Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 423

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Pristine Jade Star Chart

Following this shout, the pair of newlyweds that was about to pay respects was startled. Feng Chen Yu furrowed her brow. She was not the slightest bit happy about the Empress sending a gift.

In her eyes, nothing related to the Empress has ever gone well. She had not benefited even once from them. When has it ever not been some sort of punishment? Today was her wedding day, and it was clear that the Empress did not have any good intentions!

That was what she thought, and the third prince, Xuan Tian Ye, also felt the same; however, the Empress had sent people to deliver a gift, thus they could not choose to not receive it. He could only have a servant push him out to receive it. A granny, with a smile on her face, came forward while carrying something carried in a large red cloth. Saluting Xuan Tian Ye, she said: “This old servant pays respects to your Highness.”

Xuan Tian Ye raised his hand and said: “No need to be so courteous. This prince is just welcoming in a secondary wife. How could I trouble mother Empress with dispatching someone to send something.” While saying this, he used his eyes to tell a servant to go and receive the thing in the granny’s hand.

The granny handed it over and immediately reached out to remove the red cloth. She then loudly said: “Her Highness, the Empress, has presented your Highness Prince Xiang with a pristine jade star chart, wishing your Highness Prince Xiang and eldest young miss Feng enjoy a harmonious and happy life.”

“Huh?” Everyone present expressed their confusion. Why was this sort of thing being sent to the Xiang Palace?

Feng Yu Heng looked at it and also felt it was a little strange. In her eyes, there was nothing special about it. It was just a slightly more valuable piece of jade that had been carved into the shape of a plate. It had just been given a nice name, but the reactions were worthy of investigation.

Her gossip-loving heart was in full-drive. Reaching out, she poked Xuan TianMing: “What is the meaning behind the pristine jade star chart?”

Xuan Tian Ming replied with a question: “Do you know what pristine jade means?”

Hearing these words, Feng Yu Heng immediately understood. Looking again at the granny that had sent the plate, it seemed that Princess Xiang had asked the Empress for this. As for the pristine jade star chart, based on Xuan Tian Ming’s explanation, she felt that it could be given a different name like “Face-slapping star chart.” It seemed that the noble and well-learned women of the imperial palace really were different. Even when insulting people, they did not use words. Instead, they used items.

Feng Chen Yu’s face was covered by her bridal veil, so she naturally could not see what was happening outside; however, she did hear what the granny had said. She had once heard people speak about the pristine jade star chart and its use through countless eras and dynasties. When a noble girl entered the palace and had her body inspected, it was something that guaranteed their identity. For anyone that was found to be a virgin, the granny in charge would provide her with a pristine jade star chart, certifying that she had passed the assessment. In the past few centuries, this pristine jade star chart had already undergone a few changes. In today’s Da Shun, gradually made its way out of the palace, allowing for some of the higher-ranking officials’ families to use it.

Normally speaking, before a daughter from a standard second rank official’s family got married, they would always invite a granny from the palace to inspect their daughter’s bodies. After they had passed the inspection, they could request the pristine jade star chart from the Empress. That girl would then carry it when leaving home and entering the husband’s home to act as proof of her purity.

Of course, this was only when it came to the daughter of the first wife or when the daughter of a concubine was marrying a prince or the son of a standard second rank or higher official as the official wife. Only then could they receive this glory. Based on Chen Yu’s current status, she could not receive this pristine jade star chart.

But today, the Empress had sent someone to send this pristine jade star chart over. What exactly was going on?

She was still confused; however, Xuan Tian Ye still said: “This prince is bringing in a secondary princess. It is truly not worthy of bringing out this pristine jade star chart!”

The granny, however, said: “My lord must be joking. Even if she is a secondary princess, in the future, she will also have the opportunity to give birth to someone with imperial blood. To be able to receive the pristine jade star chart, that is the greatest glory for eldest young miss Feng. Moreover…” She paused for a moment then turned slightly, receiving a scroll from the eunuch behind her, “Today, this old servant did not just bring the pristine jade star chart, that is most important to girls. More importantly, there is an imperial decree from his Majesty.”

Imperial decree?

Xuan Tian Ye furrowed his brow tightly, and he was completely dazed by this situation. The guests that had arrived were also puzzled and began discussing it.

Feng Yu Heng watched this scene and slightly closed her eyes, the corners of her lips subconsciously curling up into a sneer. Although this sneer was silent, Xuan Tian Ming and Xuan Tian Hua both happened to glance at her. This glance caused them to see the layer of cold air that had appeared on her face, giving them a fright. Xuan Tian Ming immediately went to hold her hand, and Xuan Tian Hua understood that this girl had been secretly targetted by Feng Chen Yu time and time again. After enduring until today, perhaps she could no longer endure.

“Your Highness.” The granny saw that Xuan Tian Ye did not speak for a long time, so she had no choice but to remind him: “This is a conferring of a title of first-rank noble lady, and this is an order from his Majesty. This imperial decree is to be given to the Feng family’s eldest young miss along with the pristine jade star chart. I wonder, is your Highness satisfied with this sort of gift?”

How could Xuan Tian Ye dare to say he was dissatisfied, thus he immediately said: “Many thanks to father Emperor and mother Empress for their grace.”

He had given his thanks, and Feng Chen Yu also gave her thanks. At this moment, her heart was filled with emotion. She had always thought that marrying into the Xiang Palace as the secondary princess would cause her to have many troubles with Princess Xiang suppressing her from above; however, who knew that this sort of joy would appear. As long as she passed the inspection, the pristine jade star chart would belong to her, and the title of first-rank noble lady would belong to her. With this noble title, even if she stood in front of the Feng family’s matriarch, she could stand up with a straight back. She would no longer need to curry favor her.

Upon thinking of this, the person beneath the bridal veil finally spoke: “Chen Yu requests granny to inspect my body.”

The granny nodded then looked at Xuan Tian Ye. Seeing Xuan Tian Ye also nod, she said to Princess Xiang: “Then I will ask Princess to make some arrangements!”

Very quickly, Feng Chen Yu was brought to the inner hall along with the granny and Princess Xiang. The people in the front hall began to speak, but they were mostly congratulating Xuan Tian Ye.

Xuan Tian Ming licked his lips and ambiguously said: “For a secondary princess to receive the title of first-rank noble lady, it seems that father Emperor thinks highly of third brother. Third brother, do not disappoint father Emperor’s hopes.”

The fourth prince thought a bit and also asked: “Even third sister-in-law doesn’t have a noble title, right? That’s also true, she was already a princess, to begin with. The noble title is conferred to the family members of officials.”

These words caused Xuan Tian Ye to feel irritated once more.

Noble titles were for the family of officials. Now, however, it had been given to the secondary princess of a prince. Was this not a mess? Clearly, that Feng Chen Yu still viewed that noble title as a good thing, rushing to invite someone to inspect her body. This was truly too shameful for him.

Xuan Tian Ye was so angry that he did not know what he should do. He could only sit in his wheelchair and wait for the inspection to be completed.

Fortunately, they did not need to wait too long. Feng Yu Heng had only finished drinking half of her cup of tea when they heard a shriek come from the back. It sounded like Princess Xiang’s voice, immediately followed by that granny’s voice, saying: “How… how could it be like this?”

Everyone was shocked, and nobody knew what had happened, but no matter how curious they felt, it was a girl having her body inspected in the inner hall. They could not barge in. They could only worry outside. Fortunately, not long later, a servant ran out from the inside. Arriving in front of Xuan Tian Ye, she said with a face full of horror: “Your Highness, something has happened.”

Xuan Tian Ye furrowed his brow and wanted to have his servant push him into the inner hall. At this time, however, Princess Xiang had already come out in a hurry. She had not come out on her own. In her hand, there was someone being pulled along by their clothes. Dragging them directly across the ground, Princess Xiang had a face full of anger despite that person’s continued cries and screams. It seemed as though she would show no mercy.

Everyone looked closely and found that the person that had been dragged out on the ground was wearing a red wedding dress. Although her face was filled with horror, it was still very pretty. At this moment, with the tears on her face, it caused even more people to pity her.

Xuan Tian Ye became furious and loudly shouted: “What are you doing?”

Princess Xiang finally stopped moving and flicked her wrist, fiercely throwing Feng Chen Yu to the ground. Feng Chen Yu fell directly in front of Xuan Tian Ye’s feet, and she immediately grabbed Xuan Tian Ye’s robe. It was as though she had found her salvation. Even if she died, she would not let go, repeatedly saying: “Your Highness, save me. Princess said that she wants to kill me!”

The guests in attendance were puzzled. The battle between the official and secondary princess of the Xiang Palace would not start right now, would it? Princess Xiang was in too much of a rush.

But following this, that granny spoke up at this time, saying: “Your Highness, this girl is not to be kept!”

Xuan Tian Ye felt a fury burn bright in his chest. Glaring at the two people in front of him, he fiercely asked: “Why is that?”

Princess Xiang coldly snorted: “Prime minister Feng Jin Yuan is truly too much of a bully! Shoving all kinds of trash into my Xiang Palace’s inner courtyard. What exactly does he take this palace to be?”

Xuan Tian Ye was also shocked. Lowering his head, he looked at the crying Feng Chen Yu and suddenly realized what Princess Xiang’s words represented. He asked in absolute disbelief: “You were actually not even able to remain a pure virgin?”

Feng Chen Yu desperately shook her head, “I haven’t! I really haven’t! Your Highness, I am pure. I really am pure!” At this time, Feng Chen Yu’s mind had gone completely blank. Aside from denying and begging for forgiveness, she did not know what she should do at all. Rather, she did not know what had happened. She was clearly just going to be inspected. She had also had a granny come and inspect her body before. That granny had clearly said that she was pristine, but why had the palace’s granny and Princess Xiang shriek upon inspecting her?

Could it be…

She cast her gaze at Feng Yu heng and saw that girl was leaning against the ninth prince. Holding a cup of tea in her hand, she looked carefree and content. Feng Chen Yu’s first reaction was: She had been cheated by Feng Yu Heng.

But what had happened with that granny that had inspected her? She was a little confused. What exactly had happened to her that she did not know about?

At this moment, Xuan Tian Ye was still irritated by Feng Chen Yu. A girl that had lost her purity and had announced this matter in front of so many people, even if she truly did have the aspect of the phoenix, she could no longer be used!

Thinking of this, Xuan Tian Ye was given a start. He suddenly realized that this official princess, who absolutely despised him, helped plan this wedding. Could it be that this was what she had been waiting for?

He raised his head and looked at Princess Xiang. Not long later, he turned to look at the granny, asking gloomily: “Your meaning is that after the inspection, you have ascertained that eldest young miss Feng is not pure?”

At first, he thought that the granny would nod; however, he never expected her to shake her head then say: “Replying to your Highness, eldest young miss Feng is indeed pure, but…”

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  3. Very quickly, Feng Chen Yu was brought to the inner hall along with the granny and Princess Xiang. The people in the front hall began to speak, but they were mostly congratulating Xuan Tian Ye.

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