Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 429

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If You Curse Me, Even the King of Heaven Will be Unhappy

Perhaps Feng Jin Yuan could accept being demoted and chased from home. After all, such a large situation had occurred with Feng Chen Yu. It was impossible that the imperial family would not have any thoughts. But upon mentioning the deed, his heart sank. He had taken half a step into a hole.

It’s over. He had used the deed to borrow money from Feng Yu Heng. The pre-determined return date had not yet arrived, and he did not have one million taels of silver prepared. How should he go and retrieve this deed?

Seeing that Feng Jin Yuan’s expression was not quite right, An shi stepped forward and gently said: “Husband, the family should suffer together and rejoice together. This is nothing. Whether a residence is large or small, it does not matter. As long as we have a place to live, that is enough. If the deed must be returned, just return it. We will move.”

Jin Zhen also said: “That’s right, with so many things happening at this manor, I keep feeling that it is unlucky. Moving would be good.”

If this was under normal circumstances, Feng Jin Yuan might have felt moved from hearing An shi say such things, but how could he still have the mind to feel moved? With his mind running hot, he suddenly said: “Move, why move? We won’t move! My Feng family has lived in this manor for many years. Which part of this manor has not been taken care of? Could it be that I must cup my hands and make concessions just like this? 8000 is 8000. Even if I must melt down pots to sell the iron, I cannot allow mother to live uncomfortably.”

In his eagerness, he had brought out the matriarch. It sounded like he was being a good son, but the matriarch did not appreciate this. She just asked Feng Jin Yuan: “Melt down pots to sell the iron? How much money could that be sold for? In order to marry that vile woman from Qian Zhou, you already spent all of the money in the manor. I will no longer live in this courtyard. Just bring the deed out. There is no need to wait for another four days. We will move out right now!”

Everyone was in agreement. Zhang Yuan also nodded, saying: “Elder madam is right. Rather than forcefully keeping up appearances, it would be better to live peacefully.” While saying this, he reached into his sleeve and pulled out a piece of paper, “This is the deed for the residence on the Southwest side of the capital. Lord Feng, hand over the deed for this side.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face was red, and everyone was waiting for him to hand over the deed, but he did not bring it out. Cheng Jun Man was puzzled: “Is husband still unwilling to part with this place?”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, “After living here for many years, how could I possibly move out just like that.” After thinking a little, he finally managed to come up with an excuse, “In three days, Chen Yu will be executed. I want to hold a ritual for her at home. Even if it is not for her, it needs to be done for the Feng family to live peacefully in the future. It would be best if the ritual was done at the old manor to prevent harming the new place.”

With him saying this, the matriarch was in agreement, saying: “That’s right, to perform a ritual for a dead person immediately after moving in would be too unlucky. It would be best to have it done here.”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Yuan did not continue pressing the issue. With a wave of his hand, he returned the deed to his sleeve then said: “Then we will return in a few days time.” After saying this, he quickly left with his group of eunuchs.

Feng Jin Yuan finally let out a sigh of relief, but this was only temporary. He had four days at most. After four days, he would still need to face the problem of handing over the deed. At this very moment, he also began to hate Feng Chen Yu. If it was not for her causing all of this, he would not have been demoted, and the Feng family would not have been chased out!

The matriarch snorted and said to granny Zhao: “Go bring out the court dress that came with my title of first rank noble lady. When the time comes, have eunuch Zhang take it away too.” She then glared at Feng Jin Yuan: “Your court clothes should also be turned in. From this day forward, you won’t need to be attending court. The Feng family truly raised a good daughter.”

The matriarch spoke for herself, and Feng Jin Yuan’s mind was also thinking quickly. The hatred that he had just felt for Chen Yu had somehow ended up being directed at Feng Yu Heng. That’s right! He should not hate Chen Yu. The one that he should hate is Feng Yu Heng. It was her that had done something to Chen Yu’s body. It was her that hoped wholeheartedly to collapse the Feng family. Feng Jin Yuan felt that he had given birth to a demon. If possible, he really hoped the person that would be executed on the day after would be his second daughter, Feng Yu Heng.

“Bring the elder madam back first.” He gritted his teeth and angrily said: “I will be going out.” Once he said this, he did not wait for anyone to react before walking out of the manor.

An shi saw he go out and turn right. She subconsciously turned toward Tong Sheng pavilion and felt that he was definitely going to look for Feng Yu Heng.

An shi’s guess was correct. Feng Jin Yuan had indeed gone to the county princess’ manor. The matter of moving out was extremely urgent. There was truly nothing else he could do. He had no choice but to go to Feng Yu Heng to see if he could get the deed back first.

But he never thought that just getting into the county princess’ manor would require three layers of notification. From the imperial guards to the gatekeeper then to the servant in Feng Yu Heng’s courtyard, Feng Jin Yuan waited for a full stick of incense in time before he was invited into the manor’s gates.

Qing Yu was present, thus she personally led Feng Jin Yuan into the manor. When passing by Yao shi’s courtyard, Qing Yu said: “Lord Feng, please come around this way to prevent disturbing madam’s peace.”

The anger that Feng Jin Yuan had been suppressing the entire time suddenly welled up, “Such a grand stature! This prime minister definitely will not go around today!”

Qing Yu was frank, directly stopped. Looking coldly at Feng Jin Yuan, she reminded him: “Could it be that my lord forgot that you are no longer the prime minister. Why are you still referring to yourself as this prime minister? Are you not afraid that these words will leak, and the Feng family will end up meeting with another crisis?”

Feng Jin Yuan was given a start. He had referred to himself as a prime minister for so many years, and he had become accustomed to it. Now that this girl reminded him, he finally reacted. He had to pay a bit more attention. Disaster had always been caused by words, but he definitely could not cause another crisis for the Feng family.

But he was puzzled, “The imperial decree just came from the palace. How did you know about it so quickly? Could it be that you have placed a spy in the Feng family?”

Qing Yu very nearly laughed, “My lord, what do you mean by Feng family? Could it be that young miss is not part of the Feng family? Moreover, young miss is currently still taking care of the Feng family. Is there still a need for her to specially investigate? Which one doesn’t listen to young miss’ orders? Also, his Majesty sent young miss a roasted duck, and this news came from the eunuch that delivered the duck. His Majesty also wished for young miss to hear some good news. If my lord has any objections, please go into the palace to see his Majesty!”

How could Feng Jin Yuan still have that ability. Snorting, he went around.

Finally arriving at Feng Yu Heng’s courtyard, he immediately saw that girl sitting under a red date tree. She was eating roasted duck rolls, directly picking them up with her hands. She had a very ugly eating appearance, and he truly could not understand. That high-class ninth prince, how did he end up taking an interest in this girl.

Qing Yun brought him to the courtyard. Without announcing anything, she walked directly over to Feng Yu Heng and prepared another roll. Huang Quan was holding the duck and saying to her: “This servant will bring it to the kitchen. I will have the chef from the Refined Deity Building prepare a nice soup.”

Feng Yu Heng was enjoying the meal and did not have a chance to speak. She just waved her hand to have her go quickly. Wang Chuan stood to the side and glanced at Feng Jin Yuan. Smiling, she said: “Lord Feng, there’s no point in staring at the duck hungrily. This was sent by his Majesty to young miss. Nobody else is allowed to have any.”

Feng Jin Yuan immediately rushed to say: “Who’s coveting that damn thing!”

The person whose mouth was full finally stopped. Glaring, she coldly said: “Say it again!”

“What will happen even if I said it another ten times!” Feng Jin Yuan lost his composure upon seeing his second daughter, “Even if I said it another ten times, it is still just a damn duck! Be careful not to choke to death!”

“Wang Chuan.” Feng Yu Heng put down the duck that she had not yet finished eating and calmly said: “Along with the plate, put the rest of what has not been eaten back into the food box. Immediately send it into the palace.” While saying this, she raised her head to look up at the sky. Using a handkerchief that she received from Qing Yu, she wiped her hands and removed the identification from her waist: “Go quickly. If you’re any later, the palace’s gates will have closed. Remember, you must send it to father Emperor or eunuch Zhang Yuan. Just say that Official Feng said that this duck is just a damn duck, and this county princess might choke to death on it. Tell father Emperor that this county princess does not want to die and still wishes to contribute to Da Shun.”

Wang Chuan forcefully suppressed her desire to laugh. Smoothly picking up the plate, she was about to leave. Only then did Feng Jin Yuan react and realize that he had misspoken. He hated that he could not slap himself. He clearly knew that this duck had been sent by the Emperor, but why did he still say such a thing? He truly could not control his emotions whenever he saw this girl. This was no good.

He stopped Wang Chuan, finally controlling his emotions: “I did not have that sort of meaning. There is no need to take it seriously.” He then spoke to Feng Yu Heng: “Father came today to ask you for something.”

“Ask me?” Feng Yu Heng shrugged, “Father came to ask me for help, yet you actually cursed me to die from choking. If I died, who would help you?”

Feng Jin Yuan did not wish to argue with her; however, he had noticed the words that she had used and said with joy: “Your meaning is… you’ve agreed?”

“I do not agree.” Feng Yu Heng clearly told him, “No matter what it is, I will not agree to it. There is no need for father to waste your time. Please go back.”

“You…” Feng Jin Yuan became frantic, “I am your father. Having given birth and raised you for all these years, why do you not care about that relationship at all?”

Feng Yu Heng raised her hand as if to hit him, “You gave birth to me? Did you carry the pregnancy? You raised me? You sent me into the mountains to be raised? Feng Jin Yuan, I will tell you, the little bit of fatherly relation you had was completely erased by all of the open and covert attempts to harm and kill us. You should already be thankful that I allowed you into this county princess’ manor today. If you continue to make impertinent remarks toward me, you will not be permitted to take a single step into this county princess’ manor.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face was completely red. Feng Yu Heng mocking and cursing him had never left him with any face. His old face was not worth a damn thing to this daughter. He beat the drums to sound a retreat. With relations so cold, was there any point in him opening his mouth?

But if he did not mention it, there would not be any hope. The palace’s matters were urgent. Even if he had to discard his face on this day, he would still need to ask.

Thus he gritted his teeth and frankly said: “I cam today to discuss the matter of the Feng manor’s deed. Right now, the Emperor wishes to take it back. Look, can you return it to me first.”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “I can, but you need to return the one million taels of silver that you owe me.”

Feng Jin Yuan stomped his foot, “If I could bring out the one million taels, why would I bother wasting words with you.”

“Even you know that you are wasting your time, yet you still say so much. Do you not feel tired.” Feng Yu Heng coldly glared at the body’s original owner’s shameless father and reminded him: “Rather than coming here to ask me for the deed, it would be better to go and borrow money. Once you have borrowed one million taels, the deed will naturally be given to you.”

Given her idea, Feng Jin Yuan also felt that rather than continuing to lose face here, it would be better to go borrow money. Thus he stomped his feet and pointed at Feng Yu Heng, saying: “Little beast, when I have gathered than one million taels to trade for the deed, I will definitely cut our relationship as father and daughter. I will never come again!”

Just as the words came out, the sudden sound of thunder erupted from the clear skies. The boom shook even the ground

Feng Jin Yuan was given a fright and nearly fell to the ground. Feng Yu Heng, however, suddenly laughed. Pointing at the shameless dad, she said: “Did you hear that. You cursed me, and even the king of heaven is unhappy!”

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  1. She been waiting this entire time to cut off relationships and yet you do it for her. Man, Feng Yu Heng really should thank you, you jump into the hole yourself and you even help patch it up for her to walk over.

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    1. His only thoughts are “if you aren’t willing to work the way I want, you are evil”. This is why even though FYH has done A LOT for the country and is no doubt the best person to place your hopes on (especially since 9th prince was going to be crown prince even before his legs got busted) he still hoped for Chen Yu to become Empress.

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    2. Feng Jin Yuan and the Matriarch are the kinds of people who would never think that anything is their fault, even if they were the ones to singularly cause disasters, with no participation from any other person in the events..
      Like a comment I read somewhere else on another novel about another character: “Feng Jin Yuan and the Matriarch are the kinds of people who would voluntarily jump off a steep cliff, and then blame gravity for the injuries”..

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    Seems FJY has successfully pissed off God by cursing FYH. But why the fuck would she just GIVE you the deed, you owe her 1m taels and yet you expect her to just give it up? Who’s that dumb?

    Also, break off the relation? Don’t you understand that its because of FYH that you haven’t died yet? You plotted against 9th prince and so Father Emperor and Imperial Concubine Yun hate him. If it wasn’t that killing FJY would make FYH unable to marry on her 15th birthday (need to mourn for 3 years) then he’d already be dead. It is literally no exaggeration to say the Feng family survives based on her.

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  3. And the award for worst father in the C novel category goes to Feng Jinx Yuck. He’s so stuck in his ways he can’t see that without FYH, the whole Feng family would be dead. A smart person knows when to retreat, FJY is clearly book smart but lacks the neurones to see what’s right and wrong. Instead of trying to make amends with FYH, so that he can at least benefit through her, he continues to dig his own grave. Yao shit is no better either, now we know why she and FJY gravitated towards each other. The more this story advances, the more annoyed I become with YS even when she isn’t mentioned.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter
    FJY is so stupid
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    U want to kill them and they are not allow to hit u back what type of logical is that
    Then u blame every misfortune to them

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  7. Thanks for the Chapter!
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