive me.” She then immediately said to Zhang Yuan: “I will write a prescription for father Emperor to help ease his nerves. After eating the medicine, go to sleep, and he will be better in the morning. I also ask eunuch Zhang not to go out and speak nonsense. Father Emperor’s body is fine. There is no illness at all.”

“Wait a moment! Wait!” The Emperor suddenly sat up in bed, grabbing Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, “What is the rush?” He was a little too embarrassed to continue, as he glared at Zhang Yuan.

Zhang Yuan was helpless and could only say: “County princess, please do not continue troubling this servant. This servant does not have it easy!” While saying this, he tugged at the Emperor, “Lie down. Lie down first. I have never heard of a severely ill person that could suddenly sit up.”

The Emperor managed to react and quickly lay back down in bed, but he continued to look at Feng Yu Heng expectantly.

She slightly sighed then said: “Father Emperor, don’t worry. Daughter-in-law will definitely do as you please.” She then said to Zhang Yuan: “Qian Zhou’s people came to the palace and raised chaos. Father Emperor was given a great shock and fell unconscious and has yet to wake up. Would eunuch please go inform the imperial concubines to come to Heavenly Hall to attend to the ill!”

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