Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 416

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There Are Also Things that Young Miss Fears

On the day of Chen Yu’s coming of age ceremony, the Xiang Palace loudly presented its betrothal gift.

The reason it was said to be loud was not that the Xiang Palace had provided a plentiful gift, nor was it because there were all kinds of instruments being played. Instead, it was because the group of people that had come was carrying live chickens, live ducks and live fish!

Feng Yu Heng was the first to break down!

In this life and her previous life, she did not fear guns, cannons or any sort of disaster. She did not even fear poisonous bugs and snakes, but she had a fatal weakness. She feared anything with wings, and chickens were the ones she feared the most.

When she was attacked by the goshawk at the end of the year, she appeared to be calm; however, she had already been nearly frightened to death. In any case, it was fortunate that it was not a chicken. Presently, eight live chickens were brought in with their wings held in. She was unable to control herself and let out a yelp then hid behind An shi.

An shi was given a fright by her then immediately reacted, asking strangely: “Second young miss is afraid of chickens?”

Feng Yu Heng’s face was completely pale, “Ducks, I’m also afraid of ducks.”

An shi was confused. When she was young, the second young miss did not fear this sort of thing, but when she looked again at the large roosters, their eyes and cockscombs were indeed quite intimidating. Even Xiang Rong was a little too scared to look, thus she understood. She quickly adjusted her body and protected Feng Yu Heng.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were completely speechless. This was too shameful. Young miss was actually afraid of chickens! They wanted to use their eyes to express their disdain, but they found that Feng Yu Heng’s face was pale white, and her eyes were shut tight while hiding behind An shi. She even covered up her ears. The two were helpless and could only go stand at An shi’s side, blocking the view even more.

In ancient times, there were the “six rituals” of proposal, asking for names, checking for compatibility, sending of betrothal gifts, selecting an auspicious wedding date and the wedding ceremony. When Feng Yu Heng was young, and she was engaged to Xuan Tian Ming, everything was done very seriously and by the book. When they returned to the capital, Lady Zhou came to present the betrothal gifts, and this was all very fitting.

However, when it came time for Chen Yu, things were not done as properly. The two families simply exchanged engagement notes, and all the other steps were simplified.

Although everything was simplified, the Feng family never expected that the Xiang Palace would actually be able to simplify it to this degree.

The gift was sent by the housekeeper of the palace. Although Lady Zhou of the Yu Palace could be considered the housekeeper, there were differences between the two housekeepers. Lady Zhou was a first rank noble, and she could enter and exit the imperial palace. What could this one from the Xiang Palace be considered? At best, he could be considered of the same rank as He Zhong.

Feng Jin Yuan felt that he did not have any face left and continued to listen to He Zhong read the list of gifts: “The Xiang Palace has presented its gift to the eldest young miss. Eight live chickens, eight live ducks, eight live fish, 100 eggs, 20 jin of brown sugar, 20 jin of starch noodles, four sets of four-season clothes, 120 steamed buns and 50 jars of huangjiu!”

That’s it!
Feng Chen Yu’s face twisted in all kinds of ways, but she was a bit more rational this time around. Taking the initiative, she walked between the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan then calmly comforted them, saying to the Xiang Palace’s housekeeper: “May I ask the housekeeper uncle, was this betrothal gift sent by his Highness Prince Xiang?”

Feng Chen Yu had been born exceptionally pretty, especially when it was adorned with a calm smile, it was the most radiant. The Xiang Palace’s housekeeper knew that this sort of betrothal gift was too shabby. Not only was the eldest young miss the eldest daughter of the prime ministers, she was also an exceptional beauty. She was worthy of the most extravagant betrothal gift; however…

He smiled bitterly and shook his head, “His Highness was severely injured, and the gift was prepared by the princess.”

These words made it clear to the Feng family that this was what Princess Xiang intended. Women, right. Helping their own man send betrothal gifts to another, it was understandable to have this sort of mood. That was why the Feng family should not feel too sorrowful over the betrothal gift being like this.

Chen Yu also let out a sigh of relief. The matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan no longer had such ugly expressions on their faces. No matter what was said, this was a battle of jealousy between women. From this day forward, Chen Yu would be getting married. Whether or not she could turn the tides would depend on her own abilities.

With the betrothal gift sent, the next matters were handled by the Cheng shi sisters. Although this gift was shabby, it was the most common among commoner families. Chen Yu was the daughter of a concubine, so it was natural that she could not have the same requirements as the daughter of the first wife. No matter what was said, getting married was the most important matter.

The Cheng shi sisters received the betrothal gifts then welcomed the housekeeper in for some tea, but the housekeeper said that he had to return to report, thus he could not stay for long, quickly leaving.

Cheng Jun Man smiled and said to Feng Jin Yuan: “Husband, do you think we should add a little more to eldest young miss’ dowry?”

Feng Jin Yuan did not speak. The matriarch, however, angrily snorted, saying: “What is there to add? I feel that we gave too much. No matter what is said, there was a set of gold head ornaments. Just that one thing is worth more than everything that the Xiang Palace sent!”

Chen Yu’s expression did not change. She was really afraid that the matriarch would take things back, thus she quickly said: “Just treat that as not being a dowry. Grandmother, just treat it as leaving granddaughter a memento. After all, mother… after all, Chen shi did not leave many things behind. Just consider it granddaughter begging grandmother. From this day forward, no matter how great granddaughter’s future is, I will always remember grandmother’s grace.”

With her speaking to this matter, what could the matriarch still say? She just sighed then fell silent.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng finally crawled out from behind An shi’s back. Her complexion was still not too great. An shi quickly call for someone to bring her some tea then comforted her.

At first, they believed that the coming of age ceremony was completed, so they should be about to be dismissed. There was not much shade in the front yard, the day was hot, and the air was stifling. Han shi even felt that she was truly suffering from the heat, as she had servants endlessly waving their fans for her.

But at this time, Feng Jin Yuan suddenly flicked his sleeve and helped the matriarch back to the head seat. Everyone frowned, understanding that he definitely had something else to say. Thus they ceased their whispers and turned their attention to the head seat.

The one that opened their mouth was Feng Jin Yuan. Before he spoke a single word, he turned his gaze to Xiang Rong. It was just a look, but this caused Xiang Rong to suddenly tremble and subconsciously lean against Feng Yu Heng’s side. Her face revealed a hard-to-hide horror.

Feng Jin Yuan absolutely hated his third daughter being so close to Feng Yu Heng, but when he looked at the two standing together, he was able to see some similarities between the two.

He calmed himself down then cleared his throat before saying: “Chen Yu has become of age today, and an important life event has been set. The Xiang Palace and our family has had an agreement in place. The grand wedding shall be five days after this coming of age ceremony.” While saying this, he looked at Chen Yu, “I just fear that this wedding will need to be simple.”

Chen Yu sighed slightly to herself. Although she had prepared herself mentally, hearing it personally from her father still caused her to feel a little unhappy.

But for the sake of successfully marrying into the Xiang Palace, she had already warned herself. No matter how poor the treatment, she had to endure it. That was why it was no longer important to Feng Chen Yu if the wedding was grand or not. All that she wanted to succeed was the wedding. She no longer cared about the image.

Chen Yu took a step forward and saluted to Feng Jin Yuan, very calmly saying: “Daughter understands. Presently, the situation in the court is unclear, and the Feng family should be acting in a low-key manner. It would not be good for daughter’s marriage to cause more waves. Moreover, Chen Yu is the daughter of a concubine, and his Highness Prince Xiang is taking in a secondary princess. Daughter just needs to be carried into the Xiang Palace on a sedan. That is enough.”

Feng Jin Yuan looked at Chen Yu’s beautiful face and felt a little unreconciled. He truly felt guilty for this daughter. But the things that had to be said were not related to Chen Yu, thus he nodded. Continuing with what he had just said, he said: “The manor’s daughter of the first wife… A-Heng’s marriage will also be set ahead of time. Speaking of, it is just Xiang Rong and Fen Dai that have not had engagements planned.”

Once this was said, the horror on Xiang Rong’s face became even more apparent. Fen Dai was also a little unwilling. She originally had an engagement, but it was returned by the Feng family. Presently, her two elder sisters were both engaged to princes, so what about her?

This girl hoped that Feng Jin Yuan could change his mind and reconsider her marriage to the fifth prince. Shooting a glance at Feng Jin Yuan, she found that he did not even look at her, his gaze still remaining on Xiang Rong.

Xiang Rong’s body was rigid as though she was waiting for a verdict. Even An shi became nervous. She understood that the Feng family might have only been hoping on the third prince, but given the current circumstances, one prince was not enough to protect the Feng family. They had to make some more preparations. Then… to whom would Xiang Rong be engaged?

Daughters were to be pampered, and they were raised to be married into a nice family and provide their maternal family with a helping hand. Moreover, she was the daughter of a concubine. In this sort of time, it should be the daughter of a concubine that should rush forward. Although she was considered a daughter, was she any different from a tool?

“Today…” Feng Jin Yuan’s voice picked up once more, speaking one word at a time: “Today, aside from Chen Yu’s coming of age, Xiang Rong’s engagement has also been arranged.”

“I don’t want it!” Suddenly, a voice of refusal sounded out. It was Xiang Rong that subconsciously shouted it. It was as though she had gone crazy, repeatedly shouting: “I don’t want to! I don’t want to get engaged!”

“Nonsense!” The matriarch became furious, “Which family’s daughters do not have an engagement? Which family’s daughters do not get married? These are orders from your parents and words from the matchmaker, where is there any chance for you to say no! Could it be that you think the Feng family will raise you for your entire life?”

An shi saw that the matriarch had truly become angry, and her words were not too light nor too heavy. Although she was unhappy, she also understood that Xiang Rong was misbehaving, thus she quickly stood up. While pulling Xiang Rong up, she spoke to the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan: “Elder madam, calm your anger. Husband, calm your anger. Third young miss is still young and is unable to accept this, so she is misbehaving a little.” She then tugged at Xiang Rong, telling her to quickly apologize.

But Xiang Rong was dazed, her mind filled with thoughts of the Feng family setting her marriage, but she did not want to get married. Rather, if the Feng family did not plan for her to marry the person that she wanted to marry, what should she do? What should she do?

She subconsciously turned to look at Feng Yu Heng, her eyes filled with tears.

Feng Yu Heng looked at this girl, and the memories of the body’s original owner resurfaced. At that time, she was seated in a pavilion and learning words, and this girl was peeking at her from behind a rock, her hair tied up like two steamed buns. With her round cheeks, she looked a bit like a porcelain doll. Also, her maternal grandfather, Yao Xian, had come to the manor to visit her, bringing a large number of things with him. At that time, she had an indifferent attitude. She clearly knew that there was a pair of small eyes looking at her; however, she never thought of sharing the things that she could not finish eating with Xiang Rong. Also, when the Yao family met with disaster, mother and children were chased from the manor. Right before leaving, An shi had grabbed Zi Rui’s collar and stuffed a handful of shattered silver into the child’s clothes, avoiding being seen by all.

These memories resurfaced, and Feng Yu Heng immediately understood. This body still contained the thoughts and instincts of the original owner. These thoughts wanted her to help Xiang Rong. The original owner liked this younger sister.

But… Feng Yu Heng frowned and looked at her for a long time. Just as Xiang Rong felt that there was hope that the situation could be reversed, she saw Feng Yu Heng slightly shake her head…

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  1. hopefully xiang rong will use this obstacle and overcome it on her own so that she wont have to enter this marriage arranged by FJY..she needs to be a little less dependent and mature more.

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      1. I don’t feel that XR matches with 7th prince, he seems to have FYH on his mind to the extent that he found an annoying copycat to hang around him… don’t worry, XR, don’t like your fiancée? 2nd sis will kill him off for you so you can live as a rich widow and re-marry whoever you want later on 😜

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  2. Wasn’t expecting that fear of birds. Please, how is a modern military doctor girl afraid of chickens of all things?

    Not sure what’s going on with the dynamic with FYH and Xiang Rong/An shi. She treated them well up until the spirit altering drug incident, but it was shown that it was the Third Prince who snuck his own people with them. Is it that FYH wants Xiang Rong to be more independent? FYH can’t always protect this little sister of hers, so I suppose now is a time to let her struggle on her own a bit.

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      1. I understand that, just hating the mention of ”forever beautiful” ”the most beautiful” ”suit for more high class”’every time.


  3. Xiang Rong… I’m sorry…

    Such a cute sister, but this is the reality of this time period. The girl needs to grow and become strong, and frankly… it’s just an engagement. She still has a lot of time before her house loses everything.


  4. Wait wait wait. If FYH is deathly afraid of anything with wings, ie birds with feathery wings…. then why didn’t she not freak out at the sight of the 2 tiny hummingbirds, which definitely had feathered wings, at what’s his name’s mother’s place (I think it was the third prince’ mother’s place but I’m not completely sure)


  5. It’s sad when your life and your life partner is arranged by someone other than you. I think it’s like that for some cultures still but if my parents had to choose for me .. I’d be like XR.. freakin our at the age of 11


  6. I have bad feeling about betrayal soon! This author has sick brain so there’s possibility for this Xiang Rong getting her mental twisted by this event!


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