Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 455

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Coughing Blood

Feng Yu Heng dragged Xuan Tian Ming to enter the palace together. Only when the two were seated in the imperial carriage did she tell Xuan Tian Ming: “Cheng Jun Man just got back from the palace and told me that imperial concubine mother fell ill.”

Xuan Tian Ming frowned and asked her: “Is it serious?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “I still don’t know right now. Imperial concubine mother did not allow for an imperial physician to be called, fearing that it would disturb father Emperor. There was nothing that the people of Winter Moon Palace could do. At first, they had gone to the imperial kitchen to fetch some chicken soup, and they happened to see the Cheng shi sisters, thus she quietly told them about it to have them come back to the manor to find me.”

She could only say this much. The Cheng shi sisters did not know anything else. They would only know more once they saw imperial concubine Yun.

Both people then fell silent, and the atmosphere became a little depressed.

The ninth prince and county princess Ji An entered the palace for the second time that day. The imperial guards at the entrance noticed that something was a little off but did not dare ask. They just reminded them: “It’s almost dark out. The palace’s gates will be closed within two hours. If your Highness will be leaving late, just send someone here to say something. This subordinate will leave someone at the gates.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and said: “Just leave someone here. We definitely will not be coming out early.” After saying this, he added: “Don’t go talking about how this prince and county princess came back into the palace, especially to father Emperor. Don’t let him know about it. This prince will be going to Winter Moon Palace to see imperial concubine mother.”

The matters between the Emperor and imperial concubine Yun was something that everyone in the palace knew about. Upon hearing that Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng were going to Winter Moon Palace, the soldiers quickly nodded, expressing that they understood that they definitely could not allow the Emperor find out.

Xuan Tian Ming left Bai Ze at the entrance of the palace. Feng Yu Heng brought along Huang Quan and Wang Chuan. The four headed in the direction of Winter Moon Palace. Before they could reach the entrance of the palace, they saw the palace maid in-charge waiting anxiously for them on the path leading to the palace. She was looking around from time to time.

When the group walked closer, the palace maid finally saw them and quickly walked forward. Without any time to salute, in fact, she did not even speak to XuanTian Ming. She immediately grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s hand and urgently said: “County princess, you’ve finally arrived. A few days ago, during the heavy and unending rain, imperial concubine caught a bit of a cold and was unwilling to call an imperial physician. She originally thought that she would be fine, but who knew that after the rain stopped, it would become more and more serious. During the afternoon… she coughed up blood!”

“Coughed up blood?” Xuan Tian Ming was extremely shocked and grabbed Feng Yu Heng’s hand to pull her into Winter Moon Palace.

Imperial concubine Yun had fallen ill, and this caused all of the servants to have worried expressions. Xuan Tian Ming had a sullen expression as he asked the palace maid: “She said that you were not permitted to invite an imperial physician, so you really didn’t go get one? If something serious had happened, who could bear that burden?”

The palace maid also had a bitter expression and spoke while walking: “Your Highness should also understand imperial concubine’s temper. If she says that we cannot go call one, that truly means we cannot go and call one. Even if us servants secretly went to call one, that imperial physician would not be able to get close.”

This was the truth, and Xuan Tian Ming also understood. Given imperial concubine Yun’s short and explosive temper, if her servants did something that she did not permit them to do, they would definitely be executed if it was something light. If it was something serious, she would do something to herself. If an imperial physician had arrived without her permission, perhaps suicide was something that she might even be capable of.

He sighed heavily and wanted to say something else. He felt his palm get pinched slightly. Turning his head, he found Feng Yu Heng looking at him with a faint smile, “Don’t worry. I’m here. Imperial concubine mother did not want an imperial physician called for fear of father Emperor finding out. With me here, she cannot just chase me away.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Right, fortunately, we have you.”

The palace maid also said: “It’s fortunate that we saw the Feng family’s madams come into the palace. Otherwise, we really would not know how to call county princess.”

As the group spoke, they arrived at imperial concubine Yun’s bedchamber. Feng Yu Heng increased her pace and entered first. Upon entering, she immediately heard the sound of imperial concubine Yun coughing. Time and time again, the sound was quite distressing.

She heard the sound of the coughing and knew that this was an illness of the lungs. With the heavy rains just ending, the temperature had become cold. It was extremely easy for one to catch a cold. Especially a fever, if not treated in a timely manner, would perhaps end up causing pneumonia. Of course, pneumonia was not to be feared. What Feng Yu Heng feared the most was a plague. At this sort of time, nobody dared to say that this was just a normal illness. Before it was diagnosed, any situation was possible.

Very clearly, Xuan Tian Ming had thought of this situation. That was why he was anxious. He had always been on edge, and he felt a little confused.

When the two arrived at imperial concubine Yun’s bedside, a young servant was using a warm towel to cover imperial concubine Yun’s forehead. Imperial concubine Yun had her eyes partially closed and continued to cough. The palace maid would occasionally use a handkerchief to cover her mouth. When it was lifted, the handkerchief would have traces of blood.

The palace maids were extremely worried. Upon seeing Feng Yu Heng arrive, they all began to tear up. At the same time, they quickly got up and gave Feng Yu Heng space at her side.

Feng Yu Heng walked over and removed the warm towel from imperial concubine Yun’s head. When the towel left imperial concubine, she subconsciously shivered and said: “Quickly put it back on this One. It’s so cold.”

She reached out and felt her forehead. Sure enough, it was very hot.

“Imperial concubine mother, it’s me. It’s A-Heng.” While speaking with imperial concubine Yun, she pulled out a thermometer from the medical case that Wang Chuan was holding. “Imperial concubine mother, this is something that will check your temperature. It must be placed under your arm. A-Heng will help you.”

While she moved to check imperial concubine Yun’s temperature, imperial concubine Yun opened her eyes a little. Although she did not have much strength, she was still conscious. She immediately recognized Feng Yu Heng then saw Xuan Tian Ming, but she still said: “Don’t disturb your father Emperor.”

Xuan Tian Ming angrily gritted his teeth, “You’re already sick to such a degree, yet you’re still thinking about such a thing. I really don’t know what I should say.”

Imperial concubine Yun feebly said: “That old man is also getting up in his years. If he is given a fright, this One cannot bear that burden. Hasn’t A-Heng come. What is there left for you to worry about. Don’t keep pouting. This One does not like seeing it.”

With Feng Yu Heng here, Xuan Tian Ming naturally felt at ease, but he still could not bear to watch imperial concubine Yun suffer. He was truly unable to put on a happy expression.

At this sort of time, as a daughter-in-law, Feng Yu Heng naturally had to play the role of mediator, thus she quickly said: “His Highness is quite distressed for imperial concubine mother. If imperial concubine mother has the strength, just beat him when the illness has been treated!”

Imperial concubine Yun nodded, “Un, that’s more like it.”

Xuan Tian Ming was completely speechless.

After some time, the thermometer was retrieved. Feng Yu Heng took a look. Very well, it read 39.8 degrees. She helplessly shook her head. At the same time, she was secretly glad. It was a good thing that she had come; otherwise, if she had continued to endure this fever, it would be odd if nothing happened.

But when she saw imperial concubine Yun’s appearance, she calmed down a little. This was most likely just a serious case of pneumonia. It was unrelated to a plague. She gave Xuan Tian Ming a reassuring look then said to the palace maid in charge: “I will trouble aunty with sending all of the servants out. I will be treating imperial concubine mother. I will only need my own servants to take care of it.”

The palace maid was sensible. Either way, the ninth prince would also be staying here. It was impossible that something would happen. Thus she quickly directed the young palace maids out of the room then closed the door to the bedchamber.

Feng Yu Heng did not think too much and reached into her sleeve and pulled out the equipment necessary for an infusion. She then pulled out the necessary medicine and quickly set up a drip for imperial concubine Yun.

Imperial concubine Yun was partially asleep and just saw Feng YU Heng pulled all kinds of things out. It was as though she was performing a magic trick. In the blink of an eye, everything was prepared. She blanky said to Xuan Tian Ming: “Your wife is far more powerful than you.” When she spoke, her voice was hoarse and did not have much strength; however, perhaps it was because Feng Yu Heng was present, but she seemed to have a bit more vigor, and she stopped coughing as much.

Xuan Tian Ming helplessly looked at his own mother and shook his head, saying: “No matter how powerful she is, she is unable to handle this sort of trouble. Next time this sort of thing happens, remember to quickly send someone out to call Heng Heng. No matter the time of day, if someone from your palace wishes to go out, I do not believe that any guard at the entrance would dare stop them?”

Imperial concubine Yun rolled her eyes, “Didn’t you guys just get back to the capital today? You were outside the city before this. Where would I go to search for you.” She then quietly coughed a couple times and did not continue to speak to Xuan Tian Ming; however, she asked Feng Yu Heng: “This One heard that your maternal grandfather, Yao Xian, has come back?” When she said this, she was a little emotional, and she began breathing more unevenly.

Feng Yu Heng became puzzled then recalled the first time that she had met imperial concubine Yun. Imperial concubine Yun had been very satisfied with how she had been close with the Yao family and distanced herself from the Feng family. She had also said that she was a good daughter of the Yao family. At that time, she had felt that imperial concubine Yun had felt a bit differently about the Yao family, and this feeling was even more profound today.

But at this sort of time, she could not spend too much time thinking about it, thus she smiled and replied to imperial concubine Yun: “Imperial concubine mother is well-informed. Maternal grandfather has returned today, and he is currently at the county princess’ manor!”

A light appeared in imperial concubine Yun’s eyes, and it seemed as though the illness had faded a great deal. After adjusting her own mood for a while, she said: “If he has come back, that’s good. That old man will have a partner again. He will have someone to chat with and play chess with. If your maternal grandfather’s body is still well, those two might still be able to exchange some pointers. If he has a partner, he will not always come to knock at my Winter Moon Palace’s gates. This One will be able to enjoy some days of peace and quiet.”

The previous Yao Xian knew martial arts? This was something that Feng Yu Heng did not know about. At the same time, she was secretly happy that her own grandfather was originally a military doctor, thus he had some martial arts background. If the Emperor truly wanted to exchange pointers, it would not be so easily exposed.

Imperial concubine Yun lay in bed and continued to speak to herself: “Being a daughter of the Yao family is good. The men of the Yao family do not take concubines, and the women of the Yao family will not be concubines. This is a fortune that other people would not dare to consider. But that mother of yours is too lacking in fighting spirit. If she had half the fighting spirit that you do, you would not have been bullied out of the city by the Feng family back then… Cough!”

Imperial concubine Yun spoke to this point and began to cough, and it was once again accompanied by traces of blood. Feng Yu Heng used a handkerchief to gently wipe it away; however, she said: “I heard that most people that cough up blood because of an old illness and will not live long. Go back and ask your maternal grandfather to see if he wants to come in and see this One. Perhaps this… would be the last time.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Xuan Tian Ming became angry, “Just coughing up a bit of blood will mean you’re dying. Even if you don’t want to continue living, don’t drag Heng Heng down. Don’t let others say that her medical ability is lacking.”

Imperial concubine Yun laughed, “You little brat, you really know how to protect your wife.”

Feng Yu Heng was also quite helpless, as she told imperial concubine Yun: “Not to mention an old illness, even if it was, A-Heng could treat it. Imperial concubine mother, be a little more at ease. You are just suffering from a high fever that caused pneumonia, which is a type of lung illness. A-Heng will give you an injection for a few days, and you will be fine.”

“Really?” Imperial concubine Yun was a little surprised, “It’s good that you can say it so easily, but why did those people that were less sick than this One end up dying?”

Feng Yu Heng did not hold back, directly saying: “That’s because I was not here in the past.” She patted the back of imperial concubine Yun’s hand: “Imperial concubine mother, if you want to see maternal grandfather, A-Heng will send someone to call him over.”

Imperial concubine Yun was a little emotional and full of hope; however, she was a little hesitant and very tangled.

Feng Yu Heng saw this and furrowed her brow tightly…

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  1. aaahhh que el emperador no se entere que se nos muere del susto!!! dios esta pareja de amantes me hacen los días, espero que al final se reconcilien ya que en verdad se aman! En cuanto a ver al viejo Yao creo que tenemos una historia oculta, una amistad de muchos años, no creo que haya mucho mas

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  2. I don’t think it’s a love triangle. Didn’t Concubine Yun say at some point in the past, she was whipped by another Concubine and grandpa Yao helped heal her? May be it’s gratitude for an old friend more than anything.


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