Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 487

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Murderous Intent Explodes Forth

Following this, a “crack” sound filled the carriage. The man that had been sitting across from her suddenly disappeared, and Feng Yu Heng’s whip strike fiercely hit Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage’s window frame. The curtain made of smokey silk gauze was completely ruined by her.

Failing to hit her target was not at all unexpected. Xuan Tian Ming’s qinggong and physical abilities were even better than those of Ban Zou. Faced with such a fierce attack, it would have been odd if he did not dodge.

Sure enough, just as her whip landed, a voice came from behind her. The warmth of this voice came from just behind her neck, gently saying- “Dear wife, don’t stop. Continue!”

“Ah!” Suddenly a shrill scream rang out. It was a girl’s voice that was miserable and desperate. “Second sister, your Highness, I am still just a child. I have not yet become of age. Can you make some considerations toward my development?”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. Damn, she had forgotten that Xiang Rong was in this imperial carriage. Her cheeks immediately turned hot. This was too shameful.

But Xuan Tian Ming did not think that this was shameful in the slightest. He turned his head slightly and looked at Xiang Rong and sincerely taught her: “Although you have not reached the age of marriage, you are no longer young. Isn’t your family’s fourth sister already engaged? Some things are best learned a little bit earlier. Like this, you will be able to get closer with your future husband. Your elder sister and brother-in-law are doing this for your own good. If a normal person wanted to learn from us, they would not be able to get lessons.”

Xiang Rong was on the verge of bursting into tears, as she used her small hands to cover her eyes. If she grew another pair of arms, she hated that she could not cover her ears right now. Would she still be able to return home?

Fortunately, Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming did not go too overboard. After realizing that Xiang Rong was present, they put things aside. Feng Yu Heng put away her whip, and Xuan Tian Ming once again sat down at her side. On the surface, they were no longer messing around, but if one paid close attention, they could still be heard speaking with low voices-

“Dear wife, don’t be angry. Husband won’t dodge next time.”

“How many times have I said it before that we are not married. Who is your wife? Don’t keep saying husband this and husband that.”

“Beloved consort, this prince will not dodge next time.”

A certain person gritted their teeth: “There will not be a second time. This imperial daughter will not whip you again.”

“That’s fine, the Yu Palace just received a new batch of candles…”

“Xuan Tian Ming, scram!”

“I will not!”

Feng Xiang Rong felt that she truly could not bear to continue remaining inside the carriage, as she practically escaped out of the carriage. She would rather sit next to the driver than return inside the carriage.

Finally, the two imperial carriages stopped outside the Feng manor’s entrance. Wang Chuan and Huang Quan got out of Feng Yu Heng’s imperial carriage and prepared to receive their young miss. A certain person inside grabbed his wife’s sleeve and discussed with her: “I will be heading over to the military camp. How about you come with me!”

Feng Yu Heng felt helpless, “I want to, but the elder madam’s coffin will be carried out tomorrow. No matter what is said, I still have the title of daughter of the first wife of the Feng family. It would not be good for me to not be present for such an important matter.”

Xuan Tian Ming also knew that there was nothing that could be done, and he immediately began to hate Yu Qian Yin: “Damn, if I knew earlier that that woman was going to cause trouble, I would not have allowed Li Kun to go back. As I see it, 50 million taels of gold is too little. When we have taken care of Qian Zhou, husband will bring you to rob Zong Sui’s national treasury.”

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes and got out of the carriage. Right before leaving, she urged Xuan Tian Ming to allow He Gan and Xi Fang to choose some experts from the Divine Intent Army and have them follow Qian Li to the North.

Only after Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage left did Wang Chuan tug at her sleeve and quietly say: “The Feng family members are all kneeling at the entrance.”

“Hm?” She was startled and turned to look. Very well, the entire family, starting from the husband, Feng Jin Yuan, to the gatekeeper, everyone was kneeling on the ground.

Seeing Feng Yu Heng finally pay attention to them, Feng Jin Yuan took the initiative to say, leading everyone in the manor: “We welcome imperial daughter Ji An back to the manor.”

Only then did she manage to understand. She had been promoted from a standard second rank county princess to a lower first rank imperial daughter. For a humble girl, this was an extremely grand glory. If it was not for the family conducting a funeral, according to the rules, this welcome should have been even grander!

But Feng Yu Heng did not mind these things too much, especially when she saw Feng Jin Yuan’s face full of unwillingness and unhappiness, she felt even happier. Since this was a matter to celebrate, she would act as an official when dealing with him.

Feng Yu Heng faced everyone and raised her hand slightly, saying: “You may all rise.”

When Feng Jin Yuan heard this, he was the first to stand up and forcefully patted his robe. It was as if he had been humiliated, as he had an unhappy look.

Feng Yu Heng looked at him and found it funny. She then looked at Fen Dai standing behind him. With a consoling voice, she said: “Practising now is also good. In the future, fourth sister will also marry into a palace and must be the official princess of a palace. Father will also need to kneel when greeting her in the future.”

These words caused Fen Dai’s eyes to light up, and the unhappiness in her heart was reduced by a bit.

Once the rewards from the morning court session were revealed, there were immediately officers that went around the streets posting notices. That was why the Feng family had heard news about Feng Yu Heng before she returned to the manor. Even if Feng Jin Yuan was unhappy, Feng Yu Heng was already clearly an imperial daughter. He had to bring the entire manor’s people out to receive her. It was not just Feng Yu Heng. To the current Feng Jin Yuan, he did not even know how to face Xiang Rong. This daughter was originally the weakest in the manor, and she was also the most cowardly. She had neither the beauty and ferocity of Feng Chen Yu nor the ability of Feng Yu Heng. She did not even have the impulsive force of Fen Dai. She was the most cowardly, the least combative and the one with the weakest existence. But what was most troubling, she got along best with Feng Yu Heng.

He originally hoped that he could rely on the daughters of the manor to gain noble statuses. He would then use their power to stage a comeback. But Chen Yu was now dead, and Feng Yu Heng was his enemy. Xiang Rong also received an imperial grace, allowing her to act freely. Looking at things like this, the only one that the Feng family could rely on would be Fen Dai.

Feng Jin Yuan turned his gaze on Fen Dai, and a look of expectation could not be hidden in his eyes. This caused Fen Dai to become emotional.

Having returned with additional titles, courtesy dictated that they pay respects to the matriarch’s coffin. Feng Yu Heng brought Xiang Rong over to the mourning hall. The Feng family followed behind them. An shi watched her daughter walk with Feng Yu Heng and began to choke up. She could not control her tears, and they began to fall. This happened to be seen by Feng Jin Yuan, who fiercely glared sideways at her.

But Feng Jin Yuan thought things over again. Three-quarters of Da Shun’s military power was under Xuan Tian Ming’s control. He had been a prime minister for so many years. If he could not even see this path, he would truly have been a waste at that position! The Emperor was clearly announcing the crown prince through a different method!

As he walked, his feet came to a stop. A thought that had once leaped out but was forcefully repressed suddenly surged forth once more. He recalled a time from many years ago when Taoist Zi Yang had said that someone in the Feng family had the aspect of the phoenix. At that time, Zi Yang had pointed at Chen Yu. With the addition of Chen Yu’s beauty, he did not suspect it at all. Even after he found out that Taoist Zi Yang’s words could not be disassociated from the Chen family, he still wanted to believe that Chen Yu was the one. Sooner or later, she would rise from the waters and become a phoenix.

But when he thought about it now, if it was about a child in the Feng family that had the aspect of the phoenix, it very clearly was not Chen Yu. Rather, it was…

He turned his gaze on Feng Yu Heng, who was further ahead. With the situation as it was, even he had to admit that the person with the aspect of the phoenix was most likely Feng Yu Heng.

But this was a result that Feng Jin Yuan did not want to accept. If there came a day when the ninth prince was enthroned, Feng Yu Heng would be at the imperial ruler’s side. What sort of hope would the Feng family have at that time? Based on the hatred that the child had for the Feng family, would she not take the lives of everyone in this manor?

Feng Jin Yuan’s eyes gradually became icy-cold, as he slowed his steps once more. After everyone had entered the mourning hall behind Feng Yu Heng, he suddenly turned around and walked in the direction of Pine courtyard.

Upon stepping into the study, he immediately closed the door tightly behind him, and a fierce anger surfaced.

Feng Yu Heng had to die! This was his final judgment. Only with Feng Yu Heng dying could the Feng family rise once more. His life and glory would then be preserved. Not only did Feng Yu Heng need to die, but Xuan Tian Ming also needed to die. He definitely could not allow Xuan Tian Ming become the Emperor. Otherwise, the Feng family would never rise again.

He still wanted to find a method to take that second daughter’s life. There was nothing that he could do when Xuan Tian Ming was in the capital, but as long as he went to the battlefield, swords and blades were emotionless. Dying or becoming injured were all unavoidable. Back in the battle of the Northwest, his legs were injured, thus he believed that as long as the deployment was cautious, it was not impossible to take the lives of the two.

It would be best if Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng both died on the battlefield. When that time came, there was no place to assign this debt. The burden of this black pot would be left for the North and Qian Zhou to endure. He could sit idly and enjoy the fruits of others’ work. It was also possible that he could set up a plot and push the fifth prince. Fen Dai was a smart child that was capable of thinking for the Feng family. As long as he could push the fifth prince onto the throne, the Feng family and he would potentially be able to regain the position of standard first rank prime minister.

Feng Jin Yuan was so moved by his own thoughts that his eyes could shoot fire. He quickly dove over to his desk and picked up his pen.

The letter was written for Qian Zhou, and it was written using his name as Kang Yi’s husband. The reason was clear, and it was making use of their emotions. Not only did it express his unchanging feelings for Kang Yi, but it also expressed his extreme hatred for Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming. At the same time, he explicitly stated two of Feng Yu Heng’s weaknesses. One was her mother, Yao shi, and the other was her younger brother, Zi Rui.

When this secret letter was handed over to a hidden guard, Feng Jin Yuan was able to see a scene with both his second daughter and the ninth prince dead on the battlefield. This caused him to smile happily. As long as those two could be taken care of, even if he lost a son, what of it? The doctor had already said that Han shi’s belly contained a son. The Cheng shi sisters were still young. If he wanted a son, was there any worry that he would not have one?

He urged the hidden guard to quickly head toward the North. He then left Pine courtyard and walked toward the mourning hall. He absolutely had to tell the matriarch about such a moving thing. The matriarch would definitely bless and support him from the heavens.

He increased his pace and moved quickly; however, he heard an odd sound when passing by a garden. It seemed that there was someone speaking there. He then heard a man’s voice say: “I have helped you out so much. How should you thank me?”

Feng Jin Yuan’s feet stopped moving, as he loudly shouted: “Who is it?”

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34 thoughts on “Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 487

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    His best trait is also his worst trait and what I hope will end up killing him, his pride.

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      1. Hah! That’s true. But don’t worry, Xuan Tian Ming’s shamelessness can reach the sky. He will not wait any longer than he has to in order to marry her when she’s 15. At most he’ll just burn the city down and have it out of the way, and who can stop him?
        And there’s definitely no lack of schemes.

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