Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 444

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Dear Wife, You Are Messing Around in Broad Daylight

When Feng Yu Heng arrived at the medical clinic, she saw ghost doctor Song Kang squatting at a refugee’s side while at a loss. The refugee was laying on the ground and groaned in pain. It seemed that he was trying to hold his leg, but he was unable to reach it no matter what. As long as he leaned over, a pained expression appeared.

Both of his legs were exposed, as the pant legs had been ripped. From the calf to the ankle, it had already swollen to the same size as his thigh. That was not all. the left foot was rotated backward with the bottom of the foot pointing up. Every time that the left foot was moved, the entire person would also move. It was like a substance pulled on it from the ground. It was not at all connected to the bone.

Upon seeing her arrive, Song Kang quickly pointed at the person’s foot and said: “It’s definitely broken. The calf bone is also broken. He said that he felt that it was hurting the past few days but did not think much of it because there were no external injuries. He thought that he was just tired. But it became more and more severe today until he could no longer endure and collapsed.” He looked at Feng Yu Heng with a troubled expression, “I don’t know how to treat this.”

Last time, when Feng Yu Heng had treated Xuan Tian Ye’s injuries, although he had observed from the side, because Feng Yu Heng did not have any intention to explain, she did not say anything aside from the necessary instructions. He had only seen the strange tools, but he had never used them. Most importantly, Feng Yu Heng only treated Xuan Tian Ye enough to allow him to sit in a wheelchair. She had no intention of fully healing him. That was why the treatment was something that just managed. The bones were not reconnected, and everything that was done was temporary. How could Song Kang gain the slightest understanding.

Today, he had gone around the camp and happened to see a person rolling around in pain. His initial assessment was that the bone was broken, but he did not know how to treat it. He could only have him carried to the medical clinic.

That person was a young man, and it did not look like he was older than 20-years-old. Feng Yu Heng looked at his legs and was completely unable to understand how the young man endured the pain of a broken bone until today.

She shook her head. Pointing at the corner of the medical clinic, she gave orders to the servants: “Tidy that area up and set up a camp bed. Cover it in cloth and separate it from the other areas. Then lay this person down on the bed.” She then looked at Song Kang, “Wait here. I will be back.”

She turned around and returned to the rest shelter. Xuan Tian Ming had already been called by the soldiers to inspect something. She had Wang Chuan and Huang Quan also leave before entering her space. She carried out all of the tools that she needed for surgery. Aside from the tools that she absolutely could not use, she had brought out all of the necessities. She then had someone bring these things to the medical clinic and placed them in the temporary operating room.

When she returned to the medical clinic, she brought in two white lab coats and handed one to Song Kang. At first, Song Kang was startled and did not manage to react. This was an invitation extended to him by Feng Yu Heng. He could help her treat someone’s leg. He immediately put on the lab coat and had a slight smile. He simply removed the clothes underneath and decided to just wear the lab coat. This caused Feng Yu Heng to furrow her brow and say: “These clothes will be given to you. There is no need to return it.” After saying this, the two went into the operating room.

Song Kang worshipped Feng Yu Heng for a long time. This was his first time participating in a so-called surgery. This time, Feng Yu Heng did not have any reservations. She treated the patient’s injured leg very seriously and explained every step in detail for Song Kang to hear, including the principles and all the potential side effects. At the start, Song Kang was a little dazed, but he very quickly began to understand, especially after Feng Yu Heng personally gave him an opportunity, he learned even faster.

Feng Yu Heng had to sigh. This Song Kang truly was talented when it came to medicine. Thinking back to when she was learning medicine in the 21st century, her father and grandfather had praised her for being very smart. The professors also viewed her as a genius. But it was only at this moment that she knew that she was not a genius. She just happened to learn faster than a normal person. A true genius was someone like Song Kang.

The surgery lasted for nearly four hours. When performing the final stitches, Feng Yu Heng asked Song Kang: “How many people have you treated?”

Song Kang was startled for a moment then said: “372, I have remembered them all. But this is still not enough. Mas… county princess, I must finish treating all of the people in this camp.”

She nodded, “Then treat them!” Her voice was normal, and her words were plain; however, she had already begun thinking about seriously testing his character after taking him in as an apprentice. If this person really had a flexible character, she truly had too much hope in training him as a helper.

Finally, she finished the last stitch. Song Kang looked at her very fine stitching and once again praised Feng Yu Heng’s medical abilities for being mystical. Immediately following this, Feng Yu Heng told him something that was even more shocking, saying: “There is no need to remove the stitches. This sort of string can naturally be absorbed. Alright, the surgery was a success.”

Following the words surgery was a success, Song Kang kneeled in front of Feng Yu Heng. Without another word, he kowtowed three times. He then picked up the medical case and charged back into the rain to continue his work.

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and thought to herself that he really was crazy for medicine. She then looked at the patient that had not yet woken up from the anesthetic. She then began to think about the young nurses that she was training in Xiao Zhou.

Wang Chuan saw Song Kang leave and asked from the outside: “Young miss, can this servant come in?”

She replied: “Come on in!” When Wang Chuan entered, she said: “After this disaster has concluded, we need to bring over some of the girls that have received training in Xiao Zhou. Thinking about it, they have probably learned roughly enough. Bring them over to Hundred Herb Hall to help out. Also, choose two of them to teach the orphans at the residence.”

She was a little tired. After teaching Wang Chuan about the basics of nursing and leaving her to nurse him, she had her look for someone to nurse the person, while she went to the rest shelter. Like Xuan Tian Ge had done the previous day, she went to bed and fell asleep.

She slept with peace of mind and was faintly able to feel Xuan Tian Ming squeezing next to her and pulling her into his embrace. Her heart warmed up, and she slept until noon the next day.

When she woke up, there was nobody else in the rest shelter. She sent her consciousness into the space and looked at the clock that had been adjusted to Da Shun’s time. She found that it was actually noon, and she could not help but silently complain that she had slept for so long.

She originally thought of getting up to get washed up, but since there was nobody around, she simply dove into her space and rushed to her bathroom to properly wash up. She then cooked some noodles and finally managed to recover her spirit. Only then did she leave the space full of enthusiasm.

As a result

“Get down!” A certain person’s voice rose, and a palm slapped the top of her head, causing Feng Yu Heng to tremble in fear.

Quickly turning around, she found that there was a person inside the shelter, and the place that she had exited the space happened to be above her bed; however… the certain person that had come in was also sitting on the bed. She ended up sitting on that person’s body.

“Hehe.” She laughed dryly, “That, uh… when did you come in?”

Xuan Tian Ming angrily rolled his eyes, “I came in a long time ago. Dear wife, you’re messing around in broad daylight.”

She had a bitter expression, “I wasn’t playing tricks. I… I was just playing hide and seek with you.”

He gritted his teeth. Hide and fucking seek, he saw a person suddenly appear from the air. If he did not already know that this girl had a weird space, and if he did not already know that this girl had the ability to disappear at random, and he had not seen it before in Xu Tian Cave, perhaps he would have choked the thing to death upon seeing it.

Xuan Tian Ming poked her waist, “Get off me!”

Feng Yu Heng moved a couple times but did not listen.

Xuan Tian Ming continued to poke: “Get off, did you hear me?”

Feng Yu Heng moved another couple times. This time, she felt that something was off. It seemed as though something was growing underneath her. She immediately understood what was happening and frantically got off of his lap. When she turned back to look at Xuan Tian Ming, she found that his face was completely red.

“You really are not someone that leaves me worry-free.” Xuan Tian Ming truly did not know what to do with this valiant wife. Why did she always go sit on that place? It was not something that had just happened once or twice. He could neither lecture her nor hit her. Even if he did lecture or hit her, she would still continue to do it. She did not have any memory. He could only use a different tactic, “If you sit there one more time, we will need to consummate the marriage.” Threaten!

Feng Yu Heng glared: “Just try it! I will report you for assaulting a young girl!”

“The one that I will be assaulting is you!” Whether it could be tolerated or not, a certain person suddenly went forward and immediately tackled the damn bluffing girl onto the bed, “Dear wife, this was something that you told me to try.”

Feng Yu Heng was dumbfounded. Their bodies were pressed together, and the man’s certain thing began to misbehave. She was unable to understand, “Say, I don’t have a chest, curve or a butt. What exactly is causing this reaction?”

For the soul from the 21st century, speaking about this was quite casual. She did not feel that it was improper at all. But Xuan Tian Ming was unable to bear it. The emotions that were burning hot like a fire had instantly been put out by this girl. He really began to wonder if things continued like this, would something end up going wrong for him?

“Get up.” He pulled her up from the bed and tried to persuade her: “First of all, you are my future wife. There is indeed not much that we cannot talk about between us. Also, you are still my future wife, and you are the one that I took an interest in. Even if you were as flat as a door, I would still like you. Thirdly, dear wife, I beg of you, can we be a little more civilized in our speech next time?”

She blinked a few times: “Doubtful.”

He gave a little more leeway: “Just a bit, just a bit will be fine.”

She accepted it reluctantly: “I’ll try to!”

“Alright!” Xuan Tian Ming stood up and pulled the girl up, “Let’s go to eat!”

“Wait a moment!” Feng Yu Heng facepalmed, “You haven’t eaten yet?”

Xuan Tian Ming replied as though it was natural: “I was waiting to eat with you when you woke up.”

She was feeling a little guilty, “Then why did you not wake me up a little earlier?”

In regards to this question, Xuan Tian Ming replied with an even more natural tone: “I wanted you to sleep a little longer. That Song Kang is sitting in the medical clinic and taking care of the patients for you. I saw that he was handling it quite well.” While speaking he pulled her: “Quickly get up. This prince is hungry.”

Feng Yu Heng covered her face and looked at him through the gaps in her fingers, carefully saying: “Uh… I already ate.”

“What?” Xuan Tian Ming was dazed, “When did you eat? The people outside said that you didn’t go out. You…” He immediately reacted, “You got food from your sleeve?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, and her eyes lit up. She suddenly thought of something, thus she put down her hands and wisely said: “Xuan Tian Ming, “I will get some food for you from my space. Wait a moment, wait!” Just as she said this, she immediately disappeared into the air.

Xuan Tian Ming rubbed his eyes. Although this was not the first time that his wife had shown this sort of ability, he still felt that this ability was quite daring. It especially worked on his courage. There were times when he truly feared that the girl would never come out after going in. If she disappeared to the ends of the world, he still had faith that he could find her, but if she disappeared inside that space, where should he go to look for her?

Xuan Tian Ming thought to himself. When that damn girl came back out, he would definitely tell her to go into the space less in the future, or he would ask to see if she could bring him inside. Like this, even if she disappeared, if the two were together, there was nothing to fear.

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly smelled something fragrant. He sniffed the air, and the fragrance became thicker and thicker. Immediately following this, a voice came from behind: “Take a guess. What did I make for you?”

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