Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 408

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Ghost Doctor Song Kang’s Secret

This was too fierce. Although Xuan Tian Ming did not understand what a scalpel was, he understood very well what it meant to have his upper body carved up. Thus he stopped unbuttoning his top and patiently explained to her: “This prince wore the wrong clothes today by wearing the most troublesome to put on. The thing is inside my clothes. I need to take it out.”

Feng Yu Heng blinked, “What is it? So secretive.”

He said: “It was stolen and it’s related to ghost doctor Song Kang.” Saying this, he undid the last button and pulled out a piece of paper from inside.

Feng Yu Heng’s lips twitched, as she leaned over. While going to get that piece of paper, she reminded him: “In the future, don’t wear these clothes when going out.”

Xuan Tian Ming was very cooperative: “When this prince gets back, I will have someone burn it.”

“Hey!” She angrily rolled her eyes, “What sort of perfectly healthy person would burn their own clothes. In the future, don’t say this sort of nonsense.” While she spoke, her gaze had already turned to the piece of paper.

The paper had turned yellow, and the ink was dry. It was clear that it was quite old. There were no words written, but there was an ink drawing. On the drawing were the most basic surgical procedures. In other words, it would not be considered surgery. That was just a simple changing of bones, organs and even skin. The drawing was nothing more than black and white, but everything about the drawing was very bloody. Even for Feng Yu Heng, who had become accustomed to performing autopsies on corpses as a surgeon, she could not endure looking at it. Because it was too graphic, too cruel and too unscrupulous, that was not surgery. That was clearly just killing a living person to save another person. Rather, save would not be correct. Instead, it was truly… extending life.

Xuan Tian Ming said: “This is a secret technique. It is said that the ghost doctor took this from the last member of a tribe that was on the verge of extinction. Song Kang is someone that was obsessed with medical skills. Seeing this secret technique, how could he not become interested. He believed that this was the most powerful way of saving people in the world. As long as he learned this secret technique, it was the same as having control over the secret of life.”

“That’s why he would say that he has this sort of skill, attracting the interest of a large number of wealthy and noble people, who call him to treat their illness and extend their lives. For the sake of prolonging their own lives, those wealthy people not only provide Song Kang with living bodies. Song Kang also uses those bodies to get practice. In the end, he finally managed to learn how to replace bones and organs.” She picked up where he had left off, speaking very plainly.

Xuan Tian Ming did not know that Feng Yu Heng was a little bit happy on the inside at this moment. She was only happy because a person from this era had been thinking of something and ended up studying this sort of medical treatment instead of someone that had been transmigrated like her and ended up performing experiments with ancient medical techniques. This was fine. Otherwise, if there was someone that was such a fearsome and murderous person from the modern era, she did not know what would become of this world if that person was left alone.

“What are you thinking about?” Xuan Tian Ming asked her, “Did these drawings make you think of something?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I was just thinking…” She suddenly began smiling, leaning against Xuan Tian Ming’s side, she waved around the piece of paper in her hand, “Say, if I already knew about these so-called secret techniques, and, unlike Song Kang, I did not need to spend so many years experimenting with living people, and I could do it better. I can also guarantee that I would have a greater than 90 percent success rate! Say, if Song Kang knew about this, would he die of anger?”

Xuan Tian Ming also smiled, “I knew that our Heng Heng’s divine medicine was much better than that awful ghost doctor Song Kang’s.” He had always believed that Feng Yu Heng’s medical ability was the best in the world. Not to mention Song Kang, even if it was her maternal grandfather, they could not be compared. “Let’s go anger him to death tomorrow.”

Xuan Tian Ming lazed around in the county princess’ manor until the sky became dark, successfully managing to receive a hand-cooked meal by Feng Yu Heng. In the end, he was kicked out by Feng Yu Heng. At the moment that the county princess’ manor’s gates were closed, Huang Quan lamented: “His Highness really is pitiful.”

Feng Yu Heng smirked, “He was unwilling to give up his lust. Kicking him was considered a light punishment.”

That night, Feng Yu Heng did something very worldly. She counted money!

Only now was she in the mood to take a look at the money that the people of Qian Zhou had brought. The county princess’ manor had dug up a very large hidden room. She did not know what the hidden room was used for in the past, but after she received it, it could only be used to hide money. Previously, the ten million taels of gold were held in countless wooden chests. Even for the county princess’ large hidden room, it would be filled more than halfway.

Feng Yu Heng clicked her tongue. She had never had a very good concept for how much money was worth in this ancient era. At the time, she had just opened her mouth and said five million taels of gold, but that was just something she had casually said. Only after it was brought here did she notice, was it safe to hide this much money here?

She really wanted to move all of the gold to her pharmacy space, but, her space did not have that much room to hold all of these chests. Second, this was too much. She would need to move it all on her own, and that would exhaust her completely.

There was nothing that she could do. She could only break it up into parts. Wrapping up the gold in one of the chests in smaller parts, she placed them in the storage room of her space. This would be brought along with her. The rest would be kept here for the time being. At least for the time being, the county princess’ manor was still a safe place.

Feng Yu Heng had once experimented with the self-replenishing ability of the space. She had tried placing something from the ancient era in then taking it out. She wanted to see if it would be automatically replenished. Unfortunately, after many tries, she found that things that were added later on would not be replenished. Only the things that existed in the space before would be replenished. The only benefits of placing things into her space were maintaining freshness and being readily accessible at any time.

This was also good. Feng Yu Heng thought that if her space really could replenish anything, would her space not end up filling up too much. Every time that she added something, that would be the same as filling up her space, and it would never disappear. Like this, perhaps she would not even be able to fit inside.

While she counted the money, she was boundlessly happy. Meanwhile, at the Feng manor, Feng Jin Yuan was seated in Shu Ya courtyard’s main hall, repeatedly sighing to the matriarch.

The matriarch said: “We could still stop her when she wanted to control the manor’s affairs in the past, but the current situation… how can it allow for us to continue making decisions.”

Feng Jin Yuan also sighed and had to face reality: “I fear that even if we could make any decisions, it could not compare to her protecting the lives of this family. Mother,” He looked at the matriarch and said: “The impact of the matter with Qian Zhou is broad. Although the Emperor did not say anything during today’s morning court session, son could see that General Ping Nan took it quite seriously. After the court session came to an end, he left together with the Emperor. It must be that the Emperor had something to explain to him.”

The matriarch inhaled sharply, analyzing: “General Ping Nan is a military official and controls the troops in the South. The Eastern border is controlled by Bu Cong. The West and Northwest are both controlled by his Highness the ninth prince, and the North has the Duan Mu family… You just said that Duan Mu Qing came to speak about marriage on his Highness the third prince’s behalf?”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded: “Yes, I already agreed.”

The matriarch did not object, only saying: “You must think it through.”

Feng Jin Yuan said: “Anything that can be considered has been considered. It is exactly as Duan Mu Qing said. Presently, the Feng family no longer has any other choice. Moreover, there is also the news that has come from the Board of Astronomy.”

The matriarch was not actually very interested in the affairs of the state. The reason that she could settle down and analyze things with Feng Jin Yuan was to protect the Feng family. But something related to the Board of Astronomy and the star of the phoenix were very much to her liking. “At the time, I said that Taoist Zi Yang had some skill, but you did not believe it. What now?”

Feng Jin Yuan knew that the matriarch was deliberately taking this stand, but he did not expose it. Although he understood at heart that the star of the phoenix was almost definitely referring to Feng Yu Heng, there was not a single benefit to the Feng family in having Feng Yu Heng ascend to the position of Empress. But Chen Yu was different. Over the past few years, Chen Yu had been raised with that as the standard. Also, the Chen family no longer existed, so she could only rely on the Feng family for support. Only a daughter like this could prop up the Feng family.

He made up his mind and said to the matriarch: “This matter will be set like this, but…” Feng Jin Yuan pondered a little, “But what mother said just now about the control of the troops caused son to have a different thought.”

The matriarch was puzzled, “What sort of idea would come from who has control of the troops? Aside from the North, where we can become in-laws, the other three are completely impossible for us.”

Feng Jin Yuan revealed a smile, “Not necessarily.” He then met the matriarch’s doubtful gaze and said: “The Feng family cannot be hung from a single tree. In order to protect against what may happen, we must make some extra preparations.”

The matriarch stomped her feet, “Speak clearly. What else can still be prepared?”

Feng Jin Yuan reminded the matriarch: “Our manor does not just have A-Heng and Chen Yu as daughters. Don’t forget that there are still Fen Dai and Xiang Rong. For the time being, let’s not mention Fen Dai. But for Xiang Rong, she is already eleven-years-old this year. As I see it, she is becoming more and more like her second sister.”

The matriarch was startled then immediately thought about it. It seemed as though she had thought of something, “That’s why you rushed to bring Xiang Rong back from the temple?”

“Yes.” Feng Jin Yuan said: “The 19th of this month will be the day when Chen Yu is of marriageable age. I used this excuse to bring Xiang Rong back. At that time, I only had a rough idea. But now it seems… we must go have a discussion with that general from the Bu family.”

As Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch were talking, another daughter’s life was sent to be used by the family. At this time, Feng Chen Yu, who had already received the news, was pacing around her own small courtyard.

She was delighted that the Feng family had not given up on her, and she had heard that ghost doctor Song Kang had come to help, which meant that there was hope of a recovery. The thought of the aspect of the phoenix that she had gradually forgotten about once again rose in her mind.

She reached up and touched the mole on her lower jaw, and the words that Kang Yi had said when seeing her appeared in her mind. Chen Yu thought that this was fate! In this life, her calling was to be the Empress. What county princess Ji An. What production of steel. Even if it did succeed, it would be a service for her future citizens. It was just… she did not want to be a secondary princess. If she was to marry, she wanted to marry into the prince’s palace as the official wife!

A sinister aura surged forth, scaring the maidservants in the courtyard and causing them to move more carefully. Nobody dared to make a sound, but Feng Chen Yu’s momentum came to a complete standstill at this moment.

What could she do? The Chen family that she could rely on for help and hope had disappeared. Kang Yi was also someone condemned to death. No matter how unreconciled she felt, what could she do?


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    1. I really can’t guess, she has no friends to help her and family that can help. Unless she’s planning on poisoning the 3rd prince’s official wife or ruining her reputation so they can divorce I dunno what she thinks. Besides, the Empress is heavily guarding her, if she really did something no doubt that 9 generations of executions would follow.

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      Second, BC hates the Feng Family for their actions against A’Heng.
      Third, aside from BC is there anyone of his family left, who has power? I don’t think so.
      That being said, what exactly is this idiot thinking of receiving from such a marriage?!
      ..Yes I know, he is not thinking at all…geez… what a family of idiots.

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