Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 468

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Seeing a Ghost

To the North of the capital, a wild fight had broken out. It was so vicious that Feng Yu Heng was about to begin cursing their mothers.

“Fuck! What exactly did this group eat growing up??” After dropping an enemy with her military knife, she angrily said: “Why are they so strong?”

Feng Yu Heng could not be blamed for being vulgar. Duan Mu Qing having a large number of people was one aspect. Most importantly, these people were extremely strong. Their fitness level and sword techniques formed a perfect combination. It was to the point where if she wanted to drop one, she had to exchange nearly a dozen blows.

The military knife in her hand was the one that she had brought out on the first day of the new year to break the weapons made of iron essence from Zong Sui. With this sort of weapon in hand, the opponents’ attack also gradually began to slow. In the end, it was still just a bit slower. The opposition had more people and they had fewer. Xuan Tian Hua and Ban Zou were both able to handle one side on their own. But Wang Chuan, who was more adept in using qinggong, suffered a bit more. Huan Quan’s martial arts also could not compare to Xuan Tian Hua and Ban Zou. The two were beginning to feel fatigued. By the end, a strike from the enemy caused them to fall to the ground.

Xuan Tian Hua pulled her up in a timely manner, pulling her to his side. This ended up saving Huang Quan’s life.

Feng Yu Heng knew that they could not continue on like this. While fighting, she retreated to Xuan Tian Hua’s side and heard Xuan Tian Hua say: “Heng Heng, think of a way to escape. Find a place to hide!”

She lost it, “Only a coward would hide!”

Xuan Tian Hua angrily gritted his teeth: “Find a place to hide. Ming’er definitely sent someone to find us.”

Feng Yu Heng clenched her jaw, “Then let’s go wait for the reinforcements together. I do not believe it, can a lowly Duan Mu Qing force us to stay here?” As she said this, she moved over to Huang Quan’s side. Finding a moment, she seized her weapon and tossed it away without even thinking. She then handed her the military knife: “Use this!”

Huang Quan wanted to refuse but how could this situation give her any time to think. The enemy was advancing without any pauses.

With a steel knife in hand, there was no need for her to dodge the swords that were swung at her. She could meet them directly and cut through their iron swords as though they were made of mud. Not to mention cutting an enemy sword in two, she then cut at the person’s forehead. That person had not yet recovered from the shock of having their weapon broken. His vision became cloudy, and he lost his life.

Feng Yu Heng no longer had a weapon, but she still had quite a few anesthetic needles in her space. There were also tranquilizer guns, thus she simply stood in place and raised her hand to begin shooting. She could finally understand it. This group of enemies was truly too fierce and too strong. They were all as strong as bulls. With her small body, if she continued to fight them properly, she would definitely die of exhaustion. Fortunately, the four people around her were protecting her. The enemies could not get close to her, ensuring that she had a certain amount of space.

She stood there and repeatedly brought her hand up, and people continued to fall all around them. Xuan Tian Hua was originally worried when he saw her hand her weapon to Huang Quan, but he was now able to calm down. Letting out a sigh of relief, he moved to her side and said: “These people were brought by Duan Mu Qing down from the North, but he definitely did not bring so many people when he first arrived. The majority of them must have been hiding to the North of the city. The people from the North mainly eat raw meat with beef being the majority of that meat. Their bodies are much stronger than those from the central region, and they also have more endurance. That’s why we will feel a little more tired when facing them. This is also the main reason Da Shun has never sent troops to deal with Qian Zhou.”

This was a point that Feng Yu Heng had already foreseen. Especially after this fight, she felt even more that they had to prepare their steel weapons before doing anything about Qian Zhou. She felt that she had to quickly return to the military camp after this matter was concluded.

Thinking like this, she began to move a little anxiously. She even pulled out a total of four tranquilizer guns, holding two in each hand. Xuan Tian Hua could see the urgency in her actions and quickly advised her: “Endure. Do not become flustered.”

She nodded but said: “I just hope that Xuan Tian Ming only sent people out to help us. He himself must not come out here. Duan Mu Qing set up an ambush for us, and I refuse to believe that the capital is at peace. Right now, the most important matter is to protect the capital and the imperial palace. Only by protecting them can our fight have any meaning!”

Another enemy was dropped by the tranquilizer gun. Gradually, the opponents began to feel nervous. After all, there was nothing to fear when fighting with swords and spears because they had more people. Even if it came down to exhaustion, they would be able to exhaust Feng Yu Heng. But nobody expected that Feng Yu Heng would actually have such a fierce hidden weapon. They could not see it and could not dodge it. Once they were hit, they would immediately lose their lives.

In truth, they did not know that it was just an anesthetic. They thought that their comrades had died, thus they rushed over the bodies of their allies once more. This caused the majority of the fainted people to be trampled to death by their own allies.

Duan Mu Qing was not an idiot. Upon seeing that they could not continue like this, he frankly shouted in a loud voice: “Retreat!”

When everyone from the North heard this, they immediately gave up on their advance and began to retreat without a single trace of hesitation.

Immediately following this, they heard Duan Mu Qing shout once more: “Archers, take your positions!”

Suddenly, from all sides of the forest, a large number of archers appeared from who knew where. They all stood up with bows in hand and arrows on the strings. Every single archer was aiming at them.

Wang Chuan was standing near Ban Zou, and her face had become white. She subconsciously moved in front of Feng Yu Heng to block for her, but once she stood in front of her, she found that there were also archers to the back. There were also archers on both sides. She could not protect her from all sides, thus she grabbed Huang Quan and Ban Zou to also block for her; however, they were still missing one side.

Xuan Tian Hua looked at the stubborn girl standing in the middle. Without saying anything, he moved to fill the empty spot. Like this, the four surrounded Feng Yu Heng. Ban Zou said: “Even if we end up getting turned into hedgehogs, we will be the first to die.”

To say that it was not moving would be a lie, but Feng Yu Heng was never one to be pretentious. In front of her grand enemy, she had no desire to make chicken soup for her soul. The ability to show no fear in the face of danger that had been trained during her time in the military allowed her to hold her head high.

She was not afraid in the slightest. In the worst case scenario, she would just have the four hold hands, and she would just grab one of them, bringing them all into her space to dodge. Although they would appear in front of their enemies when they came out, that was nothing. They could just choose not to come out. Either way, her space had food, water and beds. The food also could not be exhausted. She could just stall against this group from the North to see who could outlast the other.

Feng Yu Heng trusted Xuan Tian Ming the entire time. No matter what sort of mess was started in the capital, he would have a way of handling it. The people outside the city only had one goal. That was to preserve their lives.

She turned around and looked straight at Duan Mu Qing. Ducking into her space was her last choice. Aside from Xuan Tian Ming and Yao Xian, she did not want to reveal this secret to anyone else.

At this time, Xuan Tian Hua lowered his voice and spoke into her ear, saying: “To catch thieves, you must first catch their leader.” Although that’s what was said, he could not move because anyone movement would instigate the archers, and that would cause Feng Yu Heng to become injured. But Xuan Tian Hua still recalled a strange occurrence. Back when Feng Yu Heng had secretly investigated the Xiang Palace, he had followed her. This girl had suddenly disappeared behind from behind him then suddenly reappeared. Although he had never mentioned this matter to anyone else, this was always a mystery to him. That was why he held onto this glimmer of hope and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Can you do it?”

Feng Yu Heng closed her eyes and curled her lips into a wicked smile that very closely resembled the one that Xuan Tian Ming had. She then faintly said: “I can.”

Once this was said, she suddenly disappeared into the air. There was no warning nor process. It was as though she was never there, to begin with. But Xuan Tian Hua was still able to faintly feel her aura. He then turned his gaze in the direction of Duan Mu Qing.

It was dark outside of the city, and there was nobody that had lit any torches. The four had already surrounded Feng Yu Heng very tightly. Since Feng Yu Heng had disappeared without a sound, it seemed that the enemy did not notice.

Ban Zou, Huang Quan and Wang Chuan felt their scalp turn numb. Fortunately, however, they had been with Feng Yu Heng for a long time, thus they had become accustomed to the odd things that she would do and bring out. Although they were curious, it could not compete with the worry in their hearts.

The group followed Xuan Tian Hua’s lead and also looked toward Duan Mu Qing. In just this instant, it seemed that a plain white figure suddenly appeared between them and Duan Mu Qing; however, it disappeared again in an instant. It was very ghostly.

Because the Feng family was conducting a funeral, Feng Yu Heng was wearing a white dress. The white cloth of the dress was very noticeable in the night. That sudden sight was seen by many people, and some people were not certain what they had seen and shouted: “What was that?”

But when they looked more closely, they could not see any trace of a figure.

The people that had seen began to feel apprehensive; however, the people that did not see did not know what they were shouting about. For a while, the enemy had fallen into disarray.

But this sort of disarray was very quickly suppressed by Duan Mu Qing, as he shouted: “Quiet!” All of the voices then stopped.

Someone that looked to be a general said to him: “Deputy leader, it seemed that there was a white figure that had appeared in front of us.”

Duan Mu Qing raised his eyebrows and looked over; however, he did not see anything. Earlier, he had not noticed the white figure. He was looking at the archers and did not pay attention to anything else. He had heard that county princess Ji An was not just skilled in martial arts but also had amazing archery abilities. People that had amazing archery skills would easily find holes in the enemy formation, and they could use those holes to escape. Moreover, their current opponents were not just Feng Yu Heng. There was also the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, who also caused him to feel jealous. Including that hidden guard, none were easy targets.

It was because he was distracted by these thoughts that he had not noticed the white figure. But so many people said that they had seen it, thus he could not ignore it. He changed his gesture once more, and the archers seemed to be on the verge of loosing their arrows.

It was at this moment that the formerly dark night suddenly became pure white. That white covered his eyes and had come suddenly without any warning.

He subconsciously reached out to grab it; however, before his hand could be raised, he felt a cold sensation on the base of his neck. A pair of cold hands began to clamp down on him like an iron vice.

Duan Mu Qing was completely dazed. In an almost reactionary manner, he shouted with a tone that carried an extreme horror and panic: “Ghost!”

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