Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 420

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Seventh Brother Would Not Get You Such a Seventh Sister-in-Law

Hearing that they would be sending a pork shoulder, Huang Quan’s eyes lit up. Even Wang Chuan’s lips curled up into a smile.

Feng Yu Heng could see a fierce light coming from her servants’ eyes. She trembled and quickly reminded them: “We are going to investigate. The purpose is correct, but that is the Chun Palace. You absolutely must not provoke a scorpion.”

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan quickly ensured her: “Young miss, don’t worry. We will just follow behind you. As long as that Yu Qian Yin does not cause any trouble, it will be fine.”

Just like this, the three brought along the food box and sat in Feng Yu Heng’s imperial carriage.

The Chun Palace never had many guests. Xuan Tian Huan treated everyone kindly, but he was the prince that was the hardest to become close to among the nine princes. This person was without desires or wants. Even if someone sent gifts, they felt that it would defile this deity-like person. That was why the guards at the Chun Palace were truly unaccustomed to seeing an imperial carriage arrive.

But there were only two people in the capital that had this sort of beautiful imperial carriage. One was imperial daughter Wu Yang, Xuan Tian Ge, and the other was county princess Ji An, Feng Yu Heng. The Chun Palace was similar to the Yu Palace. All of the servants had received an order that “county princess Ji An may enter and exit as she pleases.” Thus, when Feng Yu Heng got out of her carriage, the guards did not ask a single thing, directly inviting her into the palace.

Not many steps later, a housekeeper immediately came forward to welcome her. After saluting Feng Yu Heng, they said: “His Highness is currently eating dinner. Yu girl is also present. Will county princess go to the hall to wait or will you go to the reception room?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and said: “What a coincidence, this county princess came to bring Yu girl some food. Would you please lead the way.”

Hearing that she had brought food for the Yu girl, the housekeeper subconsciously glanced at Feng Yu Heng. The Chun Palace’s housekeeper was not a normal person. His ability to weigh a person’s words was top tier. Just this one glance allowed his to see a trace of a sly look in Feng Yu Heng’s eyes. His heart immediately calmed down and quickly invited them in.

In regards to Xuan Tian Hua suddenly bringing a girl back home, the Chun Palace expressed that they were unable to accept this. Although she was just brought back as a guest, the courtyard that she stayed in was far away. But the girl normal personality left everyone feeling a little odd. Normally speaking, this sort of personality should be quite charming, but for some reason, not a single person in the Chun Palace had a good feeling about her. Normally, she is exceptionally polite and respectful. When it came to Feng Yu Heng, she was treated like family. While walking to the hall, the servants that saw her all greeted her with a smile.

The housekeeper was filled with emotion and said: “If the person accompanying his Highness for dinner was county princess, how great would that be.”

Feng Yu Heng heard this and felt helpless, thus she pretended to not have heard it. Arriving at the entrance of the hall, they saw Yu Qian Yin place a piece of braised pork in Xuan Tian Hua’s bowl, saying: “Seventh brother, this is very delicious!”

She felt a surge of awkwardness in her heart, as she saw something that she did when eating together with Xuan Tian Ming. She would deliberately stuff the things that she did not like eating into his bowl then say: “Xuan Tian Ming, this is very delicious!”

Xuan Tian Ming would say with great disdain: “There’s still drool on your chopsticks.” Although he would say this, he would still receive and eat it.

This scene was something that the housekeeper naturally saw, and he could not help but shout: “Impudent!” He then quickly walked over and scolded Yu Qian Yin: “Would young miss Yu please have some self-respect.”

These words were already very severe, and Yu Qian Yin felt a little embarrassed; however, she still said in a good mood: “I’m sorry. It was my fault.” But she immediately turned and asked Xuan Tian Hua: “Seventh brother doesn’t mind, right?”

Xuan Tian Hua did not look at her, nor did he touch the braised pork in his bowl. His gaze, however, went over to Feng Yu Heng. He stood up and walked over to her with a warm smile. He only stopped when he was not too far from her then calmly said: “You’ve come.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled at him then received the food box from Huang Quan’s hands. She no longer spoke to Xuan Tian Hua. Instead, she went into the hall and went straight at Yu Qian Yin, who was still seated at the table.

Seeing her come over, Yu Qian Yin wanted to get up to salute her, but Feng Yu Heng quickly raised her hand and said: “No need to be so courteous. Just stay seated.” While saying this, she opened the food box, “Seventh brother’s guest is my guest. Last time we were at Refined Deity Building, I saw that you liked eating pork shoulder, thus I had the chef prepare one. I had it prepared for you at dinner time. Quickly have a taste!”

“Really?” Yu Qian Yin’s eyes lit up, and the drool nearly began to flow. “Has county princess eaten yet? Let’s eat together!”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I ate before coming out.”

Xuan Tian Hua also walked back then looked at the pork shoulder. He then looked at Feng Yu Heng and helplessly shook his head, “What are you wasting your efforts for?”

She smiled at Xuan Tian Hua then sat down on a chair, “I had a chef prepare it. I did not expend much effort aside from making this trip. I was also missing seventh brother.”

While she spoke, Yu Qian Yin had already engaged in battle with the pork shoulder. One bite at a time, she looked like she was enjoying it a great deal.

No matter what the chef of Refined Deity Building made, it was delicious. The fragrance of the pork shoulder filled the air, causing the servants to nearly begin drooling.

Feng Yu Heng watched Yu Qian Yin eat, her eyes filled with laughter. This laughter was noticed by Xuan Tian Hua, who could not help but cast her an inquisitive glance; however, she ignored it. She only paid attention to Yu Qian Yin. When the pork shoulder had been almost completely eaten, she finally asked: “Does Yu girl like it?”

Yu Qian Yin repeatedly nodded, praising it: “It really is too delicious. I love it.”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng let out a sigh of relief, saying: “That’s good. I was really afraid that you would not like it. That would have been a waste.” She stood up and made to walk out of the room; however, she continued to speak while walking: “This pork shoulder was originally made for this county princess, but that chef did not know that this county princess liked to eat salty foods. If a dish has even a bit of sugar, this county princess will not even take a small bite. But since Yu girl likes it, this county princess will have someone frequently deliver it to you.”

After saying this, she did not care that Yu Qian Yin’s expression was already very ugly. Feng Yu Heng led her two servants and walked out.

Only after arriving at the Chun Palace’s front entrance did she stop. Taking a deep breath in front of her imperial carriage, she turned around and saw Xuan Tian Hua’s very helpless face.

He said: “Why bother with all of this?”

She replied with her own question: “Then why do you bother? Seventh brother,” She took a step forward and tugged at Xuan Tian Hua’s sleeve, “I don’t know what exactly your reasoning is, but I definitely do not believe that it’s because she is like… forget it. Seventh brother, A-Heng has never wanted to be protected by someone from behind. Aside from Xuan Tian Ming, in this world, A-Heng only trusts you, but you…”

“Heng Heng.” He was finally willing to call her once more, but he said: “You just need to get along with Ming’er. There’s no need to worry about anything else. With seventh brother here, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Her stubbornness surged forth once more, as she stood in place. Without moving, she stared at Xuan Tian Hua.

There was nothing that Xuan Tian Hua could do and could only gently pat her shoulder and softly say: “This is nothing important. You still have many things that must be done. Don’t get distracted by this.” After saying this, he saw that Feng Yu Heng was still unhappy. He smiled bitterly and thought a little more, quietly saying: “Don’t worry. Seventh brother won’t get you this sort of seventh sister-in-law.”

Once this was said, Feng Yu Heng finally reacted. She just blinked a few times then suddenly said: “The dried fruit that seventh brother had sent, I split a bit of it with third sister. I had your palace’s servant send it over.”

Xuan Tian Hua tightened the grip on her shoulder, but he still did not say anything.

She turned around then climbed into her carriage. After the imperial carriage had pulled away, she lifted the curtain and was still able to see that solitary figure in white clothes standing there.

Wang Chuan said: “Why does this servant feel as though his Highness the seventh prince has been threatened?”

Huang Quan was puzzled, “That’s impossible, right? What sort of person would dare threaten his Highness?”

“It’s also possible that he is willing to be threatened.” Wang Chuan looked at Feng Yu Heng and was unable to finish her thought.

There was another three days until Chen Yu’s wedding; however, there did not seem to be any rush around the Feng manor. Because she was to become the secondary princess, there was no need for too much festivity. The Feng family also hoped to keep this low-key, thus Chen Yu’s marriage was just going to be her in her wedding dress, and the Xiang Palace would send a wedding sedan. There would not even be any music or singing. She would just be quietly carried out of the gates.

Because of this matter, none of the Feng family’s children were in a good mood. Even Fen Dai, who absolutely despised Chen Yu, was a bit dejected. Although Han shi had already analyzed it for her, pointing out that this was a result of Feng Yu Heng’s instructions, and Feng Yu Heng would no longer be part of her maternal family when it came time for her marriage, thus she would not be able to manage so much. But Feng Yu Heng was Feng Yu Heng. The rest of the Feng family’s attitude was also there. The actions of the father, Feng Jin Yuan, and the grandmother, the matriarch, caused Fen Dai to recall the words: If one falls, the rest shall follow.

Han shi’s belly grew with each passing day. At the time, she had wanted to use this belly to contend for the position of head wife. Thinking about it now, it was like a dream. The situation had changed. The current Feng family was no longer as it had been before.

Yu Lan courtyard had its worries. The one in Ru Yi courtyard was wound up even tighter than them. In any case, Han shi had a child. Even if no hope could be placed in the little one in her belly, she still had Fen Dai. But Jin Zhen did not have anything. Feng Jin Yuan had not visited her in many months, and she did not know how long this would continue. She was just regretting that she had gone against Feng Yu Heng.

These days, everyone in the Feng manor had many things to consider. Would Chen Yu’s marriage be good for them or bad for them?

Whether the Feng family prospered or failed, this was not something that Feng Yu Heng wanted to worry about. If the people in that manor would be able to live quietly after this matter, she had no intention of arguing. But if there was someone that wanted to act more arrogantly, she definitely would not be merciful.

Presently, there was something important that she had to do. Wang Chuan had already gone to the Jing Palace to invite the eldest prince, Xuan Tian Qi, into the manor. She had to make good on that bargaining chip that she had used.

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