Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 427

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The Adorable Emperor Wishes to Elope

Feng Chen Yu had come upon a dead end. She had no choice but to use her beauty to trade for a chance at life. As she saw it, there were no men that were not lecherous. Based on her looks, as long as she was willing to put in the effort, what sort of person would not be moved?

She gritted her teeth and pulled her shirt down a bit, revealed a large part of her shoulder.

Unfortunately, the prison guard only glanced at her before quickly turning away. What shoulder, he completely ignored it.

Feng Chen Yu felt unreconciled, thus she unbuttoned another two buttons in front of her chest and called out once more: “Elder brother.”

The guard had run out of patience and loudly shouted: “Button up your shirt properly! If you can’t figure out how to wear your clothes properly, just take them all off! You didn’t even think of what sort of thing you did. A woman that has lost her honor still wants to continue playing her old tricks?”

Another person also said: “That’s right. Who would have expected that the eldest young miss of the dignified prime minister’s manor, who was also the most beautiful girl in the capital, was actually this sort of trash.”

The two went back and forth, their tones filled with disdain.

Feng Chen Yu never thought that there would be a day where her looks would be so looked down upon by others. This was all she had left to rely on. If this did not work, would she truly be executed by being cut at the waist?

She slid to the ground. It was still the scorching Summer outside, but the inside of the prison for the condemned was bone-chillingly cold. The two guards added: “Since ancient times, those that have sinned must not be allowed to live. The people that have been locked up here, not a single one has managed to survive.”

Feng Chen Yu understood that there was no escape route here.

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan was kneeled in the square in front of Heavenly Hall, while Princess Xiang sat in the main palace sipping tea with the Empress.

The Empress still had her usual appearance, as though everything was unrelated to her, yet she would still be able to say a few words at a critical moment. Presently, Princess Xiang sat at her side. The area between her eyebrows revealed a joy from having successfully getting revenge. She smiled and said to Princess Xiang: “If you don’t have the same ability as county princess Ji An, you must learn to hide your emotions. Who you love, who you hate, you must not reveal these things. You must not allow anyone to grab hold of any clues. Like this, you can live a long life.”

Princess Xiang nodded, “Many thanks, mother Empress for giving advice.”

The Empress continued: “Speaking of that county princess Ji An, she really is a legendary figure. In the beginning, she relied on Ming’er to provide her support, and she was able to live freely. But that girl has a bit of a similar fate as Ming’er. In the beginning, Ming’er relied on the favor that his imperial concubine mother received to receive the Emperor’s favor, allowing him to do as he pleased. But after that, he also had his own bright prospects. With his genuine combat ability, it rendered all speechless. County princess Ji An is the same. If she just relied on Ming’er, she would not have survived to this day. But she also has great abilities. Not to mention her medical ability, she is also able to produce steel. With this ability, it is sufficient for the entirety of Da Shun to thrive.”

Princess Xiang agreed, saying: “Mother Empress is correct. Without that sort of ability, one can only be cautious and avoid revealing anything. Fortunately, county princess is a reasonable person and is not of the same mind as the Feng family; otherwise, I fear…”

“There is nothing to fear.” The Empress put down the cup of tea in her hand and gently smiled: “That Feng Jin Yuan has always been blind. Even to this day, he does not know who should be considered the true hope of the Feng family. Just based on this point, it’s impossible for county princess Ji An to be of the same mind as the Feng family.” She looked at Princess Xiang then said: “This matter is unrelated to you. It’s the Feng family that was lacking in discipline, allowing Feng Chen Yu to do such a morally corrupt thing. Just wait and see how the Emperor will hand down punishment! It’s about time for the Feng family to take a step back from the court.”

Princess Xiang began thinking to herself. If the Feng family fell, what about the Empress’ two nieces? She sent those two nieces into the Feng manor; however, she now watched on as the Feng family gradually fell. What sort of heart did she have?

The Empress had been alone in the main palace for many years. It seemed that she did not participate in the struggle for favor, but in truth, she was very intelligent and cunning. With Princess Xiang’s expression changing, she practically instantly understood what she was thinking and could not help but smile, saying: “Whether a woman lives a good life or not has never depended on the man. If Feng Jin Yuan does not have any ambition or support, they would lead better lives. This One already told them that Feng Jin Yuan was not their true support in the Feng family. Their true support would be county princess Ji An. Also, this support is not just for now. It will be the same in the future.”

Princess Xiang immediately understood. The Emperor’s thoughts had never changed. His hopes were always placed in the ninth prince. As long as the Cheng shi sisters continued to be of the same mind as Feng Yu Heng, that would be where they placed their hopes. Feng Yu Heng would be the one to provide for them for the rest of their lives!

Unfortunately, not everyone understood this reasoning. There were also some people that would not understand this reasoning. Feng Jin Yuan was an example. In his mind, he had already cut Feng Yu Heng from the Feng family entirely. That girl’s glory was completely unrelated to the Feng family, and the Feng family definitely could not rely on Feng Yu Heng to receive any benefits. He had been thinking entirely of Chen Yu. Later on, he placed half of his hope in Xiang Rong; however, he did not wish to admit that the only one that could protect the Feng family was the second daughter that he detested.

He kneeled outside of Heavenly Hall, and Zhang Yuan was doing his best to advise him: “Go back! His Majesty has already said that he will not meet you. There is no point in you kneeling here for a night! Prime minister Feng, don’t blame this old servant for being excessively wordy. The happenings at the Xiang Palace have already circulated around the palace. Think about it, his Highness the third prince is a prince. Not to mention that his Majesty’s distaste for him, he is still able to be part of the genealogical tree, and he is the son of the imperial family. But your daughter caused his son to wear such a large green hat, and then you came here to kneel to apologize. Is that considered enough to resolve things?”

Feng Jin Yuan raised his head to look at him, in his mind, he wondered: What otherwise?

Zhang Yuan rolled his eyes and snorted: “Prime minister Feng, go back. It’s a blessing, not a curse, but if it is a curse, it cannot be avoided. Rather than kneeling here in wait, it would be better to console your family and wait together.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s heart dropped. Zhang Yuan had always been of the same mind as the Emperor. He had taken care of the Emperor since he was young. Presently, he was able to understand the Emperor’s thoughts with just a glance at his expression. Now that such words had come from Zhang Yuan’s mouth, it was clear that the Emperor had already decided on the punishment of death. There was no purpose in continuing to kneel.

Feng Jin Yuan stood up and staggered out of the palace. Zhang Yuan followed him with his eyes for a while then shook his head before returning inside Heavenly Hall.

The Emperor was seated on the throne, looking through reports. Recently, the reports have left him feeling very annoyed. This Summer, there was plenty of rain. It was now almost the eighth month. Normally speaking, this was already the beginning of Autumn, yet for some reason, there was no shortage of water this year. It seemed as though every province was sending a report, asking for help with the disaster and the cut taxes. This was truly annoying.

Seeing Zhang Yuan enter the hall, he threw the report on the table and asked: “Has he been sent away?”

Zhang Yuan nodded, “Yes.”

“Hmph!” The Emperor was already angry enough. Once the matters of the Xiang Palace reached him, he became even angrier. “The daughter of that old bastard, Feng Jin Yuan, sure enough, has good prospects, actually daring to do this sort of thing. As We see it, old ninth sentencing her to be executed by being cut at the waist is too light. She should be executed by dismemberment! Dismemberment!”

Zhang Yuan helplessly patted him on the back, comforting him: “Your Majesty, you must calm your anger a little. Being cut at the waist is not a light punishment. For such a beautiful woman, she will suddenly be cut at the waist into two parts. I heard that right after the cut, the person will remain conscious immediately after they have been cut. When that time comes, just place her butt in front of her eyes. In the end, she will die of fear.”

The Emperor trembled upon hearing this, “Hearing you say it like this, being cut at the waist is not a light punishment. Old ninth did fine with his judgment?”

Zhang Yuan replied: “Too fine.”


The Emperor suddenly slapped the table, scaring Zhang Yuan. The old Emperor then said: “Since you said it was fine, what am I wasting time for? Why should We not just give him the throne?”

Zhang Yuan quickly advised him: “How could the throne be given just by saying it! Although the position of retired emperor does exist, have you truly ever seen a retired emperor? Ever since the founding of Da Shun, oh wait, if we include the previous dynasty, and the dynasty before that, and the dynasty before that, have you ever truly heard of a retired emperor?”

The Emperor was stunned; however, he felt unreconciled and said: “There will always need to be a first! We do not mind being the first.”

“How could that be fine!” Zhang Yuan did not know how to continue advising him. Thinking a bit, he frankly said: “Right now, the border is not at peace, and the steel has not yet been completed. His Highness the ninth prince and county princess Ji An must spend every day at the military camp, busying themselves with their own work. You must think about his Highness, right? Don’t make it so that the capital undergoes a change in government just after he finishes conquering Qian Zhou. Like that, he would need to fight his way back. What sort of situation would that be?”

The Emperor thought about this and felt that Zhang Yuan was correct, thus he very helplessly said: “Then We will help him for another two years. We must keep the throne secure for Ming’er; otherwise, dearest will not forgive Us. Hah, We know that she dislikes the imperial palace. If it was not for Ming’er, she definitely would not obediently stay within these high walls. That’s why We must help Ming’er secure this country. If We continue to wait, We will no longer be able to wait until she leaves the palace.”

Zhang Yuan felt choked up, and something nearly fell from his eyes. He looked away and awkwardly asked: “If you two elope, what should this servant do?”

The Emperor glared at him: “Just look at yourself. Oh, if you two leave the palace, what should I do? What do you think you should do? Of course, you should come and take care of Us! What is it, if We are no longer in this palace, you plan to remain here to take care of old ninth? Based on his temper, do you believe that you could do as you do now with Us, doing whatever you please? For example, you woke up late yesterday. We had already woken up to go to court, yet you were still dreaming in your room. If this was old ninth, would he spoil you like this?”

Zhang Yuan repeatedly nodded, “Your Majesty is right. If this was his Highness the ninth prince, he would have slapped this servant back to my maternal grandmother’s home.”

“Right! That old ninth, it would be best if you stayed a bit further away from him. Also his wife, she also does not seem like someone that is easy to talk to. It’s best if you don’t long to take care of the imperial palace.”

“That’s fine. Your Majesty, whenever you decide to elope with imperial concubine Yun, just tell this servant. This servant will pack up and scram with you!”


The Emperor slapped his head: “What do you mean by scram! If you want to scram, do it on your own. What We and dearest will be doing is called running away from home. Old ninth is a filial child. He will definitely dispatch people to search for us. When that time comes, his mother will become soft-hearted and might just return.”

Zhang Yuan rolled his eyes: “After all this talk, you still just want to become a retired emperor!”

“What is all this nonsense!” The Emperor glared at him, “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Come here and help Us think about it. This time, what rank should we demote that old criminal, Feng Jin Yuan, to for the most entertainment?”

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