Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 49

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Brother, Having a Child Will be Difficult

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand: “Look! It’s father that’s wanting you to look.”

Feng Yu Heng finally nodded. Walking forward a few steps, she placed her hand on Feng Zi Hao’s wrist.

Feng Zi Hao reflexively hid from her, but moving hurt his body. This angered him to the point of tears. He could only turn to the matriarch and throw a fit: “Grandmother, don’t let her touch me! She is really frightening. She will hurt me!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” The matriarch held on to Feng Zi Hao as though she were holding on to a little child and patted his back, “Hao’er is good. Just let her take a look first. Tomorrow, father will invite a doctor in tomorrow. Worst case scenario, we will ask the imperial physician to come take a look.”

Feng Yu Heng was completely disgusted with the people of this family: “That’s right. The imperial physician will definitely give face to eldest sister and take a trip over to Feng manor.”

“Everyone shut up!” Feng Jin Yuan loudly shouted, “Look at his injuries!”

Feng Yu Heng smiled a tight smile and tightly clasped Feng Zi Hao’s wrist.

Feng Zi Hao could not be considered muddled, as he struggled and loudly screamed: “I was struck with external injuries. Why are you taking my pulse?”

“External injuries require internal treatments as well. I may as well take a look while I am at it.”

Feng Zi Hao struggled a bit but found he could not escape, so he gave up. He obediently allowed Feng Yu Heng to check his pulse.

In truth, the matriarch really trusted Feng Yu Heng’s medical knowledge based on that waist of hers.

She did not know what exactly those medical plasters that Feng Yu Heng had given her were. At first they cooled, then they were hot. After a while, they made her entire body feel at ease. That morning, her waist was still stiff, but this night, when she woke up, she could actually bend her waist a little. Furthermore, she had listened to Feng Yu Heng’s advice and removed two soft mattresses from her bed. Before, she had believed that sleeping on softer beds was better, but recently she found out that a hard bed was also pretty good.

Feng Jin Yuan continued to pay attention to Feng Yu Heng’s expression. He saw her feeling his pulse when her brows furrowed, causing him to feel concerned: “Has he been seriously injured?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head: “His injuries are fine. They are all external injuries with no damage to his muscles or tendons. Just applying some ointments will be enough, but his internals…”

“How are his internals?” The matriarch became anxious, “Could it be that he has some internal injuries?”

“Mother.” Feng Jin Yuan quietly spoke: “A-Heng already said there were no injuries to his muscles or tendons.”

“Then why are there problems with his internals?”

Feng Yu Heng rose and glanced at Feng Zi Hao. She sneered internally and replied to Feng Jin Yuan: “Father, brother’s vitality is empty. The consumption rate is excessive. If this continues, then having a child would be difficult.”

“What?” Everyone was shocked. Feng Jin Yuan suddenly got up and stared at Feng Zi Hao: “He’s only seventeen years old, how could this be?”

Feng Yu Heng did not argue with it and only said: “Or it could be that A-Heng’s medical abilities are lacking. Father should invite another doctor to come and take a look.”

The matriarch hurriedly nodded: “It must be that your medical abilities are lacking. How could Hao’er have trouble with having a child? Jin Yuan! Send someone to invite a doctor! Invite the best doctor!”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded, and ordered a servant: “Take my seal and go invite imperial physician Liu to come to the manor.”

The matriarch finally relaxed, “That imperial physician Liu is most suited to look at this sort of illness. Having him take a look will have me feel most as ease.”

Feng Yu Heng said to herself, you will only feel totally at ease after imperial physician Liu comes and says the exact same thing.

After Feng Jin Yuan was certain that it was safe to move Feng Zi Hao, he ordered people carry him back to his Jian Ling pavilion.

Everyone was extremely curious, so they followed over. Feng Yu Heng was no exception. There was no way they could fall asleep again, so they might as well follow the excitement.

She had granny Sun remain with all of the servants to help Yao shi and Zi Rui go back to sleep sooner. She herself brought Wang Chuan and Qing Yu and followed the group. Yao shi only advised that she be careful and did not say anything else.

Feng Yu Heng knew Yao shi did not like having too much contact with the people of Feng manor, especially the old servants of the past. Yao shi was once the head wife. Now that she had been demoted to a concubine, how could she endure it.

Feng Zi Hao’s Jian Ling pavilion was completely different from what Feng Yu Heng had expected. With a name like that, it should at least be very impressive and be a little overbearing.1

Who knew that it would just be a replica of Jin Yu courtyard.

Chen shi had given all kinds of nice things to Feng Zi Hao. All that was missing was using gold bricks as floorboard. While it was very luxurious, it did not give off a sense of being domineering. Not only did it have nothing to do with the two words, “Jian Ling”, it instead the air was thick with the smell of make up.

Even Han shi brought a handkerchief to cover her mouth and nose, quietly muttering to An shi who was nearby: “Our family’s eldest young master, tsk tsk!”

She was merely moving her mouth and did not continue speaking because Feng Jin Yuan was already losing his temper: “Later, I want this courtyard properly cleaned up. Throw out all of the things that your mother has given you!”

Feng Zi Hao remained silent, afraid to say even a single word.

Finally, the imperial physician Liu arrived. After greeting Feng Jin Yuan and the matriarch, the doctor began inspected Feng Zi Hao.

For the sake of showing respect to the honorable prime minister, the imperial physician checked Feng Zi Hao’s pulse three times. Only then did he offer a conclusion: “Master Feng, your son’s vitality is empty. The consumption rate is excessive. I worry that he will have trouble with producing a child!”

Everyone in the Feng family fell silent.

Han shi snorted and muttered to herself: “Not allowing others to have children, yet their own child is incapable.”

Although this was said quietly, it was heard by Feng Jin Yuan, who did not stand far. How could he not understand the meaning behind the words from his beloved concubine. This was a matter that made Feng Jin Yuan hate Chen shi so much that his teeth itched. The child that was in Han shi’s belly, if it weren’t for him needing something from the Chen family, then he would have wanted to skin Chen shi right then.

“Doctor..” The matriarch was stunned, “How can this illness be treated? You should prescribe something! It doesn’t matter the cost, we will pay.”

Imperial physician Liu shook his head: “Elder madam, medicine can indeed treat illnesses, but this type of illness requires a change in lifestyle. I can give the young master Feng a prescription, but it will only cover up the symptoms, not treat them. This kind of situation requires the young master Feng to cooperate.”

The imperial physician’s words could be considered subtle. Spoken plainly, he was telling Feng Zi Hao to pay attention to his way of life. Overdoing certain things would leave the body hollow.

Feng Jin Yuan really lost face! He was beginning to regret inviting the imperial physician. If he let word out, then he would become the laughing stock of the court. Moreover, he would become the laughing stock of the entire capital.

Imperial physician Liu finished writing his prescription then handed it to one of Feng manor’s maidservants. Turning to face Feng Jin Yuan, he cupped his fist: “Master Feng, this one will be leaving.”

Feng Jin Yuan hurriedly went and personally sent him off. He naturally could not miss this opportunity.

Feng Yu Heng figured that no amount of bribery could keep this matter a secret. These imperial physicians spent their days taking care of the concubines in the imperial harem. They would be gossipy. With such a juicy secret, how could they allow it to remain hidden.

Sure enough, when he returned, Feng Jin Yuan’s face was not at all pleased. It seemed that he could not keep his lips sealed.

The matriarch seemed stunned silly: “What would be the right thing to do? What would be the right thing to do?”

Feng Jin Yuan simply walked over to the bedside. With a single hand, he pulled up Feng Zi Hao, who was lying on the bed, and slapped him twice across the face “Evil creature!”

When Feng Jin Yuan struck Feng Zi Hao, one of Feng manor’s guards quickly came over with two people who appeared to be page boys.

The matriarch was the first to recognize the two: “Weren’t you two classmates studying together with the eldest young master in Xiao Zhou?”

Feng Jin Yuan sternly asked: “Speak! What exactly did the eldest young master do in Xiao Zhou? The world famous Yun Lu Academy teaches students to become evil creatures like this?”

The two pages were frightened and knelt down. Glancing at Feng Zi Hao, they felt their own family’s master’s life would be hard to preserve, so there was no way to protect themselves. They may as well confess!

Thus, the taller one spoke: “Master! The eldest young master did go to Xiao Zhou, but he didn’t go to Yun Lu Academy for his studies!”

“What?” Everyone in Feng family was shocked.

Originally, sending Feng Zi Hao to Yun Lu Academy to study was a big deal.

There were none in Da Shun that did not recognize Yun Lu Academy. Even the worst among the graduates were successful candidates in the imperial examinations. Da Shun held a single continuous exam with five sections. The first three section were held exclusively by the disciples of Yun Lu Academy.

Moreover, the head teacher of Yun Lu Academy was the current Emperor’s master. Thus, all of Yun Lu Academy’s disciples were proud of their identity as the “Emperor’s younger martial brother.”

Yun Lu Academy’s admission was very strict. There were no differences from the three tests and six exams in that there was no shortage of subjects tested. Originally, Feng Zi Hao could not get in through these exams. But he had a good father. He was the current court’s prime minister. Yun Lu Academy still had to give Feng Jin Yuan some face, so they agreed to accept Feng Zi Hao.

Two years ago, the Feng family got together and sent Feng Zi Hao to Xiao Zhou. It was an incredibly festive party. Almost everyone believed that by passing through Yun Lu Academy, Feng Zi Hao would definitely walk the right path. Even if he was not among the third rank of candidates to pass the imperial examinations, he would at least have a scholarly rank, which would not be too shameful.

Who knew that two pages who were studying with him would actually say Feng Zi Hao did not go to Yun Lu Academy to study!

Feng Yu Heng helped everyone and asked: “Then what did the eldest young master do in Xiao Zhou?”

The one that replied decided to confess in full: “Didn’t the head madam buy a residence for the young master in Xiao Zhou. The young master took in eighteen concubines in that residence and they are all… they are all…”

“They are all what?” The matriarch harshly brought her cane down on the ground, “Speak clearly!”

The pages gritted their teeth: “They are all young girls around ten years old.”


The matriarch immediately exploded!

She was clearly sitting on the chair, yet she became dizzy and fell down.

It was Feng Yu Heng who reached quickly with swift movements to support her body. Only thanks to this, did the matriarch not fall to the ground.

Seeing the matriarch like this, she understood to an extent. It must be that her blood pressure suddenly rose causing her to feel dizzy. If this continued, she could be in danger.

“Father.” She supported the matriarch and called Feng Jin Yuan: “Let’s find a room first for grandmother to lie down for a while.”

Feng Jin Yuan, seeing the matriarch like this, was terribly frightened. He quickly ordered for people to help the matriarch to another room to rest.

But the matriarch did not want to. Struggling, she pushed away a servant girl who had come to help: “Don’t mind me! Don’t mind me!” She hollered as she stomped and beat her chest: “What sort of demon is this exactly! My lord! Why are you doing this to my Feng family!”

Feng Yu Heng sneered internally upon hearing this. This was retribution. Sometimes, there was no way to not believe in it.

“Mother calm down.” Things having progressed to this point, Feng Jin Yuan knew he had to stabilize the matriarch’s mood first, so he comforted her by saying: “Zi Hao is still young. Him playing around is normal. Son will definitely go find him the best doctor, who can definitely fix him up.”

“It’s all because his mother spoiled him!” Thinking of Chen shi, the matriarch’s teeth began to itch from hate. “Originally, she said that Hao’er going out to study would be hard, and that living at the Academy would be too difficult. She had to buy him a residence. Just buying him a residence was not enough. She also gave him two live-in servant girls. Now this is good, he hides in his residence without going to school. He even made himself sick! How did my Feng family take in such an unlucky woman?”

The matriarch did not care and spoke ill of Chen shi without considering that Feng Chen Yu was still present. Although Chen Yu would sometimes blame her own mother, but she was still the mother who birthed and raised her. Hearing the matriarch speak like this, Chen Yu’s expression grew darker and darker.

1: Jian Ling or 剑凌 is comprised of the characters for sword and bully/insult.

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  5. Dearest Springrain, let me ask a stupid question:
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    But well, last chapter it was openly admitted that the matriarch and Feng Jin Yuan view Chen Yu as the future empress, so calling him prince by the imperial physician… *breaking down in laughter*
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