Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 485

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Xiang Rong’s Reward

Following the Emperor saying “You can give your thanks” the prime minister and General Ping Nan both went forward and kneeled at Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ge’s side. Both of them said in unison: “Thank you, your Majesty for your imperial grace.” After this, Xuan Tian Ge said: “The Bai family does not have anyone in court, thus Tian Ge will personally make the trip to tell Fu Rong about this!” Seeing the Emperor nod, she stood up and smiled to Feng Yu Heng then turned and left Heavenly Hall.

Feng Yu Heng and the other two also stood up and returned to their own places. Xiang Rong was completely dazed from what she had heard. Only when her second sister walked back to her side did she recover. With just a few words from the Emperor, her second sister had been promoted from a standard second rank county princess to a lower first rank imperial daughter. The conferred lands had also been expanded from a small county to a larger one. Just how large was it? She heard that it was larger than the capital.

Heavens, this was truly something mythical!

Xiang Rong stood blankly in place, as her mind wandered wildly. As she thought more and more, she felt that the atmosphere seemed to be a bit off. It seemed as though everyone had turned their eyes on her, and someone was tugging at her sleeve.

She was startled and recovered mentally. She then heard someone quietly say: “What is going on with the Feng family’s children? None of them can hear the Emperor calling them.”

Feng Yu Heng also helplessly reminded her: “The Emperor is calling you.”

Xiang Rong’s calves tightened up once more, as she nervously asked Feng Yu Heng: “What should I do?”

Feng Yu Heng pointed at the middle of the hall, “Walk over there and kneel.”

Xiang Rong nodded, as she practically floated over. Along the way, she even swayed a couple times, scaring Feng Yu Heng into nearly going over to support her.

The Emperor watched the Feng family’s third daughter and roared to himself on the inside. With a damn girl like this, how did she manage to notice the chaos and report it? Was it possible for a person’s genes to mutate at a time like this?

The Emperor looked at Xiang Rong with an inquisitive gaze. After waiting for Xiang Rong to kneel after swaying a bit more, he forcefully subdued his emotions and said: “During this past chaotic event in the capital, it was fortunate that we had the Feng family’s third daughter, Feng Xiang Rong, who noticed it first and reported it in time, thus allowing us to avoid a man-made disaster. Feng Xiang Rong, I shall grant you one grace. What is it that you want?”

Xiang Rong was immediately dazed. Wasn’t she kneeling there to hear what sort of reward she would receive? Shouldn’t a grace be decided by the Emperor, and she just needed to give her thanks? Why was it that when it came to her… she was allowed to think for herself? What should she think?

Xiang Rong’s thoughts were messy, and she subconsciously turned to Feng Yu Heng; however, her second sister was happily blinking at her, thus she felt even more lost.

Feng Yu Heng hated her lack of progress. Xiang Rong, oh Xiang Rong, this was a blank cheque. You just needed to write a number on it! You could have however much you wanted! Fuck, why are you still just kneeling there foolishly!

Unfortunately, no matter how anxious Feng Yu Heng felt, how could Xiang Rong understand what a blank cheque was. She was just feeling lost and confused. She did not even dare to raise her head.

The Emperor also became anxious from seeing this. He had heard before that this third daughter got along best with Feng Yu Heng, and she was also quite a good person, but she was a little bit of a coward. But wasn’t this a little too extreme? Even if she did not dare ask for a grace, wouldn’t one normally say a few words of courtesy? But this girl just continued to kneel there stupidly while fiddling with her fingers. This personality was too different from her second sister. Even compared to the other daughters of the Feng family, it was too different! Were they truly born from the same father?

The Emperor began to think back to ten years in the past. Feng Jin Yuan had picked up an abandoned baby on a stormy night…

Zhang Yuan saw that the Emperor’s mind was beginning to wander as he sat in the throne. He quickly tugged the Emperor’s imperial robe to remind him, but the Emperor did not react. Zhang Yuan tugged again and found that there was still no reaction. Anxious, he used the opportunity when all of the officials were looking at Xiang Rong to kick at the Emperor’s calf.

This kick was a little too strong, causing the Emperor to let out a yelp then shout: “There are assassins!”

But in this large hall filled with eyes, where were there any assassins to be found. This shout caused all of the officials to become dazed, and Xiang Rong covered her ears in fear.

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. This was too shameful. Both the old and the young were shameful.

Zhang Yuan was on the verge of crying and quietly said to the Emperor: “There are no assassins. It was this servant that kicked you.”

The Emperor became angry, “Why did you kick Us?” His voice was a little loud, causing the officials to glare at Zhang Yuan. All of them were wondering, was this eunuch rebelling? Where did he get the courage?

Zhang Yuan was angry and wanted to cover the Emperor’s mouth, but he could not help but grit his teeth and said: “Keep your voice down. If you continue shouting, this servant’s life will be forfeit!”

The Emperor knew that this damn eunuch had become rather accustomed to him, but he could not be too brazen about this matter. With the officials knowing about it, a report would come calling for Zhang Yuan’s impeachment. Thus he lowered his voice and asked him: “Why did you kick me?”

Zhang Yuan pointed at the kneeling Xiang Rong, “The Feng family’s third young miss is still a young child. Her lacking courage should be normal, but your Majesty, you cannot be the same as her! What are you two doing just looking at each other for such a long time? Have you taken an interest in her?”

The Emperor really hated that he could not strangle this damn eunuch to death, “Interested my ass!” He angrily rolled his eyes and waved his hand, loudly saying to Xiang Rong: “Forget it! Since you are unable to think of anything that you want, We will grant you one. I heard that the children of the Feng family are not living very well under Feng Jin Yuan’s oppression?”

Everyone was stunned. How had the discussion turned to whether or not she was living well?

Xiang Rong was a little dazed, but she still subconsciously nodded. She truly felt that they were not living well. Her father was truly too cold-hearted.

Seeing Xiang Rong nod, the Emperor laughed, “Look, it’s as We said! Feng Jin Yuan, that ignorant man, has always paid more attention to benefits than familial relations. Where is there any of the compassion that We have toward children.”

Everyone wiped away some sweat. You just killed one son and locked up another, yet you now say that you are speaking of compassion?

Zhang Yuan also felt helpless. How could he dare to even bring out the words ignorant man. But he did not remind him any further. The Emperor had been in this position for more than half of his life, and he had always spoken like this. The officials had also become accustomed to it. This was nothing.

While speaking, he looked at the fifth prince. Xuan Tian Yan quickly walked forward and kneeled: “Would father Emperor please allow it.”

“Hmph.” The Emperor snorted, “Whether or not I allow it, you did not even come to ask Us before going to the Feng family to bring up marriage. But We do not wish to worry about your matters. If you want to marry her, just marry her! We currently wish to speak about the third young miss Feng’s matters. She has benefitted the community, thus We must reward her, but this reward must be a little more practical. How about this, We will give you a grace. Feng Xiang Rong, We will allow you to marry as you please in this life. You will not be affected by the Feng family’s plans, and you will not be controlled by Feng Jin Yuan, but at the same time, you cannot make any requests of him. Do you want this grace?”

Once these words were said, Xiang Rong felt as though there was a warm air that suddenly enveloped her. The formerly hopeless and dark life was immediately lit up. The Feng manor that was pressing down on her like a large mountain had suddenly been lifted with the words “marry as you please.” There was no longer any feeling of being forced, and there was no longer any panic. Before, there was only a tiny path in her life. Now; however, a large road had been opened up from the other side by the ruler of the country.

Xiang Rong was happy. She was so happy that she could leap with joy. What nervousness, fear or trembling, they had all disappeared. The girl that had been kneeling on the ground with her head lowered suddenly looked as though she had been given an injection. With her head held high, a bright smile lit up her face. She looked like an idiot while looking at the Emperor. She then kowtowed three times and loudly said: “Thank you, your Majesty for your imperial grace!”

The Emperor was given a start and wiped his forehead. He thought to himself that she really was Feng Yu Heng’s younger sister. She really changed quite quickly. Thinking a little more, he seemed to have heard that when old ninth had left her in the Yu Palace to keep an eye on old fourth, this girl had forced old fourth to work on embroidery with her for an entire night. He felt that this was funny, and an image appeared in his mind of old fourth holding an embroidery needle. He could not help but commit that image to memory, “That uh, wasn’t it just said that old fourth would be imprisoned? We will give him a job. Either way, he will be locked up. Let’s have him embroider things for the third young miss Feng! He must send at least one embroidered work to the Feng manor each month. If he cannot finish, he will not be given food! Alright, Feng family’s third girl, you can get up and go wait with your second sister. We must chat with these old guys for a bit about some other things.”

Xiang Rong happily leaped up and ran back to Feng Yu Heng’s side. Where was there even a trace of nervousness left. Even Zhang Yuan had to admire it. The Feng family’s children really had strong personalities!

The Emperor spoke up once more, but it was no longer related to the matters of the young girls. He was expressing his stance on the night of chaos that had occurred in the capital, “Early this morning, the remaining evil forces of the North have been captured. Only Bu Cong has escaped. Starting on this day, Bu Cong is to be relieved of his position as the General of the East. All of the troops in the East will fall under Xuan Tian Ming’s command.”

None of the officials made a sound, but they were also shocked. The Emperor spoke these words lightly, but in reality, Xuan Tian Ming was already in control of the troops in the West and Northwest. Now that the North is causing trouble, it was inevitable that troops would be sent to suppress them. The troops to the South fell under General Ping Nan’s command, but the distance between the Southern army and the North was too great. The one sent to handle this would definitely be Xuan Tian Ming. With the North under control, there would no longer be two leaders. Thinking like this, three-quarters of the troops would be under the ninth prince’s control!

The officials that had thought that the Emperor would use this opportunity to announce a crown prince immediately understood. Whether or not a crown prince was announced was just a formality. Right now, it was already clear that the Emperor had only ever favored the ninth prince alone. what eldest prince, what third prince or fourth prince, they were nothing more than chess pieces in the ninth prince’s hand. This world would belong to Xuan Tian Ming, sooner or later.

At this time, Xuan Tian Ming also walked forward from the crowd. Bowing to the Emperor, he loudly said: “Son has already handed down the order. Of the 30 thousand troops that were stationed near the border of the Northwest, ten thousand have been sent North to regain control of the three Northernmost provinces. They have deputy general Qian Li supporting and leading them.”

Feng Yu Heng also stepped forward, standing at Xuan Tian Ming’s side. The two exchanged a glance, and she loudly said: “From the Divine Intent Army, 500 from each of the Divine Archery group and support group have also been sent along with the army. Daughter-in-law will promise once again to father Emperor that the new steel weapons will be spread to all of the soldiers in the army in five months time. At that time, daughter-in-law and his Highness Prince Yu will personally bring these weapons North.”

Xuan Tian Ming curled his lips into a wicked smile, “Once the North has been controlled, we will launch our offensive on Qian Zhou!”

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    1. No, I think that reward is basically all she’s ever wanted. Plus it’s very rare for a woman to have the authority to decide her own marriage. Not even princesses get that sort of privilege.
      Though when the emperor gave her a blank cheque, I thought that was what she was gonna ask for… but I guess having him give it to her is better xD

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    1. I don’t think he’s trying to play matchmaker tbh. The author is the one playing matchmaker. Right from the beginning, author dropped hints FXR would not end up with XTH. Whereas the little interactions she had with the fourth prince, well it’s pretty telling.

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  1. Now we’re getting some action. About time we see our leads dish out some military ass whoopings. I’ve got to say, FXR’s reward was a little underwhelming, I was hoping she would get a title so that she could really suppress FFD’s annoying ass but I guess being able to marry as you please and not being under that pig headed father’s control is also a good thing.

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  2. Personally I find FXR’s reward unsatisfactory. I means she was the one to come up with solutions for clothing shortage as well as alerting XTM. Sigh…. Even though she is allowed to marry whoever she wants, do you really think she will get to marry XTH?? Should have gifted her atleast some monetary reward/shop….

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  3. Xiang Rong’s reward is not appropriate. Ren Xi Feng, Fung Tian Yu and Bai Fu Rong received the county princess title and 9 grants for their families. Xiang Rong had the idea of collecting clothes and helped collecting themjust like those 3 girls did and on top of that warned the ninth prince. Despite having more merits she doesn’t get the title of county princess? Wouldn’t the “grace” be unnecessary if she got the title of county princess? Would FJY be able to force her to do anything? She would far outrank him after all.
    Xiang Rong is sometimes cowardly, but honestly I would be completely at a loss as well if an Emperor would ask me suddenly what kind of grace I want. At least give her time to prepare an answer… she may have ended up asking for a mutual divorce for her mother 😀

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    1. She is too weak to protect the position as of now, since such a title would make her target of animosity. Besides, she will surely be rewarded more in the future since she is in FYH’s side, there needs to be more room for awards, cannot be all awarded at once (for plot’s sake). And, being able to decide your marriage is indeed a great grace, as once marriage will determine your whole live, and that means not being married as a bargain chip to a foreign land, enemy household, just to curry favor, as a concubine, etc. Is is something expremely rare, even more than the right to divorce awarded to Yao shi, and for someone at XR’s position really is sth great (and at the same time keeps her outside the politics of the court, which might not happen if she is awarded i title), but i also feel like this part i said should be referred to she giving the alarm, and the emperor totally ignored her contribution to disaster relief

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      1. I quite agree with you. A county princess is already quite high in the hierarchy. Therefore, the person needs a fitting demeanor. The other three girls are following Xuan Tian Ge around for quite some time and should be accustomed to being surrounded by high ranking people. Xiang Rong on the contrary, well just look at her swaying while walking up to the emperor. According to his inner monologue he sounded quite disappointed. I will also agree with you on the point of her requiring some space for improvement. She is following FYH around therefore further achievements are already set in stone. The grace she received is certainly a jackpot for her considering how often she was concerned about her own future marriage. But if you compare her reward with those of the others it is simply unfair treatment. He totally disregarded her participation in the disaster relief. Furthermore, in contrast to those girls Xiang Rong was invited to court, despite being a young girl. Isn’t that alone showing the significance of her achievement? The emperor should have lowered the rewards of the others girls in order for it to be fair. Didn’t he just confiscated two palaces? There should be a lot of valuable stuff e.g. fabrics in them. The „normal“ girls in that story are totally going wild whenever some valuable fabric appears.

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  4. congrats FXR!! omg omg next chapter please. Can’t help but notice that usually i get to read new chap on 3 am and 1 pm on my time,but lately you guys only upload 1 chapter on 3 am (my time) what happened?sob sob *crying. There’s always a warm feeling when read this SYDN. But thank you for your hardwork for translating this. So much love.

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  5. Firstly i thought Xiang Rong’s rewars is a bit unsatisfactory, but what can girl from 21 century like me understand about a little girl being used as bargaining chip in the old family. Now that i think about it again, seeing how timid she is, maybe this ‘straightforward’ reward is better than her having some high title but still timid, she couldn’t bring herself to become brave like Heng Heng and only make her ‘price’ higher for her father to sell her, still can’t escape from him.
    Thank you for the always-neat translation!


  6. Hahahaha😂😂 the 4th prince is made to embroider and then send it to xiang rong. I love it, its poetic justice.

    I am so happy that Xiang Rong can choose who to marry, I just hope its not to someone who will use her.

    And where is her reward for what she did during the rain?


  7. Can anyone tell me who the abandoned baby is that Feng Jin Yuan picked up is?

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  8. There’s a mistake in the translation, you’re missing a line, the emperor says something like ‘Of the Feng family’s children, Ji an county princess can make her own decisions, FJY cannot give her orders, my little martial Brother FJY will also most likely not dare to give orders to. I heard the fourth Daughter is engaged to old five’
    And it is at this point that XTY comes forward to ask the Emperor to allow his marriage.

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  9. I’m pretty sure that Xiang Rong has some kind of split personality… hahaha!!! One moment timid, the next moment like Feng Yu Heng. Blame it on the malicious Feng family that she is how she is… but oh my, here come the unfolding of the romantic pursuit of the 4th Prince to FXR…???

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  11. En leído que muchos están inconformes con la recompensa de FXR , pero aunque no obtuvo riqueza o estatus, obtuvo lo que ella quería, poder elegir con quien casarse y no ser una pieza de ajedrez, como otros escribieron al lado de su hermana de seguro la riqueza y estatus vendrán tarde o temprano, lo que en verdad a roto mi corazóncitó es que ella no se que quedara con él séptimo príncipe sino con él cuarto, de verdad yo era tema séptimo, pero que se le va hacer. Por él momento no se que pensar de es cuarto, espero de después se reivindique y sea un buen partido para ella😁. Gracias amado traductor por él cap 😘


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