Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 440

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However Many Were Killed, Save That Many People

Xuan Tian Ming’s words were like a pill that set Feng Yu Heng’s mind at ease. Her emotions gradually calmed down, and she turned her gaze to the refugees. She no longer felt afraid. Everything relied on human effort. No matter how great the difficulty, they just needed to take it on together. She had already said that she would help protect this country. With her here, the world would not descend into chaos. Even if there was an epidemic, it would not spread!

Feng Yu Heng raised her head and looked at Xuan Tian Ming, her gaze becoming resolute. In fact, she curled up the corners of her lips into a smile, loudly saying: “I’m not scared!”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed then let out a laugh and suddenly exercised his inner force. He shouted loudly down at the people near the city’s gates: “All soldiers, heed my orders!”

This shout broke through the rain and sounded like thunder. Even the booms caused by the refugees slamming the gate was suppressed.

Everyone looked up. The soldiers stood with solemn expressions, while the refugees also stopped their ramming. The people that had been lying down all sat up, while the people that had been praying put down their hands. For a while, everyone turned their attention to the top of the city walls. Although they could not clearly see what sort of person was standing there, they knew that anyone capable of shouting through this rain was not a normal person.

While everyone was watching him, Xuan Tian Ming spoke up once more. It was full of power; however, it caused everyone to feel shocked because he said: “Surround the city’s gates and arrest everyone that was ramming the city’s gates!”

The soldiers had been irritated by these refugees long ago, but they were afraid that they would arouse even more of the people’s wrath. That was why they endured time and time again. Now that Xuan Tian Ming gave the order, the soldiers did not continue to have any worries. The force that they had been suppressing was instantly revealed. After just a moment, the refugees that had been causing trouble were completely suppressed in an encirclement.

Feng Yu Heng recognized them. Outside the city, the majority of the soldiers were from the military camp. Naturally, they would be stronger than the guards of the city.

The refugees that did not rush forward saw that these people had been stopped and wanted to go forward to help them. Unfortunately, those that did not participate in the ramming of the wall were old, weak, women or children. How could they have even the slightest bit of combat power. Some of them were not even able to stand up. They could only look up at the top of the city’s walls. At the same time, they all had the same thoughts in their minds: Will we be killed?

Xuan Tian Ming welcomed the gazes of everyone down below without a trace of fear. He just reached out and pointed at the people that had been surrounded and loudly said: “You should be able to see it. Da Shun’s soldiers only need to move a little bit, and they are able to completely stop you. This city gate is used to defend against foreign enemies. This prince thought that there might come a day when the ruler of a foreign country might try and knock down this gate; however, I never thought that the people of Da Shun would be the ones to do it.”

His words left everyone feeling dissatisfied. They all began shouting, and it sounded very messy; however, a few words would occasionally be heard. Feng Yu Heng heard the citizens say: Why do Da Shun’s city gates not let Da Shun’s people enter? Our homes are gone, but why does the capital not take us in? Which prince are you? Will you kill us?

She turned to look at Xuan Tian Ming. His face was covered by the golden mask, which hid all of his emotions; however, the purple lotus flower between his eyebrows became darker and darker. She knew that the darker the lotus flower became, the more turbulent Xuan Tian Ming’s emotions were. They held their hands tighter, and she could practically feel the difficulty in his heart. Those people down below were his citizens!

“There is not a single person that will try to kill you!” Finally, Xuan Tian Ming spoke up once more, “Listen well. This prince is the ninth prince of Da Shun, Xuan Tian Ming. On this day, I shall make an oath to you. His Majesty loves the citizens as much as he loves his children. I, Xuan Tian Ming, will shoulder this burden with all of you comrades that have met with this calamity. All of the trouble that you have encountered, this prince will face them with you. Although you cannot enter the capital, this prince will bring county princess Ji An along with imperial daughter Wu Yang out of the city to build you shelters, provide you with food, treat your injuries and help you get through this disaster. Do not worry, your ruined homes will be taken care of by the court. After four days, when this rain has stopped, this prince will personally send you home. How does that sound?”

The voice that was amplified using his inner strength was like a large bell. Every word entered their ears and hearts. Those people that had already begun to despair suddenly found a pillar of support. The hopes that had been washed away by the torrential rains had been raised once again.

Xuan Tian Ming said: “In a moment, we will open the city gates so that we can get out to save you. Whether you decide to trust this prince or continue to try and charge into the city, that will be left to you to decide.” After he finished speaking, he did not remain on top of the city wall. Pulling Feng Yu Heng with one hand and his younger sister, Xuan Tian Ge, in the other, he quickly descended from the city wall with Bai Fu Rong, Wang Chuan, Huang Quan and ghost doctor Song Kang, who had been staying at the Yu Palace, following behind them.

Some soldiers pulled the gate open. In that instant, everyone was on alert. Even Xuan Tian Ming did not dare guarantee that the refugees outside definitely would not rush in. Xuan Tian Ge was even trembling slightly. Staring straight ahead, she was afraid of the slightest movement.

However, the refugees were kind and respectful. They also knew that even if they rushed into the city, it would be useless. Could it be that they would go in to loot and plunder? To go into the houses of other citizens and steal their food? They would no longer be refugees. Instead, they would be mobsters. Da Shun could save refugees, but they definitely would not show a shred of mercy for mobsters.

Everyone was very clear, as they all stood in place. Nobody moved until Xuan Tian Ming, Feng Yu Heng and everyone else walked out. Only after all of the carriages and imperial carriages carrying items were outside the city did the gate slowly close once more. With a boom, it left the ninth prince, county princess Ji An and imperial daughter Wu Yang outside the city.

Feng Yu Heng stood at Xuan Tian Ming’s side and suddenly began smiling. She copied the way Xuan Tian Ming had used his inner strength and loudly said: “Now, we are together!”

Unfortunately, her inner strength was not as plentiful as Xuan Tian Ming, and she only managed to convey her words to half of the people. The people that were further away could not hear what she had said.

Thus Xuan Tian Ming simply repeated her message, “County princess said, now, we are together!”

Suddenly, a cheer exploded from the crowd! Nobody knew why they were cheering. They had not yet seen any food, nor were they laying down in a shelter. Just by seeing the ninth prince and county princess Ji An standing here, they felt oddly at ease. They all kneeled, repeatedly kowtowing. They all said that the heavens had eyes.

A woman suddenly asked: “County princess Ji An, isn’t that the divine doctor of the capital? Can you save my child? His body is very hot, and he’s about to die!”

Once this was said, countless people immediately agreed. There were too many sick and injured!

Xuan Tian Ming quickly told everyone: “Don’t rush. Right now, we are still in the process of building shelters. I can guarantee that everyone will be able to stay in a shelter. County princess brought enough medicine out, and imperial daughter Wu Yang brought out enough food. We will be opening a temporary medical clinic and congee stand. Everyone will have three bowls of congee each day. The children and the sick will be given an extra bowl. Do not become disorderly. The soldiers will lead you to get food. The Board of Astronomy has reported that the torrential rains will end in four days. All of your difficulties will have passed!”

Xuan Tian Ming was the pillar of support for these refugees. They listened to anything that he said. The soldiers had already begun building shelters. The shelters were extremely large, with each one being able to fit nearly 100 people. After one shelter was completed, soldiers began moving people in. All of the women that were brought in were also given raincoats that Feng Yu Heng had brought. At the same time, they told people that clean clothes were being prepared. They would be sent by the next day at the latest.

Xuan Tian Ming built three big command posts outside the city. One was for a kitchen, with Xuan Tian Ge and Bai Fu Rong taking care of food preparation. Another was for a medical clinic. It was mainly used to house the medicine that Feng yu Heng had brought, and it was used for medical treatment. And the last one was used to rest. In the face of the natural disaster, there was much less order. The command tent and beds were placed in the same building. They simply decided that they would sleep in their clothes, and none should dislike the other.

The matter was most terrifying when looked at. The more one looked, the more tiring it was. The more one looked, the more one felt that it was impossible to complete. That was why matters had to be worked on. The eyes were lazy, while hands were hard workers. It seemed that the hard work of the 5000 soldiers and few hundred guards would allow for the shelters to be constructed. Feng Yu heng also provided a large number of raincoats. The soldiers then covered the shelters with them to ensure that they would not leak.

The refugees entered the shelters. The injured or slightly more seriously ill were carried to Feng Yu Heng’s medical room. The soldiers saw that the raincoats worn by the girls were very practical, thus they asked Feng Yu Heng if she had any more. Feng Yu Heng helplessly told them: “They are all in girls’ sizes. Unless there was a smaller man, they really would not fit.”

She felt helpless. If she knew sooner that she would be transmigrated, she definitely would have filled her space with a few more things, and she would not be in her current situation, where she would not be able to provide the men with raincoats.

Xuan Tian Ge prepared ten large pots of congee, thus Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were sent to help. Xuan Tian Ming had already led the soldiers back into the rain to build more shelters. He had to enter each shelter one by one to reassure the people inside.

At this moment, Feng Yu Heng’s helper was ghost doctor Song Kang. The injured were brought in one after another. Feng Yu Heng brought out stethoscopes, equipment for infusions, all kinds of Western medicine along with all kinds of needles and placed them on a bench. She told Song Kang: “I did not keep you alive for no reason. Didn’t you want to learn medicine from me? Do you see this? With these refugees, I will show you the most basic treatment methods. I will also tell you what these medicines will work on. I will also have you learn how to perform an intramuscular injection and how to set up an infusion. When you have learned these things, put on a medical backpack and go out to save people. However many people you killed in the past, save ten times as many people. I will send someone to go count for you. When you have saved enough people, I, Feng Yu Heng, will accept you as a disciple!”

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