Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 424

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Giving You a Tattoo

Once the granny said “but,” Xuan Tian Ye knew that there was something to this situation. He subconsciously turned to glare at Feng Yu Heng; however, this was met by Xuan Tian Ming’s gaze through his golden mask along with the words: “Who are you glaring at?”

Both of them had been in wheelchairs, but when the ninth prince was seated in the wheelchair, he still had his willful temperament. Although he sat in a wheelchair, he was still as willful and arrogant as before.

Now that it was the third prince sitting in a wheelchair, this person was originally quite an angry person and exuded an aura of anger. If the average person got within three feet of him, they would feel a bit suppressed. But now that he was in a wheelchair, the majority of that aura disappeared. He also did not appear as spirited as before, his waist no longer straightened out as much. Even the words he used were not as magnificent as before. Now that he had been provoked by the question from Xuan Tian Ming, he had a look of anger that he did not dare voice.

But in the end, he had someone to help him. Duan Mu Qing stood at his side, his eyes practically shooting fire, and his teeth were creaking from being gritted. In regards to this wedding, he had imagined countless problems occurring, but he had never thought that the problem would be with the new bride’s body.

Duan Mu Qing reached out and pressed on Xuan Tian Ye’s shoulder. Exerting a bit of strength, he tried to convey that he must not get angry. He then calmed himself down and finally asked the granny: “Since this is the case, do not hide it. Granny, please speak. What exactly has happened with the Feng family’s eldest young miss?”

These words gave voice to the questions that everyone was thinking. They then saw the granny glance at Feng Chen Yu, some confusion appearing on her face along with a bit of disdain. In the end, she sighed and shook her head, saying: “Eldest young miss Feng has already married into the Xiang Palace. This matter is related to his Highness’ reputation. It would be best if this old servant reported it in private!”

Duan Mu Qing’s nose nearly turned crooked from anger. There were so many people watching and listening. Any reputation had already been completely lost. What was the point of speaking about it in private? He waved his hand and said: “Although the bride has entered the palace, they had still not paid their respects. This marriage is still not official.”

“What do those words mean, deputy leader?” Suddenly, Feng Yu Heng spoke up. She put down the cup of tea in her hand and looked at Duan Mu Qing. She was still leaning back in her chair and had a bit of a lazy look, but her eyes were incomparably fierce. She said: “His Highness the third prince is taking in a secondary princess. There should not have been this much ceremony, to begin with. The matter of paying respects is something that should be done when bringing in the official princess. Princess Xiang has been magnanimous in allowing eldest young miss a chance to create some nice memories, thus she allowed for this much ceremony. But this is just going through the motions. According to Da Shun’s customs, once the secondary princess was brought into the palace, the marriage is considered official.” After she said this, she looked around the banquet hall, her meaning was very clear. She was asking everyone present: What do you think about what I just said?

Of the guests present, including the princes and the high-ranking officials, who among them could afford to not give Feng Yu Heng face? Who dared to not give her face? Even the fourth prince nodded along. Then, the second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, who was officiating this wedding, took the lead and said: “County princess is correct. According to Da Shun’s customs, this marriage is already official. Right now,” He pointed at Feng Chen Yu, “She should no longer be called eldest young miss Feng. She should be called secondary princess.”

Today, the eldest prince did not come. The second prince naturally had the most power to speak. Once he said this, everyone quickly agreed: “That’s right, she should be considered secondary princess Xiang.”

Duan Mu Qing angrily gritted his teeth. It seemed that this debt was not something that they could avoid taking care of.

Xuan Tian Ye coldly snorted, giving Duan Mu Qing a look that told him to stop talking. He only spoke to the granny: “What exactly is going on, speak!”

The granny felt that after all of this fuss, this was the best time, thus she deliberately raised her voice and said to Xuan Tian Ye: “Reporting to your Highness, secondary princess Feng shi’s examination has been completed. She is indeed pure, but there are some words tattooed on the sides of the vaginal opening.”

“What?” Xuan Tian ye was extremely shocked. The most beautiful woman in the capital, the eldest daughter of Prime minister Feng Jin Yuan, Feng Chen Yu, actually had words tattooed in such an intimate place?

It was not just him that felt shocked. Everyone present was shocked. All of them looked at Feng Chen Yu’s beautiful face, and nobody could understand. With this sort of beauty that was renowned throughout the country, why would there be words tattooed there?

That’s right, it had been tattooed. Not to mention if Feng Chen Yu would tattoo words on herself, based on the place that had been tattooed, even if she wanted to, she could not do it herself! For a girl, having someone else tattoo words in that place, even if she was pure, what was the purpose? But there were people that believed that it was possible that this eldest young miss Feng chased after beauty in a unique manner and had invited a female tattoo artist. That would not make her too unworthy of being seen by people.

Thus someone asked: “Are there any female tattoo artists?”

The second prince, Xuan Tian Ling, picked up on this: “Tattooing was already not a very popular craft. The number of people in Da Shun that know how to tattoo is very few. This prince has never heard of a female tattoo artist.”

Feng Chen Yu was also completely dazed. How could she possibly have had anyone tattoo that area? In an instant, she recalled the time that she had found someone to inspect her. The Chen family had called an old granny to inspect her, and she had revealed an odd expression. At the time, she had been in a panic and only asked if she was pure before hurrying to have her silenced; however, she did not know that that person had seen through this but did not have time to tell her.

“What words were tattooed there?” The second prince asked another question that everyone else was wondering.

The granny’s expression was solemn and loudly said: “Secondary princess Feng shi has two words tattooed on the two sides of her vaginal opening. They are: repaired and promiscuous.”


Everyone that heard this inhaled sharply.

Feng Chen Yu’s mind exploded with a “boom” sound. Her first thought was: She had been cheated by Feng Yu Heng.

She suddenly turned her head, glaring at Feng Yu Heng with a cold gaze. Like a starving wolf, she hated that she could not immediately charge over and tear her to bits. But in the end, she still had some common sense. Feng Chen Yu knew that even if she rushed forward, the one that would be broken would definitely not be Feng Yu Heng. Instead, it would be herself.

Her hands continued to remain firmly clasped around Xuan Tian Ye’s robes, and her entire body trembled with anger. An endless amount of horror filled her heart. This time, she feared that she would not be able to escape.

Just as she was thinking about this, she suddenly felt her chest hurt. Immediately following this, she found herself soaring through the air and quickly flying out of the banquet hall. Not long later, she fell to the ground with a “thump.” When she opened her mouth after this fall, she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Chen Yu nearly fainted from the fall, and she really was that close, but she was somehow kept awake. But Feng Chen Yu would rather have fainted. Like this, she would not need to deal with what followed. This kick had come from Duan Mu Qing, but Duan Mu Qing represented the Xiang Palace, especially when she desperately looked up at Xuan Tian Ye, she found that there was only disgust and disdain on his face.

She began to feel afraid. Enduring the pain on her body, she desperately crawled into the hall. While crawling, she said: “Your Highness, I beg you to trust me. Chen Yu is pure.”

Unfortunately, the word purity sounded very sarcastic in the ears of everyone present. Xuan Tian Ye even looked away. If it was not for him being severely injured, that kick would have come from him.

Chen Yu managed to crawl back to the entrance with great difficulty, but she was unable to get over the sill. She had no strength left in her body. Who knew just how much strength Duan Mu Qing had put into that earlier kick. After coughing up a mouthful of blood, her entire body felt extremely heavy.

Originally, this was a celebration; however, who knew that this would instantly become the greatest shame of the Xiang Palace. Feng Chen Yu’s vaginal area being tattooed was something that only the people inside the hall had heard. At most, the people standing near the entrance would be able to hear a bit. But for some reason, with people spreading the word, this news very quickly made its way out the door. From the hall to the front yard to the banquet, it only stopped once it reached the front gates of the palace.

Everyone was discussing this, and the people that had envied the third prince for marrying the most beautiful woman in the capital were now beginning to celebrate over not falling for this trap. Otherwise, they really would not have any face left.

Seeing the rumors spread all around, it was not enough for it to spread to 100 people. It also needed to evolve. The rumors started becoming more and more dirty and perverse. Princess Xiang became furious. Pointing at Feng Chen Yu, she said: “You slut, you have harmed my Xiang Palace’s reputation. You truly have wasted my good intentions by giving you this grand ceremony.”

The fourth prince, Xuan Tian Yi, coldly snorted, saying: “The daughter of a concubine is the daughter of a concubine. A secondary princess is just a secondary princess. Third sister-in-law, you really have done something unnecessary.”

Sitting in his wheelchair, Xuan Tian Ye would have been too stupid if he did not understand what was happening. He still determined that this was something that had been planned by his official princess and Feng Yu Heng. They had deliberately welcomed so many people to come and attend in order to have this spread around the world.

But he stared coldly at Feng Chen Yu. If it was not for this slut being so shameless, their play would not have gone this well. With words tattooed on her vaginal area, would he not be an idiot to believe that she was pure?

With things as they were, there was no need for him to cover things up. This matter could not be left for the Xiang Palace to endure alone. The Feng family would also need to give him an explanation.

Xuan Tian Ye gritted his teeth and quietly said: “Servant, go invite Prime minister Feng over!”

At this time, in the Feng manor, everyone was gathered in the main hall of Peony courtyard. Even the pregnant Han shi was present. Although there were quite a few people present, nobody spoke. All of them wore somber expressions while thinking to themselves.

At this time, a servant ran in and bowed to the matriarch then said: “There was some news from the Xiang Palace. They said that his Highness Prince Xiang has attached great importance to eldest young miss entering the palace, and Princess Xiang has cooperated. Right now, the Xiang Palace has put on a grand banquet. Apparently, the princes are all present. With music and singing, it is very lively. Princess Xiang also arranged for them to perform the ceremony of paying respects, allowing eldest young miss to still have a feeling of a grand wedding despite becoming a secondary princess.”

Once this was said, the matriarch immediately let out a sigh of relief. Her complexion recovering slightly. “Good, if they attached importance to her, that’s good. Although she is just a secondary princess, she cannot be too oppressed. The face of our manor is also important.”

The matriarch was thinking about it lightly, but Feng Jin Yuan did not relax in the slightest. In fact, he became even more worried.

When Feng Yu Heng had whipped Xuan Tian Ye, he personally saw that Princess Xiang hated the third prince so much that she was willing to personally kill him. For her to provide such a grand wedding for Feng Chen Yu, he felt that this matter was odd no matter what.

Just as he was thinking this, housekeeper He Zhong hastily ran in. While gasping for air, he said: “Master, something has happened at the Xiang Palace!”

TN: In case you were wondering how the tattoo fit, the characters for repaired: 修补 and promiscuous: 淫乱

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  1. Ho….those words were worse than I though. Lolololololololololololol…I know that HengHeng’s creativity is the best. She is genius.

    I want to see Ming’er’s face when he knows this act of his wife. No…both of Ming’er and 7th bro faces. Were their jaws dropped? *gigigigigigi* 😁

    Thank you for the chapter.

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  2. Thank you for this chapter. Revenge is sweet for FYH after all the schemes that FCY threw into FYH’s way over the years… didn’t know that she could tattooed that part.. so smart!! Hope FCY gets thrown out of Xiang palace and remained single forever!!

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  3. I thought about a tattoo but I thought she’d do teeth down there instead, woulda been hilarious although, I suppose this works too.

    Best part, Chen Yu can’t fight back since if she mentions that FYH did it there’d be questions as to why she was able to get that close to begin with. If she hides the truth then she’s not pure because a tattoo artist (highly likely to be male) has seen her and if she tells the truth then she really HAS lost her purity.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with the father since technically “married daughters are like spilt water” and so 3rd prince has to divorce her or she is his problem.

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    2. Girls have a vaginal opening and the urethral opening. The vaginal opening is where a manhood enters, releases their seed and later a child would exit from that small hole. The urethral opening is just that the urethra, where females piss. Her hymen is about half an inch inside the vagina.

      Now, to answer your question: why did she not feel it? It’s because A-Heng had down a small surgery (operation) inside the vaginal opening (where she needed to reattach and cure the hymen) and had also tattooed her in there. Pain is felt in the vaginal opening, but we would only assume it’s because the hymen is curing and is a swollen any “injury” getting cured. I hope this explains and it’s not confusing.


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    Nicely done by A Heng. 9th brother tread her well or you will end like your father 😉
    I’m just a little curious about this jade star chart. If A Heng didn’t know what it is, how did she plot to have her sisters purity checked? I can only assume that she told this information to the head wive. Which means that the head wive is on good terms with the empress.

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    I am a women, washing it down there you can automatically feel how soft it is, much less a tat bump, and I sometimes look in the mirror if there are any discoloration.


    1. Who (specially in an uptight chastity -centric society) reaches inside to “clean” in a way that are noticing textures?! Even if it is just an inch in.0_0
      They would be soaking in baths if noble and using cloths, often others washed them. If not noble well it is ho-baths and “smelly peasant” is not just an insult. And a mirror? ! How many do that in even in modern era?! Though for that much money Chen Yu should have got second opinion…lol.
      It must suck in that time if you didnt pass inspection because of genetics or anomaly that made a girl not as tight <_< Sux too that if no inspect (assuming fem is not a loose frequent eater at 15 in a gender divided social ruleset) how would he know? This tradition of guy toasted from toasting with guests for x # hours before he goes and ruts on a young girl, stiff in anxiety that hasn't eaten all day. Who won't bleed at least a spot with that kinda situation? Not PG13 post then again this story had that crazy brother…
      I can't believe dad didnt have her pre-inspected! He knew what happened and now trusts the daughter he is terrified of to fix it and not cause chaos? How has he kept his head as a minister!

      BTW my tat is not raised at all after the first month.. and it is fairly large all across my entire calf. This smooth healing was warranted by the artist studio as well as lifetime recolor at any of 6 international locations.

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      1. Yeah forgot about the mirror part of their era, lol.

        My tat isn’t really that raised but can still feel it different than normal skin.

        And it really do sux in an era, even today in some asean countries, when you don’t bleed on the first night or when you had an accident spoiling your chastity.

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    Without any use she will be discarded by her father and 3rd prince definitely won’t keep her. She’s finished now.


    1. @lax not really, tho Chen Yu is young, she meant that same fate for her even younger sister. And like her mother constantly puts plots to kill brother Zi. And the prince is a traitor to country as well as hurt her dear 9th, If not for ambition of obsession to be an Empress; Chen Yu’s best bet would be to hide in the country or monastery an have the heir of her brother to the family as hinky as that sounds… use guilt (in the end her brother did the deed) and the child to ensure a rice weevil life pretending to have become a sick waste after an illness.


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  11. I’m kinda conflicted with this. I do feel Chen Yu deserved to be killed a million times. But I mean FYH is a doctor. And you received (scammed) money for the operation. To do something like that without the patients consent and mostly because of hard feeling is kinda petty. Though what could I say about FYH personalities


    1. I mean you have to remember that FCY has tried to literally murder FYH. And not just once. FYH not just outright killing her on the operating table is already more than she should expect.


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