Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 441

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What Qualifications Do You Have to Compete with Me?

Ghost doctor Song Kang’s only conviction in this life was to devote his life to studying medicine and die studying medicine. As long as he could continuously learn more about medicine, he was willing to do anything.

But at the same time, he was a very proud person and a very stubborn person. He looked down on the average person, and he did not even think much of divine doctor Yao Xian. In his eyes, he was too lacking.

But this proud person happened to land in county princess Ji An’s hands. This county princess Ji An had changed his views on medicine time and time again. The previous time had occurred at the Xiang Palace, and she was doing it again now. When Feng Yu Heng finished teaching him how to give infusions, perform intramuscular and intravenous injections, she taught him about Western medicine that did not exist in this era. After that, not to mention acknowledging her as his master, Song Kang dared to accept her as his mother.

Of course, Feng Yu Heng did not want such an old son. She just hoped that Song Kang would be able to quickly learn the basics of 21st-century medicine then help shoulder some of the burden. This would allow her to take care of the more severely injured and ill.

Fortunately, Song Kang was proficient in learning medicine. He was very quickly able to begin helping shoulder some of the burden. Although he was not completely versed in some of the details, in this sort of situation, there was no time to allow him any additional practice. This was practically rushing to put ducks on the shelves. As long as there were no mistakes, it would be fine. 1

Soldiers came to Feng Yu Heng’s clinic and retrieved disinfectant then began spraying all of the shelters. In the beginning, everyone objected to the heavy smell, only accepting it after Xuan Tian Ming personally explained its purpose. As for Xuan Tian Ge’s side, the congee that had been prepared was taken away by the soldiers to be distributed among the refugees.

As the dignified imperial daughter, how could she know how to prepare congee. Fortunately, she had brought a servant. The congee was not delicious, but it was edible. As long as the refugees had food to eat, they would not cause trouble. Moreover, the soldiers had specifically emphasized that this was personally prepared by imperial daughter Wu Yang. Just this grace alone was enough to make them feel moved. How could they possibly still be picky about taste. Moreover, Feng Yu Heng, later on, provided lotus seeds and red dates. The congee that was prepared ended up being quite nutritious. The poor refugees felt that even when they prospered, they had never enjoyed such good food.

After a full day, from morning until night, Feng Yu Heng finally finished stitching up the wound of the last patient around midnight.

She stood up and suddenly swayed. Perhaps it was because she had been squatting for a long time, but a sudden bout of dizziness struck her. Someone supported her from behind, and the faint smell of sandalwood entered her nose, covering the smell of disinfectant in the clinic.

Feng Yu Heng was stunned. The familiar fragrance of sandalwood caused a figure to appear in her mind. “Seventh brother?” She suddenly turned around. Sure enough, she saw Xuan Tian Hua standing in front of her with his hair soaking wet. “Why have you come?” Subconsciously looking behind him, sure enough, Yu Qian Yin was also present.

But Yu Qian Yin covered her nose with a handkerchief. Panic and anxiety were apparent on her face. Holding onto Xuan Tian Hua’s sleeve with one hand, she repeatedly tugged at it, urgently advising: “Let’s quickly go back. This place really stinks.”

The usually calm Xuan Tian Hua finally revealed a look of irritation. Forcefully tugging his sleeve, he pulled away from Yu Qian Yin’s grasp.

Yu Qian Yin felt unreconciled and wanted to say a few more words; however, she heard Feng Yu Heng also say: “Seventh brother, go back.”

Xuan Tian Hua did not comply. He just looked at the girl standing in front of him. For no apparent reason, he felt distressed. After not seeing her for a few days, how had she become thinner? Why did her eye sockets look so dark? “You didn’t sleep last night.” He pinpointed the reason for Feng Yu Heng’s condition. He then spoke as he pleased: “In order to save more people, you must first take care of yourself. If the doctor falls, your patients will have no hope.”

“I know.” Feng Yu Heng nodded. Reaching out, she grabbed Xuan Tian Hua’s arm and said: “Likewise, if the capital falls into disarray, it does not matter how many people I save. Seventh brother, you and Xuan Tian Ming definitely cannot leave the capital at the same time. You know this, so quickly go back.”

Yu Qian Yin also hurried him: “That’s right. Quickly go back. I heard that this place has bacteria. Seventh brother, look.” She pointed at a patient in a bed and said: “How scary are they, and they’re so dirty. Seventh brother, let’s quickly go back!”

Xuan Tian Hua acted as though he did not hear what Yu Qian Yin had said. He did not even look at her. He just stared at Feng Yu Heng and said: “I understand. I just came out to see you guys. Don’t worry, I will definitely take care of the capital for Ming’er. You… take care.”

After he finished speaking, he did not continue to remain. Turning around, he left. Yu Qian Yin chased after him. Without looking back at Feng Yu Heng, she said: “Thanks!” Her expression was relaxed, and she even had a smile on her face.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly frowned, and a rather immature thought surfaced; however, there was nothing that she could do to ascertain it, thus she could only push it back down. She then called out to Xuan Tian Hua; “Seventh brother, wait a moment.”

She called for him to stop and quickly walked forward, wanting to say a few words with Xuan Tian Hua; however, Yu Qian Yin wholeheartedly wanted for Xuan Tian Hua to quickly leave. Seeing her call for him to stop, she immediately became unhappy. Just as Xuan Tian Hua stopped, she grabbed his arm and began pulling him out, loudly saying: “Seventh brother, let’s go!”

Feng Yu Heng immediately stopped, and Xuan Tian Hua stared at the pair of hands grabbing his arm. The irritation in his eyes became even more apparent, but Yu Qian Yin could not see it. She continued to say: “The refugee camp is dangerous. You haven’t experienced it, so you don’t know. It’s very easy for refugees to start rioting. Once they begin rioting, that is all that fills their hearts. They will not worry about anything else. Even if they don’t riot, take a look.” She pointed at the sick and injured on the ground, her gaze sinking, “Once they become sick, it will become an uncontrollable epidemic.” Yu Qian Yin looked earnestly at Feng Yu Heng, with her face that looked a bit like Feng Yu Heng: “I know that county princess Ji An has exceptional medical abilities, but I must ask you. Seventh brother took a risk to come out and see you. Can you ensure that he will be completely safe?”

Feng Yu Heng wanted to say something; however, Xuan Tian Hua stopped her. He looked at Yu Qian Yin and suddenly swung his arm, removing his arm from her grasp. He then slightly shook his head, saying: “In this life, this prince has never hated another person. Yu Qian Yin, you are the first.” He had no intention of saying anything else to this girl. Turning around, he asked Feng Yu Heng: “What is it?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled wryly and took a couple steps forward, pulling a pill from her sleeve: “Eat this. I can guarantee that you will be fine.”

While speaking, Huang Quan, who had returned to her side, immediately went forward and handed him some water. Xuan Tian Hua did not even think before placing the pill in his mouth and washing it down with water. He then said to Yu Qian Yin: “A-Heng will not harm me, and she definitely would not put me in danger. She is also of noble upbringing, but she still goes to save the citizens. Yu Qian Yin, what qualifications do you have to compete with her?”

He turned around and left the shelter without another word.

Yu Qian Yin was stunned for a moment then wanted to follow behind him; however, she heard Feng Yu Heng say from behind: “When Da Shun is faced with a natural disaster, Yu girl is still able to smile lightly. When faced with ten thousand refugees, Yu girl is more experienced than seventh brother. Since you have experienced this sort of disaster, might I ask, when your country suffered a natural disaster, were you still able to smile?”

Yu Qian Yin’s urgent steps stopped. Suddenly turning around to look at Feng Yu Heng; however, she found that she did not have any intention of saying anything else to her. She had already turned around to feed a child that had been injured. She really wanted to ask Feng Yu Heng what her earlier words meant, but she suddenly remembered what Xuan Tian Hua had just said, “What qualifications do you have to compete with her?” Yu Qian Yin never felt that she was that much worse than Feng Yu Heng, but when she stood here now, she saw that the same-aged Feng Yu Heng had medical abilities, and she was able to save people. This sort of person, what sort of qualifications did she have to compete with her?

Huang Quan stood at the side and looked at Yu Qian Yin then coldly reminded: “Yu girl, will you not be leaving? Our young miss does not have any extra medicine for you to eat. If you end up with some sort of illness, do not come crying for help.”

Yu Qian Yin was slightly shocked. Stomping her foot, she quickly chased after Xuan Tian Hua.

Feng Yu Heng did not pay any attention to her and only focused on feeding a young boy chocolate. In order to ensure that the seriously injured could regain some strength, she secretly brought out a large amount of chocolate. Especially when it came to children, she would need to give them a few extra pieces. Everyone just knew it as a sweet medicine; however, they did not know what it was. She also had no desire to explain. After treating so many patients, she was already exhausted both physically and mentally.

When she could finally leave the medical tent, Huang Quan accompanied her to the rest shelter. Xuan Tian Ge and Bai Fu Rong were both asleep in a bed. Huang Quan quietly asked her: “Young miss suspects that Yu Qian Yin is not from Da Shun?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled bitterly, “If she is from Da Shun, she is too heartless. While the citizens are suffering from this natural disaster, she is still able to smile.” Seeing Huang Quan wanted to continue asking, she repeatedly waved her hand, “Don’t ask. Seventh brother naturally has his own reasons for doing things. As long as we trust him to do handle things cleanly, it will be fine.”

She had an exhausted look, and she had an urge to dive into her space to take a hot shower then sleep on her bed in the rest room. But that was no good. Everyone was suffering, thus she could not be the only one to enjoy her space. That would leave her feeling uneasy. Moreover, Xuan Tian Ming was still out.

“His Highness hasn’t come back yet?” She asked Huang Quan, “What time is it now?”

Huang Quan sighed and said: “It’s already past midnight. Some of the refugees are rather emotional, and his Highness is paying attention to reassure them. Before this servant entered the medical shelter, I saw his Highness. He said to have young miss rest after work was completed. Don’t wait for him.”

Feng Yu Heng wanted to wait, but she did not have the stamina. She did not sleep the previous night, and she had been busy for the entire day. She did not have the mind to get washed up. She directly lay down on a bed next to Xuan Tian Ge. Right before falling asleep, she used the last of her energy to tell Huang Quan: “You and Wang Chuan should rest earlier.”

Falling into a deep sleep, she did not know how long she slept for. Suddenly, she heard the voice of a man speaking. Feng Yu Heng did not react for a moment and wanted to sit up to take a look. Just as she began moving, a hand moved to her wrist, and a voice quietly whispered into her ear: “Don’t be scared. It’s me.” She was immediately relieved.

Inside the shelter, Xuan Tian Ming was saying something to ghost doctor Song Kang. There were also sounds of him giving orders to the soldiers. She also heard mention of burning the corpses in the morning. After that, nobody else spoke.

Not long later, someone arrived at her side. A pair of arms embraced her, and someone placed their chin on her head. Feng Yu Heng smelled the familiar rosin fragrance, and her lips curled into a smile. She then shrank into his embrace.

She heard a voice come from next to her ear, gently saying to her: “Just sleep. I am right here.”

Under this bewitching voice, she once again fell into a deep sleep. This slumber was very enjoyable, and she did not even hear the slightest sound when Xuan Tian Ge and Bai Fu Rong got out of bed in the morning. This continued until Wang Chuan urgently shook her to wake her up, saying to her: “Young miss, something has happened.”

Feng Yu Heng immediately woke up!

1: Rushing to put ducks on the shelves means to be forced to do something outside of one’s abilities

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  1. I swear members of Imperial families know how to read a person for filth. Hua’er went in on that Yu chick, if I were her I wouldn’t have the cheek to run after him out of embarrassment. Just find a rock to live under.

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  2. I guess Yu Qian Yin is the princess from Zong Sui country in chapter 283. Because Feng Yu Heng found her similarity with someone,but she could not remember similar to whom. And because Feng Yu Heng have had broke the iron escent from Zong Sui’s, so the marriage that been proposed between Xuan Ting Hua and Zong Sui’s country cancelled.

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    1. Haha! And the winner goes too..
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  4. What’s wrong with Yu Qian Yin? I really hate her even at the first time she shows up! What’s her deal? It seems that she wants to compete with heng heng or wants to imitate her but i really hate her attitude! She has no originality! Or is she imitating her to seduce a prince?

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