Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 47

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Last Year You Snuck in to the Eldest Young Miss’ Room

She raised a corner of her lips in to a panicked smile.

It had been a long time since she had used her fists and feet. She was truly worried about not having anyone to practice with. She worried that she had become rusty.

Gently placing her arms and legs on the bed, she spread herself on the bed to appear as if she were still sleeping. In an instant, she hid behind the curtain.

At the beginning the sounds from outside the window were small and probing, then it eventually became borderline frantic. Finally, the window was opened from the outside with a “peng” sound, and a shadowy figure jumped in to the room.

The person’s landing was loud, which frightened that person stiff for quite some time before they dared move again.

Feng Yu Heng looked down upon the person and thought to herself, so it was a good for nothing.

But that good for nothing did not believe himself to be one. He just heavily walked over to the bed, all the while looking all over the bed. He threw his head back and fiddled with some hair that fell to his forehead.

Feng Yu Heng had pretty good night vision. Even though the person covered their face, she could still tell it was a man based on body build. Especially based on the shape of his exposed eyes. It allowed her to immediately recognize that person.

So it was him!

Very good!

She flicked her wrist and watched him approach the side of the bed. He slowly reached a hand towards the top of the blanket.

The raised area of the blanket sank. Only then did the good for nothing realize that there was nobody lying on the bed. He had been fooled!

He wanted to escape, but punches and kicks struck him from all directions. One hit at a time, he was put in a position where he could no longer stay standing. He could only lie down on the bed and bear with being struck by punches and kicks.

Feng Yu Heng was also filled with hate. One hand reached toward her wrist and swiftly pulled out three acupuncture needles held between her fingers.

She held one hand in a fist and the other out flat. Needles rested atop the extended palm. The muscles that had not seen use were given a good exercise. The other person was beaten so badly that they could not even beg for mercy.

Outside, Huang Quan, who was keeping watch, heard the commotion, but when she barged in, she saw her own house’ young miss happily beating away. Feeling no need to rush forward, she decided to lean back and enjoy the show.

Only when Wang Chuan and Qing Yu were awoken by the commotion, did they move forward together and ask Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, what happened?”

Feng Yu Heng displayed her rarely seen mischievous side and pointed to the savagely-beaten person lying on the bed: “A thief barged in here in the middle of the night. He headed straight for the young miss’ bed. It must be a rapist.”

The criminal, hearing this, became angry: “I am not a rapist! Based on your looks, only a demon would want you.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed: “Oh, you even know what this young miss looks like. Then it would mean you are an acquaintance? Wang Chuan, take off his mask and see.”

“No!” The man exclaimed loudly upon hearing those words. Without care for the painful injuries on his body, he flipped over and stood up; however, he did not find his footing and wound up lying on the floor instead. He continued, however, in his struggle to crawl to the door, all while spouting off nonsense: “This elder will remember this. Wait for me. Sooner or later, I will come back for revenge.”

“Wang Chuan!” Feng Yu Heng got mad, “He said he still wants to come. Beat him. Beat him to death! Does our Da Shun dynasty not have this sort of law? Beating someone to death, who has barged in to a girl’s room in the middle of the night, will not lead to jail time right?”

Wang Chuan swiftly kicked the man from the door in to the yard and replied: “Do not worry, young miss. You are the future Princess Yu. Laws have no hold over you.”

Huang Quan, seeing that Wang Chuan had acted, could no longer remain calm and yelled: “Young miss, please let me join in the fun.” She turned and flew out, joining Wang Chuan in beating the good for nothing.

Feng Yu Heng held a cup of cold tea and giggled while watching and directing from the doorway: “The leg on the left, kick it a couple more times. He can still move! Right arm, right arm! Don’t allow him to be a threat anymore.”

“Young miss, don’t worry!” Huang Quan replied laughing: “If he dares bare his claws again, I’ll directly remove his arm.”

With this much commotion in the yard, it was impossible to hide from others. Very quickly, all of the masters and servants were up. Even Feng Zi Rui came to her side while rubbing his eyes: “Big sister, why is there still fighting in the middle of the night?”

She rubbed his small face and asked him: “Is Zi Rui afraid?”

Zi Rui shook his head: “Not afraid. Zi Rui is a brave man and will learn martial arts in the future to protect mother and sister.”

“Very kind!” Feng Yu Heng began thinking of having Wang Chuan and Huang Quan teach Zi Rui martial arts.

Yao shi was a little afraid and came forward to ask: “What exactly is happening here?”

Feng Yu Heng’s expression sank as she glared at the beaten man. Turning to face Wang Chuan and Huang Quan, she called out: “You can stop now!” Then she informed granny Sun: “Go to Shu Ya courtyard and report to the matriarch. Just say that there was a criminal that barged in to Willow courtyard. He climbed in through my window and headed straight for my bed and began feeling around. Coincidentally, I had gotten up to drink some water and caught the criminal.”

Granny Sun cried out and quickly departed.

Feng Yu Heng turned to Wang Chuan again and said: “Do the same in informing father.” Thinking some more, “Hm, currently he should be at Ru Yi courtyard accompanying Jin Zhen.”

Wang Chuan sneered and quickly left.

Only then did Feng Yu Heng respond to Yao shi: “Mother has heard the full story. From the beginning to the end, it was like that.”

Yao shi was quite frightened. Feng Yu Heng was a young girl. Having an intruder in the middle of the night, how could this be. She subconsciously grumbled: “See if you dare leave your room unattended again.” Then looking again at the masked man. He was beaten so fiercely that he could no longer get up.

Not long after, everyone in the Feng manor quickly headed towards Willow courtyard. The moment the matriarch entered Willow courtyard, she exclaimed: “My grandchild, are you alright?”

Feng Yu Heng loudly spoke: “Grandmother, do not worry. Grandchild is alright. Fortunately, his Highness Prince Yu’s Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were here. The criminal has already been apprehended by us!”

On the other side, Feng Jin Yuan had personally gone over to remove that good for nothing’s mask. With a look, his face showed a shocked expression, and he loudly exclaimed: “Why is it you?”

For Feng Jin Yuan, he had considered countless possibilities. He had even considered that it could be Chen shi who had hired an assassin to assassinate Feng Yu Heng.

But he had never thought that hiding under the mask would be his eldest son, Feng Zi Hao’s face.

Oh, or it could be said that it was Feng Zi Hao’s idiotic face.

That person had long been beaten to an unsightly figure by the three female practitioners. But it was a loss for Feng Jin Yuan as a father who fully understood his son’s nature.

Hearing the news, Feng Chen Yu had also come forward to take a look. After hearing Feng Jin Yuan say “Why is it you?” she still could not recognize the person before her. Only after Feng Jin Yuan called out: “Zi Hao, can you speak? Can you hear my voice?”

Chen Yu finally exclaimed: “Brother?” And immediately rushed forward: “Brother, brother what happened? How did you become like this?”

With her rushing forward, his bodies injuries ached greatly again. It was with this pain that he awoke.

Opening his eyes, he first saw Chen Yu. Turning his head, he saw Feng Jin Yuan.

“Father!” He cried his grievances, “Father, Feng Yu Heng beat me. She also had her servants beat me. Father, you must back me up on this! …Wu, could it be that I’ve already been beaten to death? Father, father save me!”

With his crying and wailing, the matriarch’s heart began to ache. She still did not like Chen shi, but Chen Yu and Zi Hao were her lifeblood!

In that moment, she did not care for her waist pain. She quickly rushed forward: “Hao’er! Oh my Hao’er!” She exclaimed then began to cry.

Chen Yu turned her head toward Feng Yu Heng, her face looking grieved: “Brother only came to see you. How could you be so vicious with your actions? Second sister, if you are blaming mother, then you should direct that anger towards me. Brother is the Feng family’s heir. Our family’s hopes lie with him!”

Feng Yu Heng blinked, huh? Feng family’s hopes lay with Feng Zi Hao?

Haha, she really wanted to laugh. He was just a hedonistic son with rich parents, yet she spoke of the Feng family’s hopes?

If the body’s original owner’s memories were correct, then she could recall the year Feng Zi Hao was ten. When he was learning with a teacher, Feng Jin Yuan asked him about his homework, yet he could not recite even the first two lines of a three-character scripture. Everyone says that a child never changes as he becomes a man, so she truly could not believe that that sort of Feng Zi Hao could become the Feng family’s hope.

“Eldest sister’s words, I truly do not understand their meaning.” Feng Yu Heng coldly looked at Chen Yu: “Just now, after father removed the mask, you could not even recognize it was elder brother for a long time. So, I must ask, how do you want me to recognize a masked man? Moreover” She raised her head and looked skyward, “what time of day is it?”

Feng Chen Yu was blocked by her words and only cried for a while before saying: “Brother is only joking with you.”

“Joking?” Feng Yu Heng snorted again and pointed towards Feng Zi Rui, who was next to Yao shi: “Zi Rui is six years old this year. If he started wearing a mask around, then he would have to live in a separate courtyard. A six year old child knows to avoid their sister’s wrath, let alone an eighteen year old brother?”

“But…” Feng Chen Yu really was unwilling. During the day, mother had been penalized because of Feng Yu Heng. At night, her brother had been beaten. How could the fortune in Feng manor have shifted with Yao shi and company returning?

“Eldest sister.” Feng Yu Heng advanced a few steps, approaching Chen Yu: “Mother’s maternal family should still have a few male cousins. I don’t know if they climb in your room with their faces covered when they come to visit you. Also, do they reach their paws in to your sheets?”

“Shut up!” Feng Jin Yuan shouted in anger, “What sort of things are you saying? Are they the things an unmarried girl should be saying?”

His son had been beaten, so he was filled with anger.

“I was just saying. Father felt it was inappropriate, but what brother has done is done. Why does father condone sheltering eldest sister so?”

The matriarch also became infuriated and pointed at Feng Yu Heng: “He is your brother! You would be willing to take action?”

Feng Yu Heng did not explain: “Grandmother, if your eyes are not good, then A-Heng will provide you with eyes tomorrow. But presently, I must remind grandmother again that brother had his face covered. Did you really not see? If such a masked man snuck in to a Feng family’s daughter’s room, should he not be beat? Grandmother, A-Heng must make things clear today. The one A-Heng beat today was a criminal; furthermore, it was for the Feng family’s reputation that I beat him. If such a thing happens again, I will attack all the same!”

Feng Zi Hao cried loudly: “You still want to beat me? Grandmother, you heard her right. She still wants to beat me!”

Feng Yu Heng mumbled: “Do you mean to say that you still wish to enter my room?”

As this was said, An shi wiped away a tear and spoke to herself: “Second young miss really is pitiable.”

Feng Jin Yuan did not understand the meaning behind these words and did not wait to ask, but Jin Zhen, who had been hidden behind him, spoke up: “Eldest young master, why did you not listen to head madam’s words? Last year, you also snuck in to eldest young miss’ room under similar circumstances. At that time, the madam also punished you quite severely.”

“Oh!” An shi was surprised, “Such a thing happened?”

Han shi followed up: “I’ve never heard the head madam mention it!”

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