Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 471

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Too Magnanimous

This sort of change was too unexpected for Xuan Tian Ye. The sudden feeling of rebellion was something that he could not accept. The hand that had been holding his wheelchair in place disappeared, and the wheelchair slid back; however, nobody was there to stop it.

In the end, he was still Xuan Tian Ye. When there was nobody to stop the wheelchair, and 20 thousand soldiers had suddenly rebelled, he suddenly realized the main problem and the key person. He suddenly turned around and found that his advisor of over ten years had disappeared. Even the ramming of the gate had stopped. The wooden stake was placed on the ground, and they had pointed their weapons at him. They looked at him in the same way that a cheetah would look at prey.

Only then did Xuan Tian Ye realize that it was time for him to feel afraid. This sort of fear was different from the worry that he had felt earlier. The feelings of worry were just guesses. As long as there was no judgment, there would always be a chance. But the fear now was completely smothering. There was no chance of turning around.

That’s right, there was no turning around. He understood his ninth brother too well. Xuan Tian Ming never did anything without a grasp on the situation. As long as he was determined, it was definitely something that could be accomplished. He had spent a full three years raising this army of 20 thousand a little bit at a time. His expenses were enormous. It was all in preparation for the moment that he would use these soldiers; however, who knew that before he could even use these soldiers, they were no longer his.

Xuan Tian Ye felt unreconciled and raised his head angrily to ask: “When exactly did you buy out my soldiers?”

Xuan Tian Ming sneered in disdain, “Buy out? How much money would it cost to buy out so many soldiers? Our Heng Heng said that money that should not be spent absolutely must not be spent. That’s why this prince did not buy out your soldiers. These are soldiers that have been swapped out!” He smiled even more wickedly, “This prince feels that Bu Cong changing out the patrolling guards is not very interesting. If we’re going to play, we should do something grander. That’s why this prince swapped out your 20 thousand soldiers. Third brother, this prince must thank you. You’ve used your supplies to support so many of this prince’s soldiers for so many years. You’ve truly worked hard!”

Xuan Tian Ye’s face had turned green. He practically immediately understood what Xuan Tian Ming had done. It turned out that these people were not the ones that he had sought out initially. Over the past few years, he had brought in people, and they had swapped them out. By the end, not a single person remained.

That’s not right, the leaders were still people that he had brought in. He recognized them. But he also understood that they were not swapped out. The leaders had been bought out. Xuan Tian Ming only needed to buy out a little more than ten people to achieve his goals. As for himself, he had expended a great deal of energy to find ways to raise them. He had brought them from Gan Zhou to the capital, yet it turned out that he had actually brought in a group of ingrates!

The more that he thought, the colder his heart became. The soldiers in the capital had been swapped. What could possibly remain in Gan Zhou? No wonder Xuan Tian Ming had no fear. In fact, he hoped that he could cause a little more trouble. Either way, it was all in vain.

Xuan Tian Ye thought about it and found that there were only dead ends. In the blink of an eye, his face became greyer and greyer. This combined with the angry aura that he exuded made him look like a jiangshi. It was a very chilling sight.

Suddenly, he leaped up from the wheelchair with a sword in hand, stabbing straight toward Xuan Tian Ming.

To the back, Wang Zhuo shouted: “Your Highness, be careful!”

But Xuan Tian Ming did not even move. He leisurely watched the dying struggle of this person while counting in his heart: One, two three…

When he reached three, the person that had been soaring through the air suddenly dropped to the ground. The sword was still in his hand, but he could not stop his body from falling. He was like a boneless fish. His legs sagged, and his hip became dislocated. Even his spine seemed to have become broken.

Xuan Tian ye felt himself break into pieces. None of the bones in his body were under his command. In the instant that he fell to the ground, he even found it hard to look up.

In an instant, he suddenly realized that the damage that Feng Yu Heng had done to him at that time was far more severe than he had imagined. He also realized that when Feng Yu Heng had taken the initiative to treat his injuries, it was definitely not just so that he could sit in a wheelchair for his wedding with Feng Chen Yu. She had treated his injuries precisely for this moment. It was just to give him the impression that he could move; however, as long as he exerted any strength, rushed forward or attacked, all of his bones would become scattered, and he would become soft like mud.

Xuan Tian Ye had always believed that he was the most sensible of the princes and that he was the one with the greatest forethought. He also thought that he was the most patient, and he believed that he was the one with the most dignity and ambition. But in this instant, all of the confidence that he had during his life became like his bones and scattered.

What ambition did he have left. In the end, he could not even compare to a girl that was in her early teens. He could not beat her in a fight! He could not beat her when it came to plans! After all of these competitions, not only had he paid in money, he even ended up completely battered.

His eyes gradually revealed a trace of despair and resignation. Glaring at Xuan Tian Ming with a feeling of unwillingness, he suddenly thought of an idea. He could not stand nor move, but he still had a tongue, and he could still speak. He could use the vilest words that no man could endure to continue attacking.

He suddenly laughed, glaring at Xuan Tian Ming, he used a cursing tone to say- “Da Shun’s ninth prince? Ninth lord? Prince Yu? Hahaha! You’re just a coward that relies on a woman! It’s your woman that has curried favor time and time again with father Emperor, whether it was saving people’s lives, producing steel or helping with the flood, but what about you? You just stand behind her butt and pick up the cheap victories. Old ninth, oh old ninth! Are you still a man?”

Using such vulgar and unbearable words to attack the other’s virtue, Xuan Tian ye believed that no man could endure such a thing. Moreover, this was the proud and willful ninth prince! In his memory, this old ninth would get upset if it was said that he relied on the Emperor or imperial concubine Yun, not to mention his wife. He still recalled when this guy was ten-years-old, he had lost his temper and had knocked out old fourth’s front teeth because he had said, “If it was not for father Emperor favoring your imperial concubine mother, how could you have so much glory.” Today, he had humiliated him by questioning his manhood. Even if he was beaten or even beaten to death, he was willing to accept it. He just wanted to see Xuan Tian Ming lose it in anger.

Thinking of this, the anger in Xuan Tian Ye’s eyes became even more profound. He was waiting, waiting to see if Xuan Tian Ming would explode. He was waiting to see if he was willing to lose face in front of so many people.

Just like this, he waited. He waited for a long time; however, he heard the person sitting on the horse suddenly begin to laugh. It was not the explosive losing of his temper that he had expected. In fact, this laugh seemed to be very sincere rather than ice-cold. Finally, the laughing came to an end, as he heard Xuan Tian Ming say: “Many thanks, third brother, for the praise. Our Heng Heng’s abilities have been acknowledged by third brother is truly difficult to come by! This prince must also thank third brother on her behalf. I understand your meaning. To be able to have such a fierce woman be willing to become my princess is truly based on my abilities.”

Xuan Tian Ye was dazed. He looked at the person in front of him with disbelief. It was as though he did not recognize him. Was this still old ninth? Why was he still acting thankful after all of those insults? But when he thought about it, that’s right, no matter how fierce Feng Yu Heng was, she still followed him willingly. This was Xuan Tian Ming’s greatest ability. Was he truly insulting his character?

Xuan Tian Ye dropped his head in defeat. His neck would no longer allow him to look up. He could not exert an ounce of strength from his body. As for Xuan Tian Ming, he finally got off his horse but did not look at him. He just passed by his side and said: “Carry him and throw him into the mountain prison. Wang Zhuo, follow this prince into the palace. As for everyone else, you are to remain here on standby.”

Once he said this, some people immediately went forward and picked Xuan Tian Ye up. The gate that he had dreamed would be rammed open finally opened; however, he could no longer realize that dream.

Xuan Tian Ming entered the palace, and Bai Ze took control of the hidden guards outside. Together with the 20 thousand soldiers, they stood and waited for Xuan Tian Ming’s orders for when he returned.

Once the gate was opened then closed, the inside of the palace looked like a different world from the outside. Wang Zhuo held his injured leg and followed Xuan Tian Ming. He saw that the inside of the imperial palace was moving as usual, and everything was in order. He suddenly felt a little flustered as though the chaos outside did not affect anything inside the imperial palace. All of the imperial guards were standing guard and patrolling the night as usual. Even some eunuchs and palace maids could be seen moving around and standing guard. He even saw a servant pass by carrying a plate of food. She saluted Xuan Tian Ming and said: “Imperial concubine Hua suddenly wanted to have some pigeon soup. This servant just had the chef prepare it.” The fragrance of the food caused Wang Zhuo to feel hungry.

Xuan Tian Ming waved his hand and allowed the servant to leave then brought Wang Zhuo over to Zhao He Hall.

Ever since Wang Zhuo had been promoted, he would often enter the imperial palace, but he would mostly be going toward Heavenly Hall. Zhao He Hall was the location of the Emperor’s personal bedchamber. Normal people would not be permitted there. Because of the chaos of the night, he originally thought that he would be helping Xuan Tian Ming with directing the imperial guards to protect the various people. He would then go to the various palaces to arrest everyone related to the third prince and the fourth prince. Only this could be considered chaotic, and this was the palace should look like.

But after entering the imperial palace, the tranquility had completely shattered all of his expectations. In fact, the more he walked in the direction of Zhao He Hall, the more he wondered if everything that had happened outside was a dream? But when he looked at his own injured leg and felt the pain in his leg, the feeling that everything was real came once again.

He wondered, aren’t the people in the palace too magnanimous? With so much chaos occurring outside, why were they still acting as though nothing was happening? Or was it that they did not hear it? That’s not possible, the gate had already been rammed until it was on the verge of collapsing. With such a grand amount of noise, even a dead person could hear it. There was no need to mention sleeping.

He was a little uncertain and asked: “Your Highness, nothing would have happened to his Majesty, right?”

Xuan Tian Ming shrugged, “What could possibly happen to him. If he’s not dreaming, he’s eating.”

While they spoke, the two arrived in front of Zhao He Hall. The palace guard outside saw Xuan Tian ming and quickly saluted. Xuan Tian Ming waved his hand and asked: “Has father Emperor slept?”

Before the guard could reply, he suddenly heard Zhang Yuan shout in a helpless tone: “Your Majesty! You ran away again!”

Xuan Tian Ming’s face turned dark. Fuck, he had guessed wrong.

TN: A jiangshi is a Chinese hopping zombie.

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    1. Honestly I respect and understand Bu Cong, and I believe he is right. The type of people that treat people like property or pets should all die and that includes The Emperor, the 9th Prince, and A-Heng. Also Bu-Cong had to at least try to avenge his sister because it is better to fight and die than to live in regret his only mistake is he went about getting his revenge wrong.


  1. Sigh…. idk if having this kind of father would be a blessing or a curse. Old third 😂😂😂😂 you really give a new meaning to the saying, how the mighty have fallen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  2. Out of a sudden I became worried for Princess Xiang. Her husband, the stupid ol’ third prince, has rebelled (mediocre tho it was), so what would happen to her? I sure hope that she did not get any punishment for being a rebel’s official princess. Afterall the Emperor and Empress (and all that of court if my guess are right) already know how scattered their marriage life was… It would not be fair if Princess Xiang also brought down the mud after all those years she had suffered from being poisoned…

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    1. Nothing will happen to her, everyone knows she hates him for plotting against her. Also from what I read from the spoilers, I think she divorces him later.


    2. True. Usually as his wife Princess Xiang should die too. But, she was brought in by the Empress herself and she is close with Ah-Heng so I believe she should just be demoted and have to leave (but not exiled).

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  3. What happens to the 4th prince? Also what happens to Bu cong and the faker? I think that Feng xiang rong should get rewarded for telling the 9th prince what was going on.


  4. I pictured old third doing the death drop dance move when he tried to kill XTM.. what? His legs were broken already. It would have been a classic dance move.. lol

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