Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 486

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It Turns Out Dear Wife Likes This Sort of Tune

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming’s words caused all of the officials to become startled. Da Shun’s steel was finally about to be put to use. Da Shun was finally about to attack Qian Zhou. Throughout the years, that Qian Zhou pretended to be subordinate, but they had a fierce ambition. Making use of their unique geographical position with the strong winds and cold temperatures. Da Shun did not have a grasp on victory. That was why they dared to remain arrogant.

Now, Da Shun was feeling strong-willed. It had the war god ninth prince and the even more legendary Princess Yu. Everyone believed that as long as these two were present, Da Shun would definitely win every battle.

The Emperor was very satisfied with his son and daughter-in-law’s great news. He nodded to the two then looked at the officials, who also had ecstatic appearances. He felt that this court session was very satisfying, thus he sat a little straighter and cleared his throat. He wanted to sound very domineering and say “We will permit it.” But he had been a casual Emperor for many years and ended up saying: “Alright! We’ll do it like that!”

Fortunately, the officials were also accustomed to their emperor having this sort of personality, thus they did not think much of it. This morning court session saw rewards given to those that had earned them, and punishments handed down to those that deserved them. The Emperor thought that there was not much else, thus he gave Zhang Yuan a look. Zhang Yuan immediately understood and announced: “If there is a matter, present it quickly. If there is nothing, the court session has come to an end.”

Normally speaking, the officials would kneel once more at this time to send the Emperor out. Who knew that Feng Yu Heng, who was still standing in the middle of the hall, would suddenly say: “Daughter-in-law still has a matter to discuss with father Emperor.”

The Emperor loved hearing Feng Yu Heng speak. He felt that this daughter-in-law was very entertaining to listen to, regardless of what was said. No matter what she said, it was very relieving, especially now that Feng Yu Heng’s eyes were filled with a sly look. He was too familiar with this look. It was the same as his son’s look. This was the prelude to someone being plotted against! The Emperor loved plotting against others with Feng Yu Heng, thus he casually said: “Who will be the unfortunate one this time?”

The majority of the officials in the hall were dazed. Those that understood began to wipe away some sweat, as they thought to themselves that it was no wonder Feng Yu Heng had this sort of attitude towards the Emperor and the ninth prince. It turned out the three were the exact same. There were also some that had already seen through this matter and did not find it strange. They just quietly wondered the same question that the Emperor had posed: Who would be the unfortunate one this time?

Feng Yu Heng’s lips twitched, as she mentally prostrated herself toward this Emperor in admiration! Really, for Da Shun to be able to continue growing stronger over the past few decades, it truly was not easy!

Although she thought this, since the Emperor had asked this, she continued to speak, saying: “Daughter-in-law wishes to file a complaint!”

The Emperor squinted his eyes and looked to have a reserved appearance; however, he was ecstatic on the inside. Good! There would be something entertaining again. He slightly leaned forward and asked with a bit of urgency: “About whom?”

Feng Yu Heng took a step forward: “The sixth princess of Zong Sui, Li Yue!”

“Oh?” The Emperor raised the corner of his lip, revealing a wicked smile similar to the one that Xuan Tian Ming had. He then asked: “The sixth princess of Zong Sui? Is she in Da Shun? She has offended our imperial daughter Ji An?”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at his father and said to himself, just keep on pretending. He did not believe that this old guy would not investigate the girl that had suddenly appeared at Xuan Tian Hua’s side.

But the Emperor feigned ignorance, thus he could not expose it so simply. He then heard Feng Yu Heng say: “That’s right, it’s unclear what sort of goal this sixth princess of Zong Sui has, as she used the name Yu Qian Yin to get into the capital of Da Shun. Many days ago, she used a poison to cause the death of daughter-in-law’s grandmother. A person’s life was taken away for no reason by her hand. Father Emperor, daughter-in-law has naturally received love from grandmother and was close with grandmother. Grandmother was harmed and killed, and daughter-in-law is feeling very sad. Would father Emperor please support daughter-in-law!”

When she finished speaking, she simply kneeled with a sad expression.

All of the officials broke out into a cold sweat. Who did not know that Feng Yu Heng and the Feng family did not get along! Who did not know that the Feng family’s matriarch was biased and greedy! To say that the grandparent and grandchild were close, was that not just nonsense. However, since Feng Yu Heng said this, it was not their place to refute it. The sixth princess of Zong Sui had suddenly come to Da Shun; however, she had not followed the proper procedures to enter the palace. Instead, she mingled with the capital, and she even poisoned the Feng family’s matriarch. What exactly was Zong Sui doing?

In truth, based on the chaos in the capital, Xuan Tian Hua had already told the Emperor about the matter regarding Yu Qian Yin, and she had already been locked up in the mountain prison. It was just that she had not yet been sentenced. The Emperor knew that Feng Yu Heng would not let this person off lightly. He had also been waiting for Feng Yu Heng to take the initiative to bring it up. Sure enough, she brought this matter up today. He was truly curious as to how Feng Yu Heng wanted to handle it, thus he followed up on Feng Yu Heng’s words and said: “I will! Of course, I will support you! The princess of a vassal country secretly entered my Da Shun and actually dared to harm the grandmother of an imperial daughter. This is a heavenly offense. A-Heng, tell me, how should this person be taken care of?”

Feng Yu Heng looked up at the Emperor, and a sly smile appeared on her face: “Father Emperor, Zong Sui and Da Shun have a good relationship. Daughter-in-law does not want to ruin the relations between the two countries because of some family matters. How about we settle this matter privately!”

“Settle it privately?” The Emperor was puzzled, “How should it be settled privately?”

Xuan Tian Ming could no longer bear to continue watching. What sort of idiotic lawsuit was this. Just say it directly and be done with it! Thus he spoke up: “Just have Zong Sui pay up!”

The Emperor immediately became spirited, “How much should they pay?” While saying this, he secretly gestured a “five” to Feng Yu Heng while silently mouthing: “Five million?” He then added: “Gold?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head and also returned the gesture, signaling a “one.” The Emperor’s eyes lit up and immediately understood then said: “Although elder madam Feng was without rank or title, she was still imperial daughter Ji An’s grandmother. How about this! We’ll have Zong Sui pay ten million taels of gold to pay reparations for this death. Also, another ten million taels of gold will be paid as a courtesy for having their princess come to Da Shun. A-Heng, what do you think?”

Feng Yu Heng kowtowed to the Emperor and said: “Thank you, father Emperor. But grandmother has already passed, and she will be unable to spend the ten million taels of gold. Before grandmother passed away, she was very worried about the court. She always warned daughter-in-law to help his Highness the ninth prince in taking care of the court. Then A-Heng will represent grandmother and donate the ten million taels of gold to the national treasury! This will be considered as fulfilling grandmother’s wishes.”

The Emperor nodded. He knew that this girl would not allow the Feng family to enjoy any victories. “Good!” He loudly said: “The ten million taels of gold will be used to pay for the soldier’s wages and provisions. It will be left to you two to take care of.”

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming looked at each other and immediately said in unison: “Son (daughter-in-law) thanks father Emperor on behalf of the Army for the imperial grace.”

All of the officials broke into a sweat once more. This was 20 million taels of gold! With just a few movements of the lips, 20 million taels had been set, and they had even decided how it would be spent. How could they be so certain that Zong Sui could afford to pay it? What if they became like Qian Zhou and became unhappy?

Someone brought up this question: “Your Majesty, it’s currently not a good time to cause complications with other states, so as not to allow Da Shun to suffer attacks from the front and the rear!”

The Emperor glared: “It’s just a measly 20 million taels of gold, and that will be enough to cause them to send troops? Forget it, since that is the case, let’s change it to 50 million taels of gold. Let’s not make them feel as though their reason for sending troops was too weak.”

The official that had brought up the question immediately felt as though he could no longer continue working. What sort of divine logic was this? His intention was to have the Emperor think it over. If this money did not need to be collected, don’t collect it. Choose a different way of supporting Feng Yu Heng. As a result, not only did the amount not get reduced, 30 million taels ended up being added on?

This person was dazed for a while and was only preoccupied with worrying about this debt and did not have a chance to advise any further. They then heard the Emperor affirm to the heavens, “50 million taels of gold, it will be set like that. Zhang Yuan, prepare a decree. The sixth princess of Zong Sui secretly entered Da Shun’s capital, participated in a conspiracy and murdered the grandmother of imperial daughter Ji An. Un, and she was eager to steal Da Shun’s steel production techniques. Based on our many years of calm relations, We will not argue over this matter. If Zong Sui provides 50 million taels of gold, the sixth princess may be brought back. Otherwise, she will need to face the penalty for murder. According to Da Shun’s laws, the sixth princess will be decapitated in public.”

Zhang Yuan did not say another word and nodded.

The Emperor looked at Feng Yu Heng and silently mouthed: “Is that alright?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Yes.”

The morning court session finally came to an end.

After the court session ended, all of the officials went forward to congratulate Feng Yu Heng on her promotion to lower-first rank imperial daughter. Only after Feng Yu Heng finished giving her thanks did Xuan Tian Ming drag her out of the imperial palace.

Xuan Tian Ming personally sent her and Xiang Rong back to the manor. Along the way, Feng Yu Heng finally asked the doubts that had filled her heart: “Why was there such a difference in treatment between the third prince and fourth prince?”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “It’s a secret of the imperial family. Over the years, not many people have learned about it. Look at us brothers, aside from old third, don’t we all look a little alike?”

Feng Yu Heng thought back to all of the princes that she had met then nodded, “Indeed, all of you are a little similar. You mean to say that the third prince is not father Emperor’s son?” She then shook her head, “How could that be possible. Who has that much courage to have the Emperor wear a green hat?”

Xuan Tian Ming snorted coldly, and a sharp look appeared in his eyes: “Who dared? The Duan Mu family of the North dared. I heard this from eldest brother. The Duan Mu family sent a daughter into the palace; however, she brought along a pregnancy that was ten days old. On the day that she entered the palace, she did whatever she could to get father Emperor to visit her; however, on the day that the child was born, father Emperor never visited that concubine’s palace ever again after seeing the child. Unfortunately, the situation in the North was unstable that year, thus this matter was suppressed the entire time. The old man believed that it was not a good matter, thus if it could be concealed, that would be best. Who knew that old third would not know what’s good for him, as he desperately tried to claim the throne. Doesn’t he deserve to die?”

Feng Yu Heng smirked from hearing this. The Duan Mu family really was quite something! They did not look for a good hiding spot for such a daughter, as they actually sent her into the palace. They truly were audacious to the extreme. “No wonder father Emperor did not seem distressed in the slightest when I whipped him to that degree. If the one that I had whipped was you, father Emperor would have me chopped up!”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at her sideways the curled his lips into a sly smile. He leaned closer with a face that held no good intentions and said: “So it seemed that dear wife likes this sort of tune. It’s fine, husband is happy to play along. I can ensure that I will not tell father Emperor.”

Feng Yu Heng licked the corner of her lips and also leaned closer. The two were practically nose to nose, as she said: “Very good! Then how about we give it a try?” As she said this, a whip had appeared in her hand at some point, and she very impolitely flicked it at Xuan Tian Ming.

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  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Zong Sui is getting screwed by FYH, XTM, XTH and the emperor. The emperor of Zong Sui must be regretting his decision to let his daughter run wild.

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  2. See! I am right! XTM is masochist! He’s masochistic enough to let A’heng whip him!

    …Does that means they’re the one that starts BDSM and Queen’s Play in the ancient times? lol

    Seriously, what the heck is wrong with this Imperial Family… XD

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  3. The third Prince and sixth princess really didn’t look before they leap. The both of them bit off more than they could chew and it ended with them loosing their lives.

    Third Prince should have been contented that the Emperor accepted him even if he isn’t his child. The Emperor could have had him drowned at birth.

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  4. “Look at us brothers, aside from old third, don’t we all look a little alike?” If we are to judge by the manhua, yes, all of you look alike, very gorgeous.

    “It’s fine, husband is happy to play along. ” hahahah I’d really love to see their roleplaying

    Thanls for the chapter!!! aaaah this emperor always cracks me up

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  5. Am I the only one who didn’t really find her taking out a whip amusing? I mean sure he loves her and they’re great together but mc needs to remember XTM is still an ancient man, though somewhat liberal for his time he still has an ancient mentally. MC should be careful not to be overly fierce all the time, it’s fun now, but if she keeps up that aggressive behaviour, would he want to put up with it for life? We know they’ll get a happy ending or whatever, but I’m saying this because again there are young, easily influenced people who read this novel. Although there is no how to guide on being a lady and keeping a man, you damn sure can’t be overly fierce or a flower child either.


    1. If you can’t be yourself in front of the person you love, so what is the point of being together?
      Be a flower child if that is what you are or be fierce. If he loves you he will love this qualities or love still love you even if he doesn’t like them.

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    2. XTM is not your typical ancient guy after all… Besides, in one of his thought processes in the novel, it was said that XTM never opposes to FYH’s decisions – so yeah, he has M tendencies and is a ” secret” underdog to his wife. πŸ˜€

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  6. “The Emperor loved plotting against others with Feng Yu Heng, thus he casually said: β€œWho will be the unfortunate one this time?””
    ooofff I feel like she’s the long lost daughter he never knew he needed. LOL This duo will take over the world…tho the Emperor will be chillin at this time.


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