Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 413

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Getting Jealous

Xuan Tian Ming was quick to react, rushing forward a few steps and catching her in his arms.

Feng Yu Heng was stunned for a moment then said: “Many thanks kind sir.”

The corner of his lips twitched, “Is it your legs that are no good, or is it your mind that’s no good?”

Feng Yu Heng gritted her teeth and said: “It’s also possible that my eyes are not good or my mind just could not keep up.” She grabbed Xuan Tian Ming and glared at Bai Ze.

Bai Ze did not know what sort of mistake he had made. He was properly blocking the sun for his master. Why was it when the master’s wife came, she became unhappy?

Seeing him stand there blankly, Feng Yu Heng angrily squeezed out a few words from between the gaps in her teeth: “Get that umbrella out of here!”

Xuan Tian Ming was puzzled: “Dear wife, it’s hot out.”

She did not want to speak with the two anymore. It was the middle of the day. Why were they pretending to be deities while standing at the side of the lake? Her imagination was already overly active. Could she still eat a meal in peace? Could she… huh?

A certain person reflected on hindsight and finally felt that something was not quite right. Why were all of the carriages at the side of the lake stopped? Why were they not moving? Also, what was that aunty buying eggs drooling over? Young miss on the other side, are you throwing flirtatious gazes or rolling your eyes? Your eyeballs are about to pop out! Girl over there, why do you have an expectant look and eyes filled with tears?

Feng Yu Heng followed all of their gazes to find the source, finally landing on her husband’s face. She then became furious: “Your face has already been covered by up the mask, and it’s impossible to tell if you’re a man or a woman, yet why are they still so attracted to you?”

She was unhappy. Throwing off Xuan Tian Ming, she walked over to the ferry on the lake. Xuan Tian Ming pushed away Bai Ze, who was holding up the umbrella, “Quickly go throw away the umbrella!” He then chased after Feng Yu Heng, “Uh, dear wife! Dear wife, slow down a little. Listen to what this prince has to say…”

From this moment forward, with Refined Deity Building as the center, rumors spread around the capital of the ninth prince fearing his wife. Apparently, there were a large number of people that formed a “Ninth Prince Support Association” and an “Anti-County Princess Ji An Alliance”. But when they thought of how protective the ninth prince was of his wife and how county princess Ji An disowned her family, only recognizing her husband, they decided to disband the associations that they had managed to form, instead opting to quietly support their idol.

Of course, this was a story for another time. Presently, Feng Yu Heng was seated in one of Refined Deity Building’s private rooms and doing battle with a large pork shoulder.

Xuan Tian Ming sat across from her, drinking tea. It was just that the hand holding the cup was trembling very slightly. Outside, Bai Ze could be heard hurrying the staff: “That crispy fried pigeon, hurry up and fry it faster.”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at the girl in front of him mix the soup from the pork shoulder with her rice then angrily slapped the table: “Damn! I said that you aren’t able to eat properly in the Feng family. Every time that I go to the Feng manor, I feel like you get thinner. Look at your now, could it be that you haven’t eaten your fill even once since getting back?”

Feng Yu Heng finally looked up from the pork shoulder and replied: “In truth, I eat in Tong Sheng pavilion.”

“Then Tong Sheng pavilion needs a new chef!” He thought a bit and called Bai Ze inside, informing him: “Grab a chef from Refined Deity Building and send him to Tong Sheng pavilion to make food for the Princess.”

Bai Ze nodded and went to take care of it.

At first, Feng Yu Heng wanted to say that there was no need for the trouble, but when she thought about the taste of this pork shoulder, the words that had reached her lips were swallowed back down. To refuse a chef from Refined Deity Building was something that her mouth could not accept! Scooping two more mouthfuls of rice into her mouth, she finally felt full.

Xuan Tian Ming was truly unable to continue looking at her mouth covered in oil, as he pulled out his handkerchief and wiped her mouth. He then reminded her: “Eat a little slower. We’re in no rush. If you eat slower, you’ll be able to eat more.” After he finished speaking, he found that she had completely ignored him. Instead, she began doing battle with the fried pigeon that had just been served. After glaring at the waiter, who retreated with a frightened expression, he had to say: “Based on how you look while eating, outsiders might think that you’re pregnant.”

Feng Yu Heng did not even look up, “If I’m pregnant then I’m pregnant.”

What could he say. After watching the girl eat for two hours, she finally cleaned up everything that was on the table. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief and carefully ask: “Do you want to order some more?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “No need.” She then asked: “When we leave in a bit, will the chef be coming with us?”

He nodded.

“That’s good. I will eat slowly when I get home tonight.”

Xuan Tian Ming was on the verge of collapse, “Dear wife, tell me. What exactly is going on?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “It’s nothing. Seeing you attract so many glances, I converted my anger into hunger.”

“Oh!” A look of joy appeared on Xuan Tian Ming’s face, “It’s a pity that the two of us knew each other later on. Otherwise, if you ran into this prince when I was in my golden age and did not wear this mask, would you not have eaten my Refined Deity Building into bankruptcy.”

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes, “Tsk, it’s just my bad eyes that caused me to fall for you. The one before did not pay any attention to you.”

Xuan Tian Ming squinted his eyes, and the purple lotus between his brows pulled together. He had caught onto the important words, “Which one before?”

Feng Yu Heng was sipping tea to help send the food down and nearly choked herself to death. “My meaning was before going to the Northwest. I like the current me, so I feel like the old me was not me.”

He was just teasing her and had casually asked. This was the dignified ninth prince’s wife, how could he not have investigated her. He knew long ago that there was something about this. But that was not important. What he wanted was the current girl. If it was changed to the former… that one, he definitely would not accept.

“After not coming to eat at Refined Deity Building for over half a year, are you not overwhelmed by the deliciousness?” He took the initiative to change the topic. This girl had asked him out, and he had thought that something had happened at first, but it now seemed likely that she was just hungry.

“Xuan Tian Ming.” She leaned forward to discuss with him: “When we return to the military camp, can we bring along the chef that will be going to the county princess’ manor? Either way, once we leave, he will have nothing to do. Let’s bring him to the military camp! I’m begging you.”

“Just look at yourself.” He reached out and poked her small nose, but he still said: “Of course.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled slyly then counted on her fingers: “After a few more days, Feng Chen Yu will become of marriageable age. We will then need to take care of her grand marriage. We still must discuss how to handle Qian Zhou’s matter… Xuan Tian Ming, precisely how long will it be until we can return to the military camp!”

He knew that this girl’s heart belonged to the military camp. The capital was not a place that she liked, and the Feng manor was a place that she wanted to avoid even more. But he also understood: “I see that you’re pretty interested in Feng Chen Yu and old third’s marriage. What are you thinking?”

Feng Yu Heng giggled, “It’s not just interested. I could not be more expectant!”

Seeing that she was filled with wicked tricks, Xuan Tian Ming knew that there would definitely be an entertaining show, thus he nodded, “Then this prince will go and be respectful at that time. It will give him a bit of face.”

“Good!” Feng Yu Heng’s eyes became piercingly cold. This was a gaze that would cause people to feel cold just from seeing it.

It had been a long time since she had last revealed this sort of gaze. While she was in the military camp, she spent every day working on steel or dealing with soldiers and blacksmiths. These were the most straightforward people in the world, and she spent every day with a smile on her face. However, upon returning to the capital, she had to deal with the Feng family’s people and matters. This cold and gloomy expression appeared without any need for fermentation.

Xuan Tian Ming thought that when the day came for him to bring this girl back to his side, he would never allow her to set foot in the Feng manor.

“Feng Chen Yu.” She licked her lips and whispered to herself, “You tried many times to harm me and Zi Rui. Just using the Chen family to fill that hole is not enough. Just wait and see, the thing that she is most looking forward to is becoming the Empress. Well, I shall ruin that dream from the very roots.”

Xuan Tian Ming seemed to be able to envision the brilliant play arriving. He could not help but begin to look forward to the grand occasion of his third bro marrying this secondary princess.

Feng Yu Heng really did not have any other matters for coming to Refined Deity Building today. She was simply craving it. The couple joked and laughed in the private room for four hours, yet there did not seem to be any intention of leaving. Bai Ze entered and asked them: “Will you be taking care of dinner here as well?”

Before the two could reply, they heard a waiter outside say: “Sir Duan Mu, please come this way!”

All of the waiting staff in Refined Deity Building were the Yu Palace’s people. Even if it was a waiter in charge of serving tea, they were still managed by the Yu Palace. The words Sir Duan Mu were said for them to hear, and Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “Duan Mu Qing?”

Bai Ze immediately laughed, “The people of the North really are arrogant! They come to eat a meal, yet they report their grand name?”

Xuan Tian Ming shrugged and said: “It’s most likely that they did not make a reservation. By using a bright name, they hope to scare people.”

He gave Bai Ze a look, and Bai Ze took the hint. Walking over to the wall, he reached for a hanging painting and fiddled around a bit. The voices in the neighboring room then became clear. “I heard that this Refined Deity Building was opened by his Highness the ninth prince?” The person speaking was none other than Duan Mu Qing.

Immediately following this, someone replied: “Indeed, this is the most expensive restaurant in the capital, but it is also the best restaurant in the capital. In addition, all of the people that come are high-ranking officials and nobles. Like this, its reputation improved.”

Duan Mu Qing no longer asked about the Refined Deity Building. Instead, he very quickly changed the topic, asking something important: “At the end of last year, I heard that his Majesty seemed to be favoring his Highness the eldest prince, but after coming to the capital, I found that his Highness the ninth prince is still the most favored. Why is this?”

Another person explained to him: “Deputy leader may not know this, but county princess Ji An personally said that his Highness the ninth prince’s legs could not be healed. In his disappointment, his Majesty began to favor his Highness the eldest prince. Now, however, you also saw it. The ninth prince’s legs have completely healed, and county princess Ji An has successfully produced steel. The Emperor already favored him, so the winds naturally blew in his favor.”

A silence filled the room next door. After a long while, Duan Mu Qing said: “Speaking like this, the position of crown prince will belong to his Highness the ninth prince?”

All of the people that had come with him said: “Definitely! There’s no avoiding it!”

Feng Yu Heng raised four fingers to Xuan Tian Ming, indicating that there were a total of four people on that side. Xuan Tian Ming nodded and gave her a commending gaze.

Another voice came from the room next door, “I heard that his Highness the third prince will be marrying the eldest daughter of Prime minister Feng in a few days?”

“I heard that Prime minister Feng’s daughter has been named as the aspect of the phoenix from a young age by a Taoist!”

“But she is currently the daughter of a concubine…”

Duan Mu Qing’s voice began to discuss: “His Highness the third prince will only be taking her in as a secondary princess. She is the daughter of a concubine, so it is suitable. As for that aspect of the phoenix, I have asked about it before, but his Highness the third prince said that it was nonsense. It’s possible that the Taoist felt that eldest young miss Feng was beautiful, thus he proclaimed her to be the aspect of the phoenix. It is not to be believed. Not worth believing.”

Although he said this, the topic had been mentioned, and they gossiped about it for a long time.

Feng Yu Heng’s lips curled into a sneer. Rumors were stopped by the wise, but they could start a struggle among certain people. It seemed that Duan Mu Qing was interested in planning a strategy around this.

At this time, they heard someone from the neighboring room suddenly say: “Huh? Look, who is that?”

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