Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 411

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In Your Life, You Cannot Finish Learning Sis’ Abilities

Xuan Tian Ye suddenly had an impulse to commit suicide. Over the past half a year, it was not just once that he had wanted to stop living, but there had never been a time when it had been such a strong urge.

Unfortunately, this impulse was seen by Xuan Tian Ming. He narrowed his eyes under the golden mask and said to the person lying in bed: “A man should be brave. You did not die on the battlefield, nor did you remain faithful to the country until death. To die in bed from being angered by a young girl, third bro, is that not too shameful?”

Xuan Tian Ye closed his eyes, no longer wanting to see the two people. After adjusting his mood, he angrily shouted: “Out! Everyone get out!”

Not a single person listened to him.

Feng Yu Heng turned around and walked over to Huang Quan, receiving the medical kit that had been in her hands. Ghost doctor Song Kang watched blankly, as she pulled out an infusion kit from inside.

Song Kang was dazed. What was this thing? Aside from the thing at the side, which he recognized as a needle, he did not recognize any other items. Even after analyzing the see-through material for a while, he was unable to understand what it was made of.

Xuan Tian Ming, however, had a certain degree of understanding of this stuff. He even took the initiative to explain to Song Kang: “This is called an infusion. You don’t understand, right? Do you see the water inside and the stuff inside the syringe? The water is saline, and the syringe contains medicine. By mixing them together and sticking a thin needle into the back of the hand, it can directly send medicine into the body.”

He spoke very fluently, but Feng Yu Heng still corrected him: “It’s not stuck into the back of the hand. It’s stuck into a blood vessel.”

Xuan Tian Ming very magnanimously waved his hand: “Either way, that’s the way it is. It does not matter what is said, he will not understand.”

Song Kang did not understand too much, but he stared at what Feng Yu Heng was doing and ended up gaining a bit of understanding: “It’s injected into the blood.” This was his understanding.

Feng Yu Heng did not say much. The infusion had only just begun, but Xuan Tian Ye fell into a deep sleep. This caused Song Kang to stare intently.

Following this, Feng Yu Heng used a disinfectant and washed her hands in front of him. After she put on a white robe and soaking her tools in disinfectant, she pulled a curtain around Xuan Tian Ye’s bed.

This was her first time performing a surgery outside of her space since coming to Da Shun, but, fortunately, neither the chest nor head would be getting cut open. It was just a simple bone surgery. With some extra care and attention, an infection could be avoided. After all, she had plenty of experience with performing treatment on the battlefield. In her previous life, she had been on a smoke-filled battlefield, when she and her partner had saved an injured comrade whose internal organs had been spilled, and their legs had even been blown off. Did she not drag this person to a slightly safer area and perform surgery? The current situation, compared to that time, was already too much better.

Moreover, Song Kang only paid attention to the treatment process. He completely ignored the weird tools that she brought out one after another. He did not pay attention to them at all. Xuan Tian Ming took the initiative to wipe away her sweat, and Feng Yu Heng only finished putting in the last stitch after the sky had turned completely dark. She then announced that the surgery was a success.

Song Kang knelt directly before her. It was no good if he did not kneel. His knees had been completely convinced by Feng Yu Heng’s medical ability. Just speaking on the final stitches, this was something that he had never seen before. Song Kang felt that this county princess Ji An was the person with the most medical skill in the world. If he missed his opportunity today, he would definitely regret it for the rest of his life.

For this entire day, he had not just kneeled once or twice to Feng Yu Heng, and Feng Yu Heng could no longer be bothered to pay him any attention. In fact, while she was treating Xuan Tian Ye’s bones, she did not say a single extra word. Now that the surgery was complete, she only said to Xuan Tian Ming: “I fixed his waist, spine and cervical vertebra. He will be able to sit, but his elbow and knuckles are not things that I care about. The legs are the same.” Saying this, she glanced sideways at Song Kang, “This quack doctor treated him into that sort of situation, but it does not waste the wheelchair that we gifted.”

That night, they left the Xiang Palace, and ghost doctor Song Kang followed behind them as though he had seen a ghost. Duan Mu Qing was only occupied with Xuan Tian Ye’s injuries and did not care too much about him. After Xuan Tian Ming pulled Feng Yu Heng into the imperial carriage, the imperial carriage set out. Wang Chuan lifted the curtain and looked out then told them: “That person is still following behind us. He fell a few times and looks very unfortunate.”

Xuan Tian Ming was a little puzzled, asking Feng Yu Heng: “I originally believed that you would detest that sort of person. I wanted to whip him to death, but I saw that you looked like you wanted to keep him. What exactly is your intention?”

Feng Yu Heng gently sighed, very helplessly saying: “I do indeed detest that sort of person. In order to fulfill a selfish desire, he harmed people’s lives by taking bones and organs from living bodies. It is truly the most heinous thing that a person can do, but…” She raised her head and looked at him, “Xuan Tian Ming, the number of people capable of understanding and accepting this set of ideas is not high. Although he only has a grasp of basic surgery, I paid attention and noticed that his hands are quite skilled, and he has a proficiency for medical knowledge. My master gave me such advanced medical techniques in order for me to save people, but think about it, based on my own two hands, how many can I save? Based on my energy, how could I have the time to go and train helpers? As for what we will need to deal with from now on, we will need a large number of people with this sort of medical training. Sooner or later, we will need to step foot onto the battlefield. I am not just the one in charge of producing steel. I am not just the leader of the Divine Intent Army. I am still a doctor. That is my true job. I cannot watch as a soldier dies because I was too busy. That’s why, if possible, I must train some helpers for myself.”

Xuan Tian Ming understood but was still worried, “You want to keep Song Kang because you do not need to train him from scratch. That’s right, he would indeed be the fastest to teach, and he could accept the medical teachings. But, Heng Heng, can you control that sort of person?”

Feng Yu Heng revealed a profound and resolute look in her eyes, saying: “It will not be relying on control. It will be relying on my skills. That Song Kong is obsessed with medicine. As long as that does not change, I have enough medical knowledge that he could not even finish learning it in one lifetime.”

What else could Xuan Tian Ming say. Gently lifting the curtain of the carriage, he said to Bai Ze: “Inform a hidden guard to bring him back to the Yu Palace.” He then said to Feng Yu Heng: “I will help you keep an eye on him for now. When you need him, just send someone to the palace and pick him up.”

She left out a “pft” and began laughing. Send someone to pick him up? Was he goods waiting to be picked up?

Feng Yu Heng leaned against Xuan Tian Ming’s body and slightly closed her eyes. In her mind, she began thinking about all kinds of things.

Ghost doctor Song Kang, she would give that person one chance. If he was a talent that could be developed, she would promise to give Song Kang the most enjoyable life of studying medicine. But if he did not change his stubborn views and did not get rid of his gloominess from when he used living bodies, she would personally send him to the gates of hell. She definitely would not keep him around for a moment longer.

That night, she slept quite well. Aside from Xuan Tian Ming, who absolutely did not want to and refused to leave the county princess’ manor for the majority of the night…

The next day, Feng Yu Heng felt that she had returned for such a long time, yet she had not truly met with anyone from the Feng family. Thinking about it, it was not too good. Thus she finished eating breakfast then brought Wang Chuan over to Shu Ya courtyard to pay respects to the matriarch.

When she arrived, the females of the Feng family had already gathered together. The matriarch was advising Han shi: “How many times have I told you that you will need to give birth in another three months. Right now, your body is heavy, and the days are hot. There is no need to come over here every day to pay respects.”

Han shi touched her round belly, and the smile on her face bloomed like a flower, saying in a tender voice: “This concubine is not tired. Paying respects to elder madam is something that this concubine should do.”

“I am not saying that you are tired.” The matriarch did not like seeing Han shi, and she especially disliked seeing her spoiled smile. She always felt that this smile belonged on a street of pleasure. “I am afraid that my grandson will be tired.”

Han shi’s expression immediately sank, as she looked at Fen Dai sorrowfully. Fen Dai wanted to reason with the matriarch, but at this time, the Cheng sisters suddenly stood up, both of them looking outside the hall. Smiles even appeared on their faces.

Everyone reacted and also looked over. Looking, they found that Feng Yu Heng was wearing a light-colored long robe as she entered the hall with her servant.

The matriarch was a little stunned. She did not think that Feng Yu Heng would come, especially after hearing Feng Jin Yuan say that Feng Yu Heng now had complete control of the manor. She felt even more that this granddaughter would not put this old woman in her eyes. But she had come, and she was even smiling. Standing in front of her, she bowed and said: “Granddaughter pays respects to grandmother. It has been many months since we last met. Has grandmother been in good health?”

The matriarch froze and did not reply for a while.

It was Cheng Jun Mei that reminded her: “Mother, county princess is speaking to you.”

Only then did the matriarch recover and quickly say: “Good, good, my body is quite well.”

Feng Yu Heng did not care for her unnatural expression, only faintly saying: “That’s good.” She then walked over to the empty seat for the daughter of the first wife and sat down.

For a while, the atmosphere in the hall was a bit awkward. But it was not everyone that felt awkward. Xiang Rong was seated not too far from her, and only Chen Yu separated the two. She turned her small head and looked at Feng Yu Heng, her eyes filled with joy.

Feng Yu Heng also smiled at her then took the initiative to say: “I heard that third sister was sent to the temple. I was thinking that I would find some time to visit you in the temple after presenting the steel to father Emperor.”

Hearing her say this, Xiang Rong was a little moved, her small cheeks turning red. An shi was also very grateful, nodding to her. It was Han shi and Fen Dai who unhappily rolled their eyes.

The matriarch was, in truth, very clear on this. The case of Han shi being poisoned was not clear, and Xiang Rong was, for the most part, just a scapegoat. After that, the Feng family no longer wanted to dig too deep, thus they just left things as they were. At first, she thought that Feng Yu Heng would no longer be close to An shi and Xiang Rong. Who knew that Feng Yu Heng would still be a little friendly to Xiang Rong.

She feared that Feng Yu Heng would seek to settle this debt with the Feng family, thus she quickly interjected: “A-Heng, you went to the Xiang Palace yesterday. Did you send your eldest sister’s engagement note?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “It has been delivered. Not only was it sent, I also treated his Highness the third prince’s injuries. There is no longer any need for him to remain in bed on the day of the wedding.”

Feng Chen Yu’s heart was given a shock, rushing to ask: “Why did you go treat him? Wasn’t it said that Duan Mu Qing brought ghost doctor Song Kang?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and asked her: “Eldest sister, do you feel that my abilities are inferior to Song Kang?”

Cheng Jun Man picked up on this: “County princess’ medical abilities were described by uncle Emperor as being the best in the world. How could it be worse than a doctor from the North.”

When she spoke, she directly invoked the Emperor, so what could Feng Chen Yu dare to say? All of her unwillingness was stifled, as she forced herself to swallow all of the words that she had wanted to say.

Feng Yu Heng then said to Cheng Jun Man: “A-Heng did not come today just to pay respects to grandmother. I also wanted to discuss the matter of eldest sister’s dowry with mother.”

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  1. This is literally torture… every fu**ing episode ends in a cliffhanger ._.
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    1. I’m hoping that she stands to her statement that the standard will be used. So grandma will get the same things as she got from AHengs drowsy:)
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  2. This dowry topic is going to be interesting. Where is the Feng family going to find the money to provide sufficient dowry for Chen Yu?

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  4. Now that i remember it, the name Song Kang appeared in several chinese stories and history in eastern medicine… I once remember, that it also appeared in a Korean tv series, “king’s doctor” i think.. and it also depicted the same obsession in medicine… FHY definitely need him in the future in case of disasters and problems…

    And 3rd prince, you reaped what you sow…

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