Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 412

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Beautiful View on the Western Lake on a March Day~

Once Feng Yu Heng said this, Chen Yu’s heart leaped into her throat, but this feeling that arose immediately sank back down.

With Feng Yu Heng handling her dowry, what could she possibly be given?

The Feng family’s power had fallen into Feng Yu Heng’s hands like this. It was unexpected, and it left them unable to resist. Even Fen Dai understood that with Qian Zhou sowing chaos, it became a hatred between two countries. This was something that would lead the two countries to go to war. Even someone as greedy as the matriarch gave away the dowry that had been sent. She no longer dared to do anything. Moreover, she still remembered Han shi’s words from that day. The head wives of the Feng family were all cursed. Everyone that had the right to make decisions ended up having bad endings.

Chen Yu also knew that she definitely could not get upset with Feng Yu Heng at this sort of time. Presently, the Feng family did not need face. It needed to preserve itself. Right now, Feng Yu Heng was the Feng family’s lifeline. Only with her being present could the Feng family continue to live on.

This sort of Feng Yu Heng made Chen Yu feel envious. At the same time, this was the appearance that she aspired to have. From a young age, she knew what her fate was, and she knew of the Feng family’s hopes for her. The protection provided to the Feng family today by Feng Yu Heng should have been provided by her. She had to become the Empress, the phoenix under the heavens. Protecting her maternal family, she would have the entire Feng family feel proud of her and respect her.

That was why Feng Chen Yu calmed down and told herself that no matter what she went through, as long as she could successfully marry into the Xiang Palace, everything would be fine.

Feng Yu Heng calling her mother caused Cheng Jun Man to feel a bit moved, and she felt even more flattered by the favor. She was a smart person, and she would not become complacent from being called mother. Instead, she would become even calmer.

“The custom for when the daughter of a concubine marries out of the family has already been set. Our family’s husband is a standard first rank official. When the family’s child marries out of the family, even if they are the daughter of a concubine, the dowry should be extremely plentiful, but…”

This but was something that Chen Yu understood as meaning it would be very difficult to get a plentiful dowry. In the end, she was still a little bit unreconciled, quietly turning her gaze to the matriarch. She hoped to see her reaction. Who knew that the matriarch had her eyes closed to rest. She had no intention of participating in the discussion. Even granny Zhao stood there, feigning ignorance.

She sighed to herself and stood up, taking the initiative to say to Cheng Jun Man: “Daughter knows that the family is struggling. That’s why, when it comes to the dowry, I have no requests. I will leave everything for to mother to decide.”

Cheng Jun Man looked at Feng Yu Heng, “What does county princess think?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “Even if you do not have any requests, you are still the eldest young miss of my Feng family. How could the daughter of the dignified prime minister’s manor have something too shabby.”

Once these words were said, Han shi and Fen Dai also became nervous, especially Fen Dai, who rushed to say: “The family’s money was all spent when bringing that guilty woman from Qian Zhou into the manor. How is there anything left to make a dowry for her?”

Han shi also spoke up: “Our face needs to be taken care of, but how many people are keeping their eyes on the Feng family? Perhaps now is not the time to be openly lavish.”

She spoke some reasonable words for once, and it received everyone’s approval.

Feng Chen Yu’s expression became a little ugly. She could endure anything that Cheng Jun Man said. After all, regardless of whether or not she was the head wife, she was still the Empress’ niece. But what did Han shi count for?

Her eyes became fierce and cast a glare like a dagger over. This caused Han shi to tremble with fear.

Fen Dai angrily said: “Eldest sister, what are you doing? Concubine mother is pregnant with a child. If you scared her, could you shoulder that responsibility?”

Cheng Jun Man gently sighed and stopped Chen Yu from carrying on this argument. Feng Yu Heng then spoke up asking her: “After mother received control of the communal funds, have you checked on what the late Chen shi left behind?”

Cheng Jun Man nodded but helplessly said: “There was not too much stuff. There were two sets of gold head ornaments that she wore before. There were also three jade pieces, but they were all small trinkets.”

Chen Yu furrowed her brow. What did this mean? Had they begun thinking of using Chen shi’s old things? At the time, there really were not many of Chen shi’s old things left. She took some, the matriarch also took some, and Feng Jin Yuan even took a portion. That two sets of gold head ornaments could be found was because they had been worn by Chen shi in the past, and the matriarch disdained that, thus they remained untouched. What would they be used for now?

While she was puzzled, she heard Feng Yu Heng speak up: “That’s enough. Right now, the situation is different. It cannot be compared to when the Feng family was at its zenith. Have a craftsman melt down the two gold head ornaments and have them crafted into something more trendy. As for the jade trinkets, place them in wooden boxes. No matter how it’s said, they were left behind by Chen shi. For eldest sister, they should act as something to remember her by. As for the others… just wait a few more days until the Xiang Palace has sent its betrothal gifts.”

Cheng Jun Man felt that this was quite appropriate, thus she complied and said: “That’s right, having her mother’s old things accompany her would be the best dowry. Chen Yu, don’t assume that the family is mistreating you. Presently, the Feng manor is indeed in a bit of a financial pinch. Qian Zhou’s dowry was sent away in its entirety. As for the things that husband recently purchased, because we fear that something may have been hidden in them, we do not dare touch them. If that were to happen, our Feng family would be even more hard pressed to avoid being implicated. As for what Jun Mei and I brought over…” She turned and said to the matriarch: “Mother, perhaps that will need to be brought out and used.”

Only then did the matriarch react slightly, opening her eyes and asking her: “What will that be used for?”

Cheng Jun Mei took over and said: “Now that such a thing has happened to the Feng family, husband will be getting pushed out by the other officials in court, and everyone is keeping husband at a distance. Mother, you are a very reasonable person. If things continue to develop like this, it would be extremely bad for husband.”

Cheng Jun Man then said: “Fortunately, us sisters still have our imperial aunt’s face to work with. But this work will have expenses. The manor does not have any money, so all that remains is that dowry.”

With the two sisters saying this much, what else could the matriarch say? She could only inform granny Zhao: “Go bring those things out of Shu Ya courtyard’s warehouse and place them in the communal funds.” When she spoke, her expression was as though someone was gouging her flesh.

Everyone knew that the Cheng shi sisters were poking at the matriarch’s foundation.

Although everyone understood at heart that with Cheng Jun Man controlling the communal funds and Feng Yu Heng controlling the Feng family’s life, Chen Yu’s dowry definitely would not be plentiful; however, they never could have imagined that it would be shabby to such a degree.

An shi was a little worried, quietly asking: “Will this not offend the Xiang Palace?” But she immediately thought of something. Prince Xiang had already been whipped to such a degree by Feng Yu Heng. That palace had already been offended to the limit. The dowry was not going to affect much. Thus she waved her hand: “This concubine was over-thinking things. Just take it as me not having said anything.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled, saying: “I said it before, if there is anything to be added, it will wait until after the Xiang Palace has presented its betrothal gifts.”

Feng Chen Yu’s dowry was settled in this manner. After everyone dispersed, Fen Dai’s mood was a little depressed. Han shi looked at her in confusion. While walking, she asked: “What’s wrong with you? Eldest young miss will have this sort of ending. Should you not feel happy?”

Fen Dai rolled her eyes: “What is there to be happy about. Have you never heard the saying: when one falls, the other is also in danger? Today, it was Feng Chen Yu. It’s possible that it will be me tomorrow. In any case, Chen shi left behind some money. What can you leave me?”

Han shi angrily gasped for air, spitting out: “Shit, shit, shit! Can you not say something a little more encouraging? I must say, fourth young miss, are you not worrying about worthless things? Eldest young miss is unable to get the dowry that she should have because the second young miss is the one currently making decisions in the manor. But how old are you? When it’s time for you to get married, she will have gotten married. Could it be that a girl that has married out of the family will come back to her maternal family to make decisions on someone else’s marriage? This sort of thing has never happened in history.”

Fen Dai’s eyes lit up, “Huh? You are right. How could I have forgotten about this.”

Han shi helplessly shook her head and reached out to feel her own belly, a complicated feeling appearing.

The matriarch said that she would be able to give birth at the start of the 10th month, but only she was clear on this matter. She would be unable to give birth at the start of the 10th month. But how should she explain the delay of 20 days?

Feng Yu Heng left Shu Ya courtyard and went directly to the Refined Deity Building with Wang Chuan. Along the way, she sent people to contact Xuan Tian Ming. When she arrived, he was already waiting at the side of the lake.

In the past, there were a total of two objects worthy of every girl’s admiration. One was the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, and the other was the ninth prince, Xuan Tian Ming. Of the two, one was refined like a deity, while the other was wild and confident. Both had inherited the advantages of the Emperor and their respective imperial concubine mothers. This all appeared in their faces, and they were practically unforgettable for anyone that saw them.

Later on, Xuan Tian Ming injured his legs, and there were rumors about him being unable to have children. Countless hearts were broken, and all that remained was pity.

But recently, he had recovered. Although he still wore a gold mask on his face, his legs had recovered completely. Standing there with his head slightly raised, he had a proud appearance. In an instant, all of those broken hearts were fixed once more.

But Xuan Tian Ming, in the end, was not as kind as Xuan Tian Hua. The majority of people did not dare get close to him. Even if there was hope in their hearts, they could only look from a distance. In fact, some of the young misses that happened to be passing by in their carriages did not get out. They would only lift the curtain slightly to peek toward him. Even if this was the case, their faces still turned red.

Xuan Tian Ming did not have any consciousness of being an idol. He stood at the side of the lake with Bai Ze. While standing, he complained: “Bai Ze, this is no good. Make this prince another wheelchair tomorrow. Waiting for people relies on my legs. It’s so tiring!”

Bai Ze shook his head like a pellet drum, “County princess said that you are not allowed to sit in a wheelchair.”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at him sideways: “Do you listen to her or me?”

“I…” Bai Ze gritted his teeth, “I will listen to her.”

“…” What the hell was the point of this great one raising you. You may as well go find that damn girl to pay your salary!

Thousands of thoughts filled his heart; however, he did not dare say a single word. Raising his head to look at the hot sun, he felt that the sun shining down on his mask was extremely troublesome. Thus he said to Bai Ze: “Say, how about this prince also takes off this mask? It’s so hot!”

Bai Ze thought a bit then said: “How about this subordinate goes to find an umbrella?”

Thus, not long later, all of the little girls, young wives and middle-aged women that were standing and watching saw the ninth prince’s attendant go and buy an umbrella. After opening it up, he very naturally took half a step back and provided him with shade.

A man in a purple shirt with a gold mask stood under a white umbrella that was dotted with red flowers. With his head raised slightly, he had a proud look.

One girl felt something hot on her upper lip and went to feel it. It turned out that she had a nosebleed.

As for a certain damn girl that had arrived late lifted the curtain and saw the person standing under an umbrella at the side of the lake. Her eyes blurred, as a song popped into her head, “Beautiful View on the Western Lake on a March Day…”

Her feet then slipped, causing her to fall directly from the carriage.

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  4. Imagine A-Heng’s dowry when she marry out of the family… That will be a very grand parade… The Feng Manor’s dowry, the dowry provided by Yu Palace, the 10 million taels of gold from Qian Zhou, the title for Feng Manor, the title for Jian County, the titles for the shops she owns (seven or so?) and the throne of Qian Zhou (that will be given to her by father emperor for her dowry) plus the other things she will acquire and her doting husband will acquire for her through the course of their engagement…


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