Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 410

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Permanent Disability

When Feng Yu Heng revealed her set of tools, Song Kang nearly dove forward and kneeled to her.

“This… this is…” He began to stutter, staring at the set of things wide-eyed. He recognized some things, while there were others that he did not, but even if he did not recognize them, he had spent over a decade researching the things that Feng Yu Heng had called surgical tools. How could he not understand that these were all top-tier tools used in the secret technique!

Song Kang’s entire body trembled. He was truly too moved. These things that only existed in his imagination, and some that did not even exist in his imagination, were actually placed directly in front of him. Song Kang did not have time to worry about where Feng Yu Heng pulled these items from. He just hoped that these things could belong to him!

He subconsciously reached out to snatch them, but who knew that Feng Yu Heng would move her sleeve and, like magic, immediately made the set of tools disappear from in front of Song Kang.

The hand that Song Kang had extended came up empty and crashed onto the table.

He could not accept this reality. He looked like the Feng family’s matriarch when someone had placed money in front of her then taken it away. Clawing at the table with all ten fingers, it was as though he was trying to scratch the tools out of the wood.

Xuan Tian Ye, who was lying in bed, saw him like this and could not help but angrily shout: “You worthless thing!”

This shout gave Song Kang a reminder, as his nerves shook. He seemed to have realized something and turned to look at Xuan Tian Ye. He then looked at Feng Yu Heng, and his mind began to recall the things that he had heard related to this county princess Ji An on his way to the capital from the North. He had heard that she had mystical hands that could save someone from death.

In truth, Feng Yu Heng had not truly saved that many people with her own two hands. In fact, she had never gone out of the capital to treat anyone’s illness. But the one that was spread around the most was her most mystical achievement. It was when she had revived a person that had already died in front of Hundred Herb Hall. There was also Princess Xiang, who had been ill for a long time without getting better. Fortunately, after county princess Ji An finished taking care of her, the third prince used an entire jade mine to express his thanks.

These two things were spread by the citizens as being miracles, especially the time when she had revived a dead person. That was too deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

Song Kang had heard this the entire time and thought that they were just rumors, but when he heard what Feng Yu Heng had said, and he had seen the tools that she had revealed, Song Kang suddenly understood that the citizens were being reserved in their rumors. The secret techniques that he had seemed to be nothing compared to what county princess Ji An had. She did not appear shocked, and she casually pointed out the problems that he had struggled with.

He had some guesses in his mind. After thinking a little, he asked Feng Yu Heng: “You said that disinfecting is a must, and tools are a must, then what must be done after performing the secret technique? Do you know what will happen after?”

Feng Yu Heng corrected him: “It’s called surgery. It’s not called a secret technique. Not preparing professionally beforehand, using incorrect surgical methods, using an unsuitable transplant organ and not monitoring the situation closely after the surgery will directly result in postoperative complications. Once these complications arise, based on your ability, there is no chance of reversing the desperate situation.”

She used the term professional, which Song Kang did not quite understand, but he was a smart person. In this sort of era, he was able to study some incomplete images and research the basic foundations of surgery. How would he not have the ability to analyze what Feng Yu Heng’s words meant. Moreover, the so-called postoperative complications were things that he had experienced before many times. Everything was clearly going very well, but the person that had been treated suddenly experienced a change, as all kinds of situations arose, leaving him quite helpless.

Song Kang stared straight at Feng Yu Heng, his eyes filled with expectation. It was the same look that a starving wolf had when seeing a piece of meat. He looked like he was about to pounce at any moment.

Xuan Tian Ming became unhappy, “What are you looking at?”

Song Kang did not react.

Xuan Tian Ming had never been someone with any patience. Aside from Feng Yu Heng and imperial concubine Yun, he would lose his temper at the drop of a hat. Song Kang ignored him, so he just kicked at him without another word, kicking into the cabinet. This caused blood to seep from the corner of his lips.

Feng Yu Heng did not say anything. In order to satisfy his own curiosity, this ghost doctor harmed countless living people. Kicking him to death was something that ought to be done.

But Song Kang was a very tenacious person. Although he had been very badly injured, he did not give up, and he did not get angry. He barely managed to get up and simply crawled over to Feng Yu Heng. He then placed his hands on the ground and kowtowed with his forehead touching the ground. It was like he was devoutly kneeling to her.

Xuan Tian Ming shrugged and expressed that there was nothing that he could do.

Feng Yu Heng coldly looked down, asking Song Kang: “When he kicked you, did it hurt?”

Song Kang nodded, speaking truthfully: “Yes.”

“Then think about it, taking bones and organs from a living body, how did that person die?” Feng Yu Heng’s words had two layers of meaning. One layer was condemnation, and the other was for Song Kang to figure out.

Song Kang was a very direct person. There was only one track in his mind. Aside from focusing on medicine, there was nothing else in this life that interested him. Condemnation and taking bones from a living body were not things that he considered. His mind jumped straight to the second meaning, “You mean to say… they died of pain?”


Another kick went flying, and Song Kang was kicked a long distance. Xuan Tian Ming then said: “You keep saying you. Who are you speaking to?”

Song Kang immediately reacted, quickly changing his words: “County princess!”

Feng Yu Heng knew that this person did not have a heart. He had personally killed that many people, yet there was no sense of pity. An angry expression appeared on her face.

Song Kang did not notice this. He just crawled back over to Feng Yu Heng’s feet and repeatedly said: “I know that mafeisan was completely useless. Perhaps it is effective when cutting into flesh, but when the bone is touched, it instantly loses all effectiveness. It’s not just the living body. It’s also the patient. The majority of them die from pain. But I searched the world for a better mafeisan, yet they were still useless!”

He whispered to himself and had already entered his own world. In that world, Feng Yu Heng had given him that set of tool and a special mafeisan. She even taught him a better method than the secret technique in the drawings. From that point onward, when he practiced medicine, aside from county princess Ji An, he would be unmatched.

Song Kang suddenly woke up and instantly thought of an idea. He raised his head and looked at Feng Yu Heng, suddenly saying: “I beg county princess take me in as an apprentice!”

At this time, Duan Mu Qing, who had been standing at the door for a long time, was finally unable to endure continuing to listen. Angrily rushing in, he pulled out his sword and swung at Song Kang’s head. Unfortunately, before he could finish his slash, his wrist was caught by a whip.

He turned and glared at Xuan Tian Ming: “Your Highness, Song Kang is someone from the North. Even if this lowly official is in the capital, this lowly official has the right to dispose of him, right?”

Feng Yu Heng practically wanted to laugh. Had Duan Mu Qing become muddled by anger? He actually wanted to reason with Xuan Tian Ming!

Sure enough, Xuan Tian Ming said: “Everything in this world belongs to the imperial family. Could it be that the three northernmost provinces do not belong to Da Shun?”

Duan Mu Qing was rendered completely speechless. He just felt a force act on the whip, as he was thrown out!

Fortunately, he had some ability, and he was not left in as bad a situation as Song Kang. Unfortunately, what could he do just with remaining standing? The ghost doctor that he had brought back to the capital to treat Xuan Tian Ye was still kneeling at Feng Yu Heng’s feet, repeatedly kowtowing. It was like he was a devout believer worshipping his god. He was completely single-minded.

Feng Yu Heng, however, no longer paid any attention to Song Kang. Instead, she stood up and went to Xuan Tian Ye’s side. With a faint smile, she said to him: “The engagement note for Feng family’s daughter of a concubine, Feng Chen Yu, I have already brought to the Xiang Palace. I really must congratulate third brother. But I just don’t know if I should call you brother-in-law or third brother the next time we meet.” While saying this, she turned around and pointed at the wheelchair that was pushed in: “This is the one his Highness the ninth prince used before. We felt that there must be a succession of these things. Right now, his Highness the ninth prince’s legs have healed, and it just happened that third brother’s legs are crippled. That’s why I decided to bring it to the Xiang Palace. It is a gift to third brother.”

While she spoke, she smiled brightly. It was as aggravating as possible. Xuan Tian Ye truly did not want to bicker with a lying girl, thus he simply looked away.

But Feng Yu Heng was someone that was paid attention to such things, saying: “No matter how it is, your marriage will still need to happen. As a younger sister, I cannot bear to watch you welcome someone new while lying down, so…”

Duan Mu Qing’s eyes lit up, as he heard Feng Yu Heng say: “I can at least treat you to the point where you can at least sit in a wheelchair.” He let out a sigh of relief.

Xuan Tian Ming did not ask Feng Yu Heng why she would be treating old third. As he saw it, anything that his wife did was correct. In fact, when Feng Yu Heng said to Song Kang: “I will treat him. You come and help.” He believed that this was correct.

In truth, Feng Yu Heng’s treatment of Xuan Tian Ye did not take long, as it only lasted from when she promised to the evening of that same day.

Duan Mu Qing had been kicked out of the room along with the servants of the Xiang Palace. This left only Feng Yu Heng, Xuan Tian Ming, ghost doctor Song Kang along with Wang Chuan and Huang Quan.

Being able to receive this opportunity, Song Kang was not just very happy. He devoutly remained at Feng Yu Heng’s side, listening to her point at Xuan Tian Ye’s body and analyze the situation. He then watched her very impolitely remove the bandages around his knees without any care for the pain that Xuan Tian Ye felt. She then used her small hands to forcefully squeeze the bone that had just been transplanted.

“Since it has already been connected, I will not process it any further, but Song Kang, I will tell you,” Feng Yu Heng coldly said: “Connecting bones is not all about connecting bones. There are also the broken tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. Also, your technique when connecting this bone was incorrect. Although he will be able to move it in the future, he will not be able to put any weight on it. The knee is a major joint. If this major joint cannot hold any weight, he will not be able to stand.”

Song Kang was like a young student, listening very attentively. He then followed up with a question: “Master, then are you able to reconnect this bone?”

Feng Yu Heng looked at him sideways, reminding him: “I am not your master. If you call me that again, I will kick you out.” Seeing Song Kang nod and accept this, she then said: “I can treat him completely, and there would be no need for human bones. There are times when a special material can be used to create a fake joint. As long as it is placed properly, it can replace and restore the joint’s original function. It’s just that…” She squinted her eyes and looked at Xuan Tian Ye, who was lying in bed with a bit of an expectant look, saying: “You want to stand up, right? Don’t worry, I will not treat you. This county princess is kind and will give you the ability to welcome your bride while sitting. I will not be responsible for anything else.”

Xuan Tian Ming spoke from the side, saying: “That’s right, the suffering that this great one went through, everyone must have a taste.”

Feng Yu Heng giggled, saying to Xuan Tian Ye: “Yours will be a permanent disability!”

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    As for the 3rd prince… look at that. Now he gets to feel how Ming’er felt while using the wheelchair. Ouch. ๐Ÿ˜‘

    Thanks for the chapter, Springrain and sponsors and thanks for the 20 bonus chapters in advance!!! ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Damn…. A-heng is badass. She gives him some hope but then pulls the rug out from under his feet as a polite gesture๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ and that song Kang doesn’t even deserve to be called as a doctor.

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    1. I dont know, I think he is still a doctor by ancient standards.

      In reality she wouldn’t have her advanced knoweledge and tools if people like him didn’t exist in the past. People like him and his expirements lead to what we know about the human body today.

      Is he a good person? Absolutely noy, but he probably would have contributed greatly to advancing medicine if he past his techniques on.

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      1. Not really. :/

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        Then again, even if similar practices to what he did led eventually to our current medicine, there a thousand ways he could have used to improve and practice other than his inhuman methods. I’m no medical practitioner, but he could have used an animal that he was going to cook for food, and transplanted its organs into another animal..

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    2. I also think that she got angry because he sacrificed so many people to reach to those source of knowledges but I also guess that he might be coming her leet and hands in the end because of his medical knowledge. Isn’t that she still finding someone like him? This might just depend on time. ๐Ÿ™„

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    As for ghost doctor/underground quack Song Kang who harvests organs, bones and other things from random people after getting “accidents” in the name of medical research… I guess he’ll get to see the peak of future medical science before getting crippled and suffer for the rest of his life.


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