Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 46

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A Thief in the Middle of the Night

Everyone fell silent, as Chen shi instantly became the target of everyone’s disdain.

Not only did she go after the businesses of her husband’s family. She went after those belonging to the family’s of the concubines, and not even the matriarch was spared. This was unheard of in Da Shun.

The matriarch rubbed the cane in her hands for a long time before asking: “Jin Yuan, is this family’s surname Feng or is it Chen?”

Feng Jin Yuan hastily replied: “Of course it’s Feng.”

“Then why is this treacherous woman acting so savagely in our Feng family?”

Chen shi quickly made an excuse: “I never said the Chen family wants them!”

Feng Yu Heng did not understand: “Was it not the Chen family that wanted them? Then was it the Feng family? But the Emperor clearly stated that the husband’s family could not forcefully take the shops and businesses away from their wife! This would be the Feng family defying an imperial decree!”

Feng Jin Yuan angrily replied: “Nonsense!”

The matriarch also questioned: “When did my Feng family ever say it wanted them?”

Chen shi was cornered by these words and did not know how to proceed.

Feng Yu Heng, however, continued the conversation: “Who was it that gave you the courage to borrow the Feng family’s name to take concubine mother’s shops and refuse to return them? Mother, by doing this, what are you hoping will happen to the Feng family?” She spoke with force and appeared to be speaking up for the Feng family.

“I…” Chen shi began her statement, “Feng Yu Heng, stop trying to sow discord here.”

“Have I?” She blinked her eyes innocently, “I am just retrieving the things that belong to me. How is it that mother is accusing me of such a crime?”

Feng Jin Yuan couldn’t stand having all these women checking accounts here. With a wave of his hand, he pushed all these responsibilities to the matriarch: “Mother, you are currently the one responsible for these matters in the manor, what do you think on this matter?”

The Feng matriarch nodded and spoke while glaring at Chen shi: “My Feng family will act in accordance with the imperial decree and will never go against it. A woman taking care of her own shops is the system in place in Da Shun. Chen shi, if you continue to refuse, then do not blame my Feng family for being merciless! From this day, you have two days to return all of Yao shi’s shops to her.”

“Would mother please also return the accounting journals as well.” Feng Yu Heng added.

Chen shi became flustered: “What accounting journals? There aren’t any!”

Feng Yu Heng did not bother arguing with her and said: “Then I will base the earnings on similar shops in the capital and request equivalents amounts of payment from mother for the past few years of profit. I will remember to choose an amount that is roughly the average amount. I will not trouble mother too much.”

Chen shi wanted to say something, but Feng Jin Yuan waved his sleeve: “We’ll do it that way! Quickly return the deeds and journals to A-Heng. If you continue this, not even Chen Yu could save you!” After saying this, he quickly left with Jin Zhen in tow.

Chen shi was stunned in place. She felt as though she had just been in a dream.

She clearly wanted to harm Feng Zi Rui, yet how was it that everything was reversed and she became the target instead? If it were just the cup of medicine and Jin Zhen, then she could manage, but how was it that they ended up talking about shop ownership?

She stared blankly toward Chen Yu and saw that Chen Yu was slightly shaking her head. She could only grit her teeth and bear with her unhappiness.

The crowd that had been kept busy for the whole day, finally dispersed.

Feng Yu Heng brought the two servants back to Willow courtyard where Yao shi was anxiously pacing back and forth.

She quickly went forward and grabbed hold of her: “Mother, what happened?”

Seeing her return, Yao shi finally had her main support back. Grabbing Feng Yu Heng’s hand, she asked with concern: “Why were you gone for so long? What exactly happened? Since you had not returned for a long time, I sent granny Sun to Shu Ya courtyard to ask around. Only then did I hear that everyone had gone to Pine courtyard. Nothing happened right?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Nothing major happened. Father took in Chen shi’s eldest maidservant as a concubine in a fit of excitement. Chen shi was unhappy and caused a fuss.”

“What?” Yao shi was stunned. “You said your father took in Jin Zhen?”

Seeing Feng Yu Heng nod, she continued: “Then Jin Zhen, who had followed Chen shi from a young age never left me the impression of being an obedient child, but I have not seen your father make any moves these past few years. Who knew he would actually take that step.”

“Mother should not worry about such pointless matters.” Feng Yu Heng shook her head wearing a bitter smile, “He can take in whomever he wishes. We will live our own lives. The less we need worry about the matters of Feng manor, the better. How’s Zi Rui? Has he gotten better?”

Yao shi finally allowed a smile to show on her face again: “No matter what is said, our A-Heng is truly very skilled. I saw that the doctor did not have a great plan for helping us, but in the end it was medicine prepared by our A-Heng that saved Zi Rui’s life.”

When Jin Zhen had come and kicked up a fuss, Yao shi had naturally taken it to heart. Although she did not know what came of doctor Xu, she was certain that the medicine sent was incorrect.

Thinking of this, Yao shi quickly asked a follow-up question: “That great medicine must have been a gift from his Highness Prince Yu, right?”

She only knew that Prince Yu’s contingent had sent a great many valuable items. There were also some exotic medicinal herbs, so she did not find it strange for Feng Yu Heng to come out with such a fantastic medicine.

Feng Yu Heng did not explain. Yao shi had given her a good origin for the medicine, so she went with that explanation and accepted it.

But the one standing beside her, Wang Chuan, felt her lip twitch slightly as she thought to herself: Second young miss, you’re telling such lies with a straight face!

But Wang Chuan did not act to expose this lie. She would at most inform Prince Yu when she saw him. There was no possibility of her letting anyone else know.

“Why don’t you go take a rest inside.” Yao shi lightly pushed Feng Yu Heng in to the room, “Zi Rui is sleeping, so you don’t need to take care of him. I left some food for you. Granny Sun will heat it up for you in a little while.”

Only now did Feng Yu Heng begin to feel hungry. The day had gone by and dinner would be served in a few hours. Standing was beginning to feel quite tiring.

She returned to her room, where Wang Chuan took care of washing her hands and Qing Yu prepared some tea. The two servants remained at Feng Yu Heng’s side, neither leaving the room.

Although Qing Yu was younger, she was considered very calm and stable. She did not say too much, but she was very attentive.

Feng Yu Heng purposefully had Wang Chuan take care of Qing Yu. She would always need two capable people at her side, especially people who were not originally servants of the Feng manor. With the contracts in her own hands, in addition/ to raising them from when they were young, allowed her to truly feel at ease.

Not long later, granny Sun came in with warmed food.

“Young miss, please eat. Madam has already eaten earlier. Young master ate a bowl of noodles before sleeping. I estimate that he will not wake up for a little while longer.” When no outsiders were present, granny Sun was more used to calling Yao shi madam.

Feng Yu Heng looked at the food and saw that the food was lighter than yesterday. It must have been the situation with Zi Rui that caused granny Sun to remind the kitchen staff.

She was quite pleased with such a diet. Balancing meat and vegetables would allow for a more balanced nutrition.

The note sent by Han shi today, as well as the expression she made upon seeing Feng Jin Yuan order the guards kill the doctor. These were all seen by Feng Yu Heng.

If it were not for some secret matter, then Han shi would never make such an expression.

Granny Sun, hearing mention of Han shi, could not help but let out a snort.

“She only has her make up tricks. She has the master so muddled.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “No matter what is done with make up, she is getting old. People that have given birth never return to the way they were before. Now, father has found a new love.”

Granny Sun frowned: “I just heard madam mention it. The master took in Jin Zhen? Ptui ptui ptui! Young miss, do not blame this old servant for being wordy. This old servant has seen Jin Zhen and does not think she resembles an unmarried woman at all. Look at the way she moves her hips when she walks. How can that be the way a virgin girl acts. I really don’t understand how the master thinks.”

Feng Yu Heng ate and conversed with granny Sun: “Maybe father likes that sort of thing.”

“Master’s interests really seem to be unique.” Saying this, she realized that the subject matter was not something to discuss with a young girl and ceased talking. Returning to the previous topics, she carried on talking about concubine mother Han: “Speaking of concubine mother Han… did the young miss know that doctor Xu is actually a distant relative of Jin Zhen?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: “I really did not know. Even if he is related to her, what does it have to do with concubine mother Han?”

Granny Sun told her: “Last year, concubine mother Han was pregnant with a child, and the master was very happy. Suddenly, however, one day after drinking a nutritional tonic she had a miscarriage. Her health had always been in the care of doctor Xu. After the miscarriage, doctor Xu mentioned that the fetus was male.”

Feng Yu Heng frowned: “After such an incident, how could the Feng family keep doctor Xu at the manor?”

“Because that tonic was not prescribed by doctor Xu, but was prepared by the head madam. But think about it, young miss. How could the head madam have any understanding of any medicines. Wouldn’t it all have been done with the help of that doctor Xu.”

“Then father did not investigate?”

Granny Sun could not help but shake her head: “Investigate what. At the time, it seemed that master needed something from the Chen family.”

Feng Yu Heng did not inquire further. She just felt that the body’s original owner would feel more disgusted the more she encountered. For the sake of his own interests, he was willing to forsake anything and was willing to do anything. Was it that power corrupted, or was it that his heart was truly that vicious?

Seeing the meal quickly finished, granny Sun left with the plates. Qing Yu, as a newly arrived servant, still had a strong desire to learn and improve. Hearing granny Sun’s words, she had her own analysis: “Since granny Sun is clear on this mater, then concubine mother Han must also be clear on this. She must have hated the head madam.”

Wang Chuan nodded, “That’s right, but based on her identity, she could not afford to offend Chen shi. This is truly a difficult situation.

Feng Yu Heng smiled, “Since she borrowed us to take care of doctor Xu, she should have some feeling of gratitude towards us. You should remember this. Who know when we will have a use for Han shi.”

The two servants rose then bowed and said: “This servant understands.”

At dusk, Zi Rui awoke.

Feng Yu Heng rushed over and took his pulse again. Ascertaining that there was no major problems, she fed him more of the medicine. Only then, did she inform the servants taking care of him: “For the coming days, prepare meals lighter on oil and seasoning for the young master. No need for further medicine. Do not let him drink cold water.”

Zi Rui obediently lay on her body and raised his face to say: “Big sister, do not worry. I’ve remembered it. I’ve remembered it better than them!”

Feng Yu Heng looked at the little brother in her waist. Her memories blending together with images of the cute child from her previous life. She immediately fell in to a trance and subconsciously said: “Don’t worry. This life, big sister will definitely let you live happily.”

Zi Rui did not understand these words, but he understood that his sister was protecting him, which caused him to giggle with joy.

That night, Feng Yu Heng had a great number of odd dreams. For a while, it was of the mother and brother of her previous life. Another dream saw her heavily injured comrade from the Marine corps. Yet another dream contained her operating room with the exceedingly bright lights.

The final dream started with an explosion, then the scene shifted inside the helicopter. She saw her own broken body. She also thought she saw her soul fall in to the deep abyss.

At this moment, she awoke. Her body was covered in a cold sweat.

Completely unable to fall asleep, she prepared to go to the yard and chat with Huang Quan, who was on night watch. But as she sat up, she heard a rustling sound near the window.

Feng Yu Heng had always been used to sleeping alone. Her sleep habits from the 21st century made her dislike having a maidservant take care of her all night. Only now did she realize, having a maidservant overnight in ancient times was reasonable. Thieves really would appear. This was an unpreventable matter.

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