Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 479

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Feng Jin Yuan Gets Hit

The fifth prince’s engagement note and one million taels in banknotes were sent to Feng Jin Yuan that evening. After Feng Jin Yuan got a hold of the one million taels, the first thing that he did was visit the county princess’ manor to get the deed. Only like this could he avoid the crisis of being sent to prison in a few days. He could not allow the other members of the Feng family find out about this. He absolutely had to get the deed before Feng Yu Heng went to stand vigil that night.

In regards to Feng Jin Yuan’s arrival, Feng Yu Heng was not surprised at all. At this time, she had just finished eating dinner and was about to accompany Yao Xian in playing with Zi Rui. Zi Rui was acting as though he was showing off one of his treasures by reciting military books. This caused Yao Xian to nod repeatedly. He had to admire Feng Jin Yuan’s genetics related to the ability to absorb and take in knowledge. If Zi Rui decided to walk the path of an official, he would definitely be capable of becoming the top scholar.

When Feng Jin Yuan arrived at Feng Yu Heng’s courtyard, the first one that he saw was Feng Zi Rui. He really missed this son and was about to get close with him for a while; he blinked and saw Yao Xian.

The Yao family had left the capital for many years. This was his first time seeing Yao Xian in four years. Although he knew that Yao Xian had come back a long time ago and had been living in the county princess’ manor, rumors could not compare with seeing for himself. Once he saw him, he subconsciously turned his head away.

Feng Jin Yuan had always been a little bit afraid of his former father-in-law. Previously, the Feng family had made use of the Yao family to establish roots in the capital. He had to be obsequious at all times, but after the Yao family fell, he was finally able to straighten out his back; however, who knew that ever since Feng Yu Heng returned, the Emperor’s attitude toward the Yao family changed again and again. It changed until Yao Xian openly returned to the capital without any imperial decree absolving his crime. He already understood that the Feng family had indeed been too hasty to act when the Yao family had met with trouble.

Feng Jin Yuan was stunned and did not move. Feng Yu Heng just held Zi Rui and looked at him blankly. Yao Xian leaned against the sofa and drank tea while watching him. In addition to them, Huang Quan, Wang Chuan and Qing Yu were also in the courtyard, which caused Feng Jin Yuan’s scalp to tingle and the hairs on his body to stand on end.

He knew that he could not continue like this, thus he frankly said to Feng Yu Heng: “Come with father into the room. Father has something to talk to you about.” After saying this, he began to walk toward Feng Yu Heng’s main room.

But just as he arrived in front of the door, he was suddenly stopped by a servant. The servant was a little chubby, but her eyes were quite large. Glaring at Feng Jin Yuan, she asked in a confused manner: “What are you doing? What is the intention of a grown man entering our young miss’ room?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s face turned green with anger, “I am your young miss’ father!”

The servant was a newly arrived servant and had never met Feng Jin Yuan. How could she know that he was her father, thus she very impolitely asked: “Do you have any proof of this?”

“Hm?” Feng Jin Yuan was dazed, “Proof of what?”

“Proof that you are the young miss’ father!”

Feng Jin Yuan gritted his teeth, “Nonsense!” What sort of people were in this manor? He really wondered if Feng Yu Heng had brought in all of the world’s most outrageous.

The servant was not polite at all with saying: “This is not nonsense! This is the dignified second rank county princess Ji An’s room. How could an unknown man be allowed to enter and exit as he pleases. If you do not have proof, please go back!” She gestured for him to leave, and Feng Jin Yuan nearly died of anger.

“Father” how was this proven? Could it be that he had to go to the government office? Was there this sort of reasoning? He stomped his foot: “What do you mean enter and exit as I please? Do you not see your young miss behind me?”

The chubby servant looked back then looked at Feng Jin Yuan and went to feel his forehead. Feng Jin Yuan was startled and quickly dodged back but was still scraped. The chubby servant said: “He isn’t feverish! Why is he spouting foolish words?” She then pointed to where Feng Yu Heng was sitting: “Isn’t young miss still sitting there?”

Feng Jin Yuan looked back. Sure enough, his second daughter did not even move, and she was still obediently sitting there in her original spot and listening to his son recite military strategies. His former father-in-law was also sitting there and laughing. Everything was the same as earlier. This caused him to wonder if his mind was tricking him. It was as though he had not just walked past there.

Feng Yu Heng did not move, thus he naturally could not enter the room on his own. Helpless, he could only return and stand in front of Feng Yu Heng once more. Pointing at her, he said: “Did you not hear what father just said?”

Feng Yu Heng continued to remain silent, but Feng Zi Rui replied. He looked up with his chubby face and asked his father with a puzzled look: “Father, teacher said that when there is an elder present, you must first greet them. This is the most basic etiquette for a person. Zi Rui has been waiting for father to salute grandfather this entire time. Only after that can Zi Rui salute father, but why has father acted as though he has not seen grandfather?”

Feng Jin Yuan was rendered speechless by the words that his son was saying, as his face turned red then white. At this time, he heard Feng Yu Heng say to Zi Rui: “Zi Rui, to us, he is our maternal grandfather, but mother has already divorced father. There is no relation between the Yao family and the Feng family. That’s why our grandfather and our father would at most be considered familiar people. There is no relation of father-in-law and son-in-law.”

Zi Rui still did not understand: “But even if they were familiar people, grandfather is still an elder! Teacher said that you must greet an elder when meeting one, but he did not say that there must be any familial relationship.”

“Oh, it’s like that!” Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Zi Rui really is quite sensible.”

Feng Jin Yuan wanted to bite off his own tongue. Was she saying that he was not sensible? An adult like him had been insulted for not being sensible by this daughter? But did he want to resolve this matter? How could he have the standing to do that. This was an error on his part. What face did he have to resolve this. Moreover, this was in front of Zi Rui.

Although he was angry and felt unreconciled, he did not want to put on too ugly of an expression in front of Zi Rui. Thus he bit the bullet and saluted Yao Xian, saying: “Imperial physician Yao, well met.”

Only then did Yao Xian look straight at Feng Jin Yuan and reply: “Official Feng, this old one has stopped being an imperial physician a long time ago.”

Feng Jin Yuan did not wish to speak with him too much. After exchanging these greetings, he said to Feng Yu Heng: “To your room.”

Feng Yu Heng still did not move. Instead, she walked over to Qing Yu and pulled out a piece of paper from her sleeve, “Lord Feng.” She said: “The Feng manor’s deed is here. I wonder if you have brought the banknotes given by his Highness the fifth prince?”

Feng Jin Yuan did not think that she would be so direct. In front of so many people, he felt that his old face was completely lost, but even if he had no face, he still had to get the deed back. He subconsciously went to grab it, but Qing Yu quickly stepped back and raised her voice to say: “Lord Feng! When you have returned the money, the product will be given. Are you trying to steal it?”

“Hmph!” Feng Jin Yuan flicked his sleeve and pulled out a banknote, “Take it!”

Qing Yu moved forward and inspected the banknote for a while then nodded to Feng Yu Heng before receiving the banknote and handing over the deed.

When Feng Jin Yuan finally received the Feng manor’s deed, tears nearly fell from his eyes. It was because of this deed that he had gone to prison for the first time in this life, and he was locked in prison for a long time. In fact, the matriarch had passed away because of this. As long as he thought of this, he felt aggrieved.

But Feng Yu Heng had to open her mouth once more to say: “Father, quickly put the deed somewhere safe. There is no need to thank me. As a daughter, lending money to father was something that should have been done. Now, we are even and neither owes the other anything. I will send someone to the government office later to retrieve the receipt for a loan and have it voided. Hah, it’s just a pity that grandmother passed away because of this. In the future, father should think carefully before doing things.”

Feng Jin Yuan felt a strong urge to strangle his daughter to death. He did not remember how many times he had this urge over the past year. He just knew that this urge grew stronger and stronger each time. There were even times when this urge was so strong that he could not control it.

But no matter how hard it was to control, he still had to keep it under control because a very plain truth was apparent to him. He could not beat Feng Yu Heng.

However, just this look revealed a fierce enmity. This sort of enmity caused Yao Xian to be confused. He was not the real Yao Xian. He was Feng Yu Heng’s grandfather from her previous life, Feng Yin. In the past, he had just heard that Feng Jin Yuan treated his second daughter very poorly. After meeting Feng Yu Heng, he had also heard Feng Yu Heng mention a few matters, but this was still his first time actually meeting Feng Jin Yuan. This was just the first time, yet he had already seen through Feng Jin Yuan’s bastard essence. How could a father treat his own daughter like this?

Yao Xian felt that this could not be endured! Thus he opened his mouth and loudly shouted: “Who are you glaring at?”

This shout was full of dignity and arrogance. It nearly caused Feng Jin Yuan to drop to the ground in fear. He blankly looked at Yao Xian and only just noticed that not only did his former father-in-law not seem any older after the years in Huang Zhou, why did he seem to be much younger? In the past, he did not feel that his face exuded a red glow, yet his complexion seemed to be about the same as his. There was also this action. When had the old Yao Xian ever shouted like this before? Although his attitude was not too good, and his temper was explosive, he never exploded with this sort of shout before.

This sort of change caused him to think of Feng Yu Heng. After returning from the Northwest, Feng Yu Heng had also changed so much that it was hard to accept. Now that Yao Xian had also changed, could it be that by some stroke of luck, both of them were sent to nice places? They were able to exercise their bodies?

He was dazed for a long time and could not have a chance to think of what Yao Xian had said. Yao Xian became furious and picked up a teacup from the nearby table, throwing it at Feng Jin Yuan’s face.

Feng Jin Yuan did not dodge in time and was hit directly. This caused him to fall to the ground and land on his butt. Covering his forehead with both hands, tears nearly fell from the pain.

Immediately following this, Yao Xian snorted and said: “Could not help but hit him!”

At this time, Feng Jin Yuan hated that he was not a woman. If he was a woman, he would definitely have sat on the ground and begun wailing. This was bullying him too much!

Feng Zi Rui went forward to help him up from the ground and kindly consoled him, saying: “Father should go back. We will not tell anyone about the matter of the deed. After all, father’s face is important.”

Feng Jin Yuan thought to himself, did he still have any face? But he still endured in front of his son. He wanted to glare once more at Yao Xian, but he felt that the old man would gouge out his eyes if he did. He could neither cry not glare, and he had even less ability to strike back. He knew that there was nothing that he could do aside from returning.

He flicked his sleeve and removed his hand from Feng Zi Rui’s small hand. Without even snorting, he left the county princess’ manor as though he was running away. He vaguely heard Feng Zi Rui sigh behind him and say: “Hah! Father is really too disappointing.” His old face turned hot, and he increased his pace again.

As for Yao Xian, who had just hit him, he had turned to ask Feng Yu Heng: “You just said that you wanted to ask the Emperor to give the Yao family a new residence? As I see it, there’s no need to pick. The neighboring Feng manor is pretty good!”

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  1. I’m liking grandpa Yao even more. With XTM not being around constantly to provide mc with male back up, grandpa can fill in the gap. 10 points for the Yao patriarch!!

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    1. Obviously the emperor and Yao Xian are best buddies. That’s why the emperor sent the Yao family away from the capital to protect them. In the the emperor’s mind, Old Yao is his only friend.

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  2. I don’t know why I felt really like this bully scene. Originally, I hate this kind of scenes. Perhaps, it’s because FJY was bullied in this scene so perfectly and make all of this looked so magnificent.

    Thank you for the chapter.

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  3. Just imagine this whole chapter.. Especially, the scene when FJY fell on the ground and felt like cryingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. β€œOnly like this could he avoid the crisis of being sent to prison in a few days. β€œ

    He just has to give back the deed and the crime of handing over a fake deed is forgiven? Lol. He deceived the Emperor himself and not someone beneath his own standing.

    β€œNow, we are even and neither owes the other anything.”

    Our Heng Heng isn’t handling her accounts diligently. They agreed on interests for the debt (β€œJust the same rate as given by the private bank.” –Chapter 199), so 1 million isn’t cancelling the debt. Additionally the loan for the 200 thousands given to the Feng Family by the Matriarch is unpaid as well. In the end it is just pocket money for her, but even so a penny saved is a penny earned.

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