Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 445

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An Important Decision

It was impossible for Xuan Tian Ming to guess what Feng Yu Heng had brought out of her space, but based on the heat that came from behind him, he could make a rough estimate, “It’s noodles, right? One with a soup.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled and walked around to the front, “In truth, it’s nothing grand. It’s just a pork and scallion wonton soup with some noodles. The soup is very warming. Quickly eat.” She handed him a spoon and chopsticks, saying: “In the future, if you don’t eat with everyone else, you… can come and eat with me in my space!”

This was the first time that she had invited anyone into her space, and this was only because the other was her beloved. Feng Yu Heng did not know whether this decision was correct or incorrect, but she understood that Xuan Tian Ming was her most cherished person. She wanted for this man to eat a little better and to sleep a little better. She wanted for this man to share in her most unique secret. If there came a day when she found that she was wrong, she would need to accept that failure because of her feelings without complaint or regret.

Xuan Tian Ming felt that the heavens really treated him quite well. Just earlier, he had been thinking about how he should mention going into this girl’s space. This girl had viewed her space as being extremely important. He feared that he would end up arousing her anger with a slip of the tongue; however, he did not think that without needing to say anything, she would take the initiative to bring it up. It was as though a pleasant surprise had hit him on the head. It caught him a little unprepared.

Feng Yu Heng saw him freeze and could not help but laugh, “Have you gone dumb? Get eating.”

Xuan Tian Ming asked her blankly: “Will you really bring me in?”

She smiled and nodded, “Really.”

“Then why did you not let me in before?” He asked the girl, “Back when we were working on steel in Xu Tian Cave, the conditions were very difficult. Why did you not think to bring me in with you?”

Feng Yu Heng did not know how to reply for a while. At that time, it was not that she did not think to bring Xuan Tian Ming into her space to rest, but she still had some reservations in her heart. After all, she was not from this era. The things inside her space did not belong to this era. Anything that was brought out was capable of shaking up the world. It would be best if she never allowed another person to enter that place, remaining a place that only she could enter.

But that was how people were. When it came to some secrets, the more one understood that nobody else must ever learn about it, the more one would want to share it with someone. This was a common psychological state among humans. Feng Yu Heng was also human, and she could not avoid this. She explained this reasoning to Xuan Tian Ming then told him: “Since it has been determined that there will be a person to share that place with me, Xuan Tian Ming, I hope that it will be you. It must be you!”

He laughed and reached out to pinch her face. The cheeks that had finally gained some roundness had become thin once more. He felt a little distressed. “If your space has an even better resting place, don’t squeeze into this place to sleep. When you first came back to the capital, I saw you at the entrance to the city. After investigating, I found that you were the Feng family’s second daughter that had been engaged to me at a young age. Heng Heng, you don’t know just how lucky I felt at that time. First, I did not need to do anything in a roundabout manner like burning the Feng manor. Second, I did not need to do anything difficult like look for the girl that had treated my legs in the mountains of the Northwest. I know that the people of the Feng family are annoying, thus I knew that you would be unhappy with living there. That was why I gave you a manor. That manor is in a location that everyone in the capital covets. Right now, we are dealing with a disaster, and I do not have any ability to allow you to live more comfortably. Since you have a space, just go ahead and sleep more comfortably, at the very least.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “You sure say it lightly. Everyone is sleeping together with their clothes on. If I disappear every night, what sort of situation would that be? I am just a county princess that was conferred a title later on by father Emperor. Tian Ge is a proper person of imperial lineage, yet she is also enduring the hardship. How could I not endure this with everyone? Xuan Tian Ming, don’t treat me as being so fragile.”

He chuckled, “How could you be fragile. My Heng Heng is the best woman in the world.”

“Then this best woman will secretly bring you into my space at some point in the future when nobody is around to sneak some food!” She urged him to continue eating then began pulling candy out of her sleeve.

The candy was something that she had placed in the snacks drawer. Feng Yu Heng was very happy that she was a gluttonous girl in her previous life. Only that allowed her to live happily in the ancient world.

Candy was easier to bring out than eggs, and they were easier to bring around. After Xuan Tian Ming finished eating his wontons, she had already covered the bed with candy. There were some cardboard boxes in her space that were used to hold medicine. She pulled some out and placed the candy inside the boxes. She then called in some soldiers to carry them out to distribute them among the refugees. The young children would be given some extra.

One of the younger soldiers found them to be quite novel, thus she opened up a few to give a piece to each of the soldiers.

One of the soldiers said: “When we were distributing the eggs yesterday, there were refugees that said that they are eating better now than before the disaster struck. Previously, they could not even eat white rice. Now, however, not only do they have white rice to eat, such great medicine has been added, and they have eggs to eat. They said that this is the result of good fortune that had been earned from their previous lives. There was also someone that said that if they knew that things would be like this, the rain should have started falling sooner.”

Xuan Tian Ming snorted, saying: “People really don’t know when to feel satisfied. In difficult times, we give them something nice, and they think about how they should enjoy this treatment all the time. Scarcely could they imagine that nobody’s wealth dropped out of the sky. It’s impossible for us to take care of them for their entire lives for no reason.” He waved his hand, “Take it out and distribute it. Just say that it’s from county princess Ji An. If they wish to give thanks, they must thank county princess Ji An.”

The soldiers received the order and carried out the boxes of candy to be distributed. Feng Yu Heng lightly consoled Xuan Tian Ming: “The reason that some people are suffering is that their daily lives were already bad, and they did not have the money to fix up their homes. There are others that lived in places that were at a lower elevation. No matter how good their house was, it did not matter. Think about the Feng family’s old home. Feng Jin Yuan was the former prime minister. Even if he did not have the heart to provide material assistance, by using his name, the Feng family was able to live peacefully in Feng Tong county. But in the end, they still suffered from the disaster. Such a nice family home was also washed away, right? For these refugees, we are currently helping them stay out of the rain, providing them with medical treatment and providing them with food. When the rain has stopped, we must think of a way to help them find a place to settle down and get back to work. At the same time, the districts that were hit hardest by the disaster need to be completely rebuilt in order to avoid the floods that could occur next year or the year after.”

She continued to speak and speak, suddenly causing Xuan Tian Ming to laugh. He reached out to pat her head, “Silly girl, how could I not understand this reasoning? You’re so long-winded like an old wife!”

Her eyes became sharp and immediately became unhappy, “Who are you talking about? If I am an old wife, you’re an old man. Even if we are both old, you would be the first to become old. There’s a gap of nearly ten years. What sort of advantage do you have over me.”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at her appearance that had become similar to that of a tiger and smiled even more.

At this time, Huang Quan walked in from the outside with someone behind her. She gestured with her eyes at Feng Yu Heng, telling her to look behind her. Feng Yu Heng looked over and found that the person behind her was wearing a cloak. She found that it was Cheng Jun Man.

“Why have you come?” She thought about it but was still unable to call her mother. There was not much of an age gap between the two. Moreover, from the perspective of Feng Yu Heng as a 30-year-old soul, she could be her younger sister.

Cheng Jun Man removed the cloak from her head and looked up. Seeing that Xuan Tian Ming was also present, she quickly went forward to salute, saying: “This minister’s wife pays respects to your Highness.”

Xuan Tian Ming waved his hand, gesturing that there was no need for her to be so courteous. He then patted Feng Yu Heng’s shoulder and said to her: “You two can speak. I will go out and inspect the camp.”

When he left the shelter, Cheng Jun Man finally took a couple steps forward and a helpless expression appeared on her face: “Elder madam insisted that I come for this trip. She also cried and screamed to force me into the palace to ask for an identification to leave the city.”

Feng Yu Heng pulled her over and had her sit down. In her mind, she understood why Cheng Jun Man had come: “Is it for Feng Jin Yuan?”

Cheng Jun Man nodded, “Having already been demoted to fifth rank, he is still so unpleasant. Say, he could scam anyone, yet he had to hand a fake deed to Zhang Yuan. I went into the palace and heard aunty talk about it. At the start, Zhang Yuan did not know that the deed was fake. After returning to the palace, he gave it to the Emperor to look at in a report. As a result, his Majesty noticed it and became so angry that he nearly gave the order for Feng Jin Yuan to be killed. Afterward, his Majesty took account of you, county princess, and allowed him to live. He only had Xu Jing Yuan lock him up.”

In truth, Feng Yu Heng really wanted to say: “There’s no need to worry about me,” but, in the eyes of others, Feng Jin Yuan was still her father. It would not be too ethical for her to be too uncompromising.

“As a result, he was just locked up, yet the elder madam is already unable to endure it.” Cheng Jun Man continued to speak: “Braving the heavy rain, the elder madam insisted that she go from the manor to the government office. Unfortunately, they did not allow her to visit him. She was completely out of options and later came to cry and scream to Jun Mei and me, saying that she had to have me come out of the city to ask you for some ideas.”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly shook her head, but she asked Cheng Jun Man: “In the end, he is your husband. Could it be that you two do not even want to save him?”

Cheng Jun Man did not even think before telling Feng Yu Heng: “Ever since the day we left the palace, us sisters knew that the reason our aunt sent us to the Feng manor was not for Feng Jin Yuan’s position as prime minister. Instead, we were sent to keep an eye on him. Aunty said that as long as we follow you, county princess, us sisters would be able to live peacefully.” These words were spoken without any need for thought. The thought of following Feng Yu Heng had already been deeply rooted in their hearts. It definitely would not change.

Feng Yu Heng knew the Empress’ thoughts. A person that was able to stay in the main palace for so many years was someone that had a great wisdom and experience. Naturally, she would need to find a reliable support for her nieces.

She did not ask any further. She just told Cheng Jun Man: “Just go back and tell the elder madam that there are refugees everywhere outside. Even I, a county princess, and his Highness the ninth prince, a prince, have descended from the city. If she feels that Feng Jin Yuan is not comfortable enough in a cell, I will have someone bring Feng Jin Yuan out of the city to come and help take care of the refugees. One is remaining in a cell, the other is outside the city. Have the elder madam choose on her own.”

Cheng Jun Man covered her mouth and smiled, “Elder madam would not be willing to send her dearest child outside the city to suffer. Alright, I understand. I will go back and tell her this. Originally, I was just going to come out and go through the motions. Jun Mei and I gave third young miss a large amount of money to prepare clothes. It should be enough to handle any emergencies here. I will be going back.”

She stood up and bid farewell, putting on her cloak once more. Feng Yu Heng sent her out of the shelter and watched Cheng Jun Man get into a carriage. Following the carriage, as it went, she saw another carriage coming out of the city’s gates and race in her direction.

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  1. ancient people really growing fast.. married at the age if 15 while most of modern people still dilly dally in mid school.. even label as old woman / unwanted if not married until age 18-20.. im 27 now and atill not married yet if i live in ancient time.. what people will call me ? what to do ? LOL

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