Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 488

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The Foundation of a Happy Life

If this shout was heard by Feng Yu Heng, she would definitely look down on him for being too unprofessional. This Feng Jin Yuan did not even understand the logic of “quietly observing when noticing a problem.” When this shout came out, the sound of footsteps came from the garden. Before he could react and investigate, the garden regained its quiet.

Feng Jin Yuan became doubtful and finally thought of going to take a look for himself, but after he arrived in the garden, he did not find anyone after passing by the rockery.

He felt a little uneasy and immediately called a servant, ordering: “Carefully search this area.” He then increased his pace toward the front yard. After finding housekeeper He Zhong, he asked: “Were there any unfamiliar people that came by today?”

He Zhong nodded without thinking too much, “Last time, didn’t master say to allow anyone that wished to mourn to come in? Because the people did not have very important backgrounds, the gatekeepers did not keep track of their names. They were allowed in as long as they gave a mourning gift.”

During the funeral, people came and went, and Feng Jin Yuan understood this. But the words from earlier left him feeling a little off. He began to think to himself but was unable to figure anything out.

He Zhong saw that something was off and asked: “Master, was there an unsavory person that got in?”

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand, “It’s fine. The elder madam will be carried out tomorrow. Do not allow any more people in after dinner. Close the manor’s gates.”

“This servant will remember. Master, what if second young miss comes to this side during the night? She just went with the third young miss back to the coun… uh, imperial daughter’s manor.”

Feng Jin Yuan felt annoyed upon hearing Feng Yu Heng and imperial daughter, thus he simply waved his hand, “If she wants to come over, allow her in. I’m just saying that outsiders are not allowed in.”

He Zhong nodded and quickly went to inform the gatekeepers. Feng Jin Yuan turned around and was about to head back toward the mourning hall; however, he saw Han shi walking over from the Peony courtyard’s direction. He frowned and loudly asked: “Why have you come out? Wasn’t it said that there is no need for you to come to this side because you are pregnant?”

Han shi’s complexion was not too good. It was a little white, but Feng Jin Yuan did not suspect anything. He believed that if she came from the direction of Peony courtyard, she was definitely coming from the mourning hall. For a pregnant person that had gone to the mourning hall, having a poor complexion was normal. He currently attached great importance to the child in Han shi’s belly. He quickly went forward to receive her and simply removed the cloak on his back and put it on Han shi’s back. He then complained: “Why did you not bring a couple servants with you when coming out?”

Han shi was a little flustered and forced herself to calm down. Only then did she say: “This concubine was resting in my room the entire time, but I was worried about the elder madam, thus I came over to look. I will, I will be going back.”

Feng Jin Yuan gently patted her shoulder and very intimately said: “I will escort you.” After saying this, he personally helped Han shi back to Yu Lan courtyard. Looking down again, he found that there was some grass on Han shi’s face. He frowned and personally leaned over to wipe off the grass. These intimate gestures caused Han shi’s eyes to turn red with emotion, but the worry in her heart became even worse.

Inside the imperial daughter’s manor, Feng Yu Heng was sitting at her desk. With a map of Da Shun in front of her, she placed the red pieces of paper on the map. While placing them, she said to the person at her side: “Ping Zhou, Gan Zhou and Xu Zhou, send people to these places to investigate immediately. Once the investigation has been completed, Qing Yu, immediately prepare to find people to open Hundred Herb Halls in these locations.” She spoke while looking at Yao Xian: “Grandfather, you should have already made preparations for Huang Zhou’s side, right?”

Yao Xian stood to the side with his hands behind his back. He stared fixedly at the map of Da Shun. After looking for a while, he nodded: “Don’t worry. Huang Zhou is our territory.”

Feng Yu Heng completely trusted her grandfather and told Qing Yu: “Focus all of your energy on the three provinces of Ping, Gan and Xu. Just follow the same steps that were taken when setting up the Hundred Herb Hall in Xiao Zhou. I trust that you and Wang Lin are both experienced, thus there is no need for me to worry.”

Qing Yu nodded, saying seriously: “Young miss, don’t worry. Over the past year, we have trained plenty of people. When it comes to the opening and protection of the Hundred Herb Hall, every person is capable of handling themselves.”

Feng Yu Heng felt comforted by hearing this. Over this past year, many things had happened. Just the Feng manor was not enough, there were also matters in the palace and the military camp. In regards to the Hundred Herb Hall, she was practically leaving it to someone else. Everything had been left to Qing Yu and Wang Lin. Fortunately, Qing Yu was a talent when it came to business, and Wang Lin was a very smart person. With the two working together, the Hundred Herb Hall in the capital and in Xiao Zhou became very famous. Of course, that was not the most important part of Hundred Herb Hall. The important part lay with the spread of information. Most importantly, Feng Yu Heng’s personal reputation and image had been spread.

She naturally did these things with a goal in mind. This world would eventually belong to Xuan Tian Ming, and only Feng Yu Heng would be permitted to stand at his side. In this sort of era, having one Emperor and one Empress was something that people could not quite accept. When that time came, there would inevitably be a great deal of resistance. There would be a number of not very nice things being said. When Xuan Tian Ming became the Emperor, he would no longer be able to willfully act toward the people that he found irritating. He could no longer hit them as he pleased, nor could he kill them as he pleased. He would need to learn to weigh the pros and cons, and he would have to try and accept some things that he could not accept in the past. Thus, if she wanted to peacefully be the only person at his side, she would need to put forth her best effort while Xuan Tian Ming had not yet become the Emperor. She would need to build her own foundation and create an even better image of herself for the citizens. This was in hopes that when that day came, there would be fewer voices of discontent, and there would be more people that supported her.

This was all the foundation on which she planned to build a happy life.

Of course, a doctor had a benevolent heart. In the end, she was still a doctor, and her greatest desire was to save as many patients as possible with the people that she had trained and medicine that her space provided. This was also a contribution that she was making toward Xuan Tian Ming’s country.

The three provinces of Ping, Gan and Xu were in the East, South and West of Da Shun respectively. She was preparing to surround the central region until there was a Hundred Herb Hall opened in every province. This would provide every person in Da Shun with medical treatment.

Her thoughts could be hidden from everyone but Yao Xian. He saw a fierce fire burning in his granddaughter’s eyes. Yao Xian knew that this girl was definitely thinking of something. He smiled and patted Feng Yu Heng’s head a couple times. He then said with affection: “Dear granddaughter, no matter what you do, grandfather will support you.”

Feng Yu Heng felt that there were two heartwarming things that had happened since coming to this unfamiliar world. First was meeting Xuan Tian Ming, and the second was meeting her own grandfather. With these two people at her side, she knew that even if she poked a hole in Da Shun’s world, these two could fix it.

She smiled at Yao Xian with a childlike innocence, but the words that were said were not ambiguous in the slightest. She said to Qing Yu: “The orphans living in that residence should be more or less done learning. Choose some of the smarter ones and bring them along. Allow them to handle some matters. Also, if you plan on heading out of the province and are too busy with the capital, you can bring along Xiang Rong.

At this time, Xiang Rong was standing at Qing Yu’s side. Upon hearing her second sister say that she could help out, she nearly teared up from smiling to much. She nodded and expressed: “That’s fine. I will definitely learn properly.”

Qing Yu knew that the Feng family’s third young miss had a bit of a weaker personality, but she was still quite a good person. Especially during the previous flood, she had run around the entire capital to gather clothes. This was enough to show that she was able to remain relatively calm during a situation, and she had a certain ability to analyze the situation.

Qing Yu nodded to Xiang Rong and said: “Then I will trouble third young miss a little more in the future.” After saying this, she said to Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, can that disciple of yours be used?”

Feng Yu Heng knew that she was talking about Song Kang. Currently, Song Kang was still living in the Yu Palace. During the day, he would go to Hundred Herb Hall to see patients. He was very familiar with Wang Lin and Qing Yu. But she did not want to keep Song Kang in the capital, thus she told Qing Yu: “He’s no good. He must come with me to follow the army. The injuries suffered on the battlefield are not small matters. Song Kang’s special talent lies with surgery. Keeping him in the capital is inefficient.”

Qing Yu did not refute it. Instead, it was Yao Xian that said: “Don’t worry. Since I have already come to the capital, I have no intention of returning to Huang Zhou. I will personally keep an eye on the capital.”

With Yao Xian saying this, Feng Yu Heng and Qing Yu were totally at ease. The Hundred Herb Hall was originally a dowry that the Yao family had given to Yao shi. Yao Xian was an imperial physician, and he was considered by others to be a divine doctor. If he controlled the Hundred Herb Hall, there was nothing that could possibly be better.

Qing Yu asked Feng Yu Heng: “Young miss, when do you plan on leaving?”

Feng Yu Heng thought a bit: “At most five days. After I have taken care of the matters here, I will be heading over to the military camp. It will be the same as the past. If there is anything that happens, come to the military camp to find me. Also, keep an eye on the accounts for the shops. You must not lower your guard. If you get a chance, you must go take a look at Ji An County. Sooner or later, a Hundred Herb Hall will need to be opened there. If you find a good opportunity, just open one up.”

After taking care of these matters, Yao Xian and Qing Yu went to Hundred Herb Hall to discuss something with Wang Lin. Only Feng Yu Heng and Xiang Rong remained in the room. She watched Xiang Rong stare at her and could not help but laugh and say: “If you have something to say, just say it! After grandmother’s funeral is concluded tomorrow, you will be able to follow grandfather and Qing Yu to Hundred Herb Hall some more. This will be considered a big help to sister. Sister will not be in the capital, thus the matters at home will be left to you.”

Xiang Rong’s heart was moved. Standing in front of Feng Yu Heng, it was as though they had returned to when they were young. This elder sister was the manor’s daughter of the first wife, and she was quite aloof. The one that she liked most was this second sister, but her second sister happened to have a cold personality, and she very rarely spoke. But at the same time, her second sister’s abilities became more and more amazing. She was shining even more brilliantly than before. Standing before her, she did not have any requests. She just hoped that she could accompany her for her entire life. That would be good.

She smiled with some embarrassment, she said: “Xiang Rong wanted to kowtow to second sister. For the Emperor to grant such a grand grace, Xiang Rong knows that it was to give face to second sister; however, kowtowing feels too distant, thus I don’t know how to thank second sister for this grace.” She lowered her head and rubbed her hands. It was as though she had become very determined. She then raised her head and said: “Second sister, Xiang Rong will not marry his Highness the seventh prince!”

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