Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 450

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Grandparent and Grandchild Working Together

Feng Yu Heng accepted Song Kang as a disciple; however, she was a little embarrassed. In the past, she did not think much of it, but doing this in front of her own grandfather left her feeling slightly as though she was pretending to be grown up.

Yao Xian, however, just looked at her with a smile. The look in his eyes said: My dear granddaughter has finally grown up.

She was embarrassed and lowered her head with a smile. She then said to Song Kang: “Relax a little first. Don’t be tense. My maternal grandfather is an expert in handling epidemics. This vaccine was something that he personally developed. Although I cannot guarantee that everything will be fine; however, I can tell you that the success rate is very high.”

Song Kang’s consciousness was not very clear. The words that he had said earlier had used up all of his energy, especially when Feng Yu Heng had accepted him as a disciple. His entire person had entered a state of extreme elation; however, extreme fatigue followed immediately after that.

Seeing that he was about to faint once more, Feng Yu Heng quickly said to Yao Xian: “Pa… maternal grandfather, let’s get started.” After coming out of the space, she could no longer call him paternal grandfather. Feng Yu Heng once again warned herself that she had to watch her mouth. In this era, he was Yao Xian, not Feng Yin.

The vaccine was given to Song Kang over three shots. After they were all injected, he was to be observed for three hours. If the fever dissipated, that would indicate that the vaccine was a success, and they could begin mass production.

During the three hours, Feng Yu Heng and Yao Xian closely observed Song Kang. They could not relax for even an instant. Yao Xian would reach out to feel Song Kang’s temperature every now and then. The temperature would be properly checked once every half hour. After six observations, the temperature had finally fallen from 39.2 degrees to 36.9 degrees.

Feng Yu Heng let out a sigh of relief and exchanged a look with Yao Xian. Both of them said in unison: “It was a success.”

After it had succeeded, it was time for mass production. This time, the two worked together. Feng Yu Heng sent Yao Xian into the space to continue producing the vaccine, while she vaccinated the patients.

Of course, before going to take care of the patients, she and Yao Xian gave each other a shot of the vaccine. Feng Yu Heng also vaccinated Xuan Tian Ming and Xuan Tian Ge.

She then went to take care of giving shots to the over-300 patients. From the afternoon until night time and from nighttime until late into the night, she continued until the sun came up the next day before she had finally finished providing treatment.

But just providing treatment for these people was not enough. The other people that had not been infected needed to be immunized. Feng Yu Heng looked at the dark shadows of the group of people that was not too far away, and she felt her head begin to hurt. Fortunately, the disease had come quickly and left quickly. Song Kang recovered after one day and one night of rest. He once again carried his medical case and stood in front of Feng Yu Heng. There were two soldiers behind him, each one holding a large basket. He reached out to Feng Yu Heng: “Master, give me some vaccines. The more the better. Just place them in these two baskets, and I will take care of giving the shots to the remaining people.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “Ten thousand people, even if you exhausted yourself, you would not be able to finish.” But she received the two baskets and entered the medical clinic. She then pulled out some vaccines to fill the two baskets and handed them to Song Kang, “Go now. Maternal grandfather and I will also be going over later.”

Yao Xian was nearly done with his work. There might not be large quantities of other things in Feng Yu Heng’s space, but all kinds of medical supplies were readily available in her space. Also, the supplies could not be exhausted. It truly caused Yao Xian to sigh while finishing the production of vaccines. Feng Yu Heng pulled him out of the space. The grandparent and grandchild did not share a word, as they both entered the crowd that needed immunizations.

Xuan Tian Ming saw the three working busily. Although he was distressed about Feng Yu Heng’s health, he still let out a sigh of relief. The epidemic had been controlled, which meant that Da Shun had escaped a crisis. These refugees were on the capital’s doorstep. If this disease was not stopped in time, the capital would have definitely been the first affected. When that time came, the consequences would be disastrous.

Three days later, the crisis was completely averted. When Yao Xian brought Feng Yu Heng and Song Kang to stand in front of the ten thousand refugees, and he had announced this with the loudspeaker, a roaring cheer broke out outside the capital. Especially after they found out that the old doctor that had joined their ranks, later on, was the divine doctor that everyone in Da Shun had heard of, Yao Xian, they became even more moved. Everyone kneeled and kowtowed without a single word. They used this to express their endless gratitude.

Feng Yu Heng turned around and squinted at Xuan Tian Ming, and that witty look finally returned to her small face. Just looking at it caused Xuan Tian Ming’s heart to feel saddened. Ever since this girl had followed him, she had not enjoyed much fortune; however, she had suffered quite a bit of hardship. Building the Divine Intent army, producing steel and using her mystical medical abilities to save the people of Da Shun. How many lives of good fortune did he have saved up to receive such a capable wife.

The two looked at each other and smiled. When Yao Xian saw this smile, the man in his 60s also let out a sigh of relief.

When he was brought to this world, he knew that Yao Xian had a granddaughter that he doted on to the extreme named Feng Yu Heng. She shared the same name and surname as her granddaughter in his previous life. He searched through the memories to find the appearance of that girl but found that she looked different, which caused him to feel a little disappointed. After spending a few years in Huang Zhou, he developed an understanding of this world. He led the Yao family and continued to live on and continued to move forward. His children secretly inquired about the situation in the capital and slowly revealed it to him. Their younger sister had returned to the capital, and his young granddaughter, Feng Yu Heng, and his young grandson, Feng Zi Rui, also returned to the capital. Feng Yu Heng and the ninth prince’s engagement still counted, and the ninth prince treated her exceptionally well. Afterward, an even more surprising piece of news arrived. Feng Yu Heng had become a famed divine doctor and had taken a secret Persian master. She knew how to make medical pills and had something called a capsule that was placed in the capital’s Hundred Herb Hall. He had heard that she treated Princess Xiang and used a procedure called an infusion. He also heard that Feng Yu Heng was skilled in archery and knew how to produce steel…

He had heard far too many things and was finally unable to sit still in Huang Zhou. Setting out on his own, he headed toward the capital; however, he did not think that there would be such heavy rain.

But in the instant that this girl had hugged him and called him “paternal grandfather,” all of the tribulations that he had endured melted and formed the word “worth.” But even if it was worth it, there was a large knot in Feng Yin’s heart: How did his granddaughter from his previous life end up dying? Did it hurt?

Finally managing to survive this catastrophe, all of the refugees rested outside the city for two days. After the patients woke up after receiving their immunizations, Xuan Tian Ming personally led the soldiers and brought them to the deserted village ten li away to where the bodies had been burned.

The hole there had already been filled in. Ever since the rain had stopped, the soldiers had received orders from Xuan Tian Ming to come over and fill the hole. After filling it, they were to build a monument using brick. On this brick, a blank stone tablet would be hung; however, a craftsman was to carve the experience from this flood on the back of that tablet.

When the people arrived, they understood. Although the ninth prince had given the order to burn the corpses, he did not allow for the ashes and bone fragments to become washed away by the mud. Although everyone had been buried together, this was already the best possible outcome.

They all kneeled and bowed three times to the people that had passed away. They then turned to Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng then kowtowed three more times. Someone then pointed at the deserted village behind the grave and loudly asked: “Can we be permitted to remain in this village? Our homes are gone, and our families are either buried here or died along the way. We have no place to go. I would rather stay here to guard my loved ones.”

The people that heard all nodded in agreement. There were also people that did not wish to remain and wanted to go search for relatives outside the province. Xuan Tian Ming ordered the soldiers to take care of noting the numbers. A sufficient amount of dried food and traveling funds would be prepared for those that wished to leave to find their relatives. Everyone was then given two sets of clean clothing and common medicine. After receiving these things, they could leave.

Outside the city, all of the rain shelters were taken down and brought to the village, where they were put up once more. The soldiers transported bricks and wood, while those that wished to stay could begin rebuilding their homes in the village. The people that were making food were also dragged over. Before the homes were completed, the women would come over and help wash the men’s clothing.

Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng remained outside the city for another three days. After three days, everyone returned to the capital.

Yao Xian followed the two and sat in the imperial carriage, and Xuan Tian Ming asked him: “Divine doctor Yao, will you be returning to the county princess’ manor to rest first, or will you follow this prince and Heng Heng to enter the palace?”

Feng Yu Heng poked him, “What are you calling him?”

He was stunned then heard the girl say: “I am already calling your father, father Emperor, and I am calling your mother, imperial concubine mother. I will not argue with you when you call my mother madam, but maternal grandfather is different.”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed then looked at Yao Xian. Without arguing at all, he liberally called him: “Maternal grandfather.”

Yao Xian was someone with a soul from the modern era. He was the same as Feng Yu Heng. He did not distinguish the respect due in this feudalistic era. He knew that the person in front of him was the ninth prince. He could be said to be the one protecting the world, but he was not able to summon that same fear and humility as the people of this era. Thus he just nodded and laughed.

Feng Yu Heng chose for Yao Xian: “Let’s have maternal grandfather go rest at the Yu Palace. We will go into the palace first. I will then bring him back to the manor.” While saying this, she turned to Yao Xian and said: “The matters relating to mother, I wish to mention some things to maternal grandfather ahead of time.”

Yao Xian nodded, saying: “If that’s the case, that’s good.”

Xuan Tian Ming never refuted Feng Yu Heng’s decisions. Even when she wished to send Yao Xian to the Yu Palace, Song Kang also got out at the Yu Palace. With the two of them having worked together for a few days, they had become very familiar. When Yao Xian got out of the carriage, he was supported by Song Kang, who asked him all sorts of questions.

The carriage set out once more and went in the direction of the imperial palace. Feng Yu Heng, however, cried about her losses in the carriage: “In the future, I need to have Song Kang meet with maternal grandfather less in the future. Otherwise, I will be at a deficit! He asked for me to be his master, so why has he gone to learn medicine from maternal grandfather. How could there be such a convenient thing in this world.”

Xuan Tian Ming just laughed but did not say anything. He just pulled the girl along, his heart filled with satisfaction.

Finally entering the imperial palace, it had been a long time since she had been here. It actually felt as though a longer period of time had passed than when she had gone to produce steel. Feng Yu Heng raised her hand to block the hot sun’s rays. While walking, she lamented: “The imperial palace really has a great drainage system.”

Xuan Tian Ming asked her: “You also understand that?”

She shook her head, “I don’t, but the ground is already dried, and there are no large pools of water. This is too much better than the city’s situation.”

He smiled bitterly, “In the end, this is the imperial palace. All of the skilled craftsmen in the world have put in a great deal of effort into this place. How could it not be great.”

The two walked in the direction of Heavenly Hall, but before they could arrive at the large square in front of Heavenly Hall, they heard Zhang Yuan raise his voice and shout: “You cannot go! Quickly come back.”

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