Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 456

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Funeral or Celebration?

Imperial concubine Yun was still rather sensible when it came to whether or not Yao Xian would be called into the palace. Feng Yu Heng saw that she was feeling conflicted. In the end, she still shook her head and said: “No need. Even if divine doctor Yao came into the palace, it would be for old man Xuan. It would not be for this One.” In the end, she was still a patient. After speaking for a while, she became exhausted. Perhaps it was because Feng Yu Heng had said that her illness could definitely be treated, thus she felt more at ease. Her eyelids drooped, and she fell asleep.

Feng Yu Heng gently sighed and cast a puzzled look at Xuan Tian Ming; however, she saw Xuan Tian Ming also shake his head. Using his lips, he mouthed: “I don’t know either.” She then sighed once more before helping cover imperial concubine Yun in her sheets. She then advised Wang Chuan and Huang Quan to keep an eye on her.

The two servants were familiar with giving infusions, and there was no need to worry. Feng Yu Heng pulled Xuan Tian Ming to the yard. The words that she was holding in were truly too uncomfortable to endure. She had to ask: “Do you really not know anything? Even if it’s a little? You should have been able to understand imperial concubine mother’s intention. Something must have happened with maternal grandfather. You know that I am not a very curious person. I have never taken the initiative to ask what happened between imperial concubine mother and father Emperor. But this time, things are related to my maternal grandfather. You know that he… is my most important relative.”

Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly. Of course, he knew that he was the most important relative. Based on the interaction between Feng Yu Heng and Yao Xian over the past few days, and the way Feng Yu Heng looked at Yao Xian, it was a look of closeness that did not even appear when she looked at her own mother, Yao shi.

But… “I really don’t know.’ He helplessly told Feng Yu Heng, “In regards to my imperial concubine mother’s matters, I don’t know much more than you do.” He paused for a moment and stared at Feng Yu Heng for a while then mouthed a question to her: “What sort of look is that?”

At this time, Feng Yu Heng was looking at him with a look that made it clear that she wanted to gossip. Xuan Tian Ming helped guide her back to her earlier words: “Who was it that said she lacked curiosity?”

Feng Yu Heng suddenly became spirited and leaped over to him. Tugging at his sleeve, she said: “How about we take a guess. Is their relationship really as I expected.”


Xuan Tian Ming very impolitely thumped her on the head, “What are you thinking? One is my mother, and one is your maternal grandfather. They are separated by a generation, and their ages are off. Can you think about things normally?”

Feng Yu Heng felt unreconciled, “Imperial concubine mother and father Emperor are also separated by a large age gap.”

“Your maternal grandfather is older than father Emperor by ten years.” Xuan Tian Ming angrily rolled his eyes, “Although I don’t know anything, this is impossible. Quickly stop thinking about it.”

“That’s impossible!” A certain person was disappointed, and the burning desire to gossip was gradually extinguished. Her reason returned to her, and she told Xuan Tian Ming: “Don’t worry. If imperial concubine mother’s illness was treated by an imperial physician, perhaps she really would end up with something chronic, but who is your princess! I am the young divine doctor Feng! That’s why you do not need to worry. It will take at most ten days for her to recover.”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “Be a little less shameless. In the past, you called yourself a divine doctor, but now that the old divine doctor has returned, you’re calling yourself the young divine doctor. You’ve transitioned quite smoothly.”

“Of course.” After she said this, a smile appeared on her face, as she discussed with Xuan Tian Ming: “But you also know the Feng family’s current situation. The elder madam has passed away, so I will need to make an appearance. It’s impossible for me to visit Winter Moon Palace at all times. There are two ways for me to resolve this. One, I can enter the palace once a day to give imperial concubine mother an infusion and provide medicine. The second is.. for my grandfather to come.”

Xuan Tian Ming glared at her: “You still haven’t given up on that?”

She waved her hand: “It’s really not that. I am talking to you about serious matters. The medical practices that I know about, others do not; however, grandfather does. Have you forgotten about how we treated the refugees outside the city?”

“I have not forgotten.” Xuan Tian Ming thought about it then asked: “You should come into the palace once a day.”

She nodded and did not say anything else. Imperial concubine Yun’s infusion was completed after one hour; however, she continued to sleep. She left the medicine behind and told Xuan Tian Ming how to have imperial concubine Yun consume it. Only then did she leave before the sky had become completely dark.

Wang Chuan asked her: “Will young miss be returning to the Feng manor or to Tong Sheng pavilion?”

Feng Yu Heng pondered a little, “Let’s go to the prison. In any case, we need to get Feng Jin Yuan out first.” She was not doing this out of kindness, but the family was holding a funeral, and his mother had passed away. She did not want to do that sort of thing that completely exterminated human relations.

In the capital that had been washed by the heavy rains, the air felt a bit cold from the winds at night. Feng Yu Heng slightly closed her eyes and leaned back against the carriage. This imperial carriage had followed her out of the city and remained there the entire time. Although it was covered in a cloth, the humidity still made its way into the carriage. When she leaned back, her back felt icy-cold.

During this day, she had bid farewell to the refugees outside the city, gone into the palace to report to the Emperor, experienced imperial concubine Yun’s illness and witnessed the Feng matriarch’s death. In the eyes of many people, she hated the Feng manor to her bones. Chen shi, Chen Yu and the matriarch, these people that had caused her all kinds of troubles during her growth period had all died, one by one. She should feel happy; however, who knew that, although she might have desired the deaths of Chen shi and Chen Yu, she had never desired to kill the Feng matriarch.

Feng Yu Heng always believed that the best way for the Feng matriarch to pass away would be from old age. This included Feng Jin Yuan. Based on her current standing in Da Shun, in the Emperor’s heart, in the ninth prince’s heart, as long as she wanted Feng Jin Yuan’s life, it could be taken at any time; however, she never said it!

As a person, things could not be done too resolutely. She had cursed, scared, threatened and even scammed Feng Jin Yuan. She had him demoted and imprisoned, but she could not have him killed. That was the person with the most direct blood relations to the body’s original owner. She had taken over the body. For her to kill her father and the grandmother, she felt that these things would cause her to be condemned.

She knew that Feng Jin Yuan was a shameless person. That was why she did whatever she could to keep an eye on him, control him and remove him from power. By cutting off his assistance, he would have no power and be unable to do anything. But she did not want for Feng Jin Yuan to die by her hands. Unless that person did something to court death and caused a situation that she could not handle, she would ignore him. Otherwise, the best choice would be to live peacefully in this family that had been demoted.

As for the matriarch, she had thought even less about doing anything. During the day, she had just given her a lecture. If there was truly any danger being posed to her life, she would naturally have gone to stop it. But she never thought that it would open the door for another person to do something. This was a result of her negligence, and this was the reason she blamed herself.

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow tightly until it formed clear lines. Who was it exactly that killed the matriarch? The poison that was used did not belong to this area. During the time she was not in the capital, what exactly had happened in the Feng manor?

Perhaps it was because her state of mind was too clear. Her mood seemed to have infected her servants, as Wang Chuan quietly asked her: “Young miss, what is it?”

She waved her hand and opened her eyes. At this time, the imperial carriage had come to a stop. Huang Quan lifted the curtain and said: “We’ve arrived.”

Feng Yu Heng did not move, only saying to Wang Chuan: “Go and find Xu Jing Yuan to bring him out. When the Feng family has finished performing the funeral, he will be sent back.”

Wang Chuan nodded and got out of the imperial carriage. Not long later, Feng Jin Yuan followed her out of the prison.

He did not have a chance to change clothes, and Wang Chuan did not bring him any new clothes. The handcuffs were removed, but he still wore the white clothes of a criminal. In the middle of the clothes, the character for criminal was written, which caused a very eye-catching scene.

Feng Jin Yuan did not think that he would be suddenly freed. The person that had let him out did not say why he was being let out, but the person that had come to fetch him was Wang Chuan. He did not need to think to know that Feng Yu Heng had come up with something. But he did not think of accepting Feng Yu Heng’s feelings. Instead, he thought that this was only natural. In fact, he believed that Feng Yu Heng fetching him from jail was because of pressure from the family and not because she had wanted to.

Of course, this last point was indeed correct. Feng Yu Heng indeed did not want to bring him out.

Feng Jin Yuan got in the imperial carriage and snorted upon seeing his second daughter. He then sat in the carriage and said: “You still know to come back?”

Feng Yu heng was puzzled, “Are you insane? I was ordered by the Emperor to leave the city to save the refugees. Do you have any objections? Huang Quan,” She called Huang Quan, who was already sitting outside, “Turn the carriage around. We’re going into the palace!”

Feng Jin Yuan immediately became anxious and quickly shouted out of the carriage: “Wait!” He then turned to glare at Feng Yu Heng: “What are you doing? The sky is already dark. What are you going into the palace for?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “Didn’t you express your dissatisfaction with me coming back to the city late? I will send you into the palace. I don’t know if father Emperor has gone to sleep yet. It’s fine if he’s gone to sleep, just wake up him. You can ask him why I came back so late!”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face turned a dark purple, as his entire body trembled with anger; however, he also knew that what he had said was wrong. Feng Yu Heng had gone to help relieve the disaster. What was he getting angry for. But he had already spoken. It was not too possible to retract them now. He also could not bring himself to apologize. He could only remain in a stalemate.

Very unexpectedly, it was Feng Yu Heng that was first to calm down. She ordered for the carriage to continue returning to the manor. This caused Feng Jin Yuan to feel very odd. But when he thought about it once more, with the current time, it was not quite possible to get into the palace. This second daughter was just scaring him. It could not be treated as real.

Thinking like this, his confidence returned, and he even believed that Feng Yu Heng had definitely returned the real deed to the government. He looked at Feng Yu Heng and said: “The deed should have been handed over a long time ago! We are family. For you to actually be able to watch your father get locked up for this long is too unfilial!”

Feng Yu Heng could not be bothered to get angry with him. She just revealed the truth to him: “I did not hand over the deed. You are just being let out for a few days, that’s all. Once the family’s matters have been concluded, you will be sent back.”

“What?” Feng Jin Yuan did not think at all about the “family’s matters.” He only heard that he would be sent back to the prison. He immediately became unhappy, “What do those words mean? You little beast’s child, do you have any conscience left?”

Feng Yu Heng reminded him one more time: “I am your child. The word bastard is not an insult to me. Instead, it’s insulting yourself.” Her lips curled into a smile, as she looked at Feng Jin Yuan: “What sort of beast are you?”

Feng Jin Yuan nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood!

Wang Chuan, who was still seated in the carriage, could no longer bear to watch this shameless father continue speaking, thus she spoke up to interject: “Lord Feng, in the time that you have to argue with young miss, it would be better to think about how the family’s matters should be handled.”

“Family’s?” Feng Jin Yuan was startled, “What happened with the family?”

Huang Quan, who was sitting outside, had sharp ears and clearly heard everything that had been said inside the carriage. She could not help but rolled her eyes and raise her voice to say: “Lord Feng, did you really think that our young miss would bring you out of prison for no reason? Is there such a beautiful optimism in this world.”

Feng Jin Yuan did not have time to worry about the servant’s taunts. Either way, he had been ruined by Feng Yu Heng’s taunts multiple times. He had already become accustomed to them, but he truly could not understand what exactly happened at home that could have Feng Yu Heng personally bring him out of prison.

He began to think about abnormal problems; however, the imperial carriage came to a stop at this time. Huang Quan shouted: “We’ve arrived.” Immediately following this, she added: “But…”

Feng Jin Yuan could not wait and immediately pulled the curtain of the imperial carriage open. He saw that there were two large carriages stopped in front of the manor’s entrance. There were people carrying things out, and they were all wrapped in red cloth. It looked to be a very happy situation.

He was stunned. Was there a celebration in the manor?

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    1. Mas bien creo que es babyshower… Cuantos meses han pasado desde la operacion del 1er principe? Digo, creo que ya es hora de que comiencen los bebes, no?


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