Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 446

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Settling a Debt When the Time is Ripe Would Not Be Too Late

The person driving the carriage was someone that Feng Yu Heng recognized. It was someone from the Chun Palace.

When Huang Quan noticed the carriage heading towards them, she quickly went forward to receive them. She saw a young maidservant get out then begin to carry food boxes out of the carriage. While moving them, she loudly said to Huang Quan: “These were all made by the manor’s chef. His Highness the seventh prince ordered this servant to bring it out for county princess and his Highness the ninth prince to eat.”

Huang Quan turned to look at Feng Yu Heng. Seeing her turn and go back to the rest shelter, she called Wang Chuan to help bring the food boxes into the shelter.

The servant also followed them in. Saluting Feng Yu Heng, she said: “His Highness said that county princess and his Highness are enduring hardship outside the city. Since you have told him not to come out, in any case, eat the food that he has sent. That will allow him to feel at ease.”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly put on a wry smile, “I understand. Go back and tell his Highness… just say thank you.”

The servant did not say anything else. After bowing, she quickly returned to the city.

Wang Chuan asked Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, have you eaten?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, saying: “His Highness and I have already eaten.” She then opened the food boxes to take a look. Inside, there was actually a pork shoulder. She laughed, “There are a few slightly grown children in the medical clinic. They are so thin that they are basically skin and bone. Bring the pork shoulder and split it between them.”

Huang Quan said: “Will it be wasted?” This is something that his Highness the seventh prince made for young miss and his Highness.”

She shook her head, “It won’t be wasted. Only by giving food to those that need to eat will it not be considered wasted. His Highness and I would not be able to finish eating it. Leaving it for a long period of time would cause it to lose its freshness. Giving it to the children would be perfect.”

Huang Quan did not say anything else. Carrying the pork shoulder, she left. When she returned, there was a smile on her face, as she loudly said: “Young miss, you did not see it, but when those children saw that pork shoulder, their eyes glowed. Fortunately, that pork shoulder was big enough. With it being split between them, they were all able to eat a good amount of meat. Imperial daughter gave them each half a bowl of congee. They were enjoying the meal quite a bit.”

Feng Yu Heng looked at Huang Quan and laughed, “You’re still talking about those children’s eyes lighting up. As I see it, your eyes have also lit up.” While saying this, she pointed at the other dishes in the food box and said to the two maidservants: “Eat. I know that you have been enduring more hardship than I. When I go to sleep, you still have not gone to bed. You do the most and eat the least. If this continues, you will end up saying that I am a bad master. QUickly, everyone must eat at least one meatball.”

The two were a little embarrassed from what she had said. Wang Chuan quietly said: “Young miss is the best master in the world.” Then, without minding courtesy, she pulled Huang Quan and picked up her chopsticks then reached straight for a meatball.

Huang Quan moved quickly and had already brought a piece of meatball up to her lips. Just as she was about to send it into her mouth, she suddenly heard a curtain suddenly pulled open by someone, as a voice shouted out: “Don’t eat!”

She trembled in fear and nearly threw away her chopsticks. The meatball that was held up in joy nearly fell on the ground. The person that had barged in rushed forward then raised their hand and knocked Huang Quan’s chopsticks from her hands.

Huang Quan became angry and wanted to vent; however, she saw that the person that had hit her was imperial daughter Wu Yang, Xuan Tian Ge. The anger that had instantly surged forth was immediately quelled.

“Imperial daughter, what is it?” Wang Chuan could see that something was off with Xuan Tian Ge, thus she asked: “Why can we not eat?”

Feng Yu Heng still had her brow furrowed.

Xuan Tian Ge pointed at the food boxes and said to the group: “The food has been poisoned!” She then grabbed Feng Yu Heng: “Quickly go to the medical clinic to take a look! The children only took a few bites of the pork shoulder before they started foaming at the mouth. Their faces have started turning blue, and they have already fainted.”

“What?” Huang Quan was extremely shocked. She wanted to ask some more, but Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ge had already run toward the medical clinic.

Wang Chuan tugged at her: “What are you still stunned for. Let’s also go take a look.”

When they rushed into the medical clinic, they saw ghost doctor Song Kang squatting on the ground. He was looking up and saying to Feng Yu Heng: “It’s arsenic, large amounts of arsenic.”

Xuan Tian Ge trembled from head to toe. She was in utter disbelief and asked with great difficulty: “When Huang Quan sent it over, she said that it was given by seventh brother. How could something brought by seventh brother have poison?”

This was also something that Feng Yu Heng wanted to ask, but she currently did not have time to think any further. Either way, saving people was more important than chasing responsibility. She reached into her sleeve and pulled out three vomit-inducing pills from her space and handed them to Song Kang: “These are vomit-inducing pills. Feed these to them, one pill for each person. Bring them outside to have them vomit it all out. Then bring them back.” She pointed at the area where they had performed the surgery the previous day and said: “Send them there.” Saying this, she began walking in that direction.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan wanted to follow her, but they were stopped. She pulled the curtains tight and entered her space.

She brought out an anti-arsenic medicine and some needles to be used for intramuscular injections. Not long later, Song Kang brought the three patients back.

The three showed some signs of improvement after vomiting. They had regained consciousness, but their minds were still a little hazy.

Feng Yu Heng drew the medicine into the needle in front of Song Kang and instructed Song Kang: “Watch carefully.”

Song Kang immediately understood that Feng Yu Heng was teaching him. He quickly went to pay close attention. Feng Yu Heng personally performed the injection for two people. When it came time for the third, she handed a needle to Song Kang, “You try.”

Song Kang carefully and cautiously received the needle. Copying Feng Yu Heng, he drew the medicine into the needle then disinfected the area. In the end, he decisively inserted the needle and pushed the medicine in.

His technique was still not as good as Feng Yu Heng’s, as the partially fainted person cried out in pain. Song Kang was a little worried and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Did I make a mistake in the injection?”

She shook her head, “No, it’s just a matter of practice. Once you have done it a few more times, it will be fine.” She put the things away and placed another bag of needles to the side, saying to Song Kang: “Listen, for the first two days, repeat the injection at the earlier dosage every four hours. On the third day, give an injection every twelve hours. From the fourth day, just one injection per day will be fine. This will continue for seven days. This will be left to you. If there is not enough medicine, come and find me for more. Are there any problems?”

Song Kang shook his head, “No problems.” He then looked at the patient that had screamed out in pain and said in embarrassment: “I will do my best to make sure they don’t feel the pain.”

Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, simply saying: “Just remain here and observe for a while.” She then turned and went out.

Outside, Xuan Tian Ge had been waiting for her the entire time. Seeing her come out, she quickly ran forward and grabbed her hand, anxiously asking: “A-Heng, what exactly happened? How could something sent by seventh brother have poison?”

Feng Yu Heng was considering this question when giving the poisoned patients their injections. The end result of this consideration was that it was impossible for something sent by Xuan Tian Hua to have poison, but that was before. Presently, Yu Qian Yin was also living at the Chun Palace.

Before Feng Yu Heng could say these words, Huang Quan took the initiative to say: “Imperial daughter, this poison is definitely unrelated to his Highness. I fear that it was from that girl.”

“That girl?” Xuan Tian Ge said this but immediately reacted, “You’re saying that it’s from that Yu something?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Yu Qian Yin.”

“That fucking wench, kill her!” Xuan Tian Ge was the exact same as her uncle Emperor when she became angry. One did not look like an emperor, and the other did not look like an imperial daughter. What fair maiden, in her words, this was all rubbish. Anyone that she, Xuan Tian Ge, wished to kill, would not live to see another day.

But that was before. Right now, they were outside the city, and there were so many refugees waiting for her to save them. She was an imperial daughter, and she was the only imperial daughter of the current court. When she came out, she was the same as Xuan Tian Ming. She represented the imperial family. At this sort of time, she had to place priority in the grand scheme. That was why Yu Qian Yin… “How about I send a hidden guard to kill her! A-Heng, you should not take action. You cannot dirty your hands with this. I don’t know what sort of thoughts seventh brother has for that girl. Normally speaking, it should not be much, but if there is something, A-Heng, we cannot have seventh brother hate you. That’s why I will do this. I am his younger sister. He will not do anything to me.”

Xuan Tian Ge’s words were very moving. This was not the first time that Feng Yu Heng had rejoiced that she had become Xuan Tian Ge’s friend. Perhaps it was because of their own circumstances that they did not spend much time together. They could not be like in the 21st century, where she could go out to eat and shop at any time. But no matter how long it had been since they last met, they did not act unfamiliar at all. Rather, they could help handle all of the other’s problems.”

She grabbed Xuan Tian Ge and put some strength into her hands, saying: “No need. I will take care of that Yu Qian Yin, but that will not be done right now. We are Da Shun’s citizens, and you are of the imperial bloodline. For you and I, there is nothing more important than helping Da Shun get through this trial and helping these citizens that have escaped the disaster with great difficulty. Don’t worry, that one pork shoulder that she provided nearly took three lives. I will need to return them to her one at a time. It’s not too late to settle debts when the time is ripe.”

Xuan Tian Ge also knew that Feng Yu Heng had always hated evil, and she would always follow through with what she had said. If she said that she would settle her debts, she would definitely not be lenient. Thus she did not say anything else. She just patted the back of her hand, “I will be going to the kitchen.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, reminded her: “Do not tell seventh brother about this matter for now.”

“I know.” Xuan Tian Ge waved her hand and left the shelter.

She then reminded Wang Chuan and Huang Quan: “Don’t allow his Highness the seventh prince to find out. We are not in the capital, and old third and old fourth will definitely be getting restless. We cannot allow this matter to distract seventh brother.”

Wang Chuan nodded, “Young miss, don’t worry. We will not say anything. But what should we do if more food gets sent from the city?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled, “Accept it. Accept it all without fail. Don’t worry. Everything that she has poisoned, I will place in front of her. It will not be acceptable if she does not eat it.” After she finished speaking, she turned and left the medical clinic. Returning to the rest shelter, she felt her sleeve and sent the food box on the table into her space.

Xuan Tian Ming happened to come in at this time. Seeing her do this, he was stunned and asked: “I heard that the things sent by seventh brother were poisoned?”

She licked her lips, “That Yu Qian Yin is becoming naughtier and naughtier.”

“What are you doing putting it away in your space for? It’s poisoned, yet you won’t throw it away?” He was puzzled, “Don’t eat the wrong thing.”

“Don’t worry.” She tugged at her sleeve, “The space has an automatic preservation ability. The things that are placed inside will remain in the same condition as when it was put in. Even the temperature will not change. All of the food will be kept for Yu Qian Yin. It was made with great difficulty. We must allow her to see how it tastes.”

The torrential rains continued to fall. There were two more days until the day that the Board of Astronomy had predicted it would end.

At this time, inside the imperial palace, there was a man in an imperial robe standing outside and banging helplessly on the gate of Winter Moon Palace. He was opening and closing his mouth saying something, but as he spoke, he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood on the ground in front of the palace…

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  1. Her suffering will be without Equal. Was she absolutely blind?! DID SHE NOT SEE FENG YU HENG At FENG CHUN YU’S EXECUTION?! Does she not even comprehend the person whose bottom line she just crossed?! Feng Chun Yu got off easily only because they were family. The girl so rotten she’s hated by seventh brother…

    Let’s just say her end won’t be pleasant.

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    1. I disagree Chen Yu did not get off easily. I also believe Chen Yu’s biggest mistake was trusting Feng Yu Heng to operate on because in the end that was what got her killed.

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  2. Aish! That Yu Qian Yin! She’ll die from her own food when FYH is done with the refugees.

    I’m still curious on why XTH is keeping her. Is she an enemy spy or what? Is XTH acting all lovey dovey so he can keep an eye on her?

    Amd who’s the person in front of Concubine Yun’s home? It said imperial robe, must be our shameless-but-cute Emperor. Why is he coughing up blood? Please tell me that he is either acting and he wasn’t poisoned by that beach YQY! 😡

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  3. Oh my emperor.. you should have had your side kick bangnon the gate for you..
    this Yi chick is gonna have a food fest when A Heng returns to the capital..


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