Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 469

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Your Life Is Not Worth Any Money

Duan Mu Qing shouting “ghost” caused the troops to retreat, one step at a time. Everyone had their eyes opened wide, looking at the white figure that had suddenly appeared in front of them. Some of the people with sharper eyes noticed that it was the girl that they had been attacking. Apparently, it was the capital’s county princess Ji An, but…

Everyone craned their necks and looked toward Xuan Tian Hua’s side. Even the archers fixed their gazes on them and found that the four people had already begun to spread out. The spot in the middle was clear for all to see. They all rubbed their eyes and looked desperately. Only then did they find that the county princess that had been standing between the four had already disappeared.

“Ghost! There really is a ghost!” Someone shouted in an alarmed voice, immediately causing everyone to inhale sharply. Even the people holding bows began to tremble, gradually turning their heads.

For a moment, there was a surge of discussion among the troops from the North. They could clearly hear them say: “She did not move at all. She did not come out at all!”

“Those white clothes had suddenly appeared in the air earlier!”

“Could it be top-tier qinggong?”

“Impossible! That’s something that not even a counter hidden guard could do.”

Countless words filled Duan Mu Qing’s mind and formed a single phrase. He stared at Feng Yu Heng with an ashen-white face and said: “You… are not human!”

“Hahahaha!” Feng Yu Heng smirked and laughed. She laughed in an arrogant and horrifying manner. She told Duan Mu Qing: “You are correct. I am not a human at all. I am the king of hell that has come for your life!” After saying this, she wrapped around behind Duan Mu Qing’s back while walking on the carriage, but her hand never left his neck. Digging her sharp nails into his flesh, five bloody marks appeared. “If you want your deputy leader to keep his life, throw your weapons on the ground!” She loudly shouted. Her clear voice echoed the forest a few times, and it was loud enough for everyone to hear it.

Some were unable to contain the fear in their hearts and immediately did as instructed; however, there were some that were a little bolder and felt unreconciled. They wanted to see Duan Mu Qing’s defense. Of the archers, there was not a single one that put down their weapon. They continued to aim their arrows at Xuan Tian Hua’s group of four.

The ghostly atmosphere from earlier had been reduced slightly. After all, when she spoke, her voice was still very clearly human. These soldiers had all rolled out of pools of blood. Although they felt afraid, it was not enough for them to feel completely stupefied. Moreover, they were already feeling depressed. They were two hundred people, yet they could not defeat five? If word of this was spread back to the North, could they still have any face?

Thinking like this, they people that had thrown down their weapons felt their hearts stir once more. Someone used their feet to kick up their weapon, and someone else frankly shouted in a loud voice: “A little girl wants to strangle our deputy leader with just one hand? In your dreams!”

Once this was said, Duan Mu Qing trembled, and Feng Yu Heng immediately sneered from behind him: “Heh! I wonder if this is doubting me or trusting you. Duan Mu Qing, tell me, do you have the ability to escape from my grasp?”

Duan Mu Qing’s forehead became soaked in sweat. In the eyes of others, Feng Yu Heng was just a little girl in her early teens. She was not yet of age, and she was thin and small. Just using one of her small hands to grab his neck, what could possibly happen? But he understood that the icy thing clamped around his neck was not a hand. It was something even harder than metal. Her five fingernails had already dug into his flesh. He had no doubt that if he moved at all, those fingernails would immediately dig into him, crushing his throat and pulling out all of the flesh and blood with it.

But he was still the deputy leader. He was still a brave man that had grown up eating raw beef. To tell him to accept his fate like this was something that he was unwilling to do.

With the situation reaching its current state, Duan Mu Qing understood that regardless of whether he chose to advance or retreat, the end result would still be one of a fight to the death. Moreover, if he succumbed to a little girl, how could he still lead these people in the future?

He gritted his teeth, and a trace of determination appeared in his eyes. Everyone then heard Duan Mu Qing loudly shout: “Kill! Don’t worry about me, just kill all of them! Kill them all!”

This sudden shout was a little outside of Feng Yu Heng’s expectations. In the moment that he shouted, the fingers that were clasped around Duan Mu Qing’s neck dug into his flesh. When a third of the first phalanges were in his neck, blue veins had appeared on Duan Mu Qing’s face as a result of the pain. Blood had covered his robe.

Feng Yu Heng sneered, “You really do have some strength of character!”

The people from the North were relatively primitive. In their minds, there really was no such thought of giving up a battle because their leader had died. Moreover, Duan Mu Qing had already said for them not to worry about him, thus the ones that used weapons picked up their weapons, and the archers drew their arrows once more; however, just as the fight was about to break out, they heard a female voice speak out like a specter once more. It was Feng Yu Heng, saying: “You must think this through carefully. If you do not care for the general’s life to kill me, you would have a moment of prestige but would need to bear a life of infamy. This deputy leader is the leader’s grandson. He is already willing to risk his own life, but what about his grandfather? What about the leader of the North? Could he accept this? To kill us is easy, but where will you go from this day forward? You can no longer return to the North, and the central region will not accept you. Your only choice would be to remain constantly on the move with no family to return to. Oh right, you also have family. With Duan Mu Qing dying and you running away, your loved ones would be the only ones that could be buried with him. Trust me, the Duan Mu family will not place this debt on our heads. Naturally, they will not allow you to live freely. Think about it carefully. Do you still want to shoot the arrow that you have drawn.”

These words carried a strong determination and pierced their hearts. The soldiers that had become red in the eyes from fighting finally reacted to this logic. They could not help but break out into a cold sweat. This time, even the archers were shaken. Who knew who took the lead in lowering their bows, but as one lowered their bow, a second one followed until everyone had lowered their weapons. Everyone had thrown their weapons to the ground. Feng Yu Heng stood behind Duan Mu Qing and giggled, “Deputy leader, you be the judge. How was the effect of A-Heng’s speech?”

Duan Mu Qing was so angry that his insides were on the verge of giving off smoke. He repeatedly shouted: “Kill them! The Duan Mu family will not seek revenge for me!”

But who would listen to him at this sort of time. Everyone began to retreat step by step. In fact, a path toward the capital was even opened up.

Feng Yu Heng sneered and leaped off of the carriage with Duan Mu Qing. She then walked over to Xuan Tian Hua’s side. While walking, she twisted the fingers that had been stabbed into Duan Mu Qing’s neck. The pain nearly caused Duan Mu Qing to tear up. He wanted to shout, but Feng Yu Heng’s movements were extremely fast. In an instant, she stopped moving. Duan Mu Qing did his best to shout but found that he could not make the slightest bit of sound.

Feng Yu Heng leaned against the back of his head and faintly said: “It’s very painful. Don’t move around wildly. This county princess has also grabbed a hold of your throat. Even if you put in all of your strength, you would not be able to make a single sound. It would be better to accept your fate.” Tilting her head, she found that Duan Mu Qing was looking at her with a very venomous gaze. She could not help but giggle and say: “Don’t look at me like that. It’s not scary at all. If you have that much energy left, it would be better to think about how far it is from here to the North side of the city. My fingers will dig a little deeper with each step, and you will suffer more pain along with it. There will also be a greater amount of blood will be lost. With it dripping like this, who knows if you will be able to endure until we reach the city’s gates.”

Duan Mu Qing was startled, and a feeling of despair filled his heart. Even more despair came with what Feng Yu Heng said next, “Don’t worry. I will definitely allow you to live until we reach the city’s gates. After all, you are my hostage. But you should not get happy too early. Duan Mu Qing, I will use you to protect our five lives. When we have successfully entered the city, do you think that you will be able to continue living? Hahaha! It’s just a matter of dying sooner or later!”

Once she said this, she increased her pace. She was just ten paces away from Xuan Tian Hua, and Xuan Tian Hua had reached out his hand toward her.

But at this time, the sound of a heavy bowstring echoed in the air. The arrow forcefully flew through the air with a whistling sound.

Feng Yu Heng’s eyes became wide and looked forward. She saw that there was an archer that did not care for Duan Mu Qing’s safety nor her threats. He had let loose an arrow that was aimed straight at Huang Quan’s heart.

Without saying a single word, she suddenly exerted her strength. Using the explosive power that allowed her to raise the Hou Yi bow, she raised Duan Mu Qing above her head and threw him forward.

Duan Mu Qing had never thought that a dignified man like him would be picked up by a small girl like Feng Yu Heng, and he was thrown out. He was completely dazed. During the process of being thrown out, he had lost his ability to react. By the time that he had recovered, he was already behind Huang Quan.

By some stroke of luck, just as he was beginning to drop and before he fell to the ground, the arrow arrived in front of him and pierced through his heart.

With the arrow piercing his heart, Huang Quan was dragged to the side by Xuan Tian Hua. Only then did she avoid getting hurt by the arrow that completely passed through his body. Duan Mu Qing dropped to the ground with a “thump” and caused a cloud of dust to rise.

Since the arrow had pierced his heart, there was no chance of survival. he did not know when he had closed his eyes. The final thought that he had right before dying was: I never thought that my, Duan Mu Qing’s, death would actually be to block an arrow for a maidservant.

At the same time, Feng Yu Heng’s ghostly voice rose once more: “Duan Mu Qing, your life is not even worth a hair on my maidservant.”

After this, Duan Mu Qing did not hear another sound, and he finally breathed his last breath.

There was a moment of silence that filled the scene. It was so silent that the sound of breathing could be heard. But this was just for an instant. Very quickly, someone shouted: “I already said that she was not human! She is a ghost! You did not believe me! You just refused to believe it!” The person finished shouting then began to run away.

Under his lead, for a moment, all of the soldiers from the North began to run away.

Their leader had died, and they would not be able to live. Rather than continue to fight with Feng Yu Heng, it would be better to make use of their time to run away.

Everyone was thinking this way, including the archers. This was especially the case for the one that had shot the arrow. He was so scared that his soul had nearly escaped him. Duan Mu Qing was quite large, yet he was thrown so far by a girl that only went up to his waist. Fuck, was that little girl really human? Just five people had fought against 200 people. Until this moment, they still had not won, and they had actually managed to kill the leader. Stay? Only an idiot would not run away!

In the blink of an eye, the chaotic battlefield fell silent once more. Only corpses remained along with the scent of blood…

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  1. Duan Mu Qing was quite large, yet he was thrown so far by a girl that only went up to his waist.

    Exactly how tall is he? 2 meter??? Even 2 meter, ah heng wonโ€™t be at the waist height…!!!!

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  2. wow, heng heng acting like a villain lmao. maybe the fatigue from running around dealing with the flooding etc had jumbled up her thoughts and that’s why she rushed out after Duan Mu Qing.

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  3. Would she cut his head to give to her father emperor as an evidence of DuanMu’s treason? Sincerely, I prefer more blood. It might be cool if those solders could see this little girl headed off DMC by her bare hands. That might be really creepy. **excuse me. This was just my imagination when I read this chapter along with watching The Mummy 3.๐Ÿ˜‹**

    No! That can’t be. This is the best.
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