Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 407

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This Prince Will Accept This Difficult Job

Feng Yu Heng’s publically announced that she had the power in the Feng manor. At this moment, Feng Jin Yuan finally realized the impact of Qian Zhou’s matter. This impact was not only felt in court. There were also drastic changes that had occurred at home.

Also, Feng Yu Heng had already made it clear that the only reason that the Feng family was able to live was by relying on Feng Yu Heng. This meant that the lives of everyone, old and young, were controlled by this daughter.

The more Feng Jin Yuan thought, the more shocked he felt. The matriarch had made the decision to promote the Cheng shi sisters to head wife. At first, he thought that she had simply weighed the advantages and disadvantages, but now it seemed that the matriarch should not have thought of how well the Cheng shi sisters got along with Feng Yu Heng. This family had already been taken control of by Feng Yu Heng. Even this old man no longer had the right to speak.

His legs gave out, and he fell into his chair. He then waved to the stunned servant, “Just listen to second young miss.”

The servant nodded then left, and Feng Yu Heng also exited the hall, leaving behind the words: “From this day forward, this Feng manor will do as this county princess says.”

Feng Jin Yuan did not recover for a long time until his hidden guard appeared to help him up. Only then did he find that he had slid from his chair onto the ground at some point.

The hidden guard helped him up while comforting him: “Master must not think too much about it. At least the Feng family has the second young miss protecting it. It definitely will not be implicated in this matter with Qian Zhou. On the surface, it looks like we have taken a step back, but in reality this is the best protection for the Feng family!”

Was it?

Feng Jin Yuan had practically no ability to make a judgment, but the engagement note in his pocket reminded him that the third prince’s matter was something that he truly needed to consider.

“Go find out the actual situation in the Xiang Palace.” He lowered his voice and gave an order to the hidden guard, “Go and see if that ghost doctor Song Kang has the ability to completely heal someone.”

Feng Jin Yuan had gone to investigate Xuan Tian Ye. On the other end, Feng Yu Heng had already left the manor. Not long later, she returned to her own courtyard.

Huang Quan saw them return and quickly went over to ask what had happened. Wang Chuan said: “This time, Prime minister Feng has completely lost all face.”

Huang Quan blinked, “Which time did he not lose face? Last time, did young miss not say enough when killing that servant? She nearly cursed eight generations worth of ancestors. What’s important is Prime minister Feng is unable to remember anything. After cursing at him, he does it again. This sort of person is quite despicable.”

Feng Yu Heng was completely in agreement with what Huang Quan had said, “That’s right. Despicable is right. Not tearing at his face is something that cannot be tolerated!”

She said this casually, but Wang Chuan was worried about something else: “Young miss, will you really be going to the Xiang Palace tomorrow?”

Huang Quan’s eyes became wide, “What are you going there for? You’re going to beat the third prince again?”

Wang Chuan shook her head, “I figure that that person cannot take a beating. If he is beaten once more, he will die. Young miss is hoping to meet that ghost doctor Song Kang…”

Wang Chuan told Huang Quan about the things that happened earlier in the Feng manor. This caused Huang Quan to recall an earlier rumor: “Apparently, for every person that ghost doctor Song Kang saves, another person will die.”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Huang Quan said: “He only treats the wealthy and powerful. Song Kang does not treat the poor and powerless. But apparently, once he has treated the wealthy person, a group of servants would die from that family. The citizens pass along these strange rumors, and some people even say that Song Kang uses another person’s life to extend the patient’s life. The reason that they call him ghost doctor actually comes from this reason for the most part. It’s not because he wears black robes.”

Wang Chuan pondered a little then said: “With Huang Quan saying this, it seemed that there was this sort of saying. But we simply thought that this was a fabricated story, and I did not think too much about it. Where is there anything about extending someone’s life. Is it possible that he’s actually a ghost?”

This was actually a rumor that had been spread around, but Feng Yu Heng had taken it to heart. She pondered about what Huang Quan had said then nodded, saying: “So it was like that.”

“Hm?” The two servants were confused. Huang Quan worriedly said: “Young miss, you absolutely must not take those bizarre stories to heart!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled wryly, “How could the world have something like ghosts. Ghost doctor Song Kang is able to provide people with new bones and new limbs, and he is even able to transfer their internal organs. Do you feel that he is able to find that many people that had just died?”

Wang Chuan immediately understood what she meant then inhaled sharply, “Young miss means to say… he is using living people…”

“That’s right.” A cold expression appeared on Feng Yu Heng’s face. Ghost doctor Song Kang’s medical practice was too similar to that of a surgeon from the 21st century. In this ancient era without refrigeration, in order to perform an organ transplant, unless there was a recently deceased patient willing to donate their organs, he could only go and harvest from a living person. This was an era without human rights. Although servants lived their lives, they did not have any control of their own lives. As long as their master told them to work, a servant had to work. If they were told to die, they had no right to refuse. Ghost doctor Song Kang treated the rich and powerful because the rich and powerful could provide living people for him to work on. Like this, he earned his monicker of ghost doctor.

The more Feng Yu Heng thought, the colder her heart became. If that person had also come through space and time as she did, she would need to find a way to completely get rid of that person without fail.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were waiting for her to continue speaking, but Feng Yu Heng did not have any desire to continue speaking. She only said to them: “Wang Chuan, go to the Yu Palace in a bit. Have his Highness remove his wheelchair and send it back. His legs have healed, but someone is unable to get out of bed. This wheelchair will go from one person to the next. We will send to the third tomorrow.”

Huang Quan laughed, saying: “Sending a wheelchair to the third prince, it’s possible that he might die of anger!”

Wang Chuan picked up on this: “Serves him right if he does die of anger. If he was beaten to death back then, perhaps it would have been harder to handle for the Emperor, but if he was to die of anger, that could not be blamed on anyone.”

Feng Yu Heng also nodded: “That’s right. If he is not even able to endure this much, what hope is there of obtaining the throne.”

“Then this servant will go immediately.” Wang Chuan did not continue to wait, turning and leaving the room.

A maidservant brought in lunch. After Huang Quan received it and sent the maidservant away, she set the table while saying to Feng Yu Heng, who was washing her hands: “Madam heard that we could not go immediately to Xiao Zhou but did not seem unhappy. Instead, she blamed herself a little, repeatedly saying that young miss had repeatedly reminded her; however, she continuously insisted on saving Feng Kun. If something had truly happened to the Emperor, perhaps she really would have died.”

Feng Yu Heng finished washing her hands then waved for Huang Quan to eat with her. Taking two bites of chicken, she said: “Receiving a bit of a lesson is not bad. Either way, she must know that kindness is not something that should always be present. In our surroundings, there are too many potential dangers and unexpected crises all around us. With a single slip, it is a possible disaster that will lead to death.”

Roughly two hours later, Wang Chuan returned to the county princess’ manor with Xuan Tian Ming and Bai Ze. Feng Yu Heng looked at Xuan Tian Ming sitting in the wheelchair with Bai Ze pushing it, and her eyebrows became furrowed: “Why are you lazy to this degree?”

Xuan Tian Ming replied in a natural manner: “This is something that has accompanied this prince for so long, yet dear wife wishes to suddenly send it to someone else. This prince really is a little unwilling to part.”

Feng Yu Heng had a sudden urge to kick him out of the wheelchair, but after some thought, she decided against it. With so many servants present, she had to give him some face. But she did remember something else, thus she went forward with a smile and asked Xuan Tian Ming: “I will be going to the Xiang Palace to give a gift. Do you want to come with me?”

A certain shameless person nodded: “Since my beloved consort is extending an invitation, this prince will accept this difficult job and accompany you on this trip.”

“Accompany me? Difficult job?” Feng Yu Heng rudely kicked at the wheelchair, “Get up.”

Xuan Tian Ming was obedient and stood up then swept his long robe back, “Does this prince look very beautiful and valiant?”

She was speechless.

“Move.” A certain person reached forward with their wolf-like claws, “Get in the room. We need to have a heart-to-heart talk.” While tugging the girl into the room, he waved to the three people behind them and said: “Just wait outside. If nothing important happens, do not disturb us. Un, even if there is something important, you are not to disturb us.”

After saying this, the two people had already passed through the door. With a flick of his sleeve, Xuan Tian Ming closed the two doors.

Feng Yu Heng watched this and clicked her tongue. The ancient martial arts truly could not be separated from the use of internal strength. This was something that modern martial arts could never compete with. In truth, from a certain point of view, the two should be the same thing. They both relied on the person increasing their energy flow to certain parts to change their physique. She was always thinking of how modern qi gong in martial arts should be the result of thousands of years of continually refining and mastering the internal energy of ancient martial arts. It was just that over the thousands of years, a certain something must have happened, which led to a deficiency being passed on. This was what had caused the qigong of the modern era to have fallen behind the internal energy. This also caused it to be less flexible.

She thought about this nonsense, and when she recovered, she found that she had already been pulled over to the side of the bed by Xuan Tian Ming.

Feng Yu Heng immediately jumped up. She leaped a large distance, as she glared at Xuan Tian Ming and asked while on guard: “What are you doing in the middle of the day?”

As a result, he replied with his own question: “Could it be that this prince can do anything when it’s not the middle of the day?”

She shook her head, “Both day and night are no good. I am still young and have not grown up.”

“You’ve had your period.”

“A period does not mean that my body has finished growing.”

“Then this prince will wait until you are the age of marriage.”

“According to reason, I would only be considered an adult after turning 18.”

“Scram!” A certain person became unhappy, “Feng Yu Heng, just try and say it again.”

“I… I will not say it.” She really hated that she could not slap herself. How could she voluntarily place herself at a disadvantage with this scoundrel? Feng Yu Heng, oh Feng Yu Heng, she truly despised herself.

“Come here!” Xuan Tian Ming waved to her, “I will show you something.”

She went forward with some confusion and saw that person reach up and unbutton his collar. She became unhappy once more, “Has your brain been filled with sperm?”

“What’s that?” Xuan Tian Ming did not understand, “What sort of thing is that?”

“I’m just saying that you are acting too lustfully!” She shouted and pointed at his hand, “Do you want to try and unbutton another one? This county princess will whip you to death!”

He did not believe in such things and actually undid another button. At the same time, he said: “Who are you scaring! That meager bit of skill was all taught by this prince. It really would remain to be seen who is whipping whom!”

She thought a bit and found that was true. She had learned the whip from Xuan Tian Ming. Was this not just showing off in front of an expert? Thus she changed her tune: “If you continue, I will bring out a scalpel and carve up your upper body.”

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  1. I don’t know about this… has the Author completely forgotten about the probability of rejection of transplanted organs? This Ghost Doctor must be a magician if he can succeed every time.

    I really dislike multiple transmigrators ๐Ÿ˜

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    1. Not just that, but transplanting limbs? Thatโ€™s pretty much impossible even for our current medicine. Oh well, theyโ€™re also flying around in the sky with their qigong haha

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    2. Well, thatโ€™s why a bunch of people die just to save one person? They probably do the mixing blood test to check compatibility (only in these stories, apparently it works as a paternity/maternity test).

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  2. Lololololololololol …

    “”Move.โ€ A certain person reached forward with their wolf-like claws, โ€œGet in the room. We need to have a heart-to-heart talk.โ€ While tugging the girl into the room, he waved to the three people behind them and said: โ€œJust wait outside. If nothing important happens, do not disturb us. Un, even if there is something important, you are not to disturb us.โ€”

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  3. Just wait outside. If nothing important happens, do not disturb us. Un, even if there is something important, you are not to disturb us.โ€…. I swear the things that come out of his mouth when it comes to her… just like his father.. shameless! Love it !!

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  4. XTM: how many yrs?
    FYH: at least 5 yrs more.
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    FYH: dont worry!! Im a doctor๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’Š

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  5. “This was an era without human rights”, and apparenty it is also an era without blood types, transplant refusal, immune system that needs to be supressed, and probably also without common sense.

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